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vee_webkit/source/WTF/wtf lol00:19
vee_its been stuck (looping on third_party/webkit/source/nullptr.h:52:1 warning: identifier nullptr is a keyword in c++11 { -wc++ox-compat} for about 30 mins now00:32
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Romstervee i'm not gonna get this done tonight. got a visitor here.02:19
nogagplzooh Romster has a girlfriend02:45
diversenogagplz: naturally, right?03:05
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nogagplzrussian mail orders are natural? ;p03:09
diversewait, what!?03:09
diverseRomster is russian now?03:11
nogagplzthink along the lines of mail order brides03:16
diverseok, but give me the full story03:17
RomsterBuilding '/var/ports/packages/bumblebee#3.0.1-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.03:47
Romsterwelp i did get it to build after all but some fine tuning todo.03:48
Romstermeh i'm still single, will always be i guess03:48
niklaswehow can I convert perl variable to  an array04:31
niklaswesay that i have foreach fooobar, and I got lots of number 1 2 3 4 etc.. and I will convert it to an array so I only got the last number..04:32
systemd_suxXRomster, does this require to rebuild xorg?04:34
Romsterit requires xorg yes04:35
systemd_suxXRomster, I mean does xorg needs to be patched and rebuild in order to support bumblebee? I heard its xorg rebuild, kernel rebuild and bublebee build necessary04:36
Romsternot what i'm aware of.04:36
Romsteri have nothing that needs bumblebee i'm just doing this for vee04:37
Romstersince he seems to not have any foo powers.04:37
Romster following that guide04:47
systemd_suxXRomster, the integarated graphic in the CPU should be enought for mobuile computing even introducing moderate 3d acceleration with an open source driver.04:53
Romsteri'm still learning how this crap works and i don't even have a use for this -_-04:54
systemd_suxXyou are right that is crap04:56
systemd_suxXnot the software but the concept ;-P04:56
Romster the heck04:57
Romsterin the name to save power?04:57
Romsterman coffee break time04:57
jaegerthe concept makes sense. Use the low power card until the high power one is needed04:57
Romsterit's how it's implemented is crap04:58
Romsteron the software side.04:58
Romsterplus it's all beta too.04:58
systemd_suxXjaeger, makes no sense, use ONE card and lower cycles when idle while rasing cycles when performace is needed...04:58
jaegerhow does that not make sense?04:58
jaegerthe intel onboard shit is way lower power consumption04:59
systemd_suxXinstead of using two cards, they should investigate on making power consumption on high end cards more efficient04:59
jaegerthan even an idle ATI or nvidia card04:59
jaegeryeah, they should, probably, but as they currently stand it works reasonably well04:59
systemd_suxXjaeger have you seen how complicated and complex this solution is to get it working? It is so complex that even nvidia thejmselfes don't spent the time to provide a sufficient solution on Linux...05:00
jaegerI've not looked into the linux version of it at all but they've had it implemented for quite some time on mac os x05:01
jaegerBesides, I only said the concept makes sense, not the implementation05:01
jaegerI don't know enough of the linux implementation to make any kind of well-informed comments about it specifically05:02
systemd_suxXbattery capacity is an issue of course, but i am quite sure they already have batteries that lasts for days but they keep it behind closed doors to sell the current stuff until they are forced to introduce this new technology...05:02
systemd_suxXif they would release the bleeding edge technology, nobody would buy the old stuff anymore... Imagine Lightbulbs, they had powersaving bulbs read at the time only plain bulbs was available...05:04
systemd_suxXthey just keept it back to sell the old stuff they have invested so much05:05
Romsteryeah they do the same with hdd capacity.05:09
Romsterbut they over price the newer stuff to sell mostly the cheaper smaller drives frist.05:09
Romsterthat's companies for ya.05:09
Romsterbut for power consumption... the GPu is a complex beast it would be far more effort to make a high end GPU more efficient without sacrificing speed. so they do the two GPU with software to tell what program to use the high end GPU.05:11
Romsteri've noticed tilman has been awol for awhile now.05:13
Romster@seen tilman05:13
Romsterdoes that bot not do seen anymore? is that cruxbot that python circuits logger?05:14
Romsteroh no irclogger_ is the python one.05:14
