IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2012-12-24

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Romsterhi works over for this year \o/00:44
nogagplzget back to work slacker00:54
Romsterwhat work it's done for until 2nd of january00:57
Romsterwell my main job at least i got a new years eve show todo yet00:58
nogagplzis it for angry anderson again01:03
Romsterlol no01:07
Romsterthat guy is well angery <<01:07
nogagplzquit ogling him and he'd be happier01:07
Romsteri only met him once so could you quit the stale remarks about that.01:08
nogagplznah it's too lol01:08
nogagplzespecially since it's him of all people01:08
nogagplzwere you the reason he got angry as a prefix? lol01:08
Romsteri shouldn't of told you01:08
Romsteri went up in the loungeroom and angery anderson and stewwie wood where talking, and he goes "what do you want?" I replied nothing, then they ignored me.01:09
Romstereveryone else i've talked too never was that rude01:10
Romsteroh did i tell you i worked with air bourne?01:10
Romsteri have now.01:10
nogagplzwell I wasn't paying attention01:11
nogagplzwhat were you saying01:11
Romsterbac before they were big of course.01:12
nogagplzo'keeffe makes me think of johnny o'keefe01:12
Romsterxmas day with the family what are you doing nogagplz ?01:15
RomsterPlazma, it's compiled to work on i686 or better hardware wont ruin on less than i686, hence optimised for i68601:17
Romstererr run not ruin01:17
Romsterthat only aplies to the 2.8 release though01:18
nogagplzRomster, staying home doing nothing while family goes visiting01:23
Romstervisiting you or are you invisible?01:35
Romsterperhps yoru keven bacon invisible man01:36
nogagplzno they're going out visiting family01:42
nogagplzI'm staying home for peace and quiet01:42
Romsteroh you've always been the quiet type01:47
nogagplzlol 0-60 in 5 seconds01:51
nogagplznot enough time to escape the libyans01:51
nogagplz lol wtf01:52
Romsterlol marshal fridge01:52
Romsterglow in the dark toilet paper O_O01:57
nogagplzwho needs a walk-in beer cooler lol01:58
Romsterrofl i found the best one for nogagplz
Romsteroh fudge you see it on the main page01:58
RomsterConvert your boring home light switches to these nostalgic arcade style light switches. These arcade light switches are great for game rooms or kids rooms, but look especially great in your parents basement that you still live in at the disturbing age of 31.01:59
nogagplzwhew not 31 yet, so I can save some money01:59
nogagplzalso I'd prefer having it setup so that you need to know how to do hadouken or the lights won't turn on02:00
RomsterHuman Fetus Soap Bar -_-02:03
Romsterjust eww02:03
nogagplzsounds perfect for you02:03
nogagplzwould be good if I could grow a 3rd hand02:29
Amnesiafml, my laptop got nicked ;[02:38
nogagplzreminds me, I picked up a nice laptop today02:39
Amnesianogagplz: which one?02:39
AmnesiaI got myself a thinkpad t53002:39
Amnesia( as replacement)02:39
nogagplzwhat was your old ome02:40
Amnesiathinkpad l51202:40
Amnesiagot to remake all my ports,config etc -.-02:41
Romsterdid it have gps tracking and phone home on it02:46
AmnesiaRomster: nope03:03
Amnesiadoes your laptop:P?03:03
Romsterbut you make me think about doing that03:25
Amnesiaugh, I hate configuration-.-03:28
AmnesiaMy system was like perfect..03:28
Amnesia*note to self, BACKUP MOAR*03:33
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Romsteryou should keep a backup of your config files.04:25
Romsterand wrong channel04:28
Romsterhi Rotwang04:28
niklasweMerry Christmas!!04:46
AmnesiaRomster: I was planning to do that the day after it got nicked04:50
Rotwangniklaswe: merry christmas to you to05:02
Rotwang21.12.2012 has passed05:03
Rotwangstill hear05:03
Rotwangvery dissapointed, would not recommend05:03
niklaswehehe, so what are you ding Rotwang ?05:08
Rotwangnot much much to ding here05:15
Rotwangdamn, my brain isn't back yet05:16
niklaswehaha :)05:16
niklasweI wondering what i can do with my raspberry pi..05:16
Rotwangniklaswe: I have two of them, and no idea what to do with them as well05:17
niklasweRotwang I also has two of them, one of them running xbmc.05:18
RomsterAmnesia, well if you do get it working let me know how a crux wiki article would be even better.05:18
Romsternogagplz, if yoour not busy perhaps you can test crux 3.0-rc1 i'm nearly done fixing problems in compat-3205:19
Romstercan merge in the other 32bit stuff out of emulators as well.05:20
Romsterthe most common parts at least.05:20
nogagplzwhen is 3.0 released05:23
Romsterdon't know but i don't think there is much testing left to be done.05:27
Romsteri'm spending some time on it now it's probably not much different to multilib 2.8 except a few ports notably libpthreads version bump that requires pretty much reverything to be recompiled.05:28
RotwangI've just had some time to upgrade to 2.8! Why 3.0 is coming so fast? :C05:33
Romsterbecause 2.8 is the last offical release of i68605:38
Romster3.0 switches to x86_64 with multilib suppotred toolchain05:38
Romstersee the mailing list05:39
Romsterbeen a storm brewing around here lately Rotwang05:39
Romsterflurry of stuff changing.05:39
Romster3.0 will act as pure 64bit unless yu enable ia32-compat in kernel and optionally enable compat-32 ports.05:40
Romsterwxgtk-32 taken care of.05:42
AmnesiaRomster: get what working?05:48
Romsterphone home geolocation of missing laptop of course. :D05:48
Amnesianah can't be arsed05:49
Romsternogagplz, nuke setuptools and sed Pkgfiles for distribute05:51
Romsterdrop in replacement05:51
niklaswegaah, why cant remeber my ebay password :(05:51
niklasweI always forgot it :( :(05:51
Romsterwxgtk-32 and glew-32 shound't be needed either now05:51
