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horrorStruckmaybe someone should tell obama tear ducts are on the nose side of the eyes, not the other. bad acting is bad.01:48
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cruxbot[xorg.git/2.8]: xorg-server: added udev and util-linux to dependencies02:29
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guzzanoforgot to update .md5sum in iproute203:33
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jueguzzano: no we don't forget it, but once again upstream changed the sources or rebuild the tarball without notice, anyway thanks for the hint03:52
cruxbot[core.git/2.8]: iproute2: new source tarball, changed name of top-level directory03:59
mike_kjue: hi. can you point me in the right direction investigating ck4up issue? I get GDBMError in /usr/bin/ck4up:164:in set_db04:23
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: djvulibre: updated to
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: djview4: updated to 4.904:42
frinnstRomster: lol04:58
frinnstmike_k: remove the old db and let ck4up recreate it. iirc the new berkleydb had some incompabilities04:58
mike_kfrinnst: that certanly works, but I'd like to avoid rechecking every file by hand05:00
mike_kand yes, file format seems to be changed (05:01
frinnstdunno about that05:06
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klrhi, i tried to boot up the amd64 crux iso with a usb, i used this command: dd bs=4M if=/path/to/crux.iso of=/dev/sdx , but when i tried to boot from my usb stick i got an error about that there was no DEFAUL or UI configuration, have i created the bootable USB the wrong way or does the problem lay somewhere else?05:15
frinnstlooks right05:16
frinnstwhat gave you the error message? your bios or what?05:17
klrhmm, i don't think it was the bios05:17
klrit showed copy right holder right before the error05:18
klrmight be, i gonna try boot it again and write done all error messages, i'll be back05:19
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klrfrinnst: first i select the USB medium in BIOS, then it this text comes up: ISOLINUX version copyright then a \n and then "ERROR: No DEFAULT or UI configuration derective found" then i get to a propt with this "boot:" then i type eneter it shows same error and if i type something it says that it's not a kernel image05:25
frinnstb0rked usb-stick?05:26
frinnstwhat iso did you use? ?05:28
klryes that one05:28
klrwhat do you mean with "b0rked"?05:29
frinnstbroken :)05:29
frinnstseems like the flash to usb is somehow incomplete05:30
klri'll try again05:31
klror i just try find a cd05:33
klrdoes crux have both port system and normal package manager?05:36
guzzanot works for me so perfect
frinnstthe ports system just builds the .tar.gz package05:37
klrwhat is "trimmed packages" ?05:38
frinnstall the crap is stripped :)05:39
frinnstsuch as docs other than man-pages, nls etc05:39
klrokey nice05:40
klrcrux seems quite good05:41
frinnstwe like it :)05:41
klrwill try to boot usb now bb05:42
frinnstgood luck :)05:42
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klrit worked now :)05:47
klrhm, is nano in core or opt in in the setup script?05:58
klroh it's in opt :-)05:59
klris it possible to install lilo if i chroot into the new installed system?06:00
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klrkernel panic -.-06:53
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guzzanoHi guys, i need contributor in C, I'm developing application which removes a package and its dependencies in CRUX but need some help07:13
guzzanoI have already well developed07:13
Rotwangwhat about prt-get?07:14
Rotwangor pkgrm to be specific07:14
guzzanoprt-get not remove dependences alone07:14
RotwangI see07:14
guzzanoand pkgrtm neither07:15
guzzanoand prt-utils not work07:15
guzzanoAnd leave alone units just take up space07:16
Rotwangwhere is the code?07:17
guzzanobase and parsing algorithm depends
guzzanothe rest is esay, my problem is with depends parsing, uhm... I see a little 'ugly' and not faster07:22
guzzanocode complete
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juemike_k: sorry, I've no idea how to solve this without recreating the db, it happens with the gdbm update to 1.1007:48
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klris there any pre-compiled kernels for 64bit?09:07
frinnstonly the one on the iso09:08
frinnstwhat kind of hardware are you installing on?09:08
klrwhat is the advantages of compiling my own?09:08
frinnstyou can choose what you want to include09:09
klramd 64 bit processor09:09
frinnst(sata controller)09:09
klrit's a Dekstop09:09
klrwhat does a sata controller? (sorry if it's stupid questions, but I'm new to this stuff)09:10