Romster!seen tilman05:14
systemd_suxXRomster, the main problem is heat05:15
Romsterman i can't even remember the command prefix now...05:15
systemd_suxXand to solve that you would need to increase the surface or reuse the produced heat for powercreation like a hybrid car is using the break energy but of course this will take a lot of research and efford and costs05:16
prologicRomster, irclogger_ is just a logger05:17
Romsteryeah but didn't cruxbot have a seen option05:17
Romsteror was that on clb05:17
prologicI wrote it simply as an attempt to get more reliable logging05:17
prologicso far so good05:17
prologicit was clb05:17
prologicwhich is supybot05:17
Romsterwork is seriously killing my brain cells05:17
prologicyou could just search the irc logs for the person you're after05:18
Romsteri'm that busy i am neglecting crux except on weekends.05:18
Romstereven then it's a stretch to get anything done.05:18
Romsterso we need a seen module replacement now.05:20
Romsterhow much effort would it be to use kdb and import that logger as a module to kdb and add a seen module to kdb?05:20
Romsterlol going though my logs and i spot this05:22
Romster<predatorfreak>Tilman is a female?05:22
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RomsterDec 27 03:20:08 *tilman05:23
Romsterwelp he may not have made it to the new year yet05:24
Romsterwhere did trench and the rest of the old gang go.05:24
Romsteranyways... time to just vegetate too tired to do anymore. probably goto bed soon.05:25
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Romsteroh some older coutdowns.05:55
nogagplzlast week had an ancient video of the cockroaches05:56
nogagplzridiculously young looking jeff and anthony from the wiggles lol05:57
Romsterthey wrnt that popular until they became the wiggles.06:03
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vee_hello again everyone12:21
RotwangteK_: lol12:23
Rotwangvee_: hi12:24
vee_ive noticed no longer has logs...dont think its on my end either o.o12:24
vee_how are you Rotwang?12:24
Rotwangvee_: I'm fine, thanks12:24
Rotwangvee_: how are you?12:24
vee_well, just got done installing Crux, and all the essentials. now, im going to rice it up a bit, and make it look pretty :P12:25
vee_in other words, im fine. haha12:25
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jaegervee_: since you timed out I'm assuming you missed this:12:37
jaeger14:28 <@jaeger> vee_:
Amnesiais one of you folks familiar with xmodmap..?12:38
jaegerAmnesia: I use it in a very basic way12:39
AmnesiaI'm trying to assign Print to FN + F612:40
Amnesiabut aren't succeeding12:40
jaegersome fn keys don't produce codes, have you verified yours does with xev?12:41
Amnesiathis one doesn't:)12:41
jaegercan't use that with xmodmap, then, as far as I know12:42
Amnesiaxev does state XF86WakeUp and XF86WebCam though12:42
Amnesiabut it produces both..12:42
Amnesiaand only  xmodmap -e "keysym XF86WebCam = Print" doesn't do the job12:43
Amnesia"keysym L = Print" does12:44
jaegerhrmmm... don't know the answer there, sorry12:45
vee_bookmarked, thansk jaeger!12:47
jaegerI need to add something to the old log site that links there12:48
vee_Romster, if the build succeeded, wouldn't mind giving ti a shot and letting you know how it goes. I need to develope these "foo" powers :P12:51
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vee_anyone have a ps2 emulator?13:25
nogagplzthere's pcsx213:30
nogagplzon linux though you're at the mercy of a crappy opengl plugin for now or the software renderer (more accurate but needs lots of juice)13:30
vee_nogagplz, thought it'd run better on linux. poop.13:50
vee_1 gig nvidia card enough juice?13:50
nogagplzsoftware renderer relies on cpu13:54
nogagplzand zzogl worked on a 9600 sans anti aliasing13:55
Amnesiahm, I bound xrandr .. to XF86Display, should've done that earlier ><13:57
vee_i7? lol14:01
nogagplzonly tried with a 2600k and it decimated pretty much everything in software14:03
nogagplzso sure I guess14:03
vee_well, maybe ill give it a shot, and let you know how it goes14:03
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Amnesiarmull: \o/14:54
teK_pitillo: just compiled and ran e17. Nice + works flawlessly14:54
vee_why e17, if i may ask teK_14:56
teK_everything is animated14:57
teK_1000 gadgets14:57
teK_etc. :>14:57
vee_so for pure looks?15:00
teK_some are useful15:01
teK_and 'everything' just works15:01
joacimjust use twm15:02
vee_was justing awesomewm, didn't like it all too much. then went back to fluxbox15:03
teK_fluxbox > *15:04
