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systemd_suxXgood morning01:20
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Plazmajaeger: well i've rebuilt my kernel a few times.. and no luck.. not really sure what specifics if any i need to do.. i tried compiling in scsi disk support and stuff NOT as a module (default was a module) didn't seem to change02:42
frinnstwhat controller are you using? ahci?02:56
frinnstand did you include your filesystem as a non-module?02:57
frinnstsorry, im too lazy to read the backlog :)02:57
Plazmayou know, maybe i didn't include ext4 as a module02:57
Plazmaforgot to check that02:57
frinnstmake sure its NOT a module02:57
frinnstalso make sure you mount the right filesystem with your bootloader :)02:57
frinnstand not the swap partition or something02:58
Plazmayea, that part is right.. ill check it soon02:58
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TermiGatorthat strange in 2.7 i dont need devtmpfs to booting, but since 2.8 i need to enable devtmpfs, is something change?03:13
Plazmafrinnst: ok by default ext4 is a module.. wtf .. rebuilding with it not03:22
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Plazmaugh damnit03:31
Plazmadidn't work03:31
Plazmaguess ill play with it later03:34
Plazmafrinnst: its unable to mount VFS .. frogot exact erorr03:34
Plazmafrinnst: Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(8,2)03:36
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TermiGatorPlazma check for devtmpfs03:42
TermiGatori had the same error03:42
guzzanoAnd check u filesystem03:42
frinnstdevtmpfs should be selected if he started with the config in the kernel-source installed by the media03:55
frinnstbut yeah, check it03:55
TermiGatori've tried that and remove the .config from kernel-source, but that trick doesnt work still i have to nable devtmpfs this does not happen in 2.7and older media03:58
Plazmaill check more of this later.. thanks so far03:59
Plazmaso enable devtmpfs in the kernel? where is that04:05
frinnstyou can search with /04:07
frinnstbut iirc its under general settings or something like that04:07
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guzzano :P04:10
Plazmaso why is filesystems enabled as module when they are so critical?04:11
Amnesiaguzzano: pkgrmd?04:11
TermiGatorheh, never built fs as module04:12
guzzanoAmmesia, Yes, remove package and depends alone in the system in crux, almost finished04:12
TermiGatorPlazma: DEVTMPFS is in Device Drivers -> Generic Driver Option04:13
Amnesiaguzzano: where's the KISS principle:P?04:13
Amnesiahow do you determine whether a port04:15
Amnesia's an orphan btw?04:15
guzzanoAmensia, at home :P I work a lot easier, esay, check dependeces a package and with search package installed in (/var/lib/pkg/db) and I look at these packages I look at these packages main package04:18
guzzanosorry my english04:18
frinnstbecause the ISO uses initrd04:18
Amnesiaguzzano: np04:19
Amnesiaguzzano: is the source public>04:19
guzzanoAmnesia: Sure! I finish and I share04:20
guzzanowith source code04:20
Amnesiaah so it's not public yet?04:20
Plazmathanks TermiGator04:22
guzzanoNot there, but, want the code? :P04:24
Amnesiayes please^^04:24
guzzanoGive me five minutes and I'll pass04:24
Plazmaok lets try this again.. gosh this takes me back to 199504:26
Plazmabuilding my kernel by hand :P04:26
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Plazmait's easy now though, i have the install done, just can boot and chroot04:33
guzzanoAmnesia, this is old version (do not wait for) and I pass the new, Just finishing parsing04:33
Amnesiadoes it remove unneeded dependencies in genera ?04:35
Plazmainterface Bundle-Ether 1004:36
Plazmadescription ;;CHNDDSRJ01;AE-2;MR;8x10GE AGGREGATE TO CHNDDSRJ01;04:36
guzzanoUhm, I did not understand, but, only package named in argv04:37
guzzanoAhm, the dependencies in core, not remove04:37
guzzanoe.g ncurses04:37
guzzano(necessary dependencies for system)04:39
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Plazmaugh no go.. still same error04:53
Plazmaeven with devtmpfs04:53
