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niklaswegood morning01:13
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: ckermit: update source url/md5sum01:13
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: dcraw: update to 9.1701:13
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: ebtables: update to 2.0.10-401:13
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: firefox-djvu-plugin: remove port, which is practically useless01:13
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: bpython: update to 0.1201:13
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: acpid: update to 2.0.1701:13
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klrrjoin #cookiemonsters if you like cookies!01:46
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Romsterthe heck...02:06
klrrrunning on a raspberry pi :)02:07
Romsterah ok02:07
niklaswehas someone installing crux on rpi?02:10
juelennart: yes, 0.10 seems broken, cannot build newsbeuter with it because of missing header files etc.02:10
klrrniklaswe: nope02:10
klrrwell not me at least :p02:10
pitilloniklaswe: yes, we have 2.8 ready for it thanks to jaeger :)02:12
lennartjue: I see, thanks02:14
niklaswepitillo: nice :) I wondering if I should use crux-arm instead of raspbian..02:15
klrrpitillo: does crux run on rpi? :D02:15
pitilloniklaswe: it's another option, it could be used inside of raspbian too... there are some ways to run it02:16
pitilloklrr: yep... there is only one need... a big bag of patience :P02:17
juelennart: here's the fix form fedora -> , do you need 0.10 for some reason?02:19
lennartno, I don't need it. I was just wondering02:19
lennartI was packaging a json-c-32 and saw there's a newer version than 0.902:19
jueok, let's wait for 0.11 than02:20
niklaswepitillo: ah :) I will check installation instruction on crux-arm :)02:20
klrrokey, btw i idnt noticed 3.0 was released :p do i have to download the new image or can i just do "prt-get sysup"?02:21
pitilloniklaswe: it should be pretty easy, rpi's boot binaries and extracting the file system to a second partition02:22
niklaswepitillo: do you have asterisk pkgfile for crux-arm yet?02:24
pitillocurrent instructions are planed to use a media install similar to the one provided by CRUX iso (for 2.7). Current version in development is 2.8 and there aren't instructions yet as we need to fix the server02:24
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pitilloniklaswe: CRUX-ARM uses CRUX ports, then if there is a port for CRUX, it's there for CRUX-ARM too... some need some love (but asterisk builds right, not sure if it works as I never used asterisk in any arch)02:25
niklaswepitillo: ah, I will first setup crux on my rpi, thats the first step :)02:27
pitillogreat :)02:28
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tilmantreach \o/02:46
treachyay for me! :P02:47
treachhi, btw. :)02:47
Romsteromg treach is here, hey02:47
Romsteryou still on crux? or you converted to something else?02:48
treachwell.. I'm still on suse, but that might change. Thougth I'd see what you guys are up to these days. :)02:48
tilman64 bits revolution in crux land02:49
treachI noticed. That's part of what made me take a looksie. :)02:50
treachthat and the ongoing systemd, /usr and udev-whatever fiasco everywhere else. :/02:51
treachI guess systemd has as much chance of getting included in crux as in obsd. :>02:51
tilmanmaybe less02:53
Romsterlol systemd is bringing arch uses to crux02:53
treachI can imagine.02:53
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Romsterso quiet03:41
treach#crux weekends, same as they always were. :)03:42
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: exiftool: update to 9.1403:43
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: flup: remove port03:43
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: jedit: update to 5.0.003:43
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: convmv: new port03:43
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: ipsec-tools: update to 0.8.103:43
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: flup: remove port03:43
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: jedit: update to 5.0.003:43
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: convmv: new port03:43
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: ipsec-tools: update to 0.8.103:43
