IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2012-12-19

Romsterrmull, oh that will do it.... prt-get deptree webkit see what deps are missing01:01
Romsterrmull, what frontend are you using on webkit?01:02
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TermiGatorsamba 4 anyone?02:45
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frinnstno thanks, i dont dance03:33
TermiGatorhehe, good for you03:34
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RomsterTermiGator no one as far as i know has... you'll need to try them yourself05:52
RomsterteK_, MISSING   -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/bin/nmap-update06:03
RomsterMISSING   -rw-r--r--      root/root       usr/man/man1/nmap-update.1.gz06:03
Romster=======> ERROR: Building '/var/ports/packages/nmap#6.25-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed06:03
Romstermust be some other dep missing.06:03
niklaswegaah fucking redhat..06:19
Amnesiafuck, my wisdom teeth need to be pulled out06:20
* Amnesia no like06:20
AmnesiaRomster: afaik that footprint mismatch has been there since ages06:22
Romsteryeah i remember hitting it ages ago too06:22
Romstershould be fixed though06:22
Amnesiatrue that06:22
Romsteri know i got some stuff backloged in todo too.06:23
Romstermgiht get some done during the impending holidays06:23
Romsteryou've been around for a while now Amnesia although i can't recal how long for.06:27
Amnesia3 ish months?06:33
Romsterah that short. you one of them arch refugees from systemd?06:33
Romsteri know we got a few from that change06:34
Amnesianope came from debian06:36
Romsterthat's a considerable change06:36
Romsterliking crux so far?06:36
Romstermost do, once they get over the VFS not syncing part.06:37
Amnesiavirtual file system not syncing?06:38
Amnesiayou're referring to a kernel panic?06:39
Amnesiaat boot time?06:39
Amnesiaah, well I ran debian with a custom kernel06:43
Romsterwell i guess not finding the root FS is a panic in a sense.06:43
frinnstim surprised how many users dont know how to compile a kernel06:44
frinnstbut i guess thats because i came from slackware so i've always done it06:45
Romsterhey even i couldn't at first.06:46
Romsteri always got stuck on the ata and ide conflicting back when having both on wasn't such a good idea.06:46
frinnstwell ofcourse its tricky the first time you do it (and still is, with new hardware)06:46
Romsterat least now i know what to look for.06:46
frinnstI guess im surprised on how many users just use the kernel from the distro06:46
Romsterand how too06:46
Amnesia<- minimalistic whore06:47
* frinnst just switched to the 3.0 branch on my work-box06:47
frinnststupid libpthread-stubs06:47
Romsternothing wrong with that.06:47
Romsterlike i said awhile ago i wanted to nuke that on 2.806:47
Romsterbut effort06:47
Romsterbreaks a ton of stuff06:47
AmnesiaI'm running 3.7.006:48
Amnesiaeverything's running fine06:48
Romsterno no this is crux 3.0 frinnst is talking about06:48
Romsternot the kernel version06:48
Amnesiaany big changes?06:49
Romsteris anyone else running cups? other than setting ALL: ALL in hosts.allow it wont work if i just have cupsd: localhost06:49
Romsterand another line with the printer ip on it.06:49
Romsteryeah 32bit to multilib06:49
Romsterno libpthread-stubs06:50
Romsterpretty much everything will require a recompile.06:50
Romsterhaha frinnst06:50
frinnstwell not everything.. just some libraries that will not be listed with revdep06:51
frinnstxorg libs and gtk,cairo,whatever06:51
frinnstmost application will not need a rebuild06:51
frinnstrevdep lies :)06:51
frinnst :D06:52
Romsterdoes revdep also look in lib32?06:54
AmnesiaRomster: will there still be a native x86-64 release?06:54
frinnst3.0 will be06:54
frinnstjust remove the 32bit crap if you dont want it06:54
frinnstjust a single glibc-32 will be installed06:55
frinnstand maybe gcc, binutils06:55
frinnsti forget06:55
joacimi suppose 32-bit stuff will get its own prtdir06:55
Romsterit's mutlilib gcc with only glibc-32 in core06:55
Romsteryeah compat-32 iirc06:55
