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Romsternext sisue figuring out where i set the default in cpus interface lpq: Error - no default destination available.00:17
Romsterlpstat -a00:19
RomsterCanon_MP640_series accepting requests since Mon 17 Dec 2012 00:11:04 EST00:19
* Romster scratches my head perplexed00:20
nogagplzdid you try turning the power off, unplugging it then plugging it back in, then starting the computer back up00:23
Romsterthats been done since the cups install and why would that make any difference00:23
Romsteroh is there a  lpr group00:24
nogagplzsweet jesus if you're going to be so hostile to anybody who tries to help you then you've got big troubles00:24
Romsterthough i can print fine in firefox just not with this gtkcdlabel though lpr00:25
Romsterme being hostile... no i'm just hardened to your humor.00:26
nogagplzthat's what he said00:26
Romsteri must be missing a defaul action or something00:27
Romsterbah this is annoying me to no end.00:31
nogagplzhmm today feels like a saturday00:33
Romsterbecause i'm here?00:39
Romsterah got it set default printer -_- but my noscript was blocking the operation00:46
Romstergod damn it now it wants A4 and not print to the cd directly grrr00:51
nogagplznah in general00:52
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Romsterchanged the set default options ot cd tray and 5" cd size think it'll work.... no the 640 says processing then cancelling01:07
Romsteri've had enough i'm breaking out the windows notebook01:07
pshevtsovHello, what do you guys use for reading html mail in mutt?01:12
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Romstersorry using thunderbird here01:13
fireglowpshevtsov: "text/html; elinks -dump -force-html %s; needsterminal; copiousoutput;" in ~/.mailcap01:43
frinnstor just pipe it to elinks01:45
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pshevtsovfireglow, frinnst Thanks, I'll try. I've tried lynx, w3m, html2text and vilistextum before and wasn't satisfied with the results.01:56
pshevtsovWow, elinks is awesome! Thank you!02:02
Romsteri tend to use lynx02:11
Romsteroh you tried lynx02:12
Romsterhi fireglow not seen you around here.02:12
pshevtsovRomster: I had problems with lynx with different charsets, IIRC.02:14
fireglowHi Romster, thank you for noticing, that is correct :)02:14
fireglowI'm currently casing linux distributions02:14
Romsterwell crux is very versitile and there is 3 flavours 32bit 64bit and multilib02:14
Romsterin testin phase for crux 3.0 but a bunch of us are running 2.8 multilib and 64bit pure too02:15
Romsteri'm biased towards crux but if your after something close to linux from scratch your at it now.02:17
fireglowooh, ok, thank you for that roundup02:31
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frinnstI rarely need to read html emails in mutt, fortunately. but when i do i just open the html attachment and | it to elinks or whatever i have installed03:42
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cruxbot[core.git/2.8]: gawk: update to 4.0.205:37
cruxbot[core.git/2.8]: gettext: update to 0.18.205:37
cruxbot[core.git/2.8]: iptables: update to 1.4.1705:37
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: ruby-doc: update to 1.9.3-p36205:40
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: ruby: update to 1.9.3-p36205:40
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cruxbot[xorg.git/2.8]: xorg-xf86-video-intel: update to 2.20.1706:40
frinnstasdf, ship my damn nexus 4, inwarehouse.se06:46
frinnstholidays suck06:46
teK_I had a greattime at my  loving parents' house meeting my brother, sister, aunt, grandparents etc. :>06:47
frinnstI went deaf and almost had a nervous breakdown :(06:48
Romsterhah i like my rest time but i can't get my stuff i need...06:48
frinnst1-5 is such a lovely age..........06:48
Romsterso it's 50% suck and 50% procrastinating06:49
frinnstheh, yeah06:49
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teK_frinnst: <306:51
frinnst bullies getting their asses kicked :)07:10
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: libtorrent-rasterbar: 0.16.5 -> 0.16.608:42
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linkmauve1Hi, the ftgl package fails to build, one has to add LDFLAGS="$LDFLAGS -lGL -lGLU -lm" to the make command at line 22.09:44
linkmauve1An alternative solution, the one adopted by ArchLinux’s maintainer, is to disable the build of the demo directory.09:45
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juelinkmauve1: please add a ticket to our bug-tracker10:00
linkmauve1Ok, I was not sure if it was an upstream bug or not.10:04
klrcrux on arm?10:08
linkmauve1No, on i686.10:09
linkmauve1jue, it’s in contrib, should I still add the ticket there? I don’t see contrib in the Category field.10:11