joacimdo you still need to downgrade lua to 5.1 for awesomewm? I remember trying it right after the 5.2 upgrade.15:04
joacimit looks like a really nice window manager15:05
vee_didn't download much for it. then again, didn't use it to the fullest extent, so im not sure. its pretty nice though15:09
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pitillogreat teK_ :)15:52
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frinnst# prt-get depinst e1715:54
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frinnstprt-get: installed successfully15:58
frinnstnice :)15:58
pitillopretty fast15:58
joacimwhat cpu is that?15:59
frinnsti7 2600k16:05
teK_which is funny as my mobile i7 with 2,1GHz spent 10m16:08
frinnstmy useless monitor flickers with the default theme background16:09
frinnsti really need to get a new one16:09
joacimnow i want to see how long my C2D E6300 needs16:10
frinnstopengl render seems to work much nicer than the software one16:15
frinnstsilly gfx-driver16:15
frinnstyeah, looks pretty nice. but not enough patience to set it up now :)16:23
teK_it basically sets up everything itself16:23
teK_then warns you that your config already is outdated :>16:23
frinnstbut i need to tweak it to my preferences16:25
frinnst= work16:25
joacimwebsites that have their own keyboard shortcuts are annoying.16:26
frinnstyeah, or their own context menus. fucking everything up16:27
joacimthey overrides the one my browser use...16:27
frinnstzimbra is annoying. you can right click to get a context menu - if you disable mouse gestures in firefox16:27
joacimi have an extension that lets me see youtube videos without flash. that extention now comes with its own keyboard shortcuts.16:28
frinnstdoes it do eveything or just html5 videos?16:28
joacimthey override the ones used to switch between tabs. so instead of switching tabs, i now skip forward and backwards through the video16:28
frinnstuses mplayer?16:28
joacimit is youtube5 for safari16:29 doesnt work?16:29
joacimit supports vimeo and facebook too, but i dont use facebook, and vimeo has its own fairly competent html5 player16:29
teK_vimeo is awesome16:29
joacimi cant play ad-protected videos with
joacimif a video has ads, they'll force me over to the flash player16:30
frinnsti was surprised when i found that out. since i didnt know youtube had ads :D16:30
frinnstadblock ftw16:30
joacimyeah i see that in windows where i have flash =)16:30
joacimbefore they only had that creepy banner ad.16:31
joacimvimeo had some annoying keyboard shortcuts too. cmd+l would send me to vimeos login page instead of moving my input marker to the location bar16:32
joacimi think they stopped doing that now tho16:33
joacimi did fix this extension tho. had to sign for my own extension developer certificate :S16:35
joacima lot of hassle just to comment out some javascript =)16:35
frinnstfor safari?16:35
frinnsthah, they do like their legal crap16:35
joacimthats creepier than the shit found in norwegian tourist shops :S16:36
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Romstervee_, bumbblebess isn't complete afaik... it needs a new group added perhaps... or modded to the video group. and there is a fat warning on video modules that some files need to be in another location16:36
joacimdont think i've ever read an eula16:37
Romsterand i've only done the optirun with virtualgl but i read they might be migrating to primus16:37
Romsterah fuck he jsut quit when i typed that and didn't notice.16:38
Romstervee_, ports -u romster ; prt-get depinst bumblebee16:38
joacimdont really read license agreements either. except for the one for bsd and wtfpl16:38
Romsterhe can look back in the log.16:38
frinnstRomster: he left16:39
frinnstbut will he?16:39
frinnstcool stuff16:42
Romsterhis loss if he don't and i can point him to that.16:42
Romstersystemd_suxX might be keen on trying it if he has that hardware too.16:42
teK_what a shitty small data center16:43
frinnstyeah, but cute16:43
teK_with a ridiculous fence16:43
frinnstmaybe not very secure.. a car could level it :D16:43
teK_is this the symbolic windows firewall?16:43
teK_btw your server still is inaccessible from crux.nu16:44
teK_# ssh backup016:44
teK_Permission denied (publickey,keyboard-interactive).16:44
teK___mavrick61: wont response in IRC16:45
frinnstill look at it on monday16:45
frinnstif you remind me :)16:45
teK_last time you checked no network traffic could be seen in your logs16:45
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teK_I dont think the problem is on your side..16:45
