IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2013-01-04

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prologicHow are we finding the new IRC Logger BOt? :)00:44
nogagplzwhat logger bot00:50
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diverseisnt it typical you need root permission to install packages, what is that guy thinking?01:38
frinnstdunno, possible a temporary brainfart i think :)01:39
diverseI suppose everyone has those days01:48
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prologictypically yes02:20
prologicunless your root fs isn't owned bty root :)02:21
diversehmm, what a good way to fool hackers, make the root fs use your account. :P02:34
diverseand give the root account no privileges02:38
Amnesiasecurity by obscurity suclks02:42
diverseAmnesia: but its fun! :)02:46
Amnesiais it?02:49
diversewell if you have time to waste.02:50
Amnesiawish I had02:52
niklaswegood morning03:25
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frinnstniklaswe: sovmorgon? :)05:35
joacimgood mornign06:11
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klrccssnet: how's it going with your project(s)?07:11
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ccssnetklr: eh side tracked like usual07:45
ccssnetfor example right now im heading to post office to ship 2 ebay sales07:45
ccssnetbut im building a new pc also07:46
ccssnetpm for details07:46
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frinnstoh god, why does windows update on a fresh 2008r2 server take ~2hrs?08:23
nogagplzit's playing hot potato with your livelihood and you want it to rush?! :P08:31
diversewhy ask such a rhetorical question?08:41
klrtime to play xonotic cup :-)08:56
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diversedid anyone get libdvdcss to compile?09:06
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Rotwanghow do you call electric razor?12:24
Rotwangcan't find on a google translate12:24
Rotwangok, found it12:25
Rotwangso, any good recomendations on electric shaver?12:25
klri have Melissa Men's Shaver, it's for the nose :-)12:27
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RotwangI need one for the beard12:29
sw0rmthe package chromium not work
rmullklr: You shave your nose?12:29
klrrmull: nope12:32
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jaegersw0rm: email the chromium maintainer or enter a ticket at the bug tracker12:38
pitillosw0rm: seems there is a missing dependencie. You can fill a bug to notice the maintainer12:38
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vee_hey guys12:45
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niklaswefrinnst: semester :D15:03
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Romsterdiverse, making root not root would probably break stuff.15:52
Romsteri haven't got to texlive or libdvdcss yet.15:52
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frinnststupid nexus4, Y U NO DO MASS STORAGE?16:17
frinnstmtp sucks16:17
joacimwant my old Nokia N7816:32
joacimit has support for mass storage16:32
joacimi think16:32
frinnstmost do. my broken galaxy s2 supports it fine16:33
frinnsthm. simple-mmtpfs seems to work ok16:34
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diverseRomster: libdvdcss is giving me an error about removing a deprecated macro called "AM_CONFIG_HEADER" to be replaced with "AC_CONFIG_HEADERS" in the file, otherwise it won't compile.19:31
diversequite strange19:35
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jaegerI'll just leave this here:
nogagplzI'll raise you a:
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juediverse: that's caused by our new automake 1.13, try if a 'sed -i 's/^AM_CONFIG_HEADER/AC_CONFIG_HEADERS/'' above the autoreconf call helps00:13
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: fetchmail: fix build with automake 1.1300:26
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: libtirpc: fix build with automake 1.1300:26
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: mc: update to 4.8.700:26
cruxbot[core.git/2.8]: bash: update to 4.2.4200:30
cruxbot[core.git/2.8]: file: update to 5.1200:30
diversejue: thank you, that did the trick01:49
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diversenow liba52 is having problems with not keeping up with libtool 2.4.2 macro definitions. I give up on trying to compile terminology...02:11
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diverseWell its not Linux if you can't piece it your way09:37
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.8]: xorg-libxcomposite: update to 0.4.410:00
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.8]: xorg-libxdamage: update to 1.1.410:00
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.8]: xorg-libxtrap: update to 1.0.110:00
pitillodiverse: liba52 "patch"?
