IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2012-12-11

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vee_is there any way to make crux play nice with .deb files?00:21
pshevtsovvee_: deb is just ar archive --
Romsteryou can extract a deb file pretty easily01:05
Romsteralso evening01:05
Romsterar vx mypackage.deb01:07
vee_can it be installed01:16
vee_better yet01:17
vee_ill google it lol01:17
Romsterjust what are you trying to do if it's binary it probably wont work01:17
Romstergrab the _orig.tar.gz file off the debian site and compile it01:18
Romstermeh is slashdot freecode and sourceforge still not reachable?01:18
Romsterall seem to be using the same parent company for hosting.01:19
Romsterso much for checking some ports01:19
Romsterif it's not one thing it's another, telstra exchange fire over a weekwithout landline phone and internet, now diesel shortage and now i can't get to the majority of project sites -_-01:20
Romsterdoes anyone know of a decent monitoring program like mtr but it traces paths and shows it on a world map? and shows each paths latency and packet loss via lines indicating cables/microwave links on a real map using geolocation data?01:22
vee_dont thnk th eoriginal tar.gz can be obtained. its the gateway antivirus i want, they only have the .deb uploaded01:29
Romsterwhat's it called?01:33
vee_eset gateway security01:34
Romsterdid you look there and grab the other linux distrubutions?01:38
vee_jesus christ. how the eff did i miss that?01:39
* Romster shrugs01:39
vee_sorry for the unneeded time waste on your behalf01:39
Romsternot like i can do much else due to sourceforge and freecode being inaccessable.01:39
vee_need company in the mean time?01:40
vee_whats #crux's take on pirating, i keep wanting to asking01:40
Romstereveryone seems afk... i got other company about to and i do have other stuff i can do but jsut feel like relaxing01:40
Romsterbeing a GNU linux distro i'd say we hate pirating01:41
vee_ah. i figured as much. how is your tuesday coming along01:42
Romsterbut what users do with there own ssystems is there own business. just don't bring it in here or the mailing list.01:42
joacimi dont mind piracy that much, but i dont like the attitude that many pirates display01:42
joacimsome seems to think it is their privilige to pirate stuff01:42
Romsteri usually grab a few songs off a artist before i decide if i want to buy the cd.01:43
joacimand i'm having trouble with my 13 year old cousin. he thinks stuff up on tpb is completely free, that he dont have to buy anything because stuff on the internet is free.01:43
joacimand he thinks the word "download" means it is free01:43
Romsterheck tpb has saved my behind when i grabbed a untouched iso for a program that i have the key for but lost the cd.01:44
vee_they're starting to really crack down on pirates now adays01:44
joacimlike on he wants me to download and install it for him because it says "download" somewhere on, something that in his eyes means the game is free01:44
Romsterneeds to lean real fast that download is not always free01:44
Romstertell him if it says freeware it is then free.01:45
joacimi tried01:45
joacimi could probably try to get him the game through some alternative game loader, but i have no idea what to use for windows01:46
joacimeverything is so shady looking01:46
vee_if it makes you feel better, my cousin stuck a cd in a usb port01:46
joacimi used something called Minecraft SP on my mac, before i bought the game.01:46
vee_i've used it too. you can youtube for it lol01:47
vee_i bought the game, but, gave the license away to the cousins lol01:47
joacimlooks like i might be able to use multimc or something withotu an account01:47
joacimlooks like it'll let me play in offline mode01:48
vee_yep. do you play joacim?01:48
vee_perhaps you can join our server P01:48
joacimthere is an official server? =)01:49
joacimis it survival?01:49
vee_its in creative mode01:49
vee_put survival will be put in soon01:49
vee_it needs updating, hasn't been on in a while xD01:49
joacimoh. i dont really play creative.01:49
joacimi do play a lot of vanilla survival tho01:50
joacimi feel it is nicer to build with limited resources01:50
vee_i really wanted to setup a tekit server, but, you need an account to get it01:50
vee_cousins changed my pass, so, im stuck playing the regular01:51
joacimhow about ftb?01:51
vee_cant say i've heard of that01:51
joacimi've never really been that fond of mods. always found it annoying when servers wants me to download their epic new map or quake3 sounds01:52