teK_Dell Siemens provide Cloud-based medical image archival services to Intermountain Healthcare16:45
teK_what could possibly go wrong ...16:46
teK_oh and europe has a new cybercrime center16:46
teK_oh boy16:46
frinnstyeah i read that16:46
frinnstso fucking silly16:46
frinnstthey said they were gonna chase pedophiles - so no politician can agrue against it16:47
joacimthey called it cyber. that means it is cool.16:47
teK_my comment.16:47
joacimarent politicians also paedophiles?16:47
teK_those to sets share a non-empty subset16:48
frinnsti think its mandatory for them16:48
frinnstthey had i tiny budget i think.. 300k EUR or something16:49
frinnstbet they will get shit done!16:49
joacimthat data center is pretty cool17:00
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diverseteK_: not only the graphics, but e17 has a many great features while giving you flexibility.17:28
diversethey have a really sexy terminal too.17:33
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vee_im back, ill look into what you sent romster! thanks!20:56
vee_i know in gentoo, it requires virtualgl, and, uses optirun to run stuff. not too sure about arch, but will check it out. gentoo had you add yourself into the plugdev and bumblebee group i think21:01
Romsteri don't see why you'd need a new group as video group should be good enough21:19
vee_thats what gentoo had me do.  just updated the ports, and am goign to install bumblebee. i wish i could help you manage these stuff, theres so many!21:21
Romstertell me about it21:21
vee_may i ask you something? when you download the source of a file to build it, does it have all the dependencies in the source, or, do you have to get them manually21:22
Romsterget them manually although sometimes there in the README file.21:22
vee_virtualgl failed to is the pastebin
vee_i really want to learn how to build stuff on my own, its just those damn dependencies throw me off21:25
Romsterprt-get depinst glu21:26
Romsteror mesa3d on crux 2.821:27
vee_im on 2.8, and mesa3d is installed, will install glu21:27
vee_hope bumblebee wasn't too hard btw. thank you so much, again :D21:28
Romsterglu is split out of mesa3d on crux 3.021:28
vee_there is a 3.0 crux o.O21:28
Romsternah wasnt much effort but ti's not complete yet21:28
Romstercrux 3.0 rc321:28
vee_ahhh man, gotta update again when it comes out.21:29
vee_if i may ask, how is it not complete?21:30
Romsterwell read on the arch wiki about different video ports with some files in a different location21:32
Romsteri got tired at that point and stopped reading21:32
vee_will do :)21:32
Romsterbig fat important about not using the default video drivers21:34
vee_oh boy, i have the nvidia drivers installed o.o21:36
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vee_odd, seems like i cant access the bumblebee daemon, even though im in the bumblebee group21:42
vee_never mind, i got it :P21:42
vee_i think some of my kernel settings are getting in th way. optirun isn't responding...21:53
Romsterthere is a daemon in /etc/rc.d/bum...21:54
diverseRomster: rc3 is out?21:54
vee_Romster: i kept trying to start bumblebee, its bumblebeed xD21:55
Romsterbash completion with tab.21:55
vee_i fix that part, optirun wont launch anything, and i think its because of my kernel. google suggested enabling something, im going to try it21:55
vee_bash completion is how i found out about the d haha21:56
Romsterfixed those dependencies just now.21:57
vee_bumblebee dependencies?21:57
Romstermissing glu on virtualgl22:01
Romsterno need to rebuild just means a prt-get depinst bumblebee wont fail now.22:01
vee_aww, sweet.22:02
vee_if it isn't too hard, maybe ic an learn how you got bumblebee, and help keep it updated.22:02
vee_or wishful thinking, either way22:02
Romsteri largely copied the arch PackageBuild22:02
vee_hold on, quick reboot22:04
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Romsternot so quick over 3 minutes now22:08
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vee_forgot to install modules --_____------22:20
vee_grr, bumblebee daemon wont start again22:23
vee_apparently, bbswitch is no longer found...22:24
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vee_seems like virtualgl cant find libturbo23:01
vee_Romster, wasn't so quick because i forgot to install the modules when i recompiled the kernel, interwebs :P23:24
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vee_grrr. this thing is intentionally trying to piss me off, i can feel it23:50
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