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: exiftool: update to 9.1403:43
Romsteri've been busy most weekends so i don't get to see much weekends now.03:46
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: psycopg2: update to 2.4.604:22
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: logrotate: update to 3.8.304:22
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: psycopg2: update to 2.4.604:22
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: logrotate: update to 3.8.304:22
RotwangRomster: what about fontforge port?04:23
Rotwangcould we do something so it doesn't do find /?04:23
Romsteris it a big issue it does build for me.04:27
Rotwangit does: find /04:28
Romsterwhy would it do that...04:28
RotwangI find it rather worrying04:28
Romsternot my fault... and i test everything in a chroot. but i'm looking now what other distros do with fontforge.04:29
RotwangRomster: sure it is not your fault that fontforge buildsystem people are retards04:29
Romsterdoes adding --without-freetype-src solve it?04:30
Rotwangdidn't try it04:31
Romsterwhy is everyone still at 2011 on fontforge...04:31
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tilmanRotwang: uh, ofc you could do something?05:05
tilmanRotwang: just patch configure?05:05
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: fontforge: include freetype source, thank you Rotwang05:09
tilmanwhy don't you understand how git comments work? with the summary and the details?05:10
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: fontforge: include freetype source, thank you Rotwang05:11
Romstergit commit -m "..."05:12
mike_kthe first line is like a summary/subject, and "-m" allows to set just this05:14
RomsterAt least I am spending time to commit. Sure I could do multiline commit messages but not needed in this case. And for the record why ask me a question now when you practically ignored everything I have said in the past. Show me how I should be doing it and I may change how I do that.05:15
RomsterLFS is using the freetype source on fontforge, so i've adjusted to that.05:16
mike_kI hardly remember multiline commits other than security/[notify] ones though. Probably not a well established tradition here05:17
linXeahi Romster, found your project HV linux yesterday. It sure does seem interesting. I will make sure to follow your progress :)05:17
RomsterlinXea, i have not touched it in practically years.05:18
frinnstyeah multi line commits are rarely used unless for security issues05:18
linXeareally ? I saw it was based on CRUX 2.4 .. so pretty old (same version I still use)05:18
Romsterbut i am still keen on trying runit itself again at some point. not resurrecting the entire hvl though.05:18
Romsteryou kidden me your on Crux 2.4 still.05:19
Romsterthat is mighty old.05:19
linXeawell, I dont really use that box very often .. got slackware 11.1 on the same one05:19
Romsteroh you typoed to 2.7?05:19
Romsterwell you can try it out if you like linXea but i don't offer any support. and you did read my notes above on runit.05:20
linXeawill replace the hardware soon and get the latest 3.0 instead.. Just need to get hardware that will run x86_6405:20
linXeaah, I will stick with Crux, but interesting project you "used to" work on05:20
Romsterwell 2.8 i686 wont be leaving that quickly.05:21
Romsterit'll be unofficially supported if enough interest is around.05:21
linXeaIntel P4 1.7ghz, 256mb ram.. time for hardware replacement05:21
treachprobably needs a new cpu-fan. Might want to grab a new pair of earplugs too.05:22
Rotwangtilman: I just reported issue to romster05:23
RomsterlinXea, i did some pretty crazy things to hvl. but it mostly worked. i do plan to rewrite some stuff again in another form from past experience. but i'm not gonna be messing up crux with my stuff. hvl i'll reserve for my experimental crux changes. but i'm lacking time to do any work on that let alone keep ports up2date.05:23
RomsterRotwang, and i just fixed it :)05:23
Romsteralso i read the backlog and got all the comments of all ports including that of boost forcing -O305:24
Romsteri was aware of that and decided to leave it as is. as the boost dev know better and c++ needs all the optimizing it can possibly get.05:25
RotwangRomster: yes I know, thank you I also know that I can patch configure05:25
Romsterbut if it's a real issue i can make CFLAGS override that for tilman.05:25