pitilloRomster: ^ if you can take a look too10:21
diversepitillo: thanks man, that helped.11:00
diverseid3lib also needs the AC_CONFIG_HEADERS switch11:09
pitilloyes diverse, some more need to be touched11:11
diverseits good that you guys are on top of everything :)11:16
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teK_hi there12:29
teK_anyone else had trouble with thunar/pcmanfm image-thumbnails despite tumbler being installed?12:30
Rotwangnever used tumbler12:42
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teK_it's a .so ;)12:43
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nthwyattNeither nor will give current logs15:16
nthwyattromster: thanks for release 2 of texlive, it's working nicely, please close FS #877.15:18
nthwyattthank you both15:58
teK_if we had a catchall DNS-entry I'd redirect to irclogs.shortc...15:59
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Romsterdiverse, like i said earlier i haven't done libdvdcss i am aware of that now, i've been out working. i'll get it done shortly.23:05
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Romsterfrinnst, why close it i can do that i'm not quite done with texlive and i was out working.23:08
Romstergreat this automake has broken a ton of stuff. need to check everything again.23:08
nogagplzyou don't have to explain yourself to anybody but me23:08
nogagplzwhy haven't you gotten me my drink yet23:08
Romsterwhat drink?23:09
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: libdvdcss: fix for AM_CONFIG_HEADER23:40
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: ghostscript: fix for automake 1.1300:43
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: liba52: fix for automake 1.13.x thank you jue01:20
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diverseRomster: thanks, I appreciate the help01:58
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diversenogagplz: he forgets drinks too?02:17
nogagplzyeah, much to everybody elses chagrin02:18
diversethats a shame02:19
diversenogagplz: that automake really knows how to break a lot of stuff02:26
nogagplzit can be a bit of a prick yes02:26
diversenogagplz: its been like that for a while i suppose?02:28
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nogagplzI don't really know actually, been fortunate enough to avoid autotools crap for a little while now02:34
diversenogagplz: you install certain packages that don't rely on it?02:37
nogagplzbased entirely on luck of course02:38
nogagplzdon't make me flex it's too hot02:40
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diversenogagplz: don't overheat your cpu now02:40
nogagplz50 isn't too bad02:41
diversenogagplz: so which ports do you use?02:46
nogagplznot all that many really I bitched out and am taking a break in archville02:46
nogagplzjust keep the emu stuff working more or less02:47
niklaswegood morning02:48
diverseniklaswe: morning02:48
diversenogagplz: why use arch?02:49
nogagplzbecause I'm incredibly lazy02:49
nogagplz2007-2012 was a good enough run with crux for now imo02:49
niklaswediverse: how are you ?02:50
diversenogagplz: you and I are the exact opposites.02:50
diverseniklaswe: good, how about you?02:50
nogagplzhow long have you been on crux02:51
diversenogagplz: just this last month or two.02:51
nogagplzgive it time you might go either way02:51
diversebeen with around for about 5 years before that.02:51
diverse*with Arch02:51
niklaswelearning my girls friends daughter using nexus7 (she painting)..02:52
diverseniklaswe: you mean, teaching your girlfriend's daughter using a painting application on nexus7?02:53
nogagplzlol I never used to give arch the time of day, then one day I got curious and here we are02:54
nogagplzat least abs and aur make it easy to build stuff how you want it built02:54
nogagplzlike crux in a sense02:54
niklaswediverse: yupp :) sorry for my bad english :)02:54
diverseThe reason I ditched Arch was because of its terrible community and politics. Learning about the systemd takeover of the distro made me realize it was never really the "users" distro, more of the "developers" deciding whats best for you ala the "Red Hat mentality." Unless you are willing to work hard fighting against the inevitable tide or just don't care what they do, its perfectly fine. But I can't ignore the fact that they disregard their own phil03:09
diverseosophy to suit the tastes of the masses, not the power uses. I find it the more I use Arch, the more I want to customize my install further, removing unwanted dependencies and features in my builds. Thats my story.03:09
diverseniklaswe: no need to apologize, the world is not English afterall. Its takes practice.03:12
nogagplzeasy to ignore the community and politics03:18
diversenogagplz: then its perfect03:19
nogagplzsysvinit hasn't entirely disappeared yet either afaik, and when it does get the heave ho it's a good bet that somebody who disagrees will keep it going in the aur03:19
diverseits not only the sysvinit change that bothers me, I lost trust in the arch devs completely. I have seen what they have done to the distro bit by bit. The Arch 2 years ago was entirely different beast.03:29
diverseSince you are new to it, its not a big deal. Plus you are lazy, so it doesn't matter.03:32
