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cruxbot[core.git/2.8]: man-pages: updated to 3.4503:07
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joacimsweet. 2013 will be the year of linux on the desktop.04:27
joacimwell. it'll be the first time for 201304:27
teK_as much as it was last year04:34
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guzzano'CRUX 3.0-rc1 available (Juergen Daubert)' brilliant04:37
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Plazmaanyone use dwm on crux? i can't seem to get it to launch anything08:45
Plazmabut i can get it to quit properly, at least08:45
jaegerNot I08:49
Plazmaahht here08:50
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horrorStruckPlazma: i do09:04
horrorStruckPlazma: what's the issue precisely?09:04
horrorStruckPlazma: do you have dmenu intsalled?09:05
rmullI use it too, but without dmenu09:07
rmullPlazma: How are you trying to launch things?09:08
Plazmai managed to figure it out.. for some reason trying to launch a terminal was set to uxterm and while i had it installed, it was failing09:09
Plazmaso i modified it to a plain xterm, worked fine09:09
Plazmai'm pretty new to dwm so.. not using demnu i don't think09:09
Plazmahaven't figure that out yet :D09:09
Plazmagot gvim installed and htop..etc09:10
Plazmaand some vim colors09:10
horrorStruckdmenu is nice09:10
Plazmaso i'm using the floating mode. is there a way to like alt-tab between the windows? i know in tiled mode you can alt+enter09:10
Plazmaalso it seems the only real benefit to tiled mode is if you have a lot of terminals you need open or the same application09:11
rmullWhat's the benefit of floating mode other than working with clients that disregard window management rules?09:12
horrorStruckuse alt+j/alt+k but most importantly, read the manual09:12
Plazmaahh k09:12
Plazmamust have overlooked that09:12
Plazmarmull: hmm?09:12
rmullYou're using dwm only in float mode?09:12
Plazmaat the moment yes09:12
Plazmait makes the most sense?09:12
rmullAre you using the tagging feature?09:13
Plazmai don't understand the tile mode i guess09:13
rmullTiling arranges all the clients with a specific tag on the screen so that you can see them and get some value out of them09:13
rmullIf there are clients that you don't want to see, you should maybe assign them a different tag09:14
rmullThe whole point is that dwm manages your windows so that you don't have to09:14
rmullI think that by using it in float mode all the time you might as well just use a non-tiling WM like openbox or something09:14
Plazmawhen iw as toying with tiled mode, i coudln't figure out how to open new applications in the tiled mode09:14
Plazmathat aren't the same09:14
Plazmaprobably haven't read enough yet though09:15
rmullNew applications can be opened in three ways. You can assign them a hotkey by modifying config.h, you can launch them from a terminal, or you can launch them from a launching program like dmenu09:15
Plazmaahh maybe thats what i wasn't doing09:15
rmullIt's a very different paradigm than what is "normal" so it might be worthwhile to sit down with the docs and get a feel for how it all is supposed to work09:16
Plazmathats what i'm attempting to do now.. just feeling it out09:16
rmullThe tags are another source of misunderstanding09:20
rmullA lot of people use them like workspaces, but they're a bit more flexible than that09:21
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theadminHi everyone. I'm checking Crux out, but I was wondering about one thing. The "i686-optimized Linux distribution" thing is kind of scary because, well, 32-bit architectures are more or less dying out. Are there any plans to switch the main development to amd64 anytime soon?09:22
jaegerthe next release will be officially 64-bit but there are pure and multilib contributed versions of the current release already09:23
theadminYeah I've seen those, thanks though!09:23
rmullPlazma: This is a worthwhile read on the subject:
jaegertheadmin: has a bit of info09:24
rmulltheadmin: FWIW I've been running pure 64-bit since 2.7 and now 2.8 without issue - I was nervous at first too, but I am no longer.09:24
theadminKinda been trying to find a compromise between Gentoo and FreeBSD, this looks like it09:26
theadminGonna be fun09:26
theadminBah, shame on you, VirtualBox. You haz ArchLinux but not it's parent distro :/09:28
rmulltheadmin: What sorts of features are you looking for? Gentoo and FreeBSD are pretty different09:31
theadminrmull: Well, I'm not even sure myself. I like the ports-like system, but in BSD the ports and packages are completely unrelated things, which kinda annoys me. In Gentoo though, things are overcomplicated thanks to stuff like USE flags etc09:32
theadminHm, "name#version" is an interesting notation for package versions09:33
theadmin(staring at the "setup" script screen)09:33
joacimvirtualbox is in contrib09:34
jaegerdoesn't help if he's not running crux yet. :)09:34
