IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2013-01-22

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Romsterso you want dedicated not some cloud VM?00:00
prologicI want to run proxmox ve on it00:00
Romsterhmm 500GB might be pricey, i'll see what i can find.00:01
prologicI'm not running a hypervisor on top of a hypervisor :)00:01
prologicwell 250GB hdd00:01
prologicdoesn't matter really00:01
Romsterlol that would not go down well.00:01
prologicthe crux containers frinnst and I created are only ~150MB00:01
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Romsteri've been meaning to move to openvz on hvlinux so i may use your container at some point.00:18
Romsterthough i arn't sure if i should, i might get far less hdd space as a result.00:18
Romsteri probably hog too much with distfiles as it is now.00:18
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prologicfar less hdd space?00:35
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timcowchipI tried to install 3.0 last night00:51
timcowchipI left the kernel menu as default00:52
timcowchipshould I have added a few things?00:52
bedisI usually let in modules the wifi driver and a few stuff like that00:53
bedisthat I may need to unload/reload00:53
prologicI was going to say it's entirely dependent on your hw00:53
prologicand fs choice00:53
bedisotherwise, everything is compiled within the kernel00:53
timcowchipI chose ext400:54
timcowchipdo I need to add it in the menu?00:54
timcowchipI wish there was more documentation00:56
timcowchipother than pressing "?"  during the install00:56
timcowchipit didn't boot make all00:57
timcowchipafter mke all00:57
timcowchipI don't use wifi00:58
bedistimcowchip: compile ext4 in the driver00:58
bedisyou must have a star (*) in the column00:59
timcowchipok its not there by default00:59
bedisif you have a M, it means it will be compiled as a module00:59
timcowchipso ext4 is not compiled as a module, but is a driver?01:00
bediscompiled in01:02
timcowchipcan I use my old grub to boot it?01:02
bedisdirectly inside the kernel01:03
timcowchipok (*)01:03
timcowchipinput devices already there?01:03
timcowchipI'll look closer this time01:04
timcowchipI've got grub on /dev/sda from my debian install01:05
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timcowchipcan I just update-grub to find crux?01:05
timcowchipos-prober finds it if I mount first01:06
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joacimfrinnst: it is rough to get up this early03:06
frinnstive been up for quite a while, just not really awake though :)03:11
frinnstwhy does ubuntu server insist on installing stuff like ntfs3-g?03:12
Romsteri dunno perhaps it thinks you'll want to access ntfs mounts.03:21
Romsterbecause ubuntu wants stuff to just work and ntfs3g isn't a big port.03:21
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frinnstyeah but on a headless *server*?04:59
diversewhy ubuntu server?05:10
Romsteris krb5 building for anyone else on crux 3.0 ?05:41
frinnstdiverse: 5 years of security updates05:47
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jaegerI use ubuntu server for most of my stuff here at work05:52
jaegerRomster: pkgutils can open plain tars now so the krb5 port needs a bit of an update05:54
bedisRomster: I remeber fighting with it last WE when upgrading05:58
bedisbut can't remember how I won the fight....05:58
jaegerline 14 needs to be removed, that's all06:00
Romsterwhy is it tarballed twice O_O06:01
jaegerprobably for signing06:01
Romsteranyways that fixed it.06:01
jaegerthough they could have signed the first one06:01
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Romsteryeah it's already got a tar.gz in side of it.06:02
jaegerIt was just a guess, ask upstream if you want to know for sure :)06:02
Romsternot too fussed, just seems odd.06:03
Romsteri must of missed the last update i thought the bump was just the arch variable change.06:04
Romsterplaying it safe testing all ports in a chroot before up update my pc.06:04
jaegerI was going to mention one to you yesterday and forgot, damn06:06
jaegerit had extra v4l stuff in its footprint06:06
Romstersomething in contrib? i'll probably find it shortly.06:08
jaegerIt's gegl, already searched06:08
jaegerthat's teK_'s, though, so I might have another one06:08
jaegerSorry for the noise06:09
Romsterteks port <<06:09
jaegeryeah, way ahead of you :)06:09
Romsterlittle slow here06:09
jaegerI'd be lying if I said I didn't have my slow moments06:10
jaegerlots of them06:10
