IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2013-01-02

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jaegerthanks for mentioning it20:46
prologicyou want a better bot? :P20:46
jaegerI've already got one started, just haven't had time to finish it yet20:46
prologicwritten in?20:47
prologicand what else?20:49
prologiclibraries, frameworks?20:49
jaegernothing else20:49
jaegerIt's very simple20:49
prologicno wonder you haven't finished it yet :)20:49
prologicuse this as your basis :)20:49
jaegerPart of the point of it was a learning exercise so I'll pass, but thanks20:49
prologicwell I could still write a better logger bot20:49
prologicthat just did that20:49
prologicand didn't go away :)20:49
jaegerFeel free to take it over, then. All it does is log, doesn't have any other important functions20:49
jaegerIt's supybot currently, which hasn't seen development in years20:49
prologic*nods* familiar with it20:50
prologicwell … quite happy to do this20:50
prologicwon't take long at all (maybe a day or two)20:50
prologicwhere should we store the logs for viewing?20:50
prologicon your box?20:50
prologicprobably also want to run it there too20:50
jaegerI'd rather you run it/host if you're going to create the bot20:51
prologicI sort of have some rather selfish reasons to do this too20:51
prologicI also need a good irc logger :)20:51
prologicquite happy to20:51
prologichowever my selection of domains kind of sucks a bit20:51
prologicit would end up being something like20:51
jaegerWell, it isn't like is crux-specific20:51
prologicthis is true :)20:51
jaegerwe could also probably do a redirect on's webserver or something20:52
nthwyattjaeger: np20:52
prologicjaeger:  I could just write it such that the logs are published as html to a git repo20:52
prologicjaeger:  which could pull from and sync20:53
jaegerthat seems needlessly complicated for irc logs, to me20:53
prologicI suppose could just rsync it :)20:56
prologicor redirect20:56
prologicwhatever :)20:56
prologicI'll write the damn bot!20:56
jaegerheh, ok20:56
prologicshould be really easy actually20:56
prologicI just need to write files in the format that irclog2html ( understands20:56
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prologicjaeger:  all done21:54
prologicwell sort of21:54
jaegersimple enough22:00
prologicDon't you just love circuits :P22:05
prologictwo components and three functions22:05
prologicOnly thing I have to do now (I'll do at home) is add an output directory option (-o/--output) and make sure it logs in the format irclog2html wants22:05
prologicRun this on a box somewhere as a daemon22:05
prologicand run irclog2html in a cron job22:05
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jaegersounds good22:08
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prologicthere we go22:11
prologiclogging should be in a reasonable format now22:11
prologicstill have to test irclog2html out later on22:11
prologicand actually run it up somewhere more permanent22:12
prologicit will only log a single channel though (for now)22:12
prologicis this ok?22:12
jaegerwill need to log 2 eventually if it's going to replace clb22:14
prologicyeah that's not a problem22:17
prologicjust have to improve the output and logging a little22:17
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