frinnstthe default config usually works pretty well. but you need to make sure the following are builtin (not as modules): your ide/sata/scsi controller (usually sata/ahci on new'ish motherboards), scsi-disk support, your filesystem (ext4)09:10
frinnstif you use "menuconfig" you can search with / if you have trouble finding something09:11
klrokey, thanks, btw which compression is the fastest to decompress, gzip?09:11
frinnstwhen you boot from the install media you can run "lspci -k" to list some of your hardware and the kernel module that drives it09:13
frinnstif you reboot and get a kernel panic, just use the install media to mount your drive, chroot into it and tweak the kernel config09:14
klrHost bridge: AMD SubSystem: ASRock Device 960009:14
klryeah, i got kernel panic last time :)09:14
klrill make a list of all drivers which is in use and then make so they're built-in with menuconfig09:15
frinnstas i said: you will need to include the following drivers in the kernel (and not as modules): disk-controller, scsi-disk support and your filesystem09:15
klrokey, thanks for the help09:16
klrcompiling now :)09:21
horrorStruckactually the fastest to decompress is lzop09:27
klreh, i used gzip now xd09:28
horrorStruckwell i dont think the difference is noticeable anyway09:30
horrorStruckand you'll have to make your own lzop2 port also09:30
Rotwanghow is it going?09:31
Rotwangcrux ppl09:31
horrorStruckoh and s/lzop/lzo09:34
klrkernel compiled :)09:35
klrit's the arch/x86_64/boot/bzImage i'm supposed to copy to /boot/vmlinuz right?09:36
klrit installed, and it boots faster than arch ! :D09:39
klrYEAS! :D09:39
* horrorStruck is opening a beer to celebrate that09:40
klrhmm, how do i add a user, i'm used to the adduser command :p ?09:41
horrorStrucknazdrovia (or something)09:41
klri know, but i don't know how to use it :P hmm09:41
klrill figure it out09:41
horrorStruckman useradd ?09:42
Rotwanguseradd -m foo09:42
horrorStruckuseradd -m -s /path/to/shell user09:42
klris there any recommended groups i should add the user to?09:43
horrorStruckis it a desktop?09:43
klrokey and wheel09:44
horrorStrucknot mandatory09:44
horrorStruckthis is linux not BSD :P09:44
klrokey, i don't know much about BSD09:44
klrwhen a program's name is written like this: foobar(1) does it mean it's in manpage 1?09:46
klrfoobar(2) is in manpage 2?09:46
horrorStruckif i understand correctly, yes. otherwise, i dont know :P09:47
klrokey, i always wondered why they're written that way xd09:47
Rotwangit is a manual section09:47
Rotwangsee man man for details09:47
klrokey, thanks09:47
klrhmm, can packages be installed with prt-get or do it just build packages?09:48
Rotwangklr: prt-get to pkgutils is like yum to rpm09:49
horrorStruckklr: also, this:
klrokey thanks, thought i had to find all dependencies myself :p09:50
horrorStruckklr: and make sure you read the handbook sections WRT ports + man prt-get and man pkgmk. this is crucial09:50
klrwill do!09:51
klrhow do i use the visudo command with nano?09:56
guzzanoThere is a file that says installed packages (not /var/lib/pkg/db?09:56
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horrorStruckklr: google said: export EDITOR=nano && sudo visudo09:59
horrorStrucknever used it09:59
klrhmm it worked, strange tried only the first command and it gave an error, now it worked though :-)09:59
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horrorStrucki love when it's time for the merge window, it's like xmas everyday10:04
klrwhat does udev, and what advantages does mdev have?10:08
horrorStrucki'm pretty sure you'll find answers you're looking for somewhere on the internets10:11
klri only find pages how to switch to mdev, no page what it is or what it's good for10:12
horrorStruckthis is udev:
klrso it manage all devices10:14
horrorStruckmdev has the advantage not to be developed by the anti-dream team but has much more basic functionality.10:15
klranti-dream team?10:15
horrorStruckkay and lennart10:16
klris mdev less "bloated"?10:16
horrorStruckanyway, tl;dr, just use udev provided by CRUX and you'll be happy10:16
klri'll find out after i've installed crux10:16
horrorStruckmdev is much less bloated it's lacking features. but i've never used it actually, ping frinnst_ , i know he did10:17
klrwhat does /etc/hosts?10:18
klrcan i skip configure it if i use dhcpcd?10:19
klri dont understand how to configure it though, same with resolv.conf10:19
horrorStruckjust add your hostname in there10:20
horrorStrucki forgot how the default looks like10:20
klrokey, under <aliases>?10:20
klris it better to install nvidia non-free drivers after installation or when compiling the kernel?10:29
