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cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: fetchmail: update to 6.3.2402:34
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RotwangI didn't know that linus can be this angry03:49
Rotwanghe looks like a very calm person03:49
frinnsthaha, what? he's always like that :)03:49
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Rotwangbtw. any ideas how to make my torrent client priority lower in terms of network trafic?04:12
Rotwangis there something like netnice?04:12
Rotwangor tcpnice or whatever04:12
teK_traffic shaping?04:14
RotwangteK_: yeah, so what can I do?04:14
Rotwangnice, thanks04:17
teK_but your torrent client should provide means to limit UL/DL itself04:24
teK_otherwise it's utter crap :p04:24
Rotwangmy client does provide it04:29
Rotwangbut when dl is unlimited it just devours everything and I can't even use wget04:30
frinnstbuffer hell04:42
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Romsterlinus is really mad08:00
joacimoh. thanks08:11
linXeaLOL.. someone took a "bug-dump" in the wrong guy's morning cup of coffe08:12
Plazmalinus is always amad09:13
Plazmahe hates everything he doesn't write09:15
Plazmaso does linus control who is a kernel maintainer?09:17
angry_vincentno he doesn't hate09:18
angry_vincentit just plain truth09:18
angry_vincentsome maintainers should be removed out of tree09:18
angry_vincentKay is the first09:18
PlazmaKay ?09:20
Plazmai guess i just don't get the raw anger and hostility09:21
joacimyou dont know how it is to grow up in finland09:32
frinnstindeed asdf09:35
Plazmano.. i don't.. though if you're willing to educate me i'll listen09:35
frinnstFUCK YOU09:36
joacimit is beyond words09:36
Plazmai always had it in my head finland was a friendly place09:36
joacimcant really blame him after working with people in technical fields for more than 20 years09:49
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frinnsthm, anybody else having issues with the latest mplayer?11:12
frinnstvolume normalization seems broken11:12
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niklaswedoes someone know how i can start vlc on my tv from ssh ?12:13
niklasweso I can watch movie..12:13
ccssnetniklaswe: i cover that topic but for mplayer and xine in this file:
ccssneti suppose i should look up vlc method and add that too12:34
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frinnstwell, its on the internet13:20
frinnstso its obviously cats13:20
niklasweccssnet: I mean I ssh to the computer some are connected to my tv, and then I want mplayer to play the movie on my tv..13:23
ccssnetya give it a try13:24
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Plazmajoacim: eh yea, but most of us have been in the field for as long or longer, and don't have an elitist prick attitude14:05
Plazmawell a lot of us :P14:05
joacimi meet a lot of people who work with customers all day, and even spend time with "customer" support on their free time, but they absolutely hate working with them, they even call their customers idiots.14:06
joacimmakes me wonder why theyre doing what they do14:06
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joacimworking with customers can be hard, but i think that one might have to find something other to do if you go so far as calling them idiots and such14:07
cometei'm trying the new 3.0 RC1 and after the install on a ext4 / i get the same error than the one on this page:  Any idea ?14:09
frinnstyes you are lacking either filesystem, disk-controller or scsi-disk support built-in in your kernel14:22
cometefrinnst: ext4 support is built-in, disk-controller is SATA so i think it's ok14:23
frinnstno, unless you specified it its not14:24
frinnstthe kernel-config from the iso is not meant to boot without an initrd14:24
frinnstwhat kind of hardware are you using? real or virtual=14:25
cometefrinnst: i didn't look at SATA support, i will try to add it. i've already checked ext4 so i'm sure for it's support.14:25
cometefrinnst: real14:25
frinnstalso make sure you add scsi-disk support14:26
frinnstit is also configured as a module in the kernel config from the iso14:26
cometefrinnst: ok thanks for the advice14:26
frinnstnp, we are used to giving out that reply :)14:26
frinnstcommon error14:26
cometei've used CRUX nearly 10 years ago i think and switched to archlinux14:27
frinnstwelcome back :)14:27
klri cant get the swedish aao letters to work14:27
klrin X14:27
cometearchlinux choosed to use systemd, me not... ;)14:27
cometei love bsd init too much14:28
joacimi've run into that problem pretty much every single time that i have installed gentoo or crux from scratch14:28
frinnstklr: setxkbmap or configure it in your xorg.conf14:28
joacimi always forget to enable my filesystem and/or controller as built in14:28
cometefrinnst: thanks ;)14:28
klrim using setxkbmap se14:28
klrshould i use something else to get it work?14:28
frinnst <- what i use in xorg.conf14:29
frinnstim not very faimilar with setxkbmap so im unsure of the syntax14:30
klrkey thanks, eh, what do i have to add to get this C+MET14:30
klrC+M+Backspace to kill X ?14:30
frinnstif you change the xorg.conf you need to restart X, yes14:30
frinnstor just google how to do it with setxkbmap :)14:31
Plazmajoacim: yea.. it sucks working with customers14:32
klri mean how do i setup so CTRL+ALT+Backspace kills the X server, cant seem to find any result ducking(duckduckgo'ing or whatever i should call it ;-P) anyway, brb14:32
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klrfrinnst: it didnt work14:35
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joacimPlazma: i sometimes feel like it sucks working with support :p14:39
joacimmy isp liked to blame me and my equipment for everything14:39
klrhmm, aao(the one with dots above them) works in gtk programs but not my unicode-rxvt terminal14:39
joacimi think the guy who i had issues with quit, as i havent heard his voice in a very long time14:40
joacimklr: your locales might be wrong14:42
cometethanks again guys, i'm going to test your solution now... bye14:43
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klri just did "localedef -i en_US -f UTF-8 en_US.UTF-814:43
klrso i dont understand the problem14:43
klrdo i have to reboot to get the new locale working=14:44
frinnstalso export the locale (in /etc/profile or .bash_profile)14:45
frinnstI use export LANG=en_US.utf814:45
klrwill try14:46
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cometeok crux 3.0rc1 installed and running17:33
cometenow a stupid question: is there any binarie packages repository somewhere ?17:35
cometeports are nice but not for libreoffice for example17:35
joacimi dont know any official ones17:38
joacimexcept for the cd17:38
cometetoo bad17:40
cometeso crux works like gentoo on this point, only ports...17:41
cometestrange because there is a tool to manage them: pkg-get17:44
cometejoacim: a tool to manage binary packages17:46
joacimi guess nobody wants to maintain binary packages17:54
joacimtho it would be nice for the biggest packages like openoffice, firefox, chrome, webkit.17:54
cometefor sure17:56
Romsterccssnet, ifconfig is bad to use you should update your doc to use ip
joacimi think i would still compile my own stuff17:59
cometejoacim: why ?17:59
joacimif i could get binary packages. it only takes an hour to compile webkit on my desktop17:59
joacimi tend to install or upgrade packages in the background while i'm doing something else, so i don't really care that it takes a long time.18:00
joacimmy average sysup only takes a couple of minutes anyways18:00
joacimthe only long ones are when a new webkit pops up18:01
Romsterand ccache does speed up additional recompiles18:06
Romsteri did upload some built ports in the past but i haven't automated that yet18:07
Romstercalling customers idiots that would be me18:07
Romstermost of them do really stupid things.18:08
joacimi have called people on irc idiots before. when i've tried to help them18:08
Romsterlike not making backups18:08
joacimthats just anger i think, so i'm ok with it18:08
Romstermore like frustration trying to fix something with very little tools.18:09
joacimi hate trying to fix something while at the same time having to take care of all the data they havent made backups of18:09
Romsterbecause they failed to make backups i have to resort to ddrescue and other tools a lot. and they wonder why it takes ages to recover data off defective drives18:09
joacimsometimes the easiest fix is a plain old reinstall18:10
Romsteryeah i have done that in the worst cases18:10
Romstersecond worst is a partial recovery with ddrescue and other tools to read NTFS. grab what files i can out of Documents and settings or Users then reformat install copy what files i recovered back on, job done.18:11
Romsteri'm gonna take some hollidays off after the xmas/new years break. i've not had many, and i got far too many saved up18:12
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joacimdont make it easy that people often save outside of C:/Users18:12
joacimseen a lot of people just saving straight to C: or a second partition18:13
Romsterthere is that too, and accounting software often saves in Program Files or Program Data18:13
joacimi remember my highschool had their students save to some network drive mounted on z: or somthing18:13
Romstersecond partiton is fine... but to C:\ is silly18:14
Romsteryeah and i bet that Z: mapped drive would be backed up for them too.18:14
joacimthis was back when there were still kids who had memories of using MS-DOS18:14
Romsteri'm one of them, used to do the folder name with a null alt+255 char and hide some files in that.... that was always fun.... but you cna't have spaces in file/folder names. O_O18:15
joacimmy 12-13 year old cousins mind was blown when he saw me open up a terminal on my mac18:15
Romstermost of the commands i know in linux don't work on a mac sadly.18:16
joacimi dont know. theyre mostly the tools you'd find on a bsd-based system18:17
joacimand some gnu-based bits and pieces18:17
joacimnew software is installed with something like macports, fink, or homebrew18:18
joacimi think there is a fourth package manager that you can install, but i dont remember the name of that one18:18
joacimi generally dont do anything advanced with my terminal. i mostly use it to ssh to my desktop18:25
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ccssnetRomster: interesting. ill look into it19:03
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: deluge: fix moving storage and setting download location23:19
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