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Vardishello I tried to install crux 2.8 on hp compaq 6715b did like was handbook told wis lilo 2.23 but after reboot udevd wasn able to find harddisks00:30
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frinnstVardis: you are probably missing DEVTMPFS=y, DEVTMPFS_MOUNT=y in your kernel01:15
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spaceninjaHi, do I need something else beside exim to get the php mail() function working? Using lighttpd with fastcgi for php.01:39
bedisyou may need the right configuration :)01:43
bedisexim/postfix/sendmail/whatever should work01:43
spaceninjabedis: ok thx01:46
Vardisfrinnst: mhm mayby but same time when I install slackware and somithing mesed up with lilo slackware starting up with this kernel wich was compiled for crux :( that's the odd thing01:56
Vardisfrinnst: I mean after that01:57
Vardisfrinnst: looks You are right because when I looked in config file I found out that they arn't sett01:58
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diversepitillo: i couldn't get the image and color feature to work in terminology02:39
frinnstyeah but slackware probably uses an older udev02:47
diversejue: as a suggestion, in the Support Hardware section of the 3.0 handbook, can you specify Pentium-III, instead of Pentium-II. I think its best to specify the greatest common denominator, since you said "or lower"02:50
diversethanks frinnst02:52
spaceninjaIt seem like exim works out of the box, I can send a mail, but I get connection refused from both hotmail and gmail. I've added exim:ALL in hosts.allow, and then I added my "myipaddress mywebsiteadress" in hosts. I'm sending a mail using "sendmail -v", then I type a message and hit ctrl+D twice,a and I see the connection refused errors. What else can I do to set up my mail02:52
spaceninjaserver/dns so that hotmail and gmail will accept my mails?02:52
rmullspaceninja: ports forwarded on your router?03:05
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spaceninjarmull:ok, added port 25 in my router and removed the files in /var/spool/exim/db, and sent a new mail, the connection refused errors are gone, but I get " R=dnslookup T=remote_smtp defer (-53): retry time not reached for any host"03:27
juespaceninja: you have to extend the default config of exim for your usecase, because you need mail forwarding03:28
juewhat you probably want is to forward mail from your local host to the mail server of your provider, which finaly sends the mail to the destination03:29
jueyou can do everything with exim, but it's a bit more complicated to setup03:30
spaceninjajue: aha ok, thx03:31
jueif you need a fast solution I'd suggest to try msmtp, a small smpt client, specially designed for that purpose03:33
spaceninjaok, I'll try it03:35
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juehere's what I'm using with exim ->
spaceninjajue: thx03:38
jueit delivers all mail in my local network direct to the recipient host, external to my provider after rewriting name, return path etc.03:39
juethe first statements are lookups in a external file for the rewrite data03:40
juebut it took me quite some time and reading to get such a setup working03:42
spaceninjacan imagine that, reading through it now to see if there's anything that I need to change to make it work on my installation. Maybe the *.netz03:48
jueyep, and you have to provide a file called <local_name>.route, where <local_name> is your login-name of your local host03:52
juespaceninja: the route-file should like this ->
spaceninjaok thanks04:00
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roelof1some one a answer to this problem :
jueroelof1: when did you get the error message, before the download has finished?04:26
roelof1yep, the downloading never get finisched04:27
juehmm, that's strange, do you have a partial download in your PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR?04:29
roelof1I think so04:32
roelof1but everytime I do the upgrade command again it starts over again with the download04:32
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roelof1sorry, pressed wrong button04:34
roelof1jue : any idea how to solve this ?04:35
jueremove the partial file and try it again04:36
roelof1oke, I will try04:36
bediscan you provide the URL downloaded?04:37
roelof1at this moment, no, I m working at Win7 and I don't have a DE installed in Crux04:38
bediswhich crux version?04:38
bedisI may find the URL in the port :)04:38
bedisjust to give a try downloading the file from here04:39
jueI've checked the cairo download already, works for me04:39
bedismight be cached somewhere04:39
bedisroelof1: do you have a proxy cache on the path between you and the url ?04:40
roelof1crux version 2.8 and I  try to install the Mate desktop04:40
bedis(maybe there is one you're not aware of)04:40
roelof1How can i check that ?04:40
roelof1Im back04:54
