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prologicRomster, no it can't00:36
prologicffmpeg is a POS :)00:37
prologicno really it is00:37
prologicPython Audio Tools works like a charm00:37
Romster:( sd to hear you say that i use ffmpeg extensively00:40
Romsteryou obviously don't do any video encoding.00:41
prologicoh I'm sure it's fine for video stuff01:00
prologicbut for a simple task like convert audio files from one format to another whilst preserving metadata - nope01:00
prologicuse Python Audio Tools and it's track2track tool01:00
prologicffmpeg just doesn't cut it01:00
prologictrack2track -t ogg -q 10 *.m4a01:00
prologicI wrote this bash script to help with the job01:01
prologicworks perfectly :)01:02
prologichas completed 1000 conversions so far, 4000 to go01:02
prologicgood one!01:05
prologicyou guys see this?01:12
nogagplzpol is just a hack around wine making it easy to get extra hacks that hack wine in such a way as to let it run stuff easily yet hackily01:14
nogagplzdid I mention the hacks01:14
prologicright :)01:16
prologicso better of just downloading iTunes and running the installer through wine?01:16
nogagplzuse what works for you01:24
prologicso far iTunes under wine isn't working so well01:24
prologicbut maybe my wine is a bit old01:24
nogagplzif it's to sync with stuff then you're sol with wine, it has no usb support, dunno anything else about itunes in it otherwise01:26
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prologicI just want to access the iTunes Music Store01:40
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prologicand download some music :)01:40
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Romsternogagplz, that is so quote worthy02:53
Romsteritunes... why do you need that?02:53
Romsterdon't you have a mac?02:54
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prologicI do have a MacBook Air  - yes06:14
prologicbut it's nice to be able to run iTunes on Linux06:14
prologicand btw06:14
prologicplayonlinux works rather nicely ihmo06:14
klrwhy would you like to run itunes in the first place? isent itunes the godfather of drm?06:22
prologicno it isn't06:23
prologicthat's a fallacy06:23
prologicor at least they changed it06:23
prologicthey provided you downloadable .m4a audio files06:23
prologicDRM free06:23
klrokey, so then you dont need itunes?06:24
klri bought some music from it some years ago, can i download them now?06:24
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Romsternope thay say be sure to backup any purchased music.07:09
prologicyeah I wouldn't trust that they'd honour your purchase from many years ago07:11
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pedjaHow is xorg handling monitor change these days?Is monitor section in xorg.cong still needed?10:01
Rotwangpedja: I have no xorg.conf at all10:19
pedjaRotwang: it will set it autoamgically?10:20
pedjacool :)10:21
Rotwangpedja: I don't know how it will handle it if you have xorg.conf available with monitor section though10:21
Rotwangit is probably best to remove that section10:22
pedjaI'll comment out it.10:22
Rotwanganyway others might have some more insight on this issue10:22
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pedjaRotwang: btw, libreoffice is at 3.6.4 now, you might want to update your port in contrib64.10:23
pedjaI used it few days ago10:23
Rotwangok thanks10:24
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joacimi just have a file in xorg.conf.d/ to set my keyboard layout10:33
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pedjayay, new tech in the house.11:13
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: Revert "alsa-lib: use url again"12:20
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Plazmaoh dear, my dwm setup is now all horiztonally stacked16:40
Plazmaahh it appears i hit modkey+i16:50
klroh god, no i clicked mod+i ... how do i get  back? :P16:59
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Rotwangkill it with fire!17:09
Plazmai fixed it.. modkey+d17:18
Plazmahooray for being smart17:18
cruxbot[core.git/2.8]: automake: updated to 1.1317:33
joacimi think you might need to reformat17:33
joacimand an antivirus scan17:33
frinnsthooray for not using a tiling wm :)17:33
joacimif you use a mac, you might need to repair disk permissions17:33
teK_someone running steam on crux present? I have an error running it and want to check if it's multilib-related17:59
teK_+hi folks..17:59
frinnstdunno if jaeger ever got it working18:02
Plazmajoacim: are you trolling or something?18:02
Plazmafrinnst: what do you use?18:02
frinnstPlazma: norwegian humor :)18:02
Plazmaclearly i'm not norweigen18:02
teK_which reminds me of neither vegetarian nor vegan D:18:04
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Plazmaso isn't slackware also suppoed to be a KISS and simple distribution? i haven't used it since 7.0 .. i think i tried it again when it was 11 and it was kinda bloated18:05
joacimPlazma: this was merely a joke. a troll is intended to rile up emotion and cause sick in the channel.18:07
joacimmy three messages was nothing more than a plain old bad joke.18:08
Plazmajoacim: ohh ok .. sorry , and sorry if it appeared i was accusing.. wasn't trying to18:08
Plazmai just am not the best at picking up humor..18:09
joacimi've seen whole channels ban all of norway due to some people's humor =)18:09
Plazmai know the Finns have a pretty shitty sense of humor, too18:10
joacimthis thing about disk permissions is pretty common on some mac forums. there will always someone who tells you to repair your disk permissions, no matter what the problem is.18:11
Plazmai'm a os x and mac fan but, i know their stupidity and fanboism18:12
joacimfanboys can ruin things sometimes :/18:18
joacimseen enough crazy amiga people that i'm afraid of getting one18:18
joacimtho i've seen enough crazy mac people or pc gamer people too18:19
Plazmaamigas are great too18:24
joacimi find that the amiga community is so small that i'll run into the same nutter no matter which forum i escape to =)18:25
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joacimi would like an amiga tho18:25
joacimeven one of the more modern incarnations like amigaos 4.1 or morphos18:26
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Plazmaaros is aroun18:28
Plazmabut no clue how much progress18:28
Plazmasame with haiku (beos) but18:28
Plazmait's got a good following i think18:28
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joacimcant be too hard on them. i used to be a nutter just like them =)18:32
joacimi remember i really loved my PS2, and would recommend gnu/linux to everyone18:32
Plazmai'm a best tool for the job type of guy18:36
Plazmaif all you do is basic office stuff and need windows.. use it18:36
joacimthe best tool for the job, as long as it is a mac!18:36
joacimi use a bit of everything at home18:40
joacimgot a macbook for school work 6-7 years ago, and i find that i still like using it18:41
joacimi also use gnu/linux and windows18:41
Plazmai also use a white macbook i got for free18:41
Plazmaand a mac mini that was the first or 2nd intel gen.. c2d18:42
Plazmaand my work laptop is windows 7 with a crux vm18:42
Plazmaand rhel vm and freebsd vm18:42
Plazmaand netbsd vm18:42
joacimi used ms-dos with virtualbox for a while, but it started saving stuff in all the wrong places, and i couldnt be bothered to fix it18:48
joacimsystem generated files should be kept in their own directory tree, not where i keep my own documents and files18:49
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Romsterdid anyone get crux on a raspberry pi?22:18
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jaegerRomster: yeah, a few of us I think22:38
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