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cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: valgrind: update to 3.8.102:11
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: jre: update to 1.7.0_1002:11
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rmullEveryone loves to hate on gentoo06:15
rmullBut I owe a lot to that project. It taught me most of what I know about Linux.06:15
rmullWell... maybe not "most"06:16
rmullBut I wouldn't be here in #crux if I thought Gentoo was lame06:17
Sleepy_Codersame :-)06:20
joacimi have a tendency of doing the opposite of what people tell me to do06:21
joacimso when people tells me to use debian and that gentoo sucks, then i would use gentoo06:21
Sleepy_CoderI usually use source-based distros when I buy a really new processor where some of the instructions it supports aren't available on the competing brand's processors.  Like ermm... I can't remember when popcnt became something available on both AMD and Intel procs, I thought for a while it wasn't available as part of x8606:22
Sleepy_CoderSo so so.  If I wanted to be obsessive and use instructions that weren't part of x86 or instructions that are kinda-common I'd use Gentoo and spend all night toying with gcc to enable more weird optimisations :x06:22
joacimnow this game is awesome. just saw a police officer pull another officer out from his car06:23
Sleepy_CoderI forget what they're called... like, the FMA stuff isn't yet part of x86 afaik, but they're available on the AMD Bulldozer procs and the later Intel procs06:23
Sleepy_Codera year or two goes by and then because they're shared between vendors they get added to the standard :\06:24
Sleepy_Coderjoacim: maybe they're strippers06:24
Sleepy_Coderoh nvm, FMA4 is part of SIMD ithinks06:25
joacimi dont think they had strippers back in 193006:26
Sleepy_Coderwhat are you watching? 0.o06:27
joacimi'm playing mafia06:28
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Romsterthey had dames back then06:41
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frinnstnice - hungarian spam08:05
jaegerI was also a gentoo user before coming to crux, and used it in enterprise at my previous job. I still sometimes use it08:33
frinnstwhen i decided to skip windows on my desktop I installed gentoo. I already ran crux on my server08:33
frinnstafter a week or so I decided i might just as well run crux on the desktop too :)08:34
joacimi remember my use flags would become unmaintainable08:34
jaegerI kept my use flags well under control08:40
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Kaishiomg, looking forward to playing with:
AmnesiaKaishi: I'm still waiting for my rpi's :)12:14
Kaishigot it :312:21
Kaishisorry, dumb moment12:21
KaishiSo, I'm going to do the dorkiest thing ever:12:21
Kaishicombine RasPi with: anker 10,000 mAh external battery >_> roll my own MP3 player12:21
KaishiI know, right? ^^12:26
KaishiI was trying to come up with an alternate use for it, for while I'm not at my desk.12:26
KaishiI'll be using it as a 720p blackscreen generator, and possibly as a network-response-checker12:27
Kaishilike ping stuff once every 20 minutes, if something fails, try again in 30 second.  If it fails 5 times in a row, email me.12:27
KaishiI need a 720p black screen to feed my soundcard :312:31
joacimi'm thinking an arm based netbook12:31
joacimsomething like the efika mx12:31
KaishiI have an HDMI soundcard, which is amazing, but it sometimes doesn't want to handshake with my GPU or my stereo.  That's because it has an Input and Output HDMI.  It takes the input DVI-type video feed, strips any audio data and injects its own audio stream, then passes to the stereo.  However it does no image-processing on the video; it genuinely doesn't care what it gets.12:32
Kaishiso my plan is to feed it basically NULL 720p video from a RasPi, have it inject audio, pass to stereo, and then drive my TV over displayport.12:33
Kaishiresult: no handshake issues12:33
Kaishiaudio on stereo able to play with TV and all displays turned off12:33
Kaishiat the cost of a 500mA, probably no more than 2W draw over USB12:34
Kaishicheaper than any HDMI signal-generator I've seen12:34
Kaishibut I want it to run CRUX because <312:34
KaishiCRUX is the linux I always wanted, but without putting me off in like 30 seconds the way that slackware d(id|oes)12:34
pitillojoacim: not many alternatives to the efikamx sb since some time ago (samsung chromebook seemed prety nice, but I haven't followed its status with other os than chromeos... really I don't know so much about the device itself)12:35
joacimi remember when everyone and their grandma was saying they were going to release an arm based netbook12:36
joacimguessing grandma got forgetful12:37
pitillothere is a tegra based one if I remember right, the toshiba ac100 (tegra based) which was outhere (but expensiver) a bit earlier than the efikamx sb12:37
joacimlooks nice. too bad it's discontinued12:39
pitillogiving time to time, I think they will come soon or later, may be not as fast as they predicted when they thought in tooons of baterry hours with a good supend/resume support12:39
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pitilloyes, I think both, efikamx sb and ac100 are discontinued products atm... let's see if people bets for next imx gen socs and with better (quality and power eaters) panels12:40
joacimit doesnt look like the efika mx netbook has been discontinued, but it is out of stock in their webstore12:43
joacimthey have a new board tho. efika mx53. might see something based on that one some day12:44
pitilloit's been a while since they are out of stock :)12:44
pitillojoacim: check imx6 socs :)12:45
joacimi mean the smartbook is listed as a production model, while the smarttop is listed as discontinued12:45
pitilloI'm not sure about what that means really. Both shares the same soc, with some differences, but I was looking into a sb when they were "out of stock" and since then, they don't build anymore (May be I'm mixing both terms because of the time I'm looking for a efikamx sb)12:48
joacimi guess there arent that many real alternatives left. i suppose i'll be content with an asus eee too. all i need is a netbook with some emulators and text editing programs12:50
joacimfor those five hour long bus rides that i go on sometimes12:50
pitillosounds reasonable then. there are lot of atoms alternatives12:51
KaishiI still don't much care for ARM13:01
KaishiI admit that x86 and all its variants are kinda a mess, but the biggest issue is that people want to maintain forwards-compatibility with older hardware.  If we took full advantage of SSE2,3,4 etc. we could just about eliminate the x87 instruction set, which would be a huge boon to x86 on the whole.13:01
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joacimit doesnt hurt to have a few alternatives out there.13:04
pitilloif x86 arch is a mess... better don't talk about ARM...13:04
Amnesiapitillo: I always thought that that was cleaner/simpler than x86..13:06
tilmanarm instruction set <313:08
pitilloAmnesia: in my case I see it harder, from higher level layer (different soc) to the one tilman said...13:10
Amnesiahm ok13:10
tilmani really do like the arm instruction set13:11
tilmanthe barrel shifter is awesome13:12
pitillothe lowest level :)13:14
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vee_hello all14:39
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vee_how do you do jaeger14:49
jaegerdoing well, you?14:52
vee_kinda bummed. had to switch to gentoo...14:57
jaegerhad to?14:58
vee_yep. couldn't build bumblebee and was noticing idle temps at about 55-57 degrees, and, had to put gentoo on it14:59
vee_its about a 10 degree drop in temps, and far less power consumption14:59
jaegersurprised you couldn't build bumblebee14:59
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vee_kept missing stuff, and had trouble with some of the dependencies. on top of that, i had finals so i just shoved gentoo on here lol15:00
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vee_still, 44 C while light browsing and chatting vs 57 doing nothing is quite the difference15:18
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