diverseYeah, I am pretty picky.03:36
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diverseRomster: you might already know this, but all you need to do for the id3lib is do the AC_CONFIG_HEADERS change in both $SRC/$name-$version/{,zlib/} and it works.04:11
diversethis one I had fun wrestling with04:14
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: ncdu: 1.8 -> 1.905:06
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: Pkgfile05:27
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: medit: 1.1.0 -> 1.1.105:34
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: Merge branch '2.8' of crux:/home/crux/scm/ports/contrib into 2.805:34
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frinnstRomster: sorry, just trying to be helpful :)05:54
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deus_exteK_: I have a patch if you want to build contrib/vlc with lua-5.212:43
deus_exbtw, how do you persuade vlc to use vdpau?12:44
deus_exor gpu acc12:44
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teK_I did not look into getting vlc+vdpau to play together tbh12:50
teK_wrt lua.. it's disabled because, iirc, vlc won't build without the switch + no lua12:50
teK_yet I'm not 100% sure about this12:51
deus_exyes, i tried building it against current lua-5.2, build failed.So, i found the patch , and now it builds fine :)12:54
deus_exi can send it to you, if you want to check it out12:55
teK_looking at it wont hurt12:59
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deus_exteK_: sent13:04
deus_exno vdpau for vlc directly, it seems , only thru vaapi13:15
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Romsterfrinnst, np not fussed over that13:59
Romsterthanks for that diverse now i must get to work13:59
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vee_hi everyone14:13
fireglowhi, vee_14:13
vee_fireglow...are you new here?14:14
fireglowvee_: yes indeed! Thank you for noticing :)14:16
vee_oh, its a pleasure having you. enjoying crux?14:16
fireglowI am currently checking out some Linux distributions14:17
fireglowI have not yet installed it14:17
vee_this is blashemy! haha14:17
fireglowmay I ask you if you're running the 32 or the 64 version of crux?14:17
vee_i was running the 64 multilib version of crux. had to switch over to gentoo for the time being because of bumblebee issues14:18
vee_there is a multilib version which will give you the ability to have a 64 bit os, but be able to run 32 bit applications. suggest you give that a try :)14:18
fireglowsounds good14:19
vee_familiar with compiling kernels?14:20
fireglowfairly, but haven't done Linux in a while14:21
vee_ah. im sure youll be fine.  im sure you'll be surprised how snappy crux is...14:23
vee_i tried to get crux as lightweight as possible once. i think it was running on 16 mb of ram which was somewhat funny14:24
fireglowmaybe I could put this _old_ laptop with 32 MB RAM to use, then ;)14:24
vee_you could...would not suggest you compile on that thing though. xD14:26
vee_i tried to compile on an atom once. i have no patience so...14:26
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vee_give it a try lol14:31
fireglowwell, actually, I think I don't have it any more :S14:32
fireglowwhen can you come back to crux, vee_?14:37
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otwieraczWhat can be the reason that my keyboard is not working in installer?14:41
otwieracz(PS2 keyboard connected through PS2->USB adaptor)14:41
frinnstsounds strange14:55
vee_fireglow: when ever i can get bumblebee and virtualgl functioning on crux. damn nvidia card and its battery15:11
fireglowhm hm15:15
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frinnstdo you really need bumblebee? isnt there a intel gpu too?15:17
vee_fireglow: trust me, if someone here was bored and decided to do it, i'd switch over in a heart beat. im not very adept at the whole pkgfile thing15:17
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frinnsthum, my gpu just crapped out15:21
frinnstsecond time this week15:21
frinnstseems it mostly recovered but textured video is still fucked. guess a reboot will fix it :(15:23
frinnstsilly early kernel rc's15:30
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: ccache: 3.1.8 -> 3.1.917:51
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diverseMan, why does e17's terminology require so many video/audio dependencies?20:57
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Romsterfireglow, i'f sugest using crux 3.0-rc2 that is the new multilib one23:14
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vee_so guys...anyone want to randomly start playign minecraft?23:31
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fireglowRomster: thank you02:05
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frinnstfluxbox 1.3.3 seems a bit buggy02:56
frinnstsf ID: 359007802:57
Romsterdiverse, you still on e17 compile?02:58
frinnstreverting back to 1.3.203:01
Romsterhmm i wasn't even aware terminology uses xine-lib03:17
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: id3lib: fix for automake 1.13.x thank you diverse04:07
diverseRomster: I got basic e17 stuff to compile. However I can't finish compiling its terminal program "terminology" because of the mass dependencies from ffmpeg and other media libs.04:15