Romsteruse a password database <<05:51
Romsterkeypass or something.05:52
Romsterprovided you don't forget the master password.05:52
AmnesiaRomster: they were all encrypted05:54
niklasweRomster:  yes I forgot to put it in my keychain..05:54
RomsterAmnesia, i was talking about niklaswe's forgotten ebay password05:57
Romsteri honestly wonder why they don't have private/public keys for sites yet.05:57
nogagplzRomster what do you mean, s/setuptools/distribute?05:59
niklasweRomster: that would be nice :)06:00
Romsterdistribute takes over setuptools06:00
Romsterone port in emulators needs s/setuptools/distribute/06:00
Amnesiaah k06:01
Romsternogagplz, what i did ws rm glew-32 wxgtk-32 and sed -i -e ' s/setuptools/distribute/' emulators/*/Pkgfile in my chroot06:01
Romsterand now i'm building stuff.06:01
Romsterniklaswe, very much so and would stop these dictionary attacks afaik.06:02
Romsternogagplz, what i did was rm glew-32 wxgtk-32 setuptools and sed -i -e ' s/setuptools/distribute/' emulators/*/Pkgfile in my chroot06:04
nogagplzactually why don't you commit those changes06:06
Romsterhmm k06:06
nogagplzand I'll see what's broken when I try and update stuff later/tomorrow06:06
Romsterbut it'll probably break on 2.8 though06:06
Romsteras i havne't applied the same changes as i've done to 3.006:07
nogagplzyeah true06:07
nogagplzdo it in a branch then?06:07
Romsteryeah i'll branch it to origin/3.006:07
Romsterjust have to show you how branches work.06:08
Romsteri'm going out to family tomorrow. so it'll be wednesday when i'm back.06:08
Romsteror well late tuesday.06:08
nogagplzok just give me a quick idea of who what when where how why in hvl06:09
niklasweRomster: do you have any idé what I can do with my raspberry pi ? :)06:17
niklaswehmm does someone know if you can connect airfoil to nas ( network audio stream server)06:18
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frinnstfucking xmas06:49
frinnstforced to be social06:50
Rotwangyaaay \:D/06:50
niklaswefrinnst: haha06:50
Amnesiahm, I might get myself a SSD..06:50
niklaswefrinnst: setup webcam so can you be home and celebrate with the from your computer ^^06:52
Amnesiadoes one of you folks have a ssd?06:52
RotwangI have some in fujitsu blade servers06:53
AmnesiaI'm thinking 'bout buying one for my laptop06:53
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jaegerAmnesia: I have several now, definitely worth it07:27
Amnesiahm ok, sweet07:27
jaegerStick with either intel or sandforce 22xx controllers, don't buy anything OCZ, and you'll be fine07:31
Rotwangwhy no ocz?07:34
jaegerThey use cheap materials, lie to their customers, and their support can be very troublesome at times07:37
joacimthis go for their ram modules too?07:51
jaegerI don't know about their RAM, I've not kept up with that side of things07:52
joacimsupport isnt much a trouble in glorious kingdom of norway tho07:52
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Amnesia:/ I was so in love with my vim colorscheme09:33
Amnesiacan't get it to be the same yet:/09:33
frinnstthank god for smartphones allowing escape from reality09:34
Rotwangfrinnst: you don't seem to be a people person09:35
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KaishiI'm trying to get vim working under android. :309:36
Amnesiado you folks have any neat .Xdefault colors + vim schemes?09:36
frinnst90dB peak, no im not a ppl person :)09:49
Amnesiafrinnst: ugh I'm feeling sorry for you09:53
Amnesiachristmas sucks donkeyballs09:53
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guzzano"happy" xmass #crux :)10:19
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frinnstphew, hell is over \o/12:43
frinnstbunch of 3-4year olds fighting and screaming12:44
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Rotwangsanta is between norway and sweden now13:14
Rotwangis there any windows software to download smses from android phone?13:25
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frinnsteach vendor usually has an application for that14:39
frinnstdunno if there is an universal. perhaps the android sdk can do it?14:39
RotwangI've found some propertiary software for that14:44
Rotwangand I could use at codes as well, I guess14:44
prologicMerry Christmas all!14:47
* frinnst just ordered a nexus414:59
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joacimi got to see santa15:21
joacimhe was wearing my boots for some reason15:21
RotwangI think it is back in norway15:21
joacimand had a feminine voice15:21
joacimoh my15:21
joacimstjørdal isnt too far from here15:21
joacim30 minutes by train15:21
Rotwangjoacim: that's for you ^15:31
RotwangI'm reading some comments and I cry15:32
joacimi can support that cause15:33
joacimit is about -3C here right now15:33
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joacimi woudlnt mind an electrical radiator tbh15:42
joacimthe central heating in this building is really unstable15:42
joacimi've got my radioator set to max, but there is barely any heat coming off it15:42
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frinnstthey should do that for sweden too :(16:11
Rotwanghow the hell are africans supposed to gather radiators? They don't have any.16:18
linXeanot too cold here in Sweden at the moment, at least not where I am16:23
linXeawow, some really gross stuff in "related  videos" to that clip.16:28
klrit's raining where im am in swe16:32
linXeaI am just north of Uppsala16:32
linXeaguess I am on the preferable side of the country at the moment. The scottish  blizzard that hit the southwest did seem pretty nasty16:33
klrim in gbg16:38
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