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prologicI'm having real problems getting mpd to output sounds through my Intel onboard audio via spdiff01:45
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Rotwanggod damn16:25
Rotwangsomeone has shut the water down while I was in the middle of a bath16:26
Rotwangnow I have shampoo in my hair16:26
Rotwangand I'm generally pissed16:26
teK_sounds like my landlord but with cold instead of hot water16:27
Rotwangand there is this fontforge port, that does find / to find freetype16:35
Rotwangthis day sucks, good it is over16:35
Rotwangfind / is called in configure script16:35
Rotwangwhat kind of retard came up with this idea?16:36
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Kaishihas anyone gotten crux working on a raspberry pi?17:08
nogagplzthe arm crux might work17:12
nogagplzbut only arm stuff I have is gba and ds so can't say :P17:12
jaegerKaishi: it's being worked on now17:15
jaegerthere is a generic rootfs for it but not a set of hardfp packages yet17:15
KaishiI ordered one :)17:15
Kaishilooking forward to playing around with it17:16
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vee_so if one were to build a firewall out of crux, would having a antivirus running in wine (since clamav is pretty crappy) be a vaiable solution?18:28
prologicHow does ClamAV suck exactly?18:30
prologicIt's used in a lot of COTS products AFAIK.18:30
prologicAt least ones based on OSS18:30
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vee_from the live tests i've seen, it isn't too good18:40
prologicwhat? viri created yesterday? :)18:42
vee_more or less...wonder if i can find tat vid again18:44
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prologiclook that's the thing though18:47
prologicno system you pick is going to project your users 100% of the time18:47
prologicnot from zero day explits18:47
prologicor vidi created yesterday18:47
prologicI don't even think Symantec are that good :)18:47
prologicIHMO ClamAV is a good Open choice18:47
vee_what happened to fprot? how was that thing?18:48
vee_ive been using eset for a while now, and its what im use to and trust...but not sure if i can set that up to scan just http/ftp traffic18:49
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Romsterjust look at virstotal.com19:33
Romsterclama is good but still misses alot of viruses and pups19:34
vee_its half decent dont get me wrong19:35
vee_but compared to the paid av's...19:35
prologicwell you get what you upay for right? :)19:36
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Romsteri keep submitting tons of virus samples to virustotal which also gets to clamav too19:46
Romsterin the hope they'll add more virus definitions19:46
vee_i suppose so. i was just wondering if running an antivirus under wine for a firewall would be possible/effective19:47
Romsterno idea, search try it?19:47
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: mkvtoolnix: 5.8.0 -> 5.9.019:50
prologicvee_:  it's definitely possible19:52
prologicand I don't see a problem doing that under wine19:52
Romsterneaterh do i but expect some ram used19:53
Romsterif it works under wine is nother thing too19:53
vee_perhaps i shall give it a try20:02
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pshevtsovHello, #crux! How can I determine architecture in Pkgfile to use different build flags?21:17
horrorStruckyou could use uname -m21:18
horrorStruckif [[ `uname -m` == x86_64 ]]; then21:19
pshevtsovhorrorStruck: Thanks!21:20
horrorStruckbut CRUX has separate repos / arch so i'm not sure it's the RIghtWay(tm) to go21:21
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pshevtsovYes, I also thought that probably the right way would be to maintain different repos for different architectures. But as far as I don't have the ability to maintain two repos, I'll try to do the best with one.21:26
horrorStruckyep agreed :)21:28
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prologicpshevtsov:  don't have the ability to maintain two repos because?21:34
pshevtsovprologic: Because I don't have time for testing on another architecture. And also, probably those two repos would be quite similar, so I'd have to do things twice.21:43
prologicahh yeap21:44
prologicgood point :)21:44
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diverseWhat do you guys think about cinnamon DE? Is it very customizable?23:52
jaegernever used it23:57
diverseI am feeling like moving away from Xfce, so I want to look at some good alternatives.23:58

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