vee_tekit isn't like that at all01:52
vee_pretty cool what you can build with it01:53
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joacimi just have a couple of mods that give me higher res texture packs and the beta world generator01:55
vee_i need to get bumblebee working in crux01:57
joacim <- this is what i'm currently building on01:57
vee_i need to use my nvidia card01:57
vee_not bad01:58
vee_our world is pretty neat01:58
vee_ill show you a picture of it eventually01:58
vee_we had about 5 6 people in it, but then finals started...lol02:00
joacimi use creative when i need to prototype stuff. it is easier and quicker to revert changes there02:00
joacimsucks when all that terraforming didnt look as nice as you'd hope =)02:01
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frinnstfucking snow04:08
joacimit is snowing!04:11
joacimbeen -12 and no snow for a few weeks now04:11
Romster16.7C currently here04:20
joacimwinter came early this year. had tons of snow in october/november, then it all melted away04:20
Romsterhmm 29C tomorrow04:20
frinnstfuck you :)04:20
Romsterthen it starts going down to 18C by next monday :P
joacim17C is ok. anything above 20C starts to get unbearable04:21
Romsternot all fun n games i get to work mostly inside04:21
frinnstI really need to get a winter home. South africa would be brilliant :)04:21
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joacimnext week is going to be wet and miserable04:25
Romsterok if your insdie04:25
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Romsterfrinnst, brrr far too cold for me04:27
Romsteri shiver when it's below 15C let alone soemthing minus...04:27
Romsterand joacim too... guess you guys don't need fridges there04:28
joacimi live in a bad neighborhood, so i need to keep my food inside where it is warm04:29
Romsterthat's a shame04:29
Romster\o/ freecode sourceforge and slashdot is back04:32
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cruxbot[core.git/2.8]: vim: update to 7.3.75405:19
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: gvim: update to 7.3.75405:20
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.8]: xorg-libpixman: update to 0.28.205:24
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: nut: 2.6.4 -> 2.6.506:28
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deep42thoughtHi! I'm desperately trying to install ncat, where do I find it (I see it in the repository "nym" but these seem outdated or something)?09:31
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joacimtry prt-get fsearch ncat09:44
deep42thoughtwell, that explains a lot. Thx!09:45
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horrorStruckand we're at 6.25 BTW :P
jaegerhrmm, gajim seems out of date09:56
cruxbot[core.git/2.8]: rc: start the first agetty with the --noclear option10:12
cruxbot[opt-x86_64.git/2.8]: valgrind: 3.7.0 -> 3.8.111:51
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Amnesiajaeger: you wrote C didn't you?13:14
jaegernot very much or often, only a little13:15
Amnesiahm I really need to get used to it's "data types" aka bytes13:16
tilmanRotwang: indeed13:19
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teK_whole projects named after me :-(13:58
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: libfm: corrected broken link13:58
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: Merge branch '2.8' of crux:/home/crux/scm/ports/contrib into 2.813:58
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Romster the hell is this work safe15:34
Romsterintel ultrabook ad in japan?15:34
nogagplzjapan how does it work15:34
Romsterno idea15:37
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joacimwell. i'm getting an ullatorabook15:58
frinnstjapan is so brilliant16:12
frinnsti assume this is a typical music video?
Rotwangjapanese people are THE MOST AWESOME16:20
guzzanopon pon way way ~ amazing video16:46
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rmullWow... what.17:48
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Romster12/12/12 12:56 well we went past our 12/12/12 12:12:1219:57
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: atanks: 5.6 -> 5.720:12
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vee_poor gentoo users23:30
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prologicpoor gentoo users indeed23:47
prologicsad really :)23:47
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