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vee_so apparently, its better to run primusrun than optirun, but one must install that00:35
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teK_diverse: dunno, was using xfce-terminal <301:47
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pitillomorning, terminology (E term) isn't added to the repo yet03:56
pitillocurrently there are only stable releases for efl libs and the wm03:57
pitillowhat do you need to setup in a wm frinnst? I always used bb + bbkeys, then the only thing I need to tweak is the render engine (sodft/hard) depending on where I run it and unloading not used modules04:00
teK_cp -a ~backups/$USER/.$wmname ~04:02
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frinnstoh I dont know, little tweaks04:44
pitilloconfortable tweaks04:52
pitillowhich one are you using currently? flux?04:52
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teK_he complained abouta bug fluxbox yesterday05:11
teK_so I thinkyes05:11
pitilloyep, that's why I asked. And you teK_? xfce?05:19
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Rotwanghao r u guys?05:19
pitilloyo Rotwang05:19
pitillohere finishing some housework and soon with a coffee between hands :)05:20
teK_pitillo: I use and maintain fluxbox on crux :p05:21
RotwangI use fluxbox05:21
RotwangI think05:21
teK_how long shall I wait to ``ifconfig eth0 mtu 9000'' to finish? (yeah ip is better, bleh :p)05:21
pitilloteK_: ah, I was confused with the xfce-term thing05:21
RotwangteK_: shouldn't be long I think05:22
teK_the whole machine hangs ..05:22
RotwangIt works at instant on netapp fas3240 and fujitsu-ts bx90005:22
teK_this is a fsc rx300 with grml2012.0505:23
teK_maybe it has no support for jumbo frames05:23
teK_pitillo: I use fluxbox + xfce Terminal because it's _really_ wrt copy and paste, font setting, removing all visual control elements etc.05:23
teK_+nice ;)05:24
RotwangI'm using fluxbox + dmenu + urxvt05:24
Rotwang+ fluxbox has cool tiling option05:25
Rotwangwhich is very useful for me at work05:25
teK_I should configure/check tiling, too..05:26
teK_although I work mostly in full-screen, with apps separated b desktops05:26
pitillogood combos :)05:35
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: gnome-mplayer: droped, at first it was 'gnome styled' now it has too many gnome dependencies to fit into contrib05:53
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frinnstfluxbox doesnt have tiling?05:57
frinnsttabs, yes05:58
frinnstbut tiling?05:58
Rotwangfrinnst: it does05:58
Rotwangwhat is tabs?05:58
Rotwangmaybe we are talking about the same thing [;05:58
frinnstTiling: you divide the screen into non-overlapping 'tiles'. Every window occupies one tile, and is maximized to it06:00
frinnstTabbing: a tile may contain multiple windows - they will be 'tabbed'06:00
Rotwangnich nich06:02
RotwangMod4 a :ArrangeWindowsVertical06:02
RotwangMod4 v :ArrangeWindowsHorizontal06:02
Rotwangadd to ~/.fluxbox/keys06:03
frinnstah, nice06:05
Rotwangdidn't know about tabs though [;06:06
frinnstI have all terminals (urxvt) grouped, so no matter how many i open they all occupy the same window. and then switch with ctrl+alt N or ctrl+alt q (prev) w (next)06:07
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teK_I use screen or Terminal's tabs for that :306:08
teK_Rotwang: I checked, with crux 2.8 (3.5.x) raising the MTU works flawlessly06:08
frinnstwhat driver is your nic using?06:09
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teK_I found bug reports for that but they were submitted in 200906:09
frinnstah, I have one of those on my hp microserver. doesnt support jumbo06:09
frinnstthere are different hardware versions some support it, some dont06:10
teK_can't be as  I used that on sles06:10
frinnsti think06:10
frinnstmine dont :(06:10
teK_the card is from the 5715 and use tg3, not bnx206:12
frinnstcorrection, it uses the tg3 driver06:12
teK_yes ;)06:12
frinnst04:00.0 Ethernet controller: Broadcom Corporation NetXtreme BCM5723 Gigabit Ethernet PCIe (rev 10)06:14
teK_well the 3.7.1-grml kernel hangs, too. But our installation medium has no ftp client to transfer the data to the disks06:14
frinnstno jumboframes on that one06:14
teK_maybe you're happy to hear that I can't use them either despite my hardware supporting them06:17
frinnstwhat chip does the nic use?06:17
teK_this machine supports j.frames on sles10 (!) and crux-2.806:18
teK_stupid piece of crap... I wasted 30m on enabling jumbo frames on this shit and now it will transfer data @1500 MTU with ~100MB/s anyway06:22
teK_utilizing the disks to 60%.. afk.06:23
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frinnstyeah not much difference with gbit06:23
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jueteK_: new mplayer seems broken on 2.8/i686 ->
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teK_damn you frinnst! :p06:44