Romsterto overlay06:55
Romsteronly if you need 32bit support.06:56
Romsterbut that's on crux 3.0 that's not offically released yet06:56
Romsteri'm still on 2.8 multlib06:56
Amnesiainteresting, any ETA?06:56
frinnstnot yet, but pretty soon. not much more to do06:57
Romsterwhen ever it's ready tested i guess06:57
frinnstyeah, some testing06:57
Amnesiahm, bpthread-stubs..06:57
Amnesialibphtreads-stubs gives thread support right..?06:57
Romsterobsolete it's just stubs not being used anymore.06:57
Romsterlikely moved to some other part of xcb in xorg probably.06:58
frinnstglibc does it these days06:58
Amnesia ahh06:58
Romsterbut i could be wrong might be in some other part.06:58
Romsteroh in glibc itself... i thoguht pthreads was always in glibc06:59
AmnesiaI'm still trying to get a decent understanding of C..06:59
Romstergood luck, i havne't got time to learn and even if i did i still get horribly stuck07:00
AmnesiaRomster: it's pretty good07:01
RomsterO_O sweet jesus07:03
Romsternot seen that site wonder how i missed that one.07:03
AmnesiaPlazma posted it before in #crux07:04
Romsteri guess i missed that07:06
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klrCRUX is really good :-)07:09
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Romsteryep you reading the backlog <<07:11
klroh, what was the link to the irc log?07:11
Romsterthoguht you were on that already to see what we typed.07:12
klrnep, i'll add it to my bookmars though ;-)07:13
frinnstwow i really miss my 8 cores at home.. only have 2 here at work07:13
frinnstrebuilding stuff is slow :(07:13
Romsteri may appear to be talking to myself when someone leaves but i relaly am just leaving a log for them to read later.07:13
Romsterhehe frinnst07:13
Romsterwhy not distcc on everyones boxen :D07:14
klri have 4 cores07:14
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Romsterthere are 4 lights *coughs*07:14
klrwhat window managers do you guys use?07:15
Romsterpekwm here07:15
Romsteri tink i'm the lone one out of everyone else07:15
klrive heard of pekwm, is it stacking window manager?07:16
klri use dwm07:16
klrwith one patch07:16
Romsterit has gui tab grouping07:16
Romsteri learned it by accident middle click :D07:16
klrlol, guess what kind of class i had today?07:17
Romsterand i was going what the where did it go...ooooo sweet07:17
klrit was titled "internet"07:17
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Romsterum the basics on how to search for a web page how to print it?07:17
klri learned that you arent supposed to show your penis in webcam and that you shouldnt meet people irl that you've seen online, and how to use google search too XD07:17
Romsteris that where i went wrong lol07:18
klri will skip school tomorow and watch the hobbit with some friends , these last scool days before vacation is really nothing useful anyway xD07:19
Romsterand here you are with crux why were you in such a boring topic?07:19
klrwhat you mean?07:20
Romsteryour in a class with that "internet" stuff while your knolodge is far higher.07:20
Romsteri'd of fallen asleep in that class07:20
klri was texting during the "lesson"07:21
Romsterlong time ago when i was unemployed they forced me to go to some 3 week how to use a computer class, i onyl went one day.... then went bugger this.... all the basics i said i know all that already. i ended up speeding the comptuer up instead of the course lol07:22
Romster"this is how you open a web site" i had like 5 tabs open already07:22
Romsterthere is no telling some people that it's not worth my trouble.07:23
Romsternot bagging the class it's good for first timers. but not for me07:23
Romsterthey thought i'd learn something new.07:23
Romsteroh yeah and that's when i already built my own.07:25
klri dislike people who think they're really good at something when they' really dont know anything about the topic, i have two guys in my class which think they're "computer experts" just beucase they know the names of some parts of the computer -.-07:25
Romsterwhich reminds me... some guy brought in his pc to be fixed... he had no idea and assembled it while drunk07:26