Romsteri'm only doing what i know, if you see me making mistakes show me the correct way. ok :)05:26
Romstertilman, for the record i'm not how i used to be. past is the past this is now. i like crux. i like to help out. so i am trying to help out. so help me out if there is anything i could do differently, that will help.05:28
Romsteryour busy with real life, no problem... real life comes first.05:29
RomsterI don't know what I need to do to make you happy. I'm just happy to be a part of crux. I'll look at the other ports mentions in my backlog during the week as time permits. it's getting late and i got work. g'night.05:37
frinnstgeez, relax people05:38
RomsterlinXea, joe9 anyone else if you do experiment with runit and get any bugs ironed out do let me know i'll gladly merge in fixes05:38
Romsteri am relaxed lol...05:38
Romsteri don't have a care in the world.05:38
frinnstgood :)05:38
linXeacool.. :) thank you05:38
Rotwangtilman: thank you for your very useful remark05:38
Romsteri have one ting to say stop comparing me to the old me.05:39
tilmanwtf? i just ok?05:39
tilmanlet it go?05:39
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Romsterdo you have a grudge with me still?05:39
Romsteroh ok your let it go question mark is also a statement aka !?05:40
Romsteri'm letting it go as of right now.05:40
Romsternow i'm going to bed g'night.05:41
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treachhigh voltage linux, I guess.06:51
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Rotwanghow is it going my crux friends?07:12
Rotwangsunday not sunny07:13
diversebut will monday be moony?07:15
Rotwangand tuesday tuesdy?07:19
diverseno, it will be marzy07:19
RotwangI think I'll start calling firefox crashfox or something similar07:20
Rotwangit crashes once every hour07:20
diverseYou don't get the joke? :P07:20
Rotwangdiverse: not really07:22
Rotwangmarzy like in march?07:22
diverseHint: look up Tuesday on wikipedia07:22
diverseBasically in English the days of the week are named after mostly from the Norse mythology gods which they also have their Roman god counterpart to refer to planets. So basically Tuesday is the day of Mars.07:27
diverseJust as Monday is the Moon day and Sunday is Sun day.07:28
RotwangI see07:28
Rotwangwhat is wednesday then?07:28
diverseMercury Day07:28
diverseI am pretty sure you can guess what Saturday is?07:30
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Rotwangone more random fact to impress my friends at work07:31
diverseits all there on wikipedia07:31
Rotwangreading bash documentation, I find some stuff that I've never thought exist07:36
Rotwang$ echo {1..10..2}07:36
Rotwang1 3 5 7 907:36
Rotwangsuper cool07:36
frinnstRotwang: just random crashes?07:59
frinnstruns very stable for me08:00
Rotwangfrinnst: not really, it happens when I try to access e.g.
Rotwangand some other random websites08:00
frinnstmight wanna test "firefox -safe" or disable some extensions08:01
RotwangI've disabled everything I could08:02
frinnsthm, not the right variable08:02
Rotwangit is not bad, I got used to it08:02
frinnstok :)08:02
Rotwangit is not first time when crashfox crashes on me often08:02
treachgoogle translate is phenomenal if you want to crash ff. :/08:05
joe9Romster: I could not figure out where the runit port source code is from the hvlinux site.08:07
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guzzan0Gstreamer it is a dependency of alsa lib? and it does not work without it (well, to me)08:14
frinnstwhat, alsa-lib doesnt work without gstreamer? or the other way around?08:15
guzzan0Alsa-lib doesnt work without gstreamer08:16
diversepitillo: are you going to reupload the e17 repo back?08:16
frinnstguzzan0: you probably had gstreamer installed and then some libs linked against it08:16
frinnstrun a revdep08:16
guzzan0I had not installed gstreamer, I thought it was a dependency in Pkgfile08:18
guzzan0Now I have it working, I thought the package is damaged, so I told08:19
diversefrinnst: revdep?08:19
frinnst# revdep08:19
frinnstprt-get fsearch revdep08:19
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pitillodiverse: the repo is always up on lokalix too (with last changes and cleaned) but it can be accesed by subversion if you need anything)08:43
Rotwangdoes e17 still exist?08:44
pitilloexists and it's in a stable release...08:46
Rotwangit is a dinosaur that can't escape its alpha stage08:46
Rotwangso it did escape [;08:46
Rotwangpitillo: so where is this repo?08:47
pitilloit did finally. Hosted on crux currently08:47
Rotwangcant find it :C08:48
pitilloit's not listed anymore08:48
pitillomay be it broke some systems and it's better to keep it far :P08:49
pitilloI need to upgrade my system and jails to 3.0 :)08:50
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: net-snmp: update to 5.7.208:52
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: net-snmp: update to 5.7.208:52
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juepitillo: e17 is still active but not listed by our portdb, see ->
juewill change the portdb to list e17/2.809:10
pitillojue: yeah, I was joking :)09:11
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niklaswepitillo: are you there? :)09:31
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pitilloniklaswe: yes09:36
niklaswein crux-arm kernel image have you forgot to enable Generic /dev/rtc emulation ?09:39
niklaswefor the hwclock?09:39
niklasweevery time the rpi reboot (or I reboot it ) the time is 1 jan 1970..09:39
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tilmandoes the rpi even *have* a hw clock?09:40
pitillonop :)09:40
tilmani guess that explains it :D09:40
niklaswetilman: yep =)09:41
niklaswepitillo: maybe you can help me then with another thing.. I cant build anything because the time.. checking whether build environment is sane... configure: error: newly created file is older than distributed files!09:42
niklasweCheck your system clock09:42
pitillodate --set :)09:42
niklaswepitillo: I have done that :)09:42
tilmanjust run rdate on startup?09:42
niklaswehaha but 2012 :P09:42
pitilloand it gaves the same problem?09:42
tilman /etc/rc.local etc etc09:42
pitilloyeah, that's better09:43
niklasweit 2013 :)09:43
niklaswety guys09:43
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cruxbot[opt-x86_64.git/2.8]: nvidia: update to 313.1810:32
niklaswetilman: new version of libconfig :)10:35
niklaswenew version is 1.4.9 ..10:35
tilmanjue: pkgexport (from prt-utils) is broken on 3.0. it sources /etc/pkgmk.conf without setting PKGMK_ARCH11:44
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pedjacongrats on a 3.0, devs :)13:07
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pedjadoes anyone else experience tearing with nvidia binary driver on a full HD monitor?13:10
pedjaor is my 8500 GT just too old to keep up?13:12
joe9is it crux policy to install /usr/share/doc/* files?13:18
joe9tadzik: ok, thanks.13:18
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rmullpedja: nvidia blob works fine for me, 9400GT16:18
pedjano tearing?16:19
pedjarmull: it looks like a problem with xfce compositor.hmm16:20
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joe9i am starting a tty using the command: exec /sbin/agetty 38400 tty8 linux, I can login to that terminal. but, cannot sudo in that terminal. I get the message: /dev/tty8: cannot get controlling tty: Operation not permitted18:28
joe9/dev/tty8: cannot set process group: Inappropriate ioctl for device18:28
joe9romster, jaeger: any thoughts, please.18:28
joe9 4418:31
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joe9Romster: you around?22:34
nogagplzyeah Romster where the hell are you lately22:35
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timcowchipthinking of installing crux 3.022:37
timcowchipdoes it have a desktop?22:38
timcowchipthat I can install22:38
joe9timcowchip: do you need one? I start xmonad startx22:40
timcowchipxmonad is in the intalled packages?22:41
joe9i install ghc from the installed ports.22:41
joe9and then, cabal update; cabal install xmonad xmonad-contrib xmobar ..22:42
joe9and so on. timcowchip22:42
timcowchipok like freebsd then22:42
joe9romster has a ghc port 7.4.122:42
joe9and i have a 7.6.122:43
timcowchipis openbox in anyone's ports?22:43
joe9prt-get fsearch openbox22:43
joe9or, crux ports browser at, I think.22:44
timcowchipok thanks22:44
timcowchipcan I install on a partition alongside other OS's?22:45
timcowchipI boot Arch, Slackware and Debian with grub22:45
tilmanopenbox is on the iso even (= you don't need a port)22:45
timcowchipits isohybrid so just dd it onto a usb?22:47
timcowchipI'm gonna try it22:47
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Romsteri'm home now eating dinner23:00
nogagplzno excuses23:03
nogagplzback to work23:03
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