IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2013-01-03

prologicjaeger:  ping00:17
prologichow's this?00:17
prologicjust a sec I'll get it to join here00:17
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prologica little tweaking with irclog2html00:23
prologicbut should be able to finish this tonight00:24
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diversenogagplz: sorry for the wait, I was tired01:38
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nogagplzuh oh jpcsp, that's a hell of an emulator to wrestle with01:49
nogagplzit also needs xuggler for audio afaik01:49
diversebut I think most of the hard work is already done right?01:50
diversexuggler already comes prepackage too01:51
diversexuggler would go in the /opt/jpcsp/lib directory, so it should work.01:53
nogagplzok I'll take a look now sans xuggler and see what comes out of it01:54
diversethanks man01:58
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diversenogagplz: how is it so far?03:02
diversenogagplz: looking good, the screen looks off though.03:06
nogagplzvbox opengl support is pretty terrible, it will probably be less crap in the real world03:06
diversegood point03:07
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nogagplzok there's a jpcsp in the emulators repo now03:45
nogagplzgive that a try and let me know if it works for you too03:45
nogagplzalso, how necessary is jogl to it, it didn't seem to miss it all that much tbh03:46
diversenogagplz: i based it off of Arch's PKGBUILD, so it seemed like it was required, but maybe not anymore with lwjgl03:47
nogagplzguess we'll find out sooner or later03:48
diversenogagplz: thank you for adding it to emulators repo :)03:48
nogagplzno worries03:49
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prologicquiet in here tonight05:52
nogagplzway to ruin that05:52
prologicyou're welcome!05:52
prologicupdating every 5min05:52
nogagplzhmm I think crux already had logs online though05:53
prologicsomeone mentioned they wanted a better bot :)05:53
prologicone that didn't go away05:53
prologicafaik supybot is a bit unmaintained these days05:53
prologicI wrote this bit today actually05:54
nogagplzah nice05:55
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diversenogagplz: some noise is always good once in a while06:57
diversedamn, is down, i cant get mesa3d...07:08
prologicSo does anyone object? :)07:14
diverselooks nice07:15
prologicthat's not the nice part :)07:15
prologicthat's just irclog2html from pypi07:15
prologicit's the bot behind it that's nice :)07:15
diverseits very quick :P07:15
* prologic points to irclogger_07:15
nogagplzwell then whoever whipped up irclog2html deserves a medal07:15
prologic if anyone's interested in the source07:16
frinnstbah, no mass storage support in nexus407:41
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prologicdiverse, I'm glad you say it's fast :)07:46
diversei noticed it updated faster07:46
prologic*/5 cron job07:47
prologicI'm thinking about writing another simple daemon that updates it in real time though07:48
prologicand watches the files for change07:48
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jaegerthe version I was working on generates new HTML when the page is visited, only if changes are necessary08:17
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