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systemd_suxXHello, can somebody please tell me which options I need to set as to compile into the kernel to support ext2 and ext3 root partition without initrd?02:20
niklaswesystemd_suxX: ext2 and ext3 support under filesystem.02:25
frinnstfilesystem, scsi-disk, controller02:25
systemd_suxXhow about ata devices?02:25
frinnstuse libata - still scsi-disk02:26
frinnstSerial ATA and Parallel ATA drivers02:26
systemd_suxXi need a one with generic driver support since i want to use it on different hardware without reompile, (I am lazy ;P)02:26
frinnstso, include lots of drivers then02:27
frinnstor "make allyesconfig" :)02:28
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Romsterwhat a day, now i can relax02:32
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nogagplzback to work slacker02:42
nogagplzwe need somebody to find out what is backing up the septic tank02:42
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joacimit is probably rsync02:47
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vee_hey guys i keep emerging skype but it wont launch...03:31
vee_says process not found03:31
vee_ugh nvm, i got it lol03:32
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frinnstyeah, wrong dist :)03:41
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Romsterknew nogagplz would tootup04:05
nogagplzyou knew nothing04:20
systemd_suxXfrinnst, but I don#t need all driverd built in only the ones for (s)ata subsystem and for ext2/304:22
frinnstso, include those?04:23
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: [notify] flash-player-plugin: updated to
krueromster: gst-ffmpeg needs a patch for gcc 4.7:
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krueHas anyone run dynamically linked skype 4.1 on multilib crux?09:44
krueBasically, I think I'm looking for a qt4-32 port.09:44
jaegernot I09:45
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klrhi o/10:36
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: teeworlds: dropped11:20
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: iotop: updated source uri11:29
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: lxpanel: 5.8 -> 5.1012:08
Plazmagosh i haven't built a kernel in ages, i forgot how fun it can be12:17
klrfun? :p i had to recompile like 4-5 times to get everything working :)12:20
Plazmai'm studyings ome low level assembly and c stuff right now so it works12:21
klrdoes that help you browse make menuconfig menu's? ;)12:22
AmnesiaPlazma: what're you studying ?12:23
AmnesiaI'm also working on C/ASM atm:)12:23
Plazmaklr: oh i'm just going through 's stuff12:24
Plazmaas well as reading this book that started with binary/logic gates, now it's up to using the lc-2 and assmbly programming with it12:24
Amnesiacool is there a lot of interactive stuff?12:24
Amnesiacause I couldn't gather the effort to complete
klrokey, i know one thing about computer science, and that is that it's not a science and rather a craft :)12:25
Plazmatrue, it's an art :D12:25
AmnesiaPlazma: how "dry" is it?12:25
PlazmaAmnesia: right now it's starting to get a bit interactive.. with the lc-2 .. though it doesn't really tell you to type this code in12:26
Plazmait's meant as a college text and a competant teacher :p12:26
Amnesiahm interesting.12:26
PlazmaAmnesia: eh it's not too bad i don't think, but i'm pretty interested in the topic .. also is fabulous12:26
Amnesialogic gates are boring though:D12:26
Plazmayea, thats a small part12:26
Plazma2nd half of the book is all C12:26
Plazmafirst half is that stuff12:26
AmnesiaIll try and register..12:26
AmnesiaC <312:26
Plazmayou don't need to register to watch his videos12:26
Plazmafor me, i'm visual, so having the videos along with books, K&R, etc is very helpful12:27
Amnesiaheh I've got a motivational issue12:27
Amnesiaso video's are definitly something I'm looking for12:27
Amnesiaah it's hosted on youtube12:28
klri'm trying to learn LISP, i'm reading Simply Scheme atm and think ill get The Little Schemer at x-mas, when i got the basics ill read the famous SICP :-)12:28
AmnesiaPlazma: ty12:30
Amnesiaheard 'bout nand2tetris?12:30
Plazmalooking now12:30
AmnesiaI would've completed that course if I was still in school12:32
AmnesiaPlazma: check briantwill's page @ youtube btw12:36
AmnesiaPlazma: It's pretty good :o12:49
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: lxpanel: added libwnck dependency14:02
Plazmaoh dear, i borked my crux install14:09
Plazmadoesn't seem to have a boot record.. maybe i can save it later with chroot14:10
nogagplzthere is no later, only now14:16
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jaegeryou should be able to, yes14:23
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Plazmahmm yea, for some reason it doesn't boot.. i tjust goes to DHCP in my vmware session14:58
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Plazmaahh i had /boot on it's own partition and failed to mount it15:06
Plazmaand copy the kernel to it15:06
Plazmano good :/15:07
Plazmaoh well, just redo it15:09
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rmullTo install crux from usb key, I just copy the ISO contents into the root of a USB key and boot from it?15:28
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rmullOr should I dd it?15:30
jaegerdd it15:30
rmullCool, thanks.15:30
rmullNever tried a system upgrade before - always installed fresh - but I'm gonna try an upgrade this time.15:31
Plazmadamn, no good15:46
Plazmaahh there..15:50
Plazmait crashes and kernel panics but at least it works!15:51
Plazmaso is there a list of common locales to references when doing localedef ?16:13
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Plazmawell, no go.. kernel panic on boot.. will have to mess with it later16:31
Plazmawould not doing the localedef make it panic?16:32
Plazmahmm alright16:40
Plazmai built a pretty generic kernel, only thing i really added outside the defaults was POSIX message queuing (i assume this is /dev/mqueue)16:40
jaegerwhat's the error message from the kernel panic?16:40
Plazmahang on16:40
Plazmaits a mess and i can't copy/paste it16:40
PlazmaKernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(8,2)16:41
jaeger99% of the time that means you're missing either your filesystem or your disk controller16:41
Plazmain the kernel build?16:42
Plazmawell perhaps vmware does something funky and i need to build support in for it and forgot16:42
Plazmano worries ill play more late rwith it16:42
Plazmathanks for the tips16:42
jaegerwhen you're booted up you can run 'lspci -k' to see which modules the kernel has loaded16:43
frinnstor scsi-disk support16:44
Plazmajaeger: you a crux dev :P16:48
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guzzanoto use qemu is only necessary compiler in the kernel 'kernel-based virtual machine'?19:10
guzzanosorry, hi :p19:12
nogagplzI think that's if you want to use kvm, which isn't necessary19:15
guzzanouhm, kvm ask me a module, 'Could not access KVM kernel module: No such file or directory'19:17
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TermiGatordoes anyone have samba 4 ports19:59
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rmullAre revdep partial results cached anywhere by default, or should I have redirected to a file?22:17
jaegerredirect to a file22:43
rmullOkay, thanks22:43
rmullLots of revdep needed after upgrade :)22:44
rmullWill let the updates run overnight I guess22:45
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