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joacimrmull: very strange. i cant see why i had to compile beets twice to get it working, or why the footprint the second time was different from the first attempt.05:03
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klrgegl fails to install13:06
Rotwangjust ignore teh footprint13:12
klrhm, how do i do that?13:13
niklaswecan someone suggest a hostname to me :D13:24
klrsimply "crux" ?13:26
Rotwangwe have recently named our servers with sushi ingredients13:28
jaegerI use sci-fi spacecraft names at home, greek mythology at work13:32
Rotwanggood idea13:34
RotwangI think next time I'll use notable romans13:34
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frinnsti use futurama characters :)13:59
rmullI use greek letters, so boring14:02
frinnstasdf wrong window14:03
Rotwangor if you are completely unimaginative you could do something like: server01 server02 server03 ...14:05
Rotwangjust like people at my workplace14:05
klrhow do i add a httpup repo?14:06
rmullklr: Do you have the httpup file?14:07
Rotwangklr: I think there is mail address you should write to on portdb14:07
klrrmull: yes14:07
rmullklr: Drop the httpup file into /etc/ports and add an appropriate line to /etc/prt-get.conf14:08
rmullYou're just trying to sync someone elses repo and install ports from it, right?14:08
klris this the line to add? prtdir /usr/ports/bdfy.httpup14:12
frinnstdoubt it will be called bdfy.httpup14:13
frinnsttry /usr/ports/bdfy14:13
klrokey, will it automatically do something with the .httpup file, i tried to run "httpup sync bdfy.httpup" but didnt work?14:14
frinnstput the httpup file in /etc/ports14:14
frinnstdo ports -u14:14
klrokey thanks14:14
rmullklr: The httpup file will enable you to do ports -u bdfy14:14
klrbut i dont have bdfy, i only have the httpup?14:15
klr$ ls /usr/ports/14:15
klrREPO  bdfy.httpup  contrib  core  core-x86_64  opt  opt-x86_64xorg14:15
klrsupposed to be like that?14:16
klraa okey, sry14:16
rmullklr: /etc/ports are for configuring your ports and /usr/ports are where all the ports actually get stored14:16
klrokey, thanks for all help, it works now14:16
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frinnst *** Could not find autoconf 2.13.  Stop. asdf14:26
klrto remove a repo, do i just do "rm -r /etc/ports/repo.httpup /usr/ports/repo" and remove the line in prt-get.conf ?14:27
teK_mind the fact that software installed (exclusively) by this repo will not get updated anymore14:34
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prologicAny of you folks know a way to populate metadata/tags of music files on disk?17:15
jaegerHaven't done it in linux, though I've done it with foobar3000 in windows17:45
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prologicI would need a CLI tool of some kind :)17:58
prologicheadless mythtv box contains our music archive17:58
prologica lot of it is in m4a so I'm trying to convert them to .ogg or .mp3 without loosing metadata17:58
prologicproving more difficult than it should be17:58
prologicThere's this great thing called Python Audio Tools18:21
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prologictrack2track -t ogg -q 10 *.m4a19:08
prologicand it preserves metadata19:08
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Romsterwelp, 2 UPS's held up during a blackout while i was out.22:10
Romsterthe other time the power blacked out for a second and returned my pc rebooted...22:10
Romsterinstead of the UPS staying on battery for like 20 seconds it returned to mains where it dropped a second time.22:11
Romsterwonder if i can find a mod to fix that issue.22:11
Romsterprologic, can't ffmpeg preserve metadata?22:16
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