klri builded my first computer some weeks ago, but ive knew how to do it quite some time07:26
klrhehe xd07:26
Romstertook the 20 + 4 power connector plugged in the 20 and used the +4 to power the CPU O_O07:26
Romsterluickily the 3.3V and ground shorted out in the 12V aux cpu socket and prevented the PSU from destroying the mobo.07:27
Romsterthe heatsink was just sitting there not locked down the gpu had no power connected to it, hdd was moutned upside down with no power plugged in either.07:28
jueRomster: I have this in hosts.allow -> cupsd: localhost07:28
Romsteroh and best part he used all different sized screws and crossthreaded some trying to screw the mobo onto the standoffs....07:28
* Romster majorly headdesks07:28
Romster127.0.0.1 is localhost...07:28
Romsterbut i'll try.07:28
Romsternothing else besides that jue ?07:29
jueno, should work07:29
Romsteroh that works then why does cupsd: not work on it's own...07:31
Romsteri searched around and not found any real leads.07:31
Romstershould add that to the README jue07:31
juedunno why, but it's not sufficient to list ip addresses, cups probably is doing revers lookups (something like dig -x)07:31
Romsteri was pulling my hair out on that....07:32
Romsterhmm maybe07:32
jueRomster: patches are always welcome ;)07:32
Romsteri still need to find that issue with the rp-pppoe MTU issue. i reverted to pppd module currently.07:33
Romsterjue, yeah when i get some spare time in holliday season07:33
Romsteri'm honestly that burned out i don't feel like doing a great deal.07:33
* Romster adds that to my TODO list07:34
horrorStruck^ takes as long as doing the patch :P07:34
Romsterso lazy atm i only got it working over USB and not over the LAN07:35
RomsterADD doens't help either, doing so much at work, i get home i just can't concentrate for long pperiods of time doing the same tasks07:36
Romsterjue, have you noticed that firefox will print page 1 but not any of the other pages for a site that scrolls down?07:36
Romsterminor anoyance but i did notice that and i had one page i had to set the size to 70% than auto size. As auto size cut off some text on the right hand size like the margins were set so small or something.07:37
Romsteri'll just blame firefox being demented.07:38
frinnstprinting is stupid07:38
* Romster prints frinnst 07:38
Romsterwhat even invoices?07:38
frinnsti love when printers just stop working for no reason what so ever07:39
klris CRUX "hardcore"  i've heard some people say that some distributions of GNU/Linux is more and less "hardcore?07:39
Romsterhaven't got epaper yet just this smart phone i use but then when someone else wants it i cna't jsut go you got bluetooth?07:39
frinnstklr: elitism is also stupid07:39
Romsterhardcore is getting hands dirty07:39
horrorStruckI told u I was hardcore07:39
klri just wondered, when i think about the term "hardcore" i think of hardcore punk(a music genre which evolved later into metal) and another little dirtier thing ..07:40
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Romsterlittle dirtier thing lol like hardcore bandage.07:40
Romsteranything can be hardcore but yes i do think of punk genre07:41
frinnsthardcore bandage? like a very well bandaged wound?07:41
Romsterdamn it bondage07:41
kaishi>_> I like where this is going07:41
Romsterstop being the spelling police...07:41
Romsteri have been reading lookling for group far too much....07:42
* Romster thinks kaishi would of been richards line07:42
Romsteroh gawd then i just immagiend spoungebob squarepants laugh07:43
klri cant wait for x-mas, i think i hope i get a raspberry pi, The Little Schemer and Hackers And Painters07:44
Romsteri think i need a clear all function07:44
kaishiRaspi is the best christmas present07:44
Romstereh in one respect i get 8 days off, but then i can't get my parcels and stuff becasue the shots are shut ugh07:44
kaishiI want more of them, they're too much fun07:45
klris x-mas less fun when your adult?07:45