theadminjoacim: That's not what I'm talking about, I mean the "recommended" settings for several distributions are already there in Virtualbox, but Crux isn't in the list09:34
joacimi figured this person wanted it for crux09:34
joacimi see now09:34
joacimas in install it under crux09:35
Plazmarmull: ok thanks.. its making a bit more sense slowly09:35
Plazmahey, flash player was easy to install.. now lets see if i can get sound working09:35
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rmulltheadmin: There are times when I still miss USE flags from gentoo. In Crux I have to be mindful of the order in which I install things, whereas in Gentoo I can just set a USE flag and be done with it.09:39
theadminrmull: Somehow I never quite understood the concept. All Gentoo installs I did ended up having been completely FUBAR-ed because I couldn't get my USE straight09:40
rmullHuh, that's odd. Usually the way I did it was to set USE flags on a per-package basis unless I knew I wanted some functionality system-wide09:41
rmullIt was never really an issue09:41
theadmin...Reading the handbook... Crux uses lilo? That's a bootloader I've never configured...09:42
theadminNo grub on the install media?09:42
rmullFWIW I use grub legacy09:42
rmullsyslinux is another option09:42
rmullThough I don't know if they're included on the install media...09:42
Plazmagrubis legacy?09:43
Plazmai thought lilo was the old one09:43
Plazmaremember dealing with it back in the 90's09:43
Plazmaand haven't touched it since i started toying with crux :D09:43
theadminPlazma: grub-legacy refers to 0.x grub versions09:43
theadminPlazma: grub refers to grub 1.x (or grub2)09:43
theadminok, grub-<TAB> in the chroot showed that grub is included09:44
theadmin-bash: emacs: command not found -- Now this is dissapointing. Gonna have to install that as soon as the kernel finishes compiling...09:45
theadminThough I do admit I have never seen emacs in the default install of any distro09:47
linXeaslackware ? :)09:47
theadminCorrection: any distro I tried09:48
theadminI still haven't got around to actually using slackware properly, only tried distros based on it09:48
rmullln -s /usr/bin/vim /usr/bin/emacs09:49
theadminMeh. I used vim before I tried emacs and liked it, but... Now I realize how utterly ineffective was my use of it. See, I spend most of the time in the insert mode :/ Kind of makes the whole thing pointless. Problem with me, not with vim09:50
Plazmai spend most of my time in veiw mode reading the mistakes of my code09:51
theadminPlazma: What do you code in, C or something?09:51
Plazmavarious things,09:52
Plazmathough also i 'm a netwrok engineer/architect so i config/draft a lot of configs09:52
Plazmaand i try to make sure they're right first09:52
theadminThat's always a good thing, but when you're editing a thousand-line file or something that becomes rather difficult09:52
theadminSo if I'll want to upgrade crux in the future do I upgrade from the ISO, or is there some way to do it with the package management system?09:54
jaegerThe ISO is the supported way, though you can do it without if you really need to. It's more work but doable09:55
theadminI see, meh, "more work" sounds boring09:55
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theadminbwahaha, suddenly warning during KERNEL compilation. I thought the kernel code was perfect, never seen one before (probably cause I never really watch that, though...)09:56
rmullkernel code? perfect?09:57
theadmin...well I just realized how stupid that sounded09:57
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theadminI hope Crux isn't planning to switch to SystemD?10:00
horrorStrucknot going to happen10:02
theadminOne of the reasons I loved Arch was the simple init system, and then they got rid of it and switched to systemd :/10:03
linXeasystemd isnt too bad once you get used to it10:04
horrorStrucki guess it's more a design issue than a usability issue so getting used to it may not be relevant10:09
Plazmasystem vs rc?10:09
Plazmayea.. i was using arch for a long time.. but then they got all fancy on me10:09
Plazmaand pacman kept breaking and requiring constant bleeding edge nonsense10:09
theadminPlazma: Dunno about pacman, worked fine for me, but reading the news before every upgrade is a hard requirement with Arch and they don't even have a CLI frontend for that10:11
theadminStrange people10:11
horrorStruckisn't arch supposed to be bleeding edge? can you blame something for being what it's supposed to be? like gentoo is great but compiling is a PITA (read that a billion times)10:12
Plazmatheadmin: i just don't like to be forced to upgrade everytime they want me to.. with the rolling rleease10:12
theadminhorrorStruck: Arch isn't supposed to be too bleeding edge, it has this "testing" branch which is total bleeding edge though10:12
Plazmaand then if i choose not to for one release, shit starts breaking10:13