roelof1Bedis  : how can I chck if there is a poxy involved ?04:55
roelof1and can it be this problem :
roelof1I don't have a slow internet but the download was very slow05:04
roelof1I will try to install Cairo again and report back05:12
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roelof1I have installed the Mate desktop and put dbus into services but still I don't have a working mouse. Must I install HAL for that ?06:56
diverseroelof1: no, you need to enable the evdev module in the kernel06:57
diverseor look at the link provided in the topic06:59
roelof1topic : I only know of the quick start manual on the googlecode page07:02
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diverseyou have the xf86-evdev package installed right?07:04
roelof1I think so, I can check now, I work now at Win8 because I have no mouse07:05
roelof1can = cannot07:05
diverseoh, you mean the hardware is bad, not that the mouse hasn't worked yet.07:06
roelof1the mouse worked fine but I have a dualboot now and I work now in Win807:07
roelof1Schould I reboot and check if the xf86-evdev is installed and how do I check that07:07
diverseno, don't worry about it07:08
diverseroelof1: your keyboard works in Mate right?07:09
roelof1I cannot check it I think.  I have to know how to open a terminal with just a keyboard07:11
diversesomething like alt+f2 to open the run dialog and their you go.07:11
roelof1oke, I will try and report back07:11
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roelof1Im back, The keyboard is working fine on the prompt but as the mouse not in the MATE desktop07:19
diverseok, then the mouse is dead or not plugged in.07:20
roelof1diverse no the same mouse works very fine in Windows 7 on the same machine07:20
jaegerroelof1: have you read the link in the topic about keyboard/mouse issues?07:21
roelof1oke, that topuc. No I will read it now07:21
diverseyou need to install the xf86-input-mouse driver07:21
roelof1and also the xf86-keyboard driver because like I said the keyboard is also not working in MATE07:24
roelof1jaeger:  I have read it and I will do the steps07:25
diversebut you said the keyboard was working...? Well, install it anyway if you haven't.07:27
jaegerhow did you install xorg? If you did it from the CD or with 'prt-get depinst xorg' you should have all the required packages07:28
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roelof1I did it from th cd07:34
roelof1on installation I enable the Xorg repo07:34
roelof1I will reboot and try the changes on xorg.conf07:42
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diverseno, I am pretty sure you need to enable a mouse driver module in the kernel..07:43
diversebut then again, I don't know whats wrong...07:43
diversejaeger: both should just work with evdev07:44
frinnstyou need to enable evdev in the kernel07:45
pitillohey diverse, can you pastebin the output of terminology -b path to jpg ?07:45
diversefrinnst: I said that earlier too07:46
diversepitillo: alright, hold on.07:46
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diversepitillo: doing that works when opening another instance, but I can't get the wallpaper menu option to show up...07:54
pitilloit isn't implemented yet from the options menu07:55
diverseso the feature is implemented, not the interface.07:56
diverseI didn't bother to think about the switches07:59
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roelof1jaeger:  I tried the link but there is no xorg.conf anymore. It looks like evdev must take care of everything08:01
diversepitillo: when do you think you will have terminology up in the repo?08:02
pitilloI'm not sure diverse, the only video module working here was vlc08:04
pitilloxine and gstreamer gave problems. The solution could be provide terminology without that feature support atm08:05
frinnstsooo hungry08:06
rmullfrinnst: What's for lunch08:06
frinnstlunch was a long time ago08:06
roelof1frinnst:  is that a answer to my problem. if so, what do you mean with this ?08:06
diversepitillo: you could temporarily disable them until 0.3 is released08:06
frinnstyes. enable evdev in the kernel08:06
diversefrinnst: I am hungry too.08:06
roelof1oke, I will look if I have done that08:07
pitilloyes diverse, that's what I thought when I checked it08:07
frinnstit will allow for (mostly) trouble free plug & play for your input devices08:07
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frinnstor install the -mouse -keyboard xorg drivers and configure it08:07
diversefrinnst: he will be back08:07
diversefrinnst: its very frustrating helping the incompetent while you are hungry isn't it?08:10
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diversepitillo: is there a switch to adjust transparency of terminology?08:27
pitillodiverse: no idea really, may be directly in e channel can give you hints about it. I've pushed them too08:33
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roelof1hello, No lcuk, I enabled evdev in the kernel but still no keyboard or mouse in MATE08:39