jueyou can select it at the top, left from the red "Switch" button10:13
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klri run crux on arm6410:20
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: freetype: updated to 2.4.1111:01
linkmauve1The Jabber notifications of the bug tracker are pretty cool. :)11:04
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: rxvt-unicode: updated to 9.1611:26
frinnst- INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: renamed urlLauncher resource to url-launcher.11:29
frinnstshould have added that to the commit msg..11:29
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rmulljoacim: I've updated the beets port, feel free to update and let me know if there are issues15:10
joacimsetuptools isnt available anymore.15:14
rmullhm okay thanks15:14
rmullSorry about that. I don't test in a chroot15:16
joacimi changed the dependency to "distribute", it built fine with that (except for some footprint mismatches)15:19
joacimbut for some reason, the software wouldnt work the first time i built it15:19
joacim <- i got this error when i tried to run beets15:20
joacimi built it once more, and this time i got another footprint mismatch, even tho i had already update the footprint the last time i built it15:20
joacimnow it works fine15:20
rmullVery strange (and suboptimal). I'm glad it works, but let me see if I can set up a clean testing environment to figure it out.15:22
joacimI don't do any chroot testing either. cant be bothered :]15:22 <- brilliant15:38
frinnststupid firefox hiding http stuff15:38
joacimseems to be a trend these days15:40
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Amnesiadoes one of you folks perhaps know whether there's some kernel option that gives you the choice to append the version behing the kernel image filename or not?16:02
Amnesiavmlinuz vs vmlinuz-3.7.116:02
Amnesiacan't find any similar option..16:02
jaegernot to the file it creates, I believe, but you can just rename it16:02
Amnesiayeah I know16:03
Amnesiait'd be tidier if the make script could do it, but meh..16:03
ccssnetAmnesia: what?16:07
AmnesiaI need the output file to be called vmlinuz only16:08
ccssnetthen rename it16:08
Amnesiaand yes, I know I'm able to renamce it manually:)16:08
Amnesiaah post-install's ugly:P16:08
ccssnetthere is an option though to change the kernel name in config16:08
ccssnetits in general16:09
ccssnetin the top 5 of the page16:09
Amnesialocal version?16:09
ccssnetya that16:09
ccssneti add this to mine: -atccss.net16:09
Amnesiathat's something which is appended16:09
ccssnetbe sure to use a - because it doesnt for you16:09
ccssnetis that not what you asked?16:10
ccssnetreally though... just rename it manually16:11
ccssnetor add a wrapper script that does it for you16:11
Amnesiaguess I'll go for the latter :)16:12
ccssnetmost distrobutions just make a vmlinuz symlink pointing at the full image name16:24
Amnesiahm I forgot how I handled it perviously before my laptop got nicked-.-..16:25
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Romsterlinkmauve1, i don't think sepen is maintianing blender or ftgl anymore on account of flyspray comments.19:26
Romsterrmull, joacim you should do either a chroot or a clean VM for testing builds... it's not much effort.19:28
joacimi know. it just isnt a priority for me19:31
Romster chroot making my style.19:32
Romsterand i got romster/pkg-clean that's very handy19:32
Romsternot perfect yet though need to clean up the commands in that paste19:32
Romsteri turn on prt-get logging to.19:33
rmullRomster: I'm playing with safe-crux at the moment19:45
Romsteror that19:49
rmullHave you tried it? Is your approach better in your opinion?19:50
rmullSeems like similar techniques19:50
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jaegerrmull: I use a VM and snapshots for that but it's really your choice, all options work well21:22
Romsteropenvz is another option that prologic has images for.21:29
Romsteri'd like to try those out when i have more free time21:29
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rmulljoacim: I've re-tested beets in a chroot using safe-crux and I don't seem to have an issue when running 'beet stats' for the first time21:55
rmullI changed the Pkgfile to fix the dependency too21:55
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linkmauve1Romster, I’ve upgraded blender to 2.65a, it’s still compiling, and if it works I’ll include it to my overlay.22:11
Romsterregister it on ports database and if you like later on submit to contrib for inclusion then you can maintain it in there.23:18
Romsteri was thinking of picking it up but i don't really use it and i got a ton of ports already23:18
Romsteror if you don't have any hosting email me a dsa key and i'll get you listed. with git23:28

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