Plazmaand filesystem as modules.. probably some weird disk controller i misse04:53
Plazmathough i built scsi support in.. so04:54
guzzanowhy filesystem as modules?04:55
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Plazmaguzzano: no i did not compile them in as modules05:02
Plazmathey were by default it seemed05:02
guzzanoI had the same error, the problem was with filesystem, upload ur .config05:05
guzzano~ Plazma05:05
Plazmaif i can get to it .. it's in a vm :P05:06
guzzanoOh, a virtual machine is different05:07
nogagplzis it virtualbox05:07
guzzano is it virtualbox05:07
guzzanosorry ~05:08
Plazmait's vmware player05:08
guzzanoCheck kernel config05:08
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Plazmathx guzzano will check05:19
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Plazmaok rebuilding with guzzano 's gentoo link05:50
Plazmano luck,06:29
pitilloPlazma: try sharing your .config and lspci output06:38
Plazmahmm, it won't let me boot to anything though06:39
Plazmatries to boot kernel and pancis so how can o di that?06:39
Plazmai can maybe get .config .. wherei s that at again?06:39
pitilloyou are installing crux on a vm guest, don't you?06:40
Plazmavmware player06:41
pitillodo you have it installed but it doesn't boot, right?06:41
pitilloyou can boot from the iso and chroot to yur installation, where you have built your own kernel and where your current .config relays06:42
pitilloif you do from the booted iso, you can run lspci -k too, to see which modules it's using06:43
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Plazmahmm ok06:47
frinnstand if you get your network up and running from the ISO and the chroot, you can (in your chroot) install wgetpaste and use that to upload outputs from lspci, your kernel .config or whatever06:47
Plazmaahh yea , good plans06:48
Plazmaget network and sshd running06:48
frinnstwgetpaste might be a contrib port, so you might need to enable that repo in /etc/ports first06:48
Plazmahmm.. dhcpd doesn't work on cd?06:52
frinnstno, but chroot to your install and run it06:53
frinnstmake sure you have loaded the module for your nic first06:53
frinnst(before you chroot)06:54
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Plazmawell it shows the intel controller in lscpi06:54
frinnstmodprobe e1000 && mount /dev/whatever /mnt && setup-chroot06:54
frinnstyeah e1000 probably06:55
Plazmai can reach the nic in chroot but i need dhcp configuration06:56
Plazmaoh nm06:57
Plazmai can't type06:57
Plazmacan't get sshd started07:01
Plazmagot the files neede,ed i just need to transfer them to my desktop , rlogin, and ssh won't work to the vm in the chroot state07:02
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Plazmasshd is having key issues it seems07:02
frinnsttip: go with wgetpaste07:03
frinnstuploads to a pastebin07:03
Plazmaok lets see what ports will do07:07
Plazmaahh there, updating ports07:15
Plazmaany reason why sshd would fail though? that would be way easier07:15
Amnesiadefine "fail" ?07:18
Plazmaoh well hang on07:18
Plazmamaybe i'm just blind07:18
AmnesiaTCP reset?07:18
frinnsthosts.allow ?07:19
Plazmawell i got it started07:19
Plazmabut can't loginto it07:19
frinnstcan you connect?07:20
frinnstdid you set a root password?07:20
Amnesiabtw, are you able to telnet into the port?07:20
Plazmain /etc/hosts.allow i have sshd: ALL07:20
frinnstwhen you try to ssh in, do you get a login prompt?07:20
Plazmanope, let me retry07:21
Plazmathough i have a suspciion why07:21
Plazmamight be my vpn breaking it to work07:21
Plazmai was being silly07:28
Plazmalspci -
Plazmaconfig -
pitillo# CONFIG_DEVTMPFS is not set07:37
Plazmawtf weird07:39
Plazmai set that in the kernel i thought07:39
Plazmahmm, rebuilt when adding that to .config07:55
Plazmano go07:55
pitilloand which is your file system used? I can't see any reference for them in your .config07:58
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Plazmahmm.. should be ext407:59
Plazmalame.. wtf08:00
Plazmatry again!08:00
Plazmagood learning though. i forgot a lot of this stuff and haven't built a kernel since before 2.208:01
Plazmawell i think i built a 2.4 once08:01