roelof1lcuk = luck08:39
roelof1when i put evdev in services I see evdev[error]08:40
pitilloroelof1: can you pastebin you Xorg log?08:41
pitillothere is no evdev service08:41
roelof1I can do it.08:42
roelof1I come back with the link08:42
pitillowgetpaste can help you with that roelof108:43
roelof1I know moment08:43
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roelof1Here is my xorg.0.log :
rauzroelof1: there is a kernel option for evdev have you compiled the kerenel with it ?08:58
frinnst[    33.371] (II) No input driver specified, ignoring this device.08:59
frinnstis xorg-xf86-input-evdev installed?08:59
bedisyou must enable have you enable CONFIG_SYSVIPC too?08:59
roelof1frinnst:  Yes, it installed08:59
bedisworste case, use my config file, just update it for your hardware:08:59
bedisit works for X on my lenovo and Crux, of course09:00
roelof1bedis: config-sysvipc in the kernel ??09:00
bedisthere are a few options to enable09:00
bedisthis one and an other one09:00
bedisI can't remember09:01
roelof1I enabled already config-evdev in the kernel09:02
bedisyou must have config-evedev anyway09:02
roelof1I will try sysvpic and hope it worked. Otherwise  more days to get Crux working :(09:05
roelof1or Crux is not my distro :(09:09
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: scite: update to 3.2.409:54
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: ruby: update to 1.9.3-p37409:54
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: ruby-doc: update to 1.9.3-p37409:54
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: php: update to 5.4.1109:54
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: php-fcgi: update to 5.4.1109:54
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: php-fpm: update to 5.4.1109:54
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: php-mysql: update to 5.4.1109:54
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: mod_php: update to 5.4.1109:54
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roelof1Still no mouse or keyboard in MATE :(10:11
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joe9anyone using procmail/fetchmail? I am trying to figure out if I can get better filenames in Maildir/new folder.12:04
tilmanyou can't12:13
joe9tilman: ok, thanks.12:22
rmullI love short answers that leave no ambiguity12:30
Rotwanghow would you call following debugging method:12:40
Rotwangprogram crashes12:40
Rotwangyou look into the code, can't find what may be wrong, then you change the line that you suspect may have some connection to the issue12:41
Rotwangprogram crashes12:41
Rotwangand you do step two12:41
Rotwangdoes it have a name at all? [;12:41
tilmantrial and error? :p12:43
Rotwangyeah, thats it12:46
rmullalso known as "guess and check"12:46
RotwangI think I'll rename it to "fujitsu-ts debugging style"12:46
Rotwangwe are experiencing chronic failurs of one of our ram modules12:48
Rotwangin one of blade servers, serviceman was like 4 times already12:48
Rotwangand the issue never dissapeared12:48
Rotwangthey seem to replace random stuff and hope it works12:49
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tadzikRotwang: shotgun coding? (:12:53
Rotwangyeah, that is even better12:54
Rotwangalso carpet bombing sounds nice ;D12:56
tadzikcarpet patching12:57
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: cairo: updated to 1.12.1014:35
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joe9jaeger: what mail client do you use? mutt or just webmail?21:56
jaegerjoe9: thunderbird, mostly21:58
joe9ok, thanks.21:58
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Romsternew users all wanting mate to work?22:52
Romstersurely enabling EVDEV in kernel is enough...22:52
Romsterand it's a general Xorg issue not mate.22:53
Romstermaybe he updated everything and didn't recompile evdev and ketboard and mouse modules in xorg.22:53
prologicI just use gmail these days22:55
prologicyeah I don't quite get the fascination and issues I'm seeing with MATE22:55
prologicWe're not about to provide support for Gnome, KDE, MATE or even XFCE right?22:56
prologicInstall and configure yourself22:56
Romsterwe have xfce already22:58
Romsterand e1722:59
Romsteri dunno on kde status not used that in years22:59
Romsterand gnome is dead.22:59
Romsterit seems to me DEs start out OK then they change drastically and get bloated then users hate them and either fork them or go to some WM23:00
Romsteri prefer mix and match of programs on WM.23:00
diverseWell its not just the drastic changes, its rather how the developers themselves change and get weird all of a sudden, like with the gnome devs.23:01
diverseand with newer DEs, they are hard to trust because you are not sure how they will turn out in the future.23:04
diversepitillo: have you tried using the svn terminology?23:22
niklaswehello hey.... whats your name... *singing*23:36
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