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Amnesiano offence towards them obviously03:42
frinnsthelping anyone over the phone is impossible03:57
fireglowI utterly hate it03:59
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Amnesiafrinnst: ack04:14
AmnesiaI really need to get myself a new job:/04:15
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Amnesiafrinnst: so libnss updates the database regulary?04:37
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diversefrinnst: helping others on irc, does.05:47
diverseAmnesia: get a job helping others on irc!05:48
diversereading text is a whole lot different than speaking, so if others with barely any English, could at least read it to their sense, the information can be passed much easier than compared to phone.05:51
joacimi tried to help my brother over the phone once06:09
joacimi found that it is faster to walk over to his place and look at it myself06:10
frinnstoops, forgot to eat lunch today06:12
diversejoacim: yeah practically it best to help in person.06:12
joacimwould be nice if ms sent me a guy from india instead of making me talk to these people for hours over the phone06:14
teK_I'm glad that this is only a little racist ;)06:19
diverseteK_: its not racist, its true that people over seas such as from India and Philippines, can't give the proper tech support to English speakers because they are not trained thoroughly enough and their accents make it even more difficult to decipher what they are saying!06:22
diverseWhich is why I advocate tech support online through text only where practical.06:22
joacimi dont know. their accents arent terrible, it is just that you have to explain your problem over the phone06:31
joacimfollowed by 30 minutes of citing digits06:31
joacimi think it might be harder for them to understand my norwegian accent than it is for me to understand their indian accent =)06:32
diversebut that is the great thing about text! I can read it in my own accent!06:33
joacimand india is a big country, i dont everyone sounds like the guy from the simpsons06:33
frinnstprobably nobody from india sounds like apu :)06:33
diversethey each have their own unique accent :P06:34
diversejoacim: you mean they way you read my text?06:35
diverseSee what I am talking about?06:35
diverseText messaging support ftw06:35
joacimu nd hlp xoxoxo06:36
diverseyou need help?06:37
joacimdo people write properly now that they have these smartphones like androids and iphones?06:37
diversesmartphones help.06:37
joacimmy brother still writes text messages in his bastard dialect-based norwegian06:38
diverseand yes, I do occasionally make misspellings here and there because of typing too fast and not re-reading my sentences.06:38
joaciminstead of using one of the two proper and accepted forms of written norwegian06:38
jaegerPeople hate it when I send them text messages because I type everything out properly. Makes them huge06:39
jaegerAlso because if someone sends me a text in that broken-ass shit txtspk I ignore it06:40
teK_laughing out loudly06:40
diverserolling on floor laughing06:40
jaegerNo, I mean things like "please" instead of "plz". I don't say or type "lol" or the like in general conversation. :P06:40
diversethe degenerated internet "one word" words?06:41
jaegerOr one letter instead of three, etc.06:41
jaeger"you" vs. "u"06:42
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jaegerOne of my previous coworkers sent me 5 or 6 text messages over the course of a day a few years back, I ignored them all... He called me later, all mad about me ignoring them, and I told him I was waiting for enough letters to come through for them to make sense.06:43
jaegerThat didn't go over well.06:43
diverseI see what you are saying. Having stuff written usually has to be formalized, especially in a professional setting. Usually people text with shortcut phrases and that might is seen as not proper communication.06:46
jaegerI just find it lazy, honestly. It's aggravating06:47
diverseWell there is the tendency to be lazy.06:47
jaegerI don't have to like it. :D06:47
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diverseI suppose its best to go the extra distance to get that "in person" suppose.06:49
joacimi think it is easier to write proper norwegian/english, even on an old phone keyboard06:50
diverseThere is the option that a smartphone user can even speak to the microphone and have it write out the proper words without having the user to type.06:53
diversenot always perfect though :P06:56
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diverseWhile Crux 3.0-rc2 is out, is there going to be an rc3?07:00
diversejaeger: ^07:16
jaegerdiverse: there will be as many RCs as needed :)07:22
Amnesiadiverse: :-)07:22
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: nss: updated ckbi to 1.9307:43
horrorStruckSleepy_Coder: llvm07:59
Sleepy_Codero i c07:59
horrorStruckalso, prt-get fsearch08:01
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teK_jaeger: be happy that you won't have to type in real lower-/upper-case like us germans ;)09:03
jaegerteK_: What do you mean?09:05
teK_if you type correctly in SMS / email messages in german you have to use uppercase for Nouns no matter where they appeared in the sentence09:06
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jaegerI rarely type them in german but yeah, that's not too hard on my phone :)09:07
joacimi didnt know german was like that, even tho i had german two hours a week ever since fourth grade09:09
teK_Und, magst du Schnitzel?09:10
joacimi would eat a schnitzel09:10
joacimdont know what you said, but i would eat one.09:10
joacimi stopped paying attention after elementary school, and i havent had german in school since i finished highschool ten years ago09:11
teK_I don't understand much latin either09:11
joacimreally old people are fluent in german for some reason09:12
jaegerThere's a german restaurant near my office that makes very good Jaegerschitzel, actually09:12
joacimbut most of my peers have forgotten everything.09:12
jaegerYeah, same for me, haven't used my german in years. I've forgotten most of it. :/09:13
teK_so stay alert jaeger :>09:13
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frinnstwell joacim, old people had a *VERY* good reason to speak german09:40
frinnsti think it was called "survival"09:40
teK_survival camps as a holiday activity?09:41
frinnsti was thinking of the german norwegian vacation in the 30's and 40's :D09:42
joacimi dont know. i'm told none of that really happened09:44
joacimthat it was all just a conspiracy09:44
teK_I've been to a concentration camp once. Fucking real for a conspiracy09:45
joacimnever been to one myself. there is supposed to be one not too far from here09:45
joacimold german prisoner camp of some sort09:46
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AmnesiateK_: heh09:58
AmnesiaI've been to ausschwitz last year09:58
Amnesiahad quite a laugh with my gf^^09:59
teK_I almost don't dare asking but what's there to laugh at10:06
teK_I guess as much as in the jpg you just posted..10:07
AmnesiateK_: well, mocking stuff:)10:10
Amnesiagot a speed ticket 5 km from it, so had to laugh the pain away^^10:10
AmnesiateK_: like 90% was walking with a long face..10:16
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frinnstwow, the disks in my crappy backupbox sounds like they need a lubejob10:40
frinnstlot of smart ecc noise and a couple of bad sectors10:41
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vee_hi all10:42
rmullhi vee_10:45
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joacimi got one of those ominous ticking noises from my computer a few years back.10:49
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joacimfound out after a few months that it was only a wire that was rubbing against my fan10:50
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niklasweany guru on nfs here..?11:30
rmullniklaswe: I use nfs but I am not a guru, what's up11:31
niklaswermull: I trying to stream movies over internet with nfs.. but got horribly lag..11:33
niklaswemy internet connection is (home at me 100 Mbit/s)  (my girlfriend 200 Mbit/s)11:34
niklasweIt works great home in my lan..11:38
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rmullYour connection to your ISP is 100Mbit at home? that's impressive11:45
rmullI suggest gauging your throughput first with a tool called iperf11:45
rmullYou run a server on one machine and a client on another and it will tell you how fast it can send data between them11:45
rmullIf it shows a very fast speed, then the problem is maybe with NFS and not your network11:46
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jaegereven if your connection is 100mbit you can bet it isn't all the way from point a to point b, unless you're on the same ISP11:49
niklaswermull: yupp 100Mbit at home.11:51
niklaswermull: soon I can order 1GB from my ISP.11:51
niklaswermull: I will try the tool iperf11:52
niklaswe[  5] local port 51852 connected with port 500111:59
niklaswe[ ID] Interval       Transfer     Bandwidth11:59
niklaswe[  5]  0.0-10.1 sec  13.5 MBytes  11.2 Mbits/sec11:59
rmull11.2Mbits should still be enough to stream a movie12:03
rmullIs this an HD movie?12:03
niklaswermull: yes12:04
rmullDo you know what its bitrate is?12:04
niklasweyes 4520 kbps12:05
rmullThats kilobits and not kilobytes, right?12:07
rmullIf so, it would seem like the network should be able to stream it12:07
niklaswein the nfo-file VIDEO.BITRATE..: 4520 kbps12:08
niklasweI i guess it kilobits..12:08
rmullYep, I think so12:08
rmullHow fast are you able to cp a file over NFS?12:09
niklasweI will cehck12:09
rmullYou can use the 'pv' tool to find out the rate12:09
niklaswethe client is mac so  I dont have 'pv' tool12:10
joacimyou can install it with homebrew12:12
rmullmaybe OSX already shows the transfer rate in a dialog box or something12:12
joacimdont know if theyre available through fink or macports12:12
niklaswejoacim: I have homebrew installed12:13
rmullYou should be able to check from teh server if you want to12:13
joacimactivity monitor shows disk and network activity12:13
vee_what movie are you streaming?12:15
vee_or wanting to stream12:15
rmullHave you confirmed that the client is able to play the file back smoothly when it is stored local to the client?12:16
niklaswermull: I using pv file.mkv > /local_disk/12:17
niklasweand the status bar from pv say 286kB/s :(12:18
rmullI guess /etc/exports and your mount options should be checked12:19
niklaswermull: my /etc/exports looks like this..12:20
rmullHow does the CPU look on both machines when copying? Plenty of CPU to spare, or is it maxed out12:22
rmullI guess I don't really have any specific suggestions. There are some guides online for optimizing nfs so I guess they should be checked12:24
rmullNFS over WAN is a little tricky because you don't really know what the third party networking stuff is up to12:24
niklaswermull: the are almost on idle12:27
RotwangWe're sorry.  This item can't be shipped to your selected destination.12:27
Rotwangamazon is crap12:28
Rotwanganyone from china?12:28
joacimalways such a hassle to find the one seller who is willing to ship from england to norway12:32
joacimamazon should at least say if their sellers will ship to norway before i place my order12:33
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RotwangI'm in great need to eat some white rabbit sweets12:36
Rotwang(21:35:57) You have been kicked by gebjgd: (Rotwang)12:38
Rotwangok chinese people just kicked me out from their chinese channel12:38
Rotwangfor not speaking chinese12:39
Rotwangbut they appologized first, so that's cool12:39
frinnstheh, they allow irc in china?12:45
frinnstcant that be used for subversive stuff?12:45
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otwieraczIs it hard to install crux from chroot?13:27
otwieraczeg. like gentoo?13:27
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diverseotwieracz: there is a setup-chroot script to help you even.13:45
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diversehmm, I wonder if I should use llvm instead of gcc?13:50
frinnstgood luck with that13:59
frinnst.. if you mean system wide :)13:59
diverse...I assume that means NOT FUN, right?14:00
joacimsounds like fun14:01
joacimas long as you do it first14:01
otwieraczYou know any livecd with sshd enabled by default?14:01
diversefrinnst: is there some incompatibility or something?14:04
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Romsteri install crux into chroots all the time, not much effort at all23:32
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RomsterAmnesia, dcc is sucky for settings, use a pastebin or email it to me.23:57
Amnesiauno momento23:58
Romstermonster.romster at gmail.com23:59

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