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Plazmaok i dont think that was the culprint either08:06
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Plazmapitillo: anything else obvious?08:14
pitilloPlazma: yes, CONFIG_SCSI_MOD, I think it should be included inside too08:16
Plazmaok cool08:16
Plazmapitillo: that's included already08:17
pitillotrue, sorry08:19
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Plazmayea, weird08:26
Plazmaits something small and stupid i'm sure08:26
Plazmaalways is08:26
joacimhow about localyesconfig?08:31
Plazmawhat is that?08:33
joacimmake localyesconfig. it produces a config based on your hardware08:33
Plazmaoh neat08:34
joacimi dont know how well it works tho08:34
joacimmight be worth doublechecking if it enabled support for your disk controller and filesytem08:34
Plazmaso then after do i just do a make all && make modules_install08:35
joacimsomething like that08:35
joacimi just do a "normal" make && make modules_install. i dont know what make all would do.08:35
Plazmait puts the 32-bit kernel in arch/x86/boot/bzImage .. and 64-bit in arch/x86_64/boot/bzImage yes?08:36
joacimi'm also lazy so i run "make install" as an alternative to copying the kernel to /boot myself08:36
Plazmausing multilib-iso08:37
joacimi'd assume you'll only need the 64-bit image08:39
Plazmaugh, no good :/08:41
PlazmaHost SMBus controller not enabled08:50
Plazmai get that before my kernel panic08:51
Plazmaunable to mount rootfs on unknown block(8,2)08:51
rmullWhat does the --cache argument to prt-get actually do? What's a cache file?08:52
rmullI have a problem where my compile experiences internal segmentation faults which I believe is due to a problem with my hardware. I'd like to not have to start from scratch when I build a port. Is the cache file something that could let me pick up where I left off in an interrupted compilation?08:52
rmullThe man page seemed vague08:53
rmullThe -kw option doesn't seem to work the way I hope either08:54
jaegerrmull: prt-get's cache file is for searching, not related to building ports with pkgmk08:57
rmullOkay. Is there anything out there that does what I want? ccache maybe?09:00
jaegerccache wouldn't allow you to start from where a failure stopped the build but it would possibly speed up multiple successive builds09:02
frinnstPlazma: no. it only builds a 64bit kernel09:03
jaegerthere was a fork of pkgutils a long time ago that would sorta do that but it was pretty unstable09:03
frinnstthe one in arch/x86_64/boot/bzImage is just a symlink to arch/x8609:03
Plazmafrinnst: and i assum eit's stored in arch/x86_64?09:03
frinnstif you use lilo, just run "make install" - it will copy it for you and run "lilo"09:03
frinnstand backup the existing kernel to vmlinuz.old09:04
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rmulljaeger: crap :( okay09:06
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Plazmaok for some reason it's compiling EVERYTHING in the kernel :/09:42
jaegeryou're still having problems getting the kernel working?09:43
rmullPlazma: It's compiling something other than what's selected in .config?09:43
Plazmai think i did  makeallconfig by mistake :p09:45
Plazmajaeger: yea , sadly.. trying again from scratch09:45
jaegerPlazma: based on your lspci output, you need:09:45
jaegerIntel ESB, ICH, PIIX3, PIIX4 PATA/SATA support09:45
jaegerFusion MPT ScsiHost drivers for SPI09:46
jaegerAnd of course your filesystem09:46
jaegerwhat kernel version are you compiling?09:46
Plazmawhatever came with 2.8 multilib, i think 3.4.509:46
Plazmaor something09:46
jaeger3.5.4 maybe?09:47
Plazmayea that sounds right09:47
Plazmajust did a make localyesconfig09:48
Plazmaand now make all && make modules_install09:48
Plazmaalso, while this shoudln't have hurt, i thought arch/x86 and arch/x86_64 were diff so i copied both over.. but i found out that was wrong later09:51
Plazmaso in essence i copied at least the correct one once..09:52
Plazmatried booting that, no go09:52
jaegershould be the correct one both times since the x86_64 one is a symlink09:52
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Plazmaholy crap it's a miracle10:31
