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Romsterhas anyone done direct cd printing with gimp glabels or other?03:47
Romsterso far looking at some gump plugin todo the layout and arc of text stuff.03:48
Romster seems to be the only thing03:55
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Romsterpoking around for direct cd label printing and i find this
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niklasweany perl guru here?04:33
Romsterjust state the question and someone will help if they can04:34
Romsterelse ask in perl or #linuxhelp04:34
niklasweIt´s a simple things.. I want to stat the file, and if the file is older then 5 minutes it will print out that.04:34
niklasweI have start with this..
Romster about as close as i can get as a starting point04:40
Romsteri'm no perl guru04:40
Romsterwhy is this so difficult. to figure out direct printing to cd.04:50
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jaegerRomster: I've only used lightscribe08:08
Romsterto burn the label side.08:11
Romsteri've never used that don't think this drive supports that.08:11
Romsteri've given up atm it's ore effort than a windows program to do the printing to disc08:12
Romsterbut i'd like to figure a easy way to do it in future08:12
jaegertried gimplabels?08:14
Romsterhmm not yet...08:15
Romsteroh this might be the go, i took one look at glabels and went eek at the dependencies.08:17
jaegerI assumed you had since you asked about it08:18
Romsterthen i thought gimp surely can do this but the script-fu looked like 2009 when it was last touched and no one left any reviews.08:18
Romster2007 on this too though it'ls probably stable and wont change that much08:19
Romsteri really had a fight with cups until jue showed me how he had it setup. now i'm taking it a step further.08:20
Romsterof course no one else has packaged gimplabels :D08:20
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joacimrmull: would you kindly update your beets port? =)08:26
Romsteri'll give this a try tomorrow jaeger thanks for that. this looks promising.08:26
jaegernp. never used it myself but google turned it up08:29
Romsterall i really need is a template to do the size for me so i can work in that area.08:31
Romsterif this don't work i can keep searching.08:31
jaeger"gimp cd label template" was actually the search I used08:33
Romsteri see08:45
Romsteri did not use the template keyword.08:45
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klrchocolate :-(14:39
guzzanoHi, some package for upload music in ipod?14:43
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rmulljoacim: I can update the beets port tomorrow, please remind me if I forget19:41
joacimit is a very useful piece of software19:42
rmullI haven't actually tried it yet, but I've been meaning to :P19:43
joacimi no longer incorporate something in my collection without putting it through beets first19:44
joacimit's found a lot of faulty tags and filenames19:45
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joacimwell i'm not that picky, but i try to send keep my rather small collection tidy19:56
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Romsterhmm epdfview can't load ps files -_- do i need evince or is there somehting else that's already ported?22:39
Romsteroh there is ps2pdf22:40
Romsterfound it22:55
Romstergs -sDEVICE=x11 /tmp/test.ps22:55
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