teK_after, iirc, it tries to build against /usr/src/linux-`uname -r`10:30
klrokey, thanks!10:30
mike_kjue: thanks10:33
horrorStruckit's awesome to drink beer in a milk-branded glass, it has 35% calcium, 50% vitamin B12, 25% vitamin B2 and high protein10:34
horrorStruckcheers teK_ (nuked the for-tek repo BTW)10:34
klreh, why should i make a new user for installing packages instead of just using sudo ?10:49
frinnsthorrorStruck: agreed, merge windows are great10:49
frinnstI hope for a btrfs xmas-present :)10:49
Amnesiaklr: imagine what'd happen if a Pkgfile contained rm -rf /* :-)10:49
klrAmnesia: true10:50
klrokey, but do i have to log out and back in everytime i have to install a package?10:51
Amnesiathe possibilities are unlimited when the createion of packages is done by root:)10:51
Amnesiaklr: fakeroot10:51
klrokey, i dont know what fakeroot is though10:51
Amnesiait mimics a uid of 0 @ the creation of files10:52
klrshould i just add this makecommand sudo -H -u pkgmk /usr/bin/fakeroot /usr/bin/pkgmk" to a new line in /etc/prt-get.conf?10:56
Amnesiayep you could10:56
klrhmm, i dont like to change so much stuff without knowing what it does :/10:59
klrwhat does $name mean in this line = "PKGMK_WORK_DIR="/home/pkgmk/work/$name"" ?11:02
frinnstthe name= from the Pkgfile11:02
klrokey thanks11:02
klrhehe guys, this might be a funny read:
klrwhy should i add sourceforge to /etc/hosts? are all packages hosted there?11:10
frinnstno, and its not really needed these days11:11
klrokey, so i can skip that step?11:11
klrports are from BSD , isent it?11:14
Romsterthat's a old work around when sourceforge was acting up11:30
klrcan i use useradd(8) to add my user to the pkgmk group?11:35
Romstercan ot see why not11:36
klrokey, so "useradd -g pkgmk klr" would work? it doesnt creat a new user does it?11:37
jaegeruse usermod11:37
jaegeruseradd is for creating new ones11:37
klrusermod? okey, thanks11:37
jaegerusermod -a -G pkgmk <user>11:37
klroh thanks11:37
klrdo i put fakeroot in front of pkgm and prt-get to install stuff as non-root now ?11:39
klrhmm, when i try to install NVIDIA non-free driver 310.19 the screen gets all messy and it doesnt refreash it so i cant read the info, anyone had similar problems?11:54
teK_intall == modprobe?11:56
klrrun the i mean11:56
klris there maybe a port or package?11:56
teK_why don't you install the port?11:56
klraa there is a port :-)11:57
teK_OF COURSE11:57
klri get an error when running "fakeroot pkgmk -d -i" : fakreoot, while creaing message channels: Function not implemented This may be due to lack of SYSV IPC support. fakeroot: error while starting 'faked' daemon.12:00
teK_well then your kernel lacks said SYSV IPC support.12:05
teK_to be precise.12:05
klrthe nvidia port failed btw, but ill check on that later, first recompile kernel :p12:05
klrhmm i can't install nvidia package, it guve a kust of nvidia files and then it just says ERROR: Installing $name failed.12:26
klranyone know what the problem is?12:26
Plazmaahh nice to see crux still kickin.. i may redo my archlinux box that's horribly dated wth crux12:27
Plazmai assume x64 support is pretty good12:27
klranyone know what's wrong with NVIDIA package?12:28
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klranyone here successfully installed nvidia package?12:48
joacimPlazma: i'm using it on x86-64. no issues here.12:48
klrme too, no issue here either, except with a nividia package12:49
Plazmaright on12:50
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vee_hi everyone17:43
Plazmaso.. if i install the 64-bit version of crux, does it come installed with all the headers and libraries for 32-bit by default?17:51
Plazmaor is it like redheat where i have to install 'ia-32' libts ..etc17:51
frinnstwhat iso are you using?17:53
frinnstthe regular 64bit iso does not support any 32bit stuff17:54
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frinnstbut there is a multilib iso17:54
frinnstand crux 3.0 will be multilib "ready"17:54
Plazmai haven't started toying yet, was just asking17:57
Plazmathats something i've always wondered, is there a reason to have a 64-bit only iso that doesn't have any 32-bit libs? file sizes maybe?17:58
Plazmajust seems logical for compatiblity17:58
frinnstless crap :)17:59
frinnstno point in installing something that you never need/use18:00
frinnstbut if you need 32bit stuff, use this:
Plazmai do like how crux compares with free/net bsd in it's philosophys18:03
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guzzanoPackage chromium is broken23:14
horrorStruckguzzano: if you want...
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guzzanohorrarStruck nice, thanks23:43

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