Romster i printered that i get the first page then the last 4 pages are blank other than the page number and headder footer O_O07:46
Romsteroff opera07:46
Romsterwhy can't crap just print normally :/07:46
Romsterbroken web site or what.07:47
kaishiRomster: partsexpress rules07:47
Romsterit does07:47
kaishiI built a subwoofer with my father using a driver and amp from there07:47
Romsterdoes not like to be printed though... want a had copy of some drivers so i can decide on what one to get07:47
Romster i have 4 of these :D07:48
Romsternow i'm looking for a sutable mid-bass and ring radiator for a 7.1 system07:48
kaishiRomster, you're a cool dude, you know that?07:49
Romstercan't afford them yet but i lie todo my research first.07:50
Romsterthanks :)07:50
Romsternot much of a programmer but i do know my electronics and i specalise in sound and i know enoight about TS to tune a box or two.07:50
Romstermy typing/spelling is also lacking :D07:51
Romsterkaishi, i'm gonna build this for the bass box
Romsteri'll probably modify it a little though07:52
Romsteri've simulated it ages ago works as intended.07:52
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Romsteri don't get it firefox says page 1 of 1 and if i use shink to fit it cuts off the text on the right hmmm07:55
Amnesiado you folks actually compile firefox^^?07:56
Romsterlooks like a fish box lol07:56
jaegerparts express is great07:56
Romsterheck yes Amnesia07:56
jaegerMy brother and I have a speaker building project going on when we have free time, moving slowly07:56
Romsterlacking funds for the timber currently jaeger07:56
Amnesiahm, I'm too lazy to do that>,07:56
Amnesiatakes fucking ages07:56
jaegerWe've built the enclosures, have to build the crossovers next07:57
Romsterwont stop me tweking the layout and the other speakers for the mains07:57
Romstergonna use zobal networks too?07:57
jaegerno idea what that is07:57
Romsteri'm gonna go bi-amping probably with some plate amp.07:57
RomsterZobel networks are a type of filter section based on the image impedance design principle.07:58
Romsterknocks out resonces.07:58
Romsterbasicly stops the resoncace tuned incuctance capactance from resonating and have a high impedance the zobal network keeps the impeadance more constant and stops the passive corssover form frequency shifting due to uneven impedance.08:00
Romsterklr, jaeger's personal site.08:00
Romsterdamn i seriously need the spell checker in xchat this sucks08:01
jaegergrr... wish I could figure out why my work jabber is flaky08:04
Romsterbest you search for it jaeger reading my text will make brain hurt :P08:06
jaegerthe problem is that it's hard to troubleshoot, doesn't happen every time08:06
Romsteri'm fine talking but typing is not my forte08:06
jaegersometimes when I try to connect pidgin hangs for a few minutes and then retries08:06
jaegerother times it works fine08:06
Romsteri'd suspect network jitter08:07
Romsterwell that's often random08:07
Romsterunless you got a better idea08:07
jaegerWell, random network jitter sounds like a misconfigured network to me08:08
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jaegerenterprise networks should be pretty damn stable08:08
Romsteror yelstra burned down /another/ exchange :D08:08
jaegerwell, telstra's fire issues shouldn't affect my work LAN :)08:08
Romsterman i think it'll be a good 6 months before they reconnect all the fibre optics back up....08:08
jaegerI thought the problem could be something java-related since the XMPP server is openfire but I tried ejabberd and it did the same thing08:09
Romsterpeak loads and i get like 30kb/s with upto 8 second lag... wee hours of the morning i get my 165kb/s and no more than 1.5seconds lag at max speed and no load of 20ms.08:09
jaegerThe slowest part of the link between my workstation and the jabber server is 1GbE, heh08:11
Romsterhmm yeah seems parts-express has a issue with printing. other sites work as epected.08:12
RomsterSpecification Sheet seems more useful to print. this'll at least do what i need08:18
frinnstjaeger: blame the network admins? :)08:19
Romster1:18am damn time flys08:19