Romstermost of which i maintain.04:17
Romsterlooking though some stuff now.04:17
diverseYou are a great help, thanks. :)04:17
Romsterthings did work until some ports got bumped so i'm trying to fix what i can in my spare time. thanks.04:19
Romsteris not a easy task either04:20
diverseI agree, it takes time figuring out the difficult ones.04:20
Romsterstill i hope once the bugs are ironed out again, after autohell changes, you'll like this distro.04:22
Romsteri think xine0-lib will compile now after ports -u contrib and applying sed -i -e 's/^AM_CONFIG_HEADER/AC_CONFIG_HEADERS/' to faac until jaeger fixes that one.04:25
frinnststill fallout in contrib?04:32
frinnstpushing 1.13 was silly of me04:32
nogagplzyou should be pushed04:32
frinnstflogged perhaps04:33
frinnstand tar & feathered04:33
nogagplzI'll get the bullwhip04:33
Romsteri have not had alot of time to test everything yet.04:34
Romstercrap would have to be fixed eventually anyways frinnst04:34
Romsterwhen i bump stuff i try to test dependent ports for breakage.04:34
Romsterand assess if it's a no go or go04:35
diverseRomster: I am loving this distro. I can't judge the quality of a distro based on a program's decision to screw up everything else. I understand that there will be bumps here and there for any reason.04:37
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Romsterdiverse, yeah xine-lib works again04:52
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: wine: 1.5.20 -> 1.5.2105:12
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pitilloany tip about ports putting stuff in /usr/libexec? What should be the right location of these files?06:20
jaegerpitillo: should be /usr/lib/$name in most cases06:21
Romsteror that06:21
pitillothank you very much06:21
diverseRomster: xine-lib is still failing, I am getting a Footprint mismatch from usr/lib/xin/plugins/2.2/xineplug_inp_v41.so06:54
nogagplzis it missing or new06:56
nogagplzmight not be important or removed in that version without the footprint being updated, make it go with -uf and see if it works or not06:58
diversenogagplz: seems to be fine, now I am getting to the emotion port.07:05
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diverse...and it fails with two mismatches of new07:06
nogagplznew is less worrying than missing07:06
nogagplzthere's even an option in /etc/prt-get.conf afaik that you can set it ignore new entries in the footprint and complete successfully07:06
diverseI will think about that.07:07
diverseNow I am on to Elementary, yay! \o/07:07
nogagplzall down hill from here07:09
diverseI know, I am so close, I can taste e17's new sexy terminal.07:10
diverseI am not joking about the sexy either.07:11
nogagplznever really given much attention to e1707:12
pitilloyoung yet , but bit by bit diverse07:12
diversepitillo: still, its impressive for such a young project, it means they have more improvements in mind.07:13
pitillosure they have, atm I haven't hit backbuffer or lag problems on 686 and 64b07:14
pitillobut they are more focused in efls and last stable release07:14
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spaceninjahi, just updated wpa_suppplicant, but I get errors like ioctl[SIOCSIWMODE]: Operation not supported. I had some errors with rfkill, so I added "RF switch subsystem" in the kernel, and now they're gone. But I can't find what's missing in the kernel for the ioctl errors, any ideas?07:41
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horrorStruckspaceninja: how do you start wpa_supplicant?07:56
spaceninjahorrorStruck: /usr/sbin/wpa_supplicant -B -Dwext -ieth1 -c/etc/wpa.conf08:07
horrorStruckspaceninja: try replacing -Dwext with -Dnl8021108:08
spaceninjahorrorStruck: it's working, thanks!08:20
joacimmosh is pretty awesome looking08:21
horrorStruckspaceninja: np08:21
frinnsthaha goddamn i love little britain08:49
diversepitillo: why did you remove the e17 modules from your ports?08:54
*** spaceninja has quit IRC08:58
pitillodiverse: I've removed all svn/development stuff from current e17 repo08:59
pitilloare you using only modules or the entire -svn versions?09:00
diverseI am using the regular release. I asked, because it appeared to me that you removed the e modules along with the svn/development stuff.09:03
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: qpdf: update to 4.0.009:05
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: cifs-utils: update to 5.909:05
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: cups-filters: update to 1.0.2909:05
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: dar: update to 2.4.909:05
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: dovecot: update to 2.1.1309:05
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: fcron: update to 3.1.109:05
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pitilloI haven't built any of them since long time ago (when they started releasing efl and firsts e17's snapshots I put more attention on these ones than the -svn versions). Now that there are stables releases from lot of things, I think it would be better to focus on these ones. I let the important part (building with basics) and removed all that "less maintained/tested" ports09:05