Plazmai think mostly my gripe is with pacman, you don't update a key piece of your system like that used to manage every piece of your software10:14
Plazmaso often.. unless it's dire10:14
Plazmai've just had it blow up in my face when iwent to upgrade it10:14
theadminBah this thing, "cannot allocate memory"10:15
theadminLet me give the VM more ram10:15
Plazmai wish i rememberd wtfi had to do in the kernel to get my mouse working10:15
Plazmaoh wait no10:15
Plazmait was in X  ithink10:15
Plazmasomething in my xorg.conf10:15
theadmin...who the hell still has an xorg.conf? Doesn't X autoconfigure most of the time nowadays?10:17
jaegerIt can do a lot automatically but it isn't perfect10:19
Plazmaindeed, in my case and vmware , it was just that10:21
Plazmamouse wasn't working for some reason10:21
Plazmaand it worked10:21
theadminWell I think I did something wrong, I get a kernel panic here :/10:28
Plazmait adds hair to your chest with every panic :D10:28
theadminVFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(8,1)10:29
Plazmai just had that actually10:29
Plazmaneed to make sure you have all filesystems your using in the kernel10:29
Plazmaand certain hard disk controllers10:29
theadminOh duh, I compiled ext4 as a module :/10:30
theadminI'm stupid10:31
Plazmai did that shit for 6 hours the other night10:31
Plazmabut i got it right eventually10:31
theadminI'll do this tomorrow when I can think properly10:31
theadminCause today I obviously can't since I failed to even configure a kernel10:37
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theadminI find it hilarious that CRUX links to the Ubuntu manpage for isohybrid on the download page11:04
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rmullcat on keyboard?12:28
jaegercat cat > /dev/kbd12:31
joacimyou can thank me later12:51
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Plazmawoa wtf13:41
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: llvm: 3.1 -> 3.213:51
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teK_< AlanHungover> My Mom + My Dad - Condom = Greatest Person Ever14:16
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frinnsthorrorStruck: rsync -aqz slock15:09
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: gdb: 7.5 -> 7.5.115:20
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: git: 1.8.0 ->
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: postfix: 2.6.17 -> 2.6.1815:20
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: zsh: 5.0.0 -> 5.0.115:20
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: wireshark: 1.8.3 -> 1.8.415:20
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: bind: 9.9.2 -> 9.9.2-P115:20
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: docutils: 0.9.1 -> 0.1015:20
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: freeciv: 2.3.2 -> 2.3.315:20
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: getmail: 4.35.0 -> 4.36.015:20
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: grml-crypt: 0.24 -> 0.2515:20
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: gob: 2.0.18 -> 2.0.1915:20
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: lighttpd: 1.4.31 -> 1.4.3215:20
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: mercurial: 2.4 -> 2.4.115:20
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: realpath: 1.17 -> 1.1815:20
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: skipfish: 2.09b -> 2.10b15:20
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: syslog-ng: 3.3.5 -> 3.3.715:20
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: sslh: 1.13 -> 1.1415:20
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: tornadoweb: 2.4 -> 2.4.115:20
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: vlc: 2.0.4 -> 2.0.515:20
joacimI used to log out before i left. The problem was that my pc speaker would beep when the input field in gdm was full15:27
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vee_hey jaeger, i have a question for you. how did you manage to stream with your linux box? i found a script that does it automatically, but audio is being a bit of a besh16:47
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jaegerffmpeg has the ability to stream rtmp, that was how17:10
rmullDoes anyone here use llvm?17:26
rmullMore specifically to build crux ports17:27
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niklaswemaybe time for bed now..17:33
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vee_jaeger, the script i have i think uses ffmpeg too, but cant send it to rtmp location18:13
vee_would you happen to have a script of what you used?18:15
vee_blahr, compiled ffmpeg wrong. :/18:37
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horrorStruckvery sorry guys, that was just me on IRC while sleeping :\19:01
frinnstfell asleep at your desk? :D19:02
horrorStrucki just fell asleep with the lapotop on the couch19:02
horrorStruckhomer style19:02
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