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frinnstsuggestions for a low maintenance dns-recursor vm-appliance?02:31
frinnstor just install powerdns-recursor on some random system?02:32
frinnstunbound perhaps?02:37
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pitillodiverse: no, I haven't03:46
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diversepitillo: it seems they improved it quite a bit in the svn branch, it might be worth trying.04:38
pitilloI prefer to don't put hands on svn stuff currently. I'll move myself between stable releases, without mixing things in current e17 repo. I've being using svn/snapshots versions since long time ago and I prefer to keep maintaining stable ones04:46
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juefrinnst: unbound or deadwood, the later is the recursive part of maradns 206:29
juefrinnst: unbound is much more sophisticated, e.g. DNSSEC support06:31
frinnstyeah I installed unbound on an openbsd vm06:32
frinnstinstall and forget :)06:32
jueok :)06:34
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roelofHello, Finnaly crux working :)06:58
roelofI have two questions lefr06:58
roelof1) How can I change the menu in MATE. I only have now the terminal and a file browser avaible06:58
roelof2) If im looking for a package. How do I know in which repo to look ?06:59
tadzikroelof: as for 2), check
tadzikas for 1), I don't use MATE, but do you have any other apps installed? :)06:59
roelofyep, among firefox 1807:00
tadzikno idea then07:00
jaegerroelof: the menu looks for programs that install /usr/share/applications/<name>.desktop - firefox doesn't07:00
roelofjaeger  and I cannot change that or must I make then a firefox.desktop file07:01
jaegeryou can make/download one and put it into /usr/share/applications07:02
jaegerIt's possible there's even one in the firefox source07:03
roelofoke, thanks07:03
roelofand I found the package that I need nginx. Now hoping i can make it work with php07:04
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frinnstwtf, 45.3C in sydney?07:35
frinnsthow are you not melting?07:35
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grondinmhello people. I am trying to test crux in virtual box but i can;t get it to boot. Have installed with a GPT drive. 4 partitions sda1=boot sda2=bios_grub sda3=swap sda4=root. I'm sure the issue is not having the proper storage controller driver built in to my kernel i just con't figure out which one it is. When i boot i get this error Kernel Panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0).09:36
jaegergrondinm: which controller is selected in virtualbox?09:38
grondinmsata of type AHCI09:39
jaegerok, so you need at least CONFIG_EFI_PARTITION=y and CONFIG_SATA_AHCI=y in your kernel config as well as the proper filesystem09:39
grondinmi know i have EFI_PARTITION and i'm pretty sure of SATA_AHCI and i know i have ext2 and ext4 built in to kernel. let me check for the SATA config set09:40
grondinmyes it is set09:42
jaegerhow about CONFIG_BLK_DEV_SD=y ?09:42
grondinmit is set as module i will change that now09:43
grondinmthat is propably all it is eh?09:44
jaegerpossibly, yeah09:44
grondinmlets see09:44
jaegerAFK for a while, work09:45
grondinmno problem. thank you that was it.09:45
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cruxbot[xorg.git/2.8]: libdrm: update to 2.4.4110:32
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.8]: xorg-libxi: update to 2.4.4110:32
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tilmansteam beta port anyone? ;)12:04
tadzikthat's on my todo :) But I'm waiting for 3.0 to migrate to CRUX, so... ;)12:08
jaegerI made one but it's a quick hack job and not polished at all12:11
tilmanactually for starters even a pulseaudio port would help me12:11
jaegertilman: some of the deps here for multilib, should be easy to adapt:
tilmangreat, thanks12:12
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tadzikcrux 3 \o/12:49
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frinnsttopic needs updating :)13:02
tadzikno I have no excuse :)13:02
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tilmanjaeger, jue, frinnst: congrats, this is great to see <313:04
jaegerthanks :D13:05
juetilman: thank you :)13:08
juetilman: still using CRUX?13:08
tilmanjue: you need to ask? ;D13:09
fireglowCongratulations on the new release13:15
jaegerthanks :)13:17
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teK_yay folks14:59
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diverse3.0 Finally!16:00
diversecongrats to the dev team indeed!16:03
diverseThe topic should promote this exciting release, like concatenating with: "our first official x86-64 release after more than a 11 years!" or something like that.16:12
jaegerglad you're excited16:16
diversethanks, I have been waiting for this!16:25
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joe9any vim users around? I notice that on my system, when I close vim, it clears the terminal thus losing the previous shell history. Whereas, I do not see that behaviour with vi. Can you please let me know if you see the same behaviour too?19:06
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joe9i am trying to figure out if this is my rxvt version or has to do with vim.19:07
joe9i see the same behaviour in xterm and rxvt-unicode.19:10
prologicjoe9, you'd best ask in #vim19:30
prologicIt's unlikely anyone here would know the answer :)19:31
joe9prologic: i tried, but, could not get anywhere.19:32
prologicgoogle then :)19:32
joe9prologic: when you open and close vim, does it clear the terminal?19:32
prologicsorry but I've just never seen that behavior myself19:32
joe9prologic: tried that, even the mailing list.19:32
joe9prologic: when you open and close vim, it is the same behaviour as opening and closing vi, correct/19:33
prologicyeah confimred19:33
prologicno such behavior here19:33
prologicwell it doesn't clear my shell history at all19:33
joe9prologic: ok, thanks. i am building my own version of rxvt-unicode and vim. so, could be a screw-up by one of them.19:33
joe9prologic: what terminal do you use?19:35
prologicI use XFCE4's Terminal app19:36
joe9prologic: can you please do echo $TERM?19:36
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ROKO__god morgon!23:23
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