Romsteri really haven't been keeping as close an eye on ports as i would like too. due to time restraints.06:10
Romsterconfigure: error: X development libraries not found06:11
Romster=======> ERROR: Building '/var/ports/packages/at-spi2-core#2.6.2-2.pkg.tar.gz' failed.06:11
Romsterah well easy fix for the moment.06:11
Romsterfrinnst, i believe that's your port can't test what xorg dep exactly atm06:11
Romsterjaeger, work went from quiet until November and it hasn't stopped this month either. More work than I can keep up with.06:14
Romsteralso it's hard for me to remember what i did 10 minutes ago when i multitask like 10 things at the same time.06:14
Romsterso end of day i feel brain dead and not with it.06:14
jaegertake notes, it helps :) I do a lot of that when I'm multitasking06:14
Romsteri try too.06:15
jaegerargh... I hate moving data between NAS devices when I don't have real low level access to them06:15
jaegergotta move 57.6TB06:15
jaegerer, pardon me, 52TB06:15
jaegerboth devices run solaris and ZFS, wish I could just use ZFS send/receive but it has an "appliance kit" thing on top of the OS06:16
Romsterthat's alot of data.06:16
Romsterand isn't it TiB now.06:17
jaegertechnically I know how to get access to the command line but they won't support us if I do that06:17
Romsterso use a pc that has access to both and mv  one mount point to another?06:18
Romsteri really haven't got into the huge data center stuff.06:18
jaegerthat's what I have to do and it's horribly inefficient06:18
Romstersans and fibre chanels and multi-path stuff.06:18
Romsternot got 10gig on that pc?06:19
Romster1-gigabit lan that is.06:19
Romstererr sorry 10...06:20
Romsterafter 1am06:20
Romsterprobably take a few weeks still to move that amount of data.06:20
Romsteri'm doing yet another 1tb hdd recovery with ddrescue it's been stopping on me and all i can do is turn off the box turn back on so hdd resets and ata controler resets. and mount the log file disk and i made a script to use disk-by/id/.... so i can't stuff the order up if say sda and sdb and sdc swap spots on a restart.06:22
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sepencongrats for 3.0!!!06:23
sepenand many thanks!!06:23
Romsteri laready lost one custoemrs data due to disk swapping around after i turned off usb enclosure and back on and not realizing it didn't get the same letter again... and sdb destination disk somehow changed to sda06:24
Romsterthank frinnst jue and jaeger i didn't do alot.06:24
sepenI recently get a 64b capable computer, so now I'm installing it06:24
sepenI moved to another apartment, and nowadays I'm changing my ISP06:25
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sepento many changes but I think I'll be more active since now06:26
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sepenwhere is the irclog?06:26
Romsterhehe it moved.06:26
Romsterprologic, hey why do i only see thurdsays log on 03-01-201306:27
Romsterah it's my cached copy is stale..06:27
Romsterneed a last modified header.06:28
Romsterand a next page after x amount of days06:28
sepenour webpage then should be updated to this new place06:28
jaegerRomster: sorry, had someone come into my office and talk for a while06:29
jaegerit is 10GbE but it's still 52TB of data, heh06:29
Romsterthat's ok jaeger06:29
jaegertakes a long time06:29
Romsteri could imagine06:29
jaegerIt goes from NAS 1 to the SERVER back to NAS 2, so it's going both ways on the intermediate server06:29
jaegerand I'm using 2, actually. 1 windows for CIFS/SMB, 1 linux for NFS06:30
Romsterand that server probably does other stuff too.06:30
jaegerIt's my vsphere vcenter server so it's barely ever loaded06:30
jaegerthe linux one was sitting on a shelf until I put it back in the rack for this task06:31
jaegerooh, just had an idea I want to try06:32
jaegerthe appliance kit does use send/receive for remote replication but the replication snapshots are considered replicas, not normal projects and data shares06:32
jaegerI wonder if I could do a remote replication of the biggest project (37TB) and then convert it to a new local project on the target device06:32
jaegerMight end up being faster, might not06:33
jaegermight not work at all, heh06:33
Romsteri need to get more creative with partclone to read the NTFS to read the MFT and use that file with ddrescue to only rescue used sectors but, the issue is i need to figure where the MFT is and use ddresuce to try and recover that area first for partclone to use it.06:33
