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Romsterany documented how it's done i have a friend with one jaeger02:21
Romsterhe tried to get debian on it with no luck.02:21
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niklaswehow are you guys?04:04
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Romstergetting close to the end of 2012 and to the start of 2013 is this going to be a bad year for the superstitious :D04:33
Romster13 is considered a unlucky number04:34
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joacimmost of asia survived 2004, so i think we'll be ok04:37
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Romsterto me it's just a number to some though a entire year of bad luck04:38
teK_2013 is the first year with four different digits since 1987 :305:10
Romsteroh it is too05:24
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Rotwangteamcity "proffesional" licence allows for only 20 build configurations06:59
Rotwangdamn it06:59
RotwangI wanted to switch from jenkins06:59
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: filezilla: 3.5.3 ->
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: iw: 3.7 -> 3.807:17
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Rotwangwho told me that LO 3.6.x works?08:00
jaegerRomster: if he wants debian there are premade images on the raspberry pi site that he just needs to put on an SD card08:19
klrlinus torvalds birthday08:21
RotwangRomster: does wxgtk builds on crux64?08:22
RotwangI'm asking because I had some problems08:22
Rotwangso I don't know if there is something broken on my side or not08:22
nogagplzwxgtk does build on x6408:24
Rotwangnogagplz: contrib/wxgtk?08:25
nogagplzthe one and only (to my knowledge)08:26
Romsterit built for me just fine Rotwang08:33
Romsteri can retest.08:33
RotwangRomster:  no need08:34
RotwangI'm wondering why it failed for me, though08:34
Romsterwxgtk or wxgtk-32? checked your not missing any dependencies? what error?08:38
Rotwangconfigure was looking for dsos everywhere except /usr/lib08:39
Romster=======> Building '/var/ports/packages/wxgtk#' succeeded.08:39
Romsterwas this a upgrade from x86? did you rebuild everything that wxgtk depends on?08:40
frinnstrotwang is a real (64-bit user) man!08:41
frinnstbut probably some old dep that needs a rebuild. got more output of the error?08:41
nogagplzquick, lets persecute him08:41
Rotwangfrinnst: no [;08:43
RotwangI had to browse through raw configure code to find what was the problem08:44
Rotwangnow my eyes hurt08:44
Romsterjust rebuild everything again.08:44
Rotwangit is weird, because this stuff seemed to be hardcoded, I might have missed something though08:46
Rotwanganyway I'll look closer into it probably later08:46
Romsteris this on 3.0 or 2.8 crux?08:48
Romsteri've only checked 3.008:48
frinnstnot much difference between 2.8 64bit and 3.008:53
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: parrot: 4.6 -> 4.1009:03
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: nqp: 2012.11.1 -> 2012.1209:03
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: rakudo: 2012.11 -> 2012.1209:03
RomsterRotwang, what exactly are you using?09:21
RotwangI'm using crux09:22
Romstermultilib 2.8? puere 64bit 2.8 or i686 2.8?09:22
Rotwangpure 64 2.809:22
RotwangI'm pure playa09:22
Romsterand your trying ot use wxgtk that works fine so you don't need wxgtk-32 then09:22
RotwangRomster: don't worry about that, it must be an issue at my side09:22
Romsterok i shoulnd't need to touch anything.09:22
RotwangRomster: yeah, i dont09:22
Romsteri foudn a problem with glew-32 and wxgtk-32 being in multilib-contrib that's never been exported09:23
Romsterit's too close to 3.0 like jaeger said to bother fixing that now.09:23
Rotwangwhen 3.0 is going to see the day light?09:24
Romsterit's at rc2 now.09:24
Romsterand i still haven't bumped my stuff in contrib to 64bit yet in there... and i practicly have no time to do anything until new years day... after the dj-ing09:25
Romsteryeah i'm doing a new years deejay event.09:27
Romsterbeen preparing music etc for it.09:28
nogagplzall the metal heads that turn up suddenly have to deal with doris day09:29
klrmetal! \m/09:30
Romsterdafuk nogagplz geez man... nothing but some crap top 40 picks and then i got some mashups and classic electro house, trance.09:30
Romsteri got metal but that's not for this night.09:30
Romsteryeah i got some drum and base too.09:31
Romsterand a little dubstep09:31
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Rotwangok, I'm coming09:31
Romsterlong way09:31
nogagplzlol throw in tim finn to see who is awake09:33
RomsterRotwang, to top it off i got 4 bins of double 18" and 2 top bins iwth twin 15" and horns09:33
Romstersame rig we use for bands09:34
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Chris___Hello, does anyone here use Luakit for browsing the web?09:39
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Chris___The thing is that I can't get it to compile. I've attached the output of make in a paste. Maybe you have a solution if you've installed it yourself09:41
Romsternope not used that is it webkit based?09:42
Romsteryeah it is09:42
Chris___Yeah, it's pretty good. I've used it on some other systems and it just works!09:44
Chris___It's like the weight and simplicity of, say uzbl, but with the ability to render all pages!09:45
Romstermidori works09:45
Chris___Yeah I have midori installed, I just wondered that maybe some of you used luakit. You know, maybe there was an undocumented dependency or something09:45
joacimi've used it09:46
joacimbut that was more than 6 months ago09:46
Romsteri think the affected lines need struct prefixed09:46
Romsterhmm no it's incomplete it does not know how large to make the struct09:48
Romster#define MAX_SIZE 100009:48
Romsteror some number09:48
Romsterthe issue is this code probably worked on an older gcc just fine but gcc 4.7.x is more strict now.09:49
Romsterlook in there bug tracker or git/svn etc they probably have a patch for it by now.09:49
Chris___Actually, I haven't looked there (don't know why). I'll just try that09:50
Romsteri'm about to go to bed, if you paste the Pkgfile for it i'll take a look in the morning.09:50
Chris___There is none, unfortunately09:51
Chris___Thanks for your help!09:51
Romsterdidn't you make one?09:51
Chris___No, I thought I'd just do it the "dirty" way :)09:51
Romstertsk tsk your call but it's not much effort to knock a Pkgfile up09:52
frinnstRomster: play this:
joacimi think my old isp (nextgentel) used some pan flute music09:56
Romsterman that music would put everyone to sleep09:56
joacimmy current one is so small the dont even need a hold tune09:56
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Romstergood lord frinnst i should use this at work on there hold line09:59
Romsterok zzz time later10:01
Chris___Sleep well!10:01
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: parrot: fixed source url10:17
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Rotwangany ideas why ccache may not work?11:17
RotwangIf I use symlinks from /usr/lib/ccache, everything seems to be ok11:18
Rotwangbut nothing goes to cache11:18
Rotwangbut the symlinks point to ccache!11:18
Rotwangno ccache environmental variables are set11:21
Rotwangit only seems to work if I use ccache explicitly11:21
Rotwangccache g++11:21
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