pitilloI asked to make a bit more accessible this wm to others keeping the releases and cutting down things that can confuse and don't follow CRUX ports guidelines09:07
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cruxbot[xorg.git/2.8]: xorg-xf86-video-nouveau: update to 1.0.609:19
diversenss Y U NO download from Mozilla?09:46
*** lasso has joined #crux09:52
*** Amnesia has joined #crux10:18
diversecolor me impressed, there are so fewer processes running on crux compared to the typical Arch install10:25
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: faac: fixed build with automake 1.13.x10:37
*** Rotwang has joined #crux11:44
Rotwangwhich one is correct:12:11
Rotwangfoo extended by  bar12:11
Rotwangfoo extended with bar12:11
rmullwhat's the context?12:13
Rotwangfoo is a12:14
Rotwangfoo is an array12:14
Rotwangstupid keyboard12:14
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Rotwangin recent month I had a short phone talk with a google recruiter12:17
Rotwanghe said: "I like your experience with crux"12:18
teK_Who did he find you?12:18
Rotwangand I was like: "What about my professional experience"?12:18
RotwangteK_: who or how?12:19
teK_how. sorry12:19
RotwangteK_: he found my collegue via linkedin12:19
Rotwangand I got his email from my collegue12:20
RotwangteK_: he is recruiting, I'll give you his email if you want12:20
Rotwangalthought probably nothing fancy, they are looking for fresh from university people12:20
teK_I'm persuing a master's degree at present (almost 2 years to go) :)12:21
teK_although Google seems to be hiring ganetti programmers for munich which sounds quite interesting12:22
teK_I'll get back to you in 201412:22
Rotwanghe said that available locations are in london dublin and zurich12:22
teK_willing to relocate?12:24
RotwangI sure am12:24
teK_so I hope you will succeed :)12:26
Rotwangso the conclusion is: linkedin is quite cool12:26
teK_a friend of mine was contacted because of his github repos12:26
RotwangteK_: I just changed my employeer, so basically I'm not looking for anything new right now, I treat my upcoming google interview as a curiosity12:27
teK_so they invited you already?12:27
Rotwangphone interview12:28
Rotwangthe first one was with hr person, although he asked a few technical questions12:28
teK_what's the job title?12:29
Rotwangno idea ;D12:29
teK_and sorry for me being so nosy :O)12:29
Rotwangyou're not [:12:30
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Romsterdiverse, yeah the missing files in xine-lib is fine on 64bit just some drivers that only work in 32bit.13:48
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jaegerit looks like contains those that it should not14:07
jaegerwrong channel, oops14:13
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: lsof: 4.86 -> 4.8714:57
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rmulljue: Hi - just wanted to let you know that I am using rlwrap and mupdf from your ports repo, and thanks.18:45
*** dkoby has joined #crux18:55
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diversespeaking of mupdf, does ports have zathura?22:44
diverseok, it does.22:44
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Amnesia22:06    jaeger@ : it looks like contains those that it should not00:08
Amnesiawhat root CA's are you talking about?00:08
Amnesiawere *:P00:08
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frinnstnice. one of our old backup customers burned to the ground last night01:08
frinnst(we didnt do it btw)01:08
juermull: yeah, both are nice utils01:15
niklaswe:( stupid nagios..01:19
*** mike_k has joined #crux01:25
AmnesiaTURKTRUST ><?01:39
Romstermore like antitrust01:40
Romsterno wait that was even dumber01:40
AmnesiaPKI SUCKS01:47
Amnesiasee #177 @ btw01:53
Amnesiashould be fine01:53
*** vaddi has quit IRC01:55
*** vaddi has joined #crux01:57
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frinnstAmnesia: its already fixed :)01:59
frinnstjue ftw!01:59
Amnesiaah ok02:00
*** vaddi has joined #crux02:00
Amnesiado you folks know how firefox pushes their db?02:22
Amnesiais it only updated at firefox updates?02:22
frinnstnss updates03:06
frinnst(ours is still "vulnerable")03:07
frinnstshitty nss maintainer03:07
frinnstthe updated nss doesnt build proberly. I've not had time to look at it. patches are welcome, or it will have to wait to the weekend probably03:10
frinnsthum, seems like it works now.. wtf did I do before?03:19
Amnesiafrinnst: wut?03:23
frinnsti thought i was perfectly clear in my ramblings :D03:24
Amnesialibnss is part of firefox, so I guess it should keep itself up to date..?03:25
juefrinnst: 3.14.1 builds fine on 2.8/i686, only diff are 3 new files in /usr/include/nss03:25
frinnstyeah but our current firefox wont build against it03:26
frinnstthat will have to wait for firefox 32412 or whatever :)03:26
Amnesiahm, I don't build firefox03:26
frinnst(next version)03:26
frinnstshould be enough for opt/nss03:26
frinnstand md5sum03:27
jueok, trying that03:28
*** Sleepy_Coder has quit IRC03:31
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juefrinnst: that works as well for me03:33
Amnesiahelping asian people through the phone is so fucking impossible03:33

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