teK_and jue: you use a red cursor? :}06:44
rmullhmm, fwiw mplayer is fine for me on 2.8/x86_64, and my cpu has mmx extensions06:49
jueteK_: no, but, yeah, it looks like in that paste :)06:50
teK_can only test on 3.0 right now, will check later.06:53
jueteK_: building it on my old laptop now06:54
jueteK_: same error07:02
teK_umeh.. ok07:03
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diversepitillo: why did you remove terminology from your repo, it works perfectly fine.07:53
pitillodiverse: I let currently in e17 repo on the real stable releases. Terminilogy needs a research and tests, with other emotion's backend instead of xine08:01
Romsteri just fixed the zine stuff.08:02
Romsterdamn it xine*08:02
Romsterand sine-ui works fine.08:02
Romstermeh forget it i can't type08:02
RotwangI prefer cosine-ur08:02
diversepitillo: are you still maintaining them?08:03
pitilloyes Romster, I tested xine with all your changes and it was working right08:03
Romsternothing wrong with xine as a backend...08:03
pitilloyes diverse08:03
Romsteris is hell to maintain though but i use xine pretty much every day08:04
pitilloRomster: there are other options in emotion to be used as backend, and I never tried them, just xine, confortable to run myself08:05
Romsterinfact the only problems i come across are libvdpau related.08:05
pitilloyes, I've been touching some dependencies the last weekend to play some movies with xine-ui (and currently waiting for some time to deep a bit more in xine-lib in ARM)08:08
diverseRomster: err, I am going to need libvdpau for mplayer...08:08
Romsterit works but i find some issues08:08
diverseRomster: what are the specific issues?08:09
Romsterbackground bleeding into the image.08:09
pitillodiverse: have you tried another backend? gstreamer more specifically08:09
diverseRomster: ...ouch08:10
diversepitillo: no i haven't08:10
horrorStruckanyone with intel chips wanting mplayer with hardware accel:
Romsterdiverse, yeah not much can be done about it now. it's known and i hope it'll get fixed soon08:11
diverseI could switch to a different video codec then.08:12
Romsteronly intel horrorStruck how about nvidia and ati do they get acceleration too?08:14
horrorStruckRomster: this is intel specific08:15
diversehis is specialized for intel08:15
Romsteri have no intel :/08:20
Romsterbut why not if it can be done.08:21
Romsterbut it has to degrade gracefully for non intel users.08:21
horrorStruckRomster: you have nvidia dont you? vdpau is great08:21
Romsteri tried ati once and it was not a good outcome08:21
horrorStrucki use it on the htpc (xbmc), it's better then vaapi (intel)08:21
horrorStruck^ nvidia08:22
horrorStruckwell vdpau08:22
pitillolet's see if I can test this weekend emotion with gst and next week I'll put emotion+terminology on e17 repo08:27
diversepitillo: I am installing gstreamer right now, is there something you want to test specifically?08:35
pitilloI'm not sure how terminology uses emotion's backend08:37
pitilloI'm running it currently with gst and without xine (disabled for testing, but it will pick it up if the user has it installed)08:38
Romsteri'm heading to bed too drunk and tired to think, g'night08:38
pitillohave a good night Romster :)08:38
Romsteri am, first weekend in ages i haven't had too  work :)08:39
pitilloenjoy then, that's a good reason :)08:40
horrorStruckgood night Romster08:40
Romsternini horrorStruck pitillo everyone else from 3:40am :D08:41
horrorStrucki'm at +7 only, still enjoying the craziness of saturday night (at home)08:42
diversepitillo: it looks like you have to manually enable gstreamer in emotion08:44
pitillodiverse: it picks if it finds installed (as hapenns with xine, both enabled by default)08:48
pitillothey aren't backends, wrong term, just modules08:50
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diversepitillo: it said it didn't pick it up when i compiled emotion again09:09
pitilloI've built it on my laptop 686, I'll take a look inside the jail09:11
teK_jue: you tested mplayer with x86/2.8 in both cases?09:21
jueteK_: yes09:22
diversepitillo: am I missing some programs?09:29
pitillodiverse: I'm not sure, here I have gstreamer and plugins base, I need to check what's looking for in that check09:32
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diversepitillo: actually i don't have plugins-base installed, so I think its looking for that. It probably doesn't matter if you have just the gstreamer port installed.09:45
diversepitillo: yep, it found it now.09:49
pitillodiverse: that's possible, that's why I want to take a look to see what's looking for09:49
pitillogreat :)09:49
diverseit really needed the plugins09:49
diverseI don't know if gstreamer needs gst-plugin-base as a dependency, because gstreamer by itself is probably useless.09:51
joe9nobody using mosh? it seems to be an interesting replacement for ssh.
diversejoe9: first I heard of it, but it looks awesome09:53
joe9i am packaging it as we speak. might be worth a try.09:54
pitilloI don't remember if was joacim_ who put a very interesing link with a video talk09:54
horrorStruckjoe9: i packaged it when someone (you?) metioned it. but for my usage the benefits weren't that obvious so i dropped it because of the extra deps09:55
joe9horrorStruck: not me, this is the first time I am seeing it.09:58
joe9horrorStruck: wanna share your Pkgfile?09:59
joe9yes, there are quite a few deps.09:59
diversepitillo: would gstreamer need the plugins-base as a mandatory dep?10:00
horrorStruckjoe9: i would share no problem, just have to go check the deps again10:04
horrorStrucki never use the Depends on10:04
horrorStruckfor my local ports10:05
horrorStruckOK got it, 3 ports totally only10:05
horrorStruckjoe9: get p5-io-tty first then protobuf and finally mosh10:13
joe9horrorStruck: thanks10:13
horrorStruckjoe9: np10:13
joe9horrorStruck: btw, for the perl-io-tty, arch uses this command PERL_MM_USE_DEFAULT=1 perl Makefile.PL INSTALLDIRS=vendor10:16
joe9instead of "perl Makefile.PL"10:16
joe9not sure if there is a difference10:16
joe9just wanted to bring to your attention.10:16
horrorStruckjoe9: to be super honest, i just used a CRUX perl port sa a template10:20
joe9ok, thanks.10:20
joe9horrorStruck: ^^10:20
horrorStrucknp, really :)10:21
pitillono diverse, emotion should relay on gst-plugins instead of directly on gstreamer. It's right if you want only gstreamer, as gst-plugins has no sense without gstreamer, gstreamer could be alone10:26
joe9Romster: you around?10:30
nogagplzit's only 5:30am where he is he's probably asleep10:33
joe9nogagplz: ok, thanks.10:34
joe9romster, btw, it appears that your protobuf package is old. I have a newer version in my repo, fyi.10:35
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joe9anyone using aide?
joe9or, is there something better out there?11:56
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niklaswebluetooth and linux really sucks..15:16
nogagplzonly tried it with a wiimote for dolphin, and it was dead simple lol15:23
niklaswenogagplz: I finding it, but i dont want to pair..15:24
niklaswebut now time for bed.15:25
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Romsterjoe9, bumped protobuf17:58
diversepitillo: then if you are going to require emotion to use gstreamer, how about have emotion require the base plugins?18:25
diverseunless you are testing18:27
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rmullIs there any way I can see the $CHOST of my system without setting it ahead of time?19:42
rmullI can find it by calling gcc -v but I wonder if there is a more direct way that I am forgetting about19:42
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Romsterrmull, something like this? echo \"\" | gcc -march=native -v -E - 2>&1 | grep cc1 | sed -e's/^.* - //g'21:24
rmullRomster: Yeah, I'd probably just pull the line leading with Target: from gcc -v21:24
rmullBut I ended up not needing it, thanks though21:25
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diverseRomster: do you manage all the pkgfiles in contrib?22:38
Romsterno not all only ones that have me as the maintainer22:42

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