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nezcazjaeger: any suggestions? syslinux or elilo? :)03:17
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vee_hi all03:22
nezcazhi vee_03:23
vee_how do you do around here eh?03:24
nezcazyep, more or less new resp. back to crux :)03:25
nezcazand how are you?03:26
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vee_im doing fairly well. waiting for a friend to come pick up his computer.03:46
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jaegernezcaz: I use grub2 but any efi loader should work08:20
jaegernezcaz: I just build the efi image and install it manually instead of using grub-install08:20
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horrorStruckare you guys having this on your machine as well?
cruxbot[core.git/2.8]: fix deps, util-linux-ng -> util-linux, thanks pitillo11:41
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: fix deps, util-linux-ng -> util-linux, thanks pitillo11:46
joacimare you missing a font or something?11:50
horrorStruckjoacim: well that's what i'm trying to find out :P how does it look on your machine?11:52
joacimhold on. let me fire up elinks and fbgrab11:53
joacim <- didnt work with elinks, but this is what it looks like on a mac.11:55
horrorStruckthanks joacim, most likely a font issue indeed11:56
horrorStrucki had to install dejavu, i can enjoy arrows now, i'm so happy :P12:07
joacimgood to hear =12:22
horrorStruckbetter safe than sorry: if someone wants to try out syslinux 5.0, you now need libutil_com.c32 in your syslinux directory12:43
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horrorStruckguzzano: you still need iasl? i have a fixed/up-to-date port if you want13:05
horrorStruck(which is an arch ripoff actually)13:05
guzzanoHorrorStruck: yes, please13:11
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vee_clever lol15:11
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vee_so my quest to get rome total war continues. the game has installed, but, i get no video. just audio15:42
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horrorStruckguzzano: i686 or x86_64?16:10
guzzanohorrorStruck i68616:11
guzzanoI try to compile last version of iasl it gives me error ;I16:13
horrorStruckguzzano: try this Pkgfile16:14
guzzanoHorrorStruck: Thanks, works perfect!16:17
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horrorStruckguzzano: np16:20
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vee_why hello horrorStruck, been a while16:25
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horrorStruckhi vee_16:31
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vee_how have you been horrorStruck17:09
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guzzanoqemu copying files is very slow, this is normal?18:29
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vee_hello all22:06
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asdf123hello hung22:53
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