jaegerfrinnst: that would be me. :) I blame pidgin or openfire, it doesn't happen when connecting to gmail :)08:22
frinnstoops :)08:23
Romsteri only just noticed skype wifi in skype today08:33
teK_and not funny at all ;_;08:38
joacimwhy isnt she wearing any pants? what happened?08:39
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RomsterteK_, the heck...08:41
jaegerThe power in the datacenter where lives is going down, I don't know when it'll be back08:41
Romstershe seems upset too.08:42
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Romsterit'll get back to that spot faster09:04
rmullalright, cool.09:05
Plazmais it xorgconfig ?09:31
Plazmathat does text base xorg config09:31
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: fetchmail: update to 6.3.2309:41
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jaegerAnyone using mdadm with an imsm (intel bios fakeraid) raid container?11:16
frinnstdoes that work? dont you need dm instead?11:30
jaegernot since mdadm 3.2.2 I think11:33
klrhow often is it good to run a prt-get sysup to not get too far behind updates?11:35
jaegerah, figured it out. have to start the container first, then the array inside it11:36
jaegermdadm -A -s -e imsm; mdadm -I -e imsm /dev/md/imsm011:38
jaegerklr: that's kinda a subjective question, depends on how often you want to do it11:39
horrorStruckklr: check the IRC logs and see what has been comitted then decide if you're interested or not11:40
klrokey, thanks, i think i'll try to run it twice a month :-)11:41
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tilman2not having a system that runs irssi in a screen sucks major balls12:36
tilman2starting irssi every night like a bloody noob ;)12:36
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jaegerhow gauche! :P12:37
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tilman2i had no idea a) gauche was used in english and b) you could use it like you just did12:40
tilman2my ghetto irc setup just made me learn 2 things :D12:41
jaegerIt's not something you'd hear commonly in english, I'm just odd12:43
tilman2might be your teacher parent's fault ;p12:44
jaegerwow, took me a lot less time to find debian 5 packages than I expected :)12:45
tilman2packages of what?12:45
jaegertheir actual distribution packages12:47
jaegerI needed to install a debian 5 VM so I could test a 5 to 6 upgrade without breaking things12:47
jaegerI just thought the debian 5 packages would be hard to find since 5 has been end-of-lifed12:47 to the rescue12:47
tilman2sounds like you meant debian 5 netinst.iso(?)12:48
jaegerthat's what I used, yes12:49
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jaegergod damn, I hate docbook14:55
jaegerwhat the fuck does this even mean? failed to load external entity ""14:55
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tilman2i remember i used to patch the url to docbook.xsl so that i wasn't dependent on sf's website15:00
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jaegerjeez, finally tracked it down... /usr/share/xml/docbook/xsl-stylesheets-1.78.0/html/docbook.xsl tries to include ../VERSION.xsl but it should be ../VERSION15:13
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Plazmahey.. to reconfig xorg to get my mouse working.. is it xorgconfig ?15:53
Plazmai didnt' see it working15:53
rmullPlazma: It should "just work" in most cases. Are you using evdev?15:55
rmullIs it just a regular USB mouse?15:55
Plazmarmull: vmware15:56
Plazmaso whatever it has15:56
Plazmai startx and the mouse just doesn't move :/15:56
jaegerYou need ps2 support in the kernel for vmware's mouse15:56
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DaViruzps2 enabled kernel, how quaint16:06
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Plazmajaeger: hmm.. i sowre it was by default16:28
Plazmai got the damn kernel working, thats a start :D16:29
Plazmaguess it wasn't.. damn16:30
Plazmaoh well16:30
Plazmahmm that didn' twrk..16:43
Plazmanope, lame17:00
Plazmafigure it out later i guess17:00
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