Romsteri'll probably need to email the partclone and ddresuce mailing lists for a possible way of doing that.06:34
jaegerdo you have a usb->sata dock or anything like it? I use one of those at work when I need to recover hard drives06:34
Romsteras full disk cloning is a pain if it's not that full.06:34
jaegerthat way if the bus gets hosed or something it's easier to reset, don't need to reset the machine most times06:34
Romsterwe do but i tend to use a dedicated pc for recovery06:34
Romsterand the hdd's have a habbit of locking up...06:34
jaegernot a big deal, then06:34
Romsterbut the main issue is it's hard to read the MFT area at times.06:35
Romsterbut ddrescue probably can...06:35
Romsterbut the MFT could be anywhere so i really need a partclone that can take advantage of ddrescue for reading the MFT area.06:35
Romsterand ddrescue hasn't got a library so it wont be integrated well into partclone...06:36
Romsteri think this idea i have wont work and i'll be forced to keep doing full disk ddrescue-ing06:36
Romsterata reset commands don't seem to reset a dead disk either only a power cycle seems to fix that...06:37
jaegercan depend on the chipset, too. AHCI chipsets handle that much better than sata_nv, for example. I've run into that recently06:38
Romsteruntil it decides to do that again, ddrescue keeps looking for sectors to read over the entire disk, and disk refuses to transfer any data.06:38
Romsterthee ar eolder socket 775 boards, one of which has that HPA bios bug any disk over 1TiB sometimes gets the HPA turned on. and i have to reset that.06:39
jaegerare they gigabyte boards?06:39
Romsteri haven't looked what chipset they are but i probably would have more luck on a newer pc.06:39
Romsteryeah they are.06:39
RomsterHPA is annoying but is easy turned off with hdparm06:40
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Romsteri was scratching my head when a 1TiB hdd turned up showing 32MiB06:41
Romsterthen i tired another same happend...06:41
Romsteri thought something must be going on then i re-remembered HPA06:41
frinnstRomster: ack06:42
Romsterthen found out those mobos's have the HPA BIOS bug but no firmware updates for them...06:42
Romsterwhen ever i get newer boards i'll be sure to throw those other two out.06:42
Romsterbut that's only a minor issue and easy to fix and it wont set it once it's unset. power has to be cycled after every HPA change.06:43
Romsterelse the hdd will refuse to change reported size.06:43
frinnstxorg-libx11 i think06:45
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Romsterthe joys of a computer shop... to be honest i don't think anyone else was doing ddrescue's until i got there. and they do take time to do.06:45
frinnstRomster: can you check if it works if you manually add that port? or I can do it in a couple of hours06:45
Romsterfinddeps will probably tell you frinnst06:45
frinnstit did06:45
frinnstim confident :)06:46
Romsteri'm installing everything i got on my system into a chroot. to make sure nothing is broken compile wise. before i update my system this coming weekend.06:46
Romsteri can retest later.06:46
frinnstme too, just thought if you were messing with it right now06:48
Romsterjue, gutenprint has a ton of missing file in it's footprint
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frinnstRomster: are you doing a depinst from a fresh core install? :)06:50
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Romsterbut a depinst of all ports i have on my system so i'd not be surprised of new files if any show up.06:51
Romsteri was not expecting missing files.06:52
Romsteriirc i need to update xine-lib as a few video drivers are missing in 64bit06:53
Romsterepdfview requires gtk dependency07:06
Romsterjsut after 2am i'm heading to bed gnight07:06
jueRomster: thanks, guess that is the library for the gtk user-interface, will have a look07:14
prologicRomster, yeash I've updated circuits.web's static dispatcher to do better cache controls - I'll update it on my server soon07:17
prologicsorry :)07:17
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klrrwhat pdf reader do you guys use? (i use mupdf)07:32
frinnstI used to use epdfview, but it sucks these days. not updated and buggy07:33
frinnstso yeah, mupdf :)07:33
jaegerI use chrome :)07:36
klrri thought chrome was spyware07:51
klrrsepen: lol?07:59
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joe9klrr: I use mupdf too.08:37
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: gnupg: add libpth as dependency, thanks tilman09:03
