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AmnesiaRomster: were my ports of any use?00:36
niklaswefrinnst: but I must extract the content from the cd, I have mount the iso.. and in there is db.bzi and isolinux.bin, but I havent figure out how i will extract the files so i can edit /etc/init.d/main..02:47
frinnstmount it as a loop device and copy?02:49
frinnstthen rebuild it02:49
niklasweI have done taht02:49
niklaswebut the content of the iso file is about.txt  dban.bzi  isolinux.bin  isolinux.cfg  quick.txt  raid.txt  warning.txt02:49
RomsterAmnesia, not looked yet, i have this weekend free mostly.02:51
Amnesiaah ok, no hurry^^02:51
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: xterm: updated to 28804:27
pitillohey, good morning, does anyone know where are logs hosted currently?05:16
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teK_slap yourself06:00
frinnstvolume normalization is broken with the current mplayer port06:00
frinnstalso, fluxbox 1.3.3 is buggy06:00
teK_steps to reproduce?06:00
frinnstopen many windows06:00
frinnstworks ok for me at home since i only have maybe 3-4 windows open at one time06:01
frinnsthad to revert to 1.3.2 at work06:01
teK_so now I am supposed to provide patches, am I06:01
frinnstor just feel ashamed, your choice :)06:01
teK_so I will re-checkout mplayer tonight06:02
frinnstseems the fluxbox issue has quite high prio so expect a patch to popup soonish06:02
frinnsti'll slap you once it does06:02
teK_ it gets pinned to the mouse cursor, and is starting to flicker06:02
teK_(wrt the patch, keep your slaps)06:03
frinnstslapping you is satisfying06:03
teK_have you seen a doctor lately? :>06:04
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.8]: exo: updated to 0.10.206:07
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.8]: thunar: updated to 1.6.206:07
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.8]: libburn: updated to 1.2.606:07
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.8]: libisofs: updated to 1.2.606:07
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.8]: xfce4-embed-plugin: updated to 1.2.006:07
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fireglowyour ports are always so fresh :)06:41
teK_still fragrant and right from the oven06:42
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rmullHi #crux08:23
fireglowHello rmull :)08:27
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vee_hello hello11:20
Amnesia fyi11:21
frinnstnagios sucks :)11:34
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: mplayer: 2012-12-23 -> 2013-01-1011:35
teK_frinnst: try it!11:35
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Amnesia # Nice to have: ...11:56
Amnesiais that actually used o0?11:56
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teK_by users and maintainers.12:00
Amnesiabut not prt-get right:)?12:00
AmnesiaI thought prt-get only parsed "# Depends on: ...."12:01
frinnstjust as soon as you merge it into 3.0 :)12:29
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Amnesia3.0 is going to support it?13:21
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frinnstsupport what?13:39
Amnesiafrinnst: ah nvm, misunderstood your message^^13:41
AmnesiaRT @jeremiahg: Rails folks get to experience the day in the life of a PHP system admin. < lol13:43
frinnstRotwang: thunderbird 17.0.2 :)13:49
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vee__any way i could convince any of you to add bumblebee to your repositories?17:38
vee__tried debian after i mucked up my gentoo, and uh...this thing is annoying o.o17:41
vee__shall pay in love and devotion lmao17:44
Romsterhow can it be that hard17:49
vee__well, gentoo has it, and soemone suggested reworking it for crux, but wouldn't know how to start lol17:53
Romsteri just did a locate bumblebee no results andi got gentoo ebulds cv tree here. need to cvs up it though might be a newer port.17:53
vee__i was looking at this
Romsteri can try knocking one up after work, but i have no way of testing it.18:01
joacimthe arch pkgbuild dont seem too complex18:02
Romsteri'm looking at that right now.18:02
vee__ill be happy to test it for you. though i should warn you...i think it requires virtualgl18:03
RomsterName:         virtualgl18:03
RomsterPath:         /usr/ports/romster18:03
RomsterVersion:      2.1.218:03
vee__even better :P18:03
vee__if you could, i'd be reallly reallllllyyy thankful18:03
Romsternp i'll give it a try i gotta go now.18:04
vee__thanks <318:04
Romster~5 hours later i'll be back18:04
vee__ill be up till then. thanks a bunch romster18:04
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vee__fireglow, been using crux for oh...4 hours now :P19:39
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vee_chromium build fails. i dont have a gui up, wouldn't know how else to post it, but, it seems to have failed at line 259. sh gperf command not found. calling gperf failed: 3512 at /usr/ports/opt/chromium/work/src/chromium-23.0.1271.97/third_party/ebkit/sources/webcore/css/ line 259. file scripts/ line 174, in <modules> sys.exit(main(sys.argv) File scripts/ line 149 assert ret21:53
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niklaswevee__: have you install gperf?22:52
vee__niklaswe have been trying ot rebuild it with gperf installed, waiting to see if it happens again22:54
niklaswevee__: ah, then i should work. :)22:55
vee__lets hope so. its quite a big boy when it comes to compiling22:56
niklaswehehe :)22:57
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vee_lol this 10 year old computer died for a moment. thought the hard drive had finally gave out. turns out, the ide cable was bust. the only thing that has gone bad after 10 years. dear god23:51

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