jaegerkernel happy?10:38
Plazmanow to get dwm and stuff installed.. learning the ports/package system10:39
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Plazmawell thx guys,11:01
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: gtk: updated to 2.24.1413:47
frinnstoops, forgot to push13:48
Amnesiacruxbot: there's a hash mismatch on gtk14:11
AmnesiaMISSING   a6cdd690ac73609daf7cd4a553bc9739  gtk.immodules14:12
AmnesiaNEW       981cbb7e87666badc4798ceaf62c7f72  gtk.immodules14:12 is fine14:12
Amnesiaand so are the other files14:12
rmullRomster: I'm getting a failure to build webkit because configure: error: Package requirements (gail-3.0 >= 3.0) were not met14:42
rmullMaybe my fault? Running a gtk update14:45
rmullI get the same gtk mismatch FWIW14:46
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zummselkernel panic15:00
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zummselis there anybody out there?15:08
jaegerjust nod if you can hear me15:09
jaegeris there anyone at home?15:09
zummselhi jaeger15:11
jaegerhello. what's the full panic message?15:11
zummselKernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block (0,0)15:14
tilman2must ... resist ... the urge ... to use15:15
jaeger99% of the time that means you're missing either your disk controller or your filesystem from the kernel config15:15
tilman2(great situation for a typo, thanks)15:15
jaegerscarcasm sounds scary15:15
zummseli am looking for hints to find a correct kernelconfig15:15
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rmulljaeger: Do you have that response on a hotkey?15:16
jaegerzummsel: when booted, run 'lspci -k' to see which modules are in use, then enable those in the config15:16
jaegerrmull: I should, probably15:16
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rmullMaybe a wiki page would be a good idea15:16
tilman2zummsel: what filesystem did you put on your root partition?15:16
zummselroot patition is ext3 - ext3 is compiled into the kernel15:18
tilman2disk controller or related crap it is then15:18
tilman2zummsel: iirc ext3 also requires that LARGE_BLOCK_something option enabled15:19
zummseli will try the hint whith lspci - but it will take a little while15:20
tilman2i was thinking of CONFIG_LBDAF fwiw15:21
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Amnesiafrinnst: , that mismatch was actually meant for you:P15:35
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: gtk: fixed gtk.immodules md5sum15:44
Romsterrmull, retesting but it built fine when i reinstalled my desktop on the ssd a month or so ago.15:44
frinnstthats what i get for waiting 2 weeks to push15:45
Romsteroh perhaps i should sysup and retest though15:45
rmullRomster: It may have been that my gtk was old. Don't worry about it just yet - I'll update gtk and try again15:46
rmullI'll let you know15:46
rmullToo bad it took hours to reach the fail point15:46
Romsterccache :)15:51
Romsterok off to work later15:52
frinnstsweet, btrfs raid5/6 will be merged in linux 3.815:54
rmullWow, great15:58
rmullWhat about fsck?15:58
rmullI unsubbed from their mailing list a while ago15:59
frinnstwhat about it?16:01
frinnstfredrik@nibbler:~$ whereis btrfsck16:02
frinnstbtrfsck: /sbin/btrfsck /usr/man/man8/btrfsck.8.gz16:02
frinnstand "btrfs scrub"16:03
rmullThanks for teh update16:04
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horrorStruckfrinnst: your xmas present of the day has been merged :P18:20
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Plazmaso what is it.. xorgconfig to do text base config for xorg? it appears my mouse in my vm doesn't work21:04
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rmullRomster: Same issue with webkit after updating gtk21:11
rmullwebkit looks for gail-3.0 but gtk provides gail-1.021:12
rmullHmm. gtk3 maybe21:13
rmullIt's in the deps list of webkit, but I don't have it installed21:14
rmullcould explain a lot <_<21:33
rmullI wish there was a way of knowing if a dependency creeps in21:33
rmulloh - fsearch gail is not as good as fsearch "gail*"21:37
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