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: gnupg: add libpth as dependency, thanks tilman09:04
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: nfs-utils: build with libmount support to fix user-umount, FS#87909:23
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: gutenprint: disable gtk user-interface and gimp plugin explicit09:23
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: gutenprint-gimp: inital release09:23
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: gnupg: add libpth as dependency, thanks tilman09:24
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: nfs-utils: build with libmount support to fix user-umount, FS#87909:24
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: gutenprint: disable gtk user-interface and gimp plugin explicit09:24
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: gutenprint-gimp: inital release09:24
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: Merge branch '2.8' into 3.009:24
jaegerdamn it, the pci-express slot the 10GbE NIC is in is electrically only x409:25
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: at-spi2-core: added xorg-libx11 to dependencies09:35
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: epdfview: added gtk to dependencies09:35
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: pep8: new port10:30
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: vmtouch: new port10:30
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: pep8: new port10:30
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: vmtouch: new port10:30
klrrhow do i ignore md5sum missmatch with prt-get?10:53
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timcowchipI did it13:44
timcowchipI had to add nomodeset to grub13:45
timcowchipI guess I need to reinstall with the nouveau module?13:45
timcowchipthere's no documentation about users13:47
jaegercheck the useradd manpage, it's pretty simple to use13:47
timcowchipok thanks13:48
jaegernot sure what you mean about grub and nouveau13:48
timcowchipI've got an nvidia graphics card13:49
timcowchipblack screen at first boot13:49
nogagplzwhat is your graphics card13:49
timcowchipthen add "nomodeset" after "ro quiet"13:49
timcowchipgeforce 610013:50
timcowchipwith tv out13:50
timcowchipI usually install the prop driver13:50
jaegerif you're going to use the binary nvidia driver, remove nouveau from the kernel entirely13:50
jaegerthey don't play well together13:50
timcowchipI usually blacklist it13:51
timcowchipI don't mind nomodeset13:51
timcowchipit actually make the tv display clone the vga13:51
timcowchipcan't do that with nouveau13:52
timcowchipalso dhcp sample in /etc/rc.d/net didn't work13:53
timcowchipfrom the handbook13:53
jaegerin section 6.1.5?13:55
timcowchipyes that one13:56
timcowchip/sbin/ip addr add
jaegerthat's not dhcp, that's static13:57
timcowchipmeans all the 192.168.1.* up to 100?13:57
jaegerno, it means with a netmask of /24 (
timcowchipyou're right13:58
jaegerIf you want DHCP use the example below that one13:58
timcowchipthat's the one I used13:58
timcowchipI'm going back and forth between this chatroom and my daughter's tablet13:59
timcowchipit didn't work13:59
timcowchipI'll keep trying it14:00
jaegerwell, without more info like an error message or something I can't offer much help there. I will say for reference that I use dhcp here and it's working great14:01
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timcowchipI installed openbox and firefox and got the can't find server error when I typed Crux linux into google14:02
timcowchipI'll run firefox in a terminal14:03
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jaegertry also running '/sbin/ifconfig' to see if your interface got an address14:03
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timcowchipok thanks jaeger, I'll try that14:04
jaegerif it got one via dhcp /etc/resolv.conf should be automatically populated. if you used the static method instead, you'll need to configure /etc/resolv.conf manually to tell it where to find DNS servers14:04
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nicknickbahh. i cant seem to find an install guide for putting crux on a mac. though i do understand one needs elilo for the boot loader...suppose crux users are smart enough not to use macs lol14:47
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timcowchipifconfig can't find eth015:26
timcowchip/etc/resolv.conf not populated15:28
timcowchipJan 22 21:05:30 crux syslogd 1.5.0: restart.15:30
timcowchipJan 22 21:05:30 crux net: Cannot find device "eth0"15:30
timcowchipJan 22 21:05:30 crux net: Cannot find device "eth0"15:30
timcowchipJan 22 21:05:31 crux net: RTNETLINK answers: Network is unreachable15:30
timcowchipJan 22 21:25:34 crux dhcpcd[174]: version 5.6.6 starting15:31
timcowchipJan 22 21:25:34 crux dhcpcd[174]: no valid interfaces found15:31
timcowchipJan 22 21:25:35 crux dhcpcd[174]: no interfaces have a carrier15:31
timcowchiptransmit the message to the receiver hope for an answer someday15:35
timcowchiptimcowchip is blathering on crackware15:35
timcowchipwhy no eth0?15:42
timcowchipdo I need to disable wlan in kernel?15:43
diverseyou don't have the right driver enabled in the kernel15:50
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diverseand use lspci to find the right NIC model if you don't know it.15:53
timcowchipok thanks15:54
timcowchipEthernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8111/8168B PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet controller (rev 03)15:55
timcowchipany ideas on which driver it uses?15:57
diverseexplore in the make menuconfig and find the realtek drivers15:58
jaegerlooks like r816915:59
jaeger(I think)15:59
timcowchipI'll give that a try16:00
timcowchipthanks again16:00
diversejaeger: looks like it indeed16:03
diverseits the only gigabit ethernet option for realtek16:03
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jaegerthat makes it easy, heh16:07
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joe9tilman: lspci -k might help if you can get it boot with a livecd.16:23
joe9tilman: not for you, sorry.16:23
*** joe9 has quit IRC16:23
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timcowchipwhat was that realtek driver again, 8129?16:41
timcowchipRTL-8129/8130/8139 is already enabled16:44
timcowchipI'll enable Support for older boards RTL-8129/813916:45
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vee_sup guys, trying to get crux up on a virtual machine, and i keep getting a no boot medium found. im 100% sure i have built the sata controller and device drivers for the virtual machine...16:45
jaegerno boot medium sounds like a VM message, not a kernel message16:47
vee_yea, i figured.16:49
jaegerdid you change the boot settings in the VM's BIOS or something?16:52
vee_have noticed its using an ide instead of sata16:57
jaegermake sure the boot order in the VM BIOS looks ok and also, did you install the boot loader to the drive? grub or lilo, etc.17:01
vee_yes i have. i ran lilo, and it wrote it just fine.17:01
vee_created a new disk with a sata controller, now it wont find the disks at all o.O17:07
jaegerwhich VM software are you using?17:08
vee_virtual box17:09
jaegerI use virtualbox at work all the time, definitely works. you've got something funky in the VM config, I'd guess17:09
vee_virtual machine disk17:10
jaegerright, what? I don't know what you're asking17:12
vee_it asks if the system will be a virtual machine disk...17:13
jaegerif the system will be a virtual machine disk?17:13
vee_yes. not sure if its a virtual machine disk, virtual disk image, or virtual hard disk17:14
vee_thought it would be virtual machine disk, but that doesn't seem to find any disk at all17:14
jaegerIf you're asking about the disk format options, virtualbox supports all the ones it lists17:14
vee_seems like i selected the wrong type of disk option. thats why crux wouldn't find a hard disk.17:39
vee_now to get eth0 up hah17:39
jaegercrux doesn't care about the type, only the controller17:39
jaegersata, sas, ide, etc.17:40
vee_oh. it was the same controller the entire time... -shrugs-17:40
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vee_libpthreadstubs seems to have failed to build. cant  access the site it looks like18:21
prologicgoogle for the source18:23
prologicyou'll find a mirror of it somewhere18:23
prologicwhich reminds me18:23
prologicI was going to build a web service and publish it somewhere just for this18:23
vee_it might be virtualbox blocking access actually...18:23
prologicsomething that you can point /etc/pkgmk.conf to18:24
vee_prologic, that'd be awesome. :)18:25
prologicI know right :)18:25
prologicmaybe I'll try to build it tonight18:25
vee_someone should make a crux for dummies, that be cool too18:25
prologicdont' ask me tow write it :018:26
prologicit'll be one page long!18:26
vee_everything is failing to build. lol18:26
vee_leafpad, xterm, and xