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diverseRomster: I was hoping you might have access to the pidgin port, because I want it to add it's own desktop file to /usr/share/applications, so I can see it in the applications menu.00:48
Romsteri do but only rotwang can do that, best to ask him.00:51
Romsteror open a feature request in bug tracker.00:51
diverseI will ask him directly on here00:52
diverseall I want him to add is: mv $SRC/$name-$version/$ $PKG/usr/share/applications/$name.desktop01:06
Romstercan't see why he wont do that.01:07
Romsterafter all those that don't want desktop files can filter them out in /etc/pkgadd.conf01:07
diversedoesn't gui apps usually provide desktop files in installation?01:09
cruxbot[core.git/2.8]: procps: update to 3.3.601:10
diverseI mean as a standard practice?01:10
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: cython: 0.17.2 -> 0.17.401:11
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: fribidi: 0.19.2 -> 0.19.501:11
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: help2man: 1.40.12 -> 1.41.101:11
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: libva: 1.0.16 -> 1.1.001:11
Romsteri guess most do but not all install them by default.01:12
Romsterdepends if they follow the freedesktop standard.01:12
diversepidgin seems to, its just not provided by default01:27
Romsterit may have another target to make for installing freedesktop stuff.01:28
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pitillodiverse: I was making some tests yesterday and I want to make some more, because the only module working on terminology was vlc (I tried gstreamer and xine and none worked with -b videofile)04:03
pitilloif gst works, terminology dependencie will point to gst-plugins as it's looking for it and not only gstramer, but I'm thinking in give a try today without any of them (xine, gst, and generic/vlc) and don't use terminology's property to playback videos on backgroud04:04
pitilloand as a side note, I was deeping a bit more in that term and I'm start loving it... I didn't know about the right click setup for fonts, c&p, themes, ....04:05
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sirmacikwhat is the license of CRUX mascot graphic?05:20
sirmacikalso does anyone have bigger version of it? (;05:21
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roelofI have installed crux on my vmware but as soon as I reboot I only see a grub2 prompt05:36
roelofwhat's the best way to boot into my system05:36
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roelofnobody who can help me05:58
Rotwangusing grub2 cli you can point to kernel and boot05:59
Rotwangor you could boot from cd and reinstall grub05:59
pitilloroelof: have you seen the good tips in the handbook about grub2?
roelofRotwang:  how can I point to the kernel. I tried linux (hd0,0)/boot/vmlinux but I then get no partition found error message06:03
jaegeryou can also use tab completion in the grub shell so you can see if it sees your drives06:03
roelofpitillo:  Yes, I followed that tips to install grub206:03
roelofwhen I do ls it's find (hd0,0) and I can find the kernel06:04
Rotwangmaybe your / is not supported06:05
RotwangI mean root filesystem06:05
RotwangI donno I'm guessing06:05
jaegerIf the grub shell can see it it's supported06:05
roelofRotwang I have one partition formatted as btrfs06:05
Rotwanggoogle it then [;06:06
Rotwangit may be unsupported I think06:06
jaeger(hd0,0) is probably wrong, though, grub2 starts partition numbers at 1 instead of 0 like grub 0.9x did06:07
jaegertry (hd0,1)06:07
roelofsame error06:09
jaegerhrmm... sorry, I don't use btrfs, not sure what might be wrong06:09
rmullme too06:11
roelofthen the on;ly thing I can do is a reinstall :( but then with ext4 I think06:11
rmullHang on just a sec, I think my other PC uses grub206:12
rmullugh, I forgot how much I hate it06:14
rmullalright, well, I can tell you what I have in my /boot/grub/grub.cfg if that helps06:15
rmullThis is the file that grub2 autogenerates by unnecessary magic06:15
roelofI get grub to work . I had to use (hd0) instead of (hd0,0)06:16
rmullOh okay06:16
rmullcarry on then.06:16
jaegerhow odd06:16
roelofbut now ther kernel chrashed :(06:16
rmullIn mine I see "set root='(hd0,msdos1)'06:17
rmullEven though my partition is ext406:17
rmullwhatever. it works.06:17
jaegermsdos disk label06:17
rmullahh, good point.06:17
jaegerthough I have no idea why it sometimes uses msdosX vs X06:18
rmullBut yeah, still, hd0 instead of hd0,006:18
jaegeryou could also make it search for the uuid06:18
roelofSo I think I have to chroot again and do the kernel making again :( to look if btrfs is enabled :(06:18
jaegerthen you don't have to  know what it is :)06:18
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roelofjaeger:  what do you mean ?06:25
jaegerroelof: take a look here:
jaegerin the CRUX section the search line sets the 'root' variable based on the uuid of the filesystem06:26
jaegerreplace that long string of 'y' with the uuid from the output of 'blkid'06:26
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joe9romster,can you please use my version of protobuf. I have the dependency on setuptools. distribute seems to be an overlap of python setuptools.06:34
Romsterjoe9, remove setuptools06:36
Romsterdistribute is setuptools at a newer version06:36
joe9oh, really.06:37
joe9I thought it was the other way.06:37
joe9Romster: can I remove setuptools and just install distribute?06:37
joe9Romster: ok, thanks.06:38
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joe9anyone using systemd on crux? Any experiences to share?08:55
joe9like it or hate it?08:55
frinnstno, really doubt it08:55
joe9one thing I really love in our current init system is how easy it is to fix/debug anything going wrong.08:56
joe9not sure if things are that easy with systemd too.08:56
frinnstthey are not09:01
joe9frinnst: ok, thanks.09:03
rmullanyone else using the 'user' mount option in fstab? I can mount NFS shares as a user, but I can't umount them as a user. It used to work.09:20
joe9frinnst: looks like you do not like systemd.09:22
joe9frinnst: something about it upset you?09:22
joe9frinnst: any thoughts, please?09:23
frinnstcomplex and mostly pointless09:25
frinnstand the fact that redhat appears to try and force it upon others (merging it with udev, not allowing patches that makes udev compile without systemd required dependencies, dbus + other crap)09:26
frinnstbinary logging09:26
frinnstetc, etc09:26
niklasweyay new switch :)10:01
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diversepitillo: terminology is very nice isn't it? Although the background and theme feature doesn't seem to be working for me, as it says "Not implemented yet" which is strange because I have seen it on the videos.10:36
diverseworking that is.10:36
diverseRotwang: I got a request10:37
pitillodiverse: image backgrounds are working right here (jpg), video backgrounds only with vlc. I haven't tested a theme10:41
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diverseCould you add pidgin's desktop file to /usr/share/applications, so I can see it in the applications menu? Basically add this to the pkgfile: mv $SRC/$name-$version/$ $PKG/usr/share/applications/$name.desktop10:42
diverseRomster: ^10:42
diverse*Rotwang: ^10:42
diversepitillo: which ports did you install to get the background images to work?10:43
diversei must be missing something10:47
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diverseRotwang: can you take pidgin's provided desktop file from $SRC and move it to /usr/share/applications? Just add this to the pkgfile: mv $SRC/$name-$version/$ $PKG/usr/share/applications/$name.desktop10:52
Rotwangdiverse: ok ok, I m isread it the first time [;10:53
diversenp, it probably needed to be reworded10:53
diverseI would like to have it viewable on the app menus, so I can launch it that way as well10:55
diverseOh i see, rofl10:57
diverseRotwang: would the presents be synonymous to pidgin's current package?10:59
RotwangI sometimes just paste random links11:00
diverseah, there wasn't meaning to it, gotcha ;)11:00
diverseit was funny11:01
joacim"I bet there are at least 404 reasons why you are annoyed/confused right now."11:11
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: pidgin: add .desktop file, thanks diverse11:16
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: Merge branch '2.8' of crux:/home/crux/scm/ports/contrib into 2.811:16
Rotwangforgot to pull before commit11:16
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pitillodiverse: evas has support for all kind of image loaders except edb and svg12:25
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rmullteK_: md5sum mismatch on opt/llvm14:08
teK_not for me14:11
teK_which file?14:11
rmullhmm. let me remove and redownload..14:12
teK_71610289bbc819e3e15fdd562809a2d7  /usr/ports/distfiles/llvm-3.2.src.tar.gz14:12
teK_from right now14:12
rmullI'm getting 3242192df982dfb0725c4a0ff27d636614:13
rmullevery time I download. So strang14:14
rmulluntars, fine, so probably not corrupt14:15
teK_but maybe corrupted ;>14:15
teK_I use for downloading it14:15
teK_so they probably have not yet synced14:15
teK_(they == the gentoo folks)14:16
rmullWhy would a mirror sync change the md5sum of the file?14:18
teK_they use the 'old' file and have not yet 'caught up'14:19
rmullOkay. I'll just wait it out then :D14:19
teK_the official site has your md5sum14:20
rmullSo mine is correct?14:20
teK_so I'm going to update it14:20
teK_I suppose.14:20
rmullOkay, cool14:20
rmullThank you teK_14:20
teK_just compling llvm to see if there were any changes for the footprint, too14:20
teK_thank you14:20
rmullteK_: Do you use clang?14:36
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teK_not really14:37
rmullOkay, just wondering14:38
rmullDon't be sad :D14:39
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teK_still compiling *gasp*15:00
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: llvm: update silent md5 change15:39
teK_so I waited 80m to see 'no differences' in footprints15:39
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Romsterdo we have any tool to remove distfiles that have a invalid md5sum?17:46
Romsteri would of done a diff -pruN on both tarballs to see what was changed.18:01
joe9Romster: what do you think of systemd? frinnst hates it.18:11
Romsteri'm not keen on it either i'd prefer runit... personally. or something along those lines not systemd that tries todo everything.18:13
Romstersystemd is not the linux way, one tool one job18:14
Romsterand how the heck can you use other init systems if systemd is taking over everything?18:14
Romsterand i gotta head back to work later18:15
rmullteK_: Thanks for that llvm bump.18:51
diversepitillo: i will check to see if evas is installed, thanks18:54
diversejoe9: I can give you a brief run down on why systemd sucks on many levels and how its affecting the whole Linux eco-system, but I need to ask you something first: What type of user do you see yourself as?18:58
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joe9diverse: i love crux for its' simplicity. the other day one of the init scripts was behaving weirdly and I was able to debug it myself by stepping through the init script.19:24
joe9diverse: but, I am worried that in the future, crux, will not be able to support the 32 bit ecosystem.19:25
joe9diverse: i check out exherbo once in a while given that it has a good package management system too.19:26
diverseWell Crux 3.0 is going to be x86_64 with multilib support, so I wouldn't consider it a problem since most modern computers even from 8 years ago support x86_64 while being able to use 32 bit only apps.19:27
diverseIs there a concern that the multilib support will be dropped?19:30
joe9diverse: I have a very old P-III computer that I use for linuxcnc. I doubt that it supports anything much other than 32 bits. If multilib works on it, then I have no issues.19:36
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joe9diverse: btw, what are your thoughts on systemd? you do not like it, I presume. Almost all the distros seem to be using it as the default these days.19:37
diverseAll the mainstream distros use it to be "cool" because its "new" thing and with the notion that they have to have it. Its no different than all the other propaganda that has happened before. The point about systemd is to attract users that are either lazy or non computer-literate because of not caring about what happens to their machine, which is suitable for the mainstream distros that aim for that particular audience.19:46
diverseThis fits for the developers to make the system more complex so it can be more abstract for the end-users.19:47
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jaegermultilib will not work on a p319:51
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diversejoe9: I hate systemd for many reasons. It takes away power users rights to control their systems the way they want. It dictates how software should be developed due to the takeover of udev and dbus as core components of systemd, which also forces distros down their throats to adopt it as quickly as possible. Red Hat's mentality of "my way is right and yours is not" which demotes the right to freedom of choice, which is anti-UNIX/Linux philosophy, bec19:57
diverseause everything has to be clustered together in one blob without the modularity of choosing your own components that you prefer better.19:57
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joacimi dont think it matters to the lazy or illiterate if system components are complex or simple20:09
joacimas long as it works well and they can launch software through a simple interface20:10
joacimi dont think systemd is for the lazy or illiterate.20:11
joacimgoogle (android) and nokia (maemo) did fine without systemd20:12
diverseComparing android or mobile OSes that use Linux as the kernel to Linux distros is like comparing apples and oranges, so that's not a real comparison. As far as distros go, you can set up your system so even your grandma can figure out and use it, but that is not the point of my message. Systemd targets a very specific audience and there is _no_ getting around that.20:18
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jaegerI don't think systemd targets anyone at all20:19
jaegerbesides its authors20:19
joacimi wouldnt give an "easy" distribution to my grandma. i think that would be mean20:20
diversejaeger: ROFL, Alright, I stand corrected about systemd on that. :)20:20
jaegerthat's only my joking opinion, not a useful comment, heh20:21
joacimisnt nice to say a set of users or costumers are lazy or illiterate =)20:21
diversei think you are more correct than I am, considering how arrogant the systemd authors are.20:21
joacimit is probably not true either.20:22
diverseWhatever, I don't want to have this argument, I am not telling you this from my perspective, but rather Redhat's.20:23
joacimthe year of linux on the desktop neverh appened, and i dont think systemd will make it happen either. so i think my grandma is safe from the suffering i'd cause her by installing ubuntu/suse/fedora on her desktop20:23
joacimshe dont have a desktop tho.20:25
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joacimi dont think a traditional distro can ever be a suitable desktop os as it fetishizes system components and libraries too much.20:29
joacimnone of that matters for successful desktop os'20:30
joacimi dont have to care about installing some png library or which init system i have when i use windows or OS X.20:30
joacimthe traditional distro works well for servers and workstations i guess20:32
joacimit works well for hobbyists too20:32
joe9why is crux 3.0 discontinuing the 32 bit support? lack of users?20:40
joe9Does it take a lot of effort to maintain such support?20:41
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frinnstjoe9: because 32bit should die a quick death23:48
frinnstIt shouldnt be too hard to maintain a 32bit branch.23:50
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tilmanso, i survived for two weeks without having an internet23:56
tilmanwasn't that bad really ;)23:56
frinnstthat is very impressive23:56
frinnstnot even on your phone?23:56
tilmani don't have a smart phone23:57
frinnstbut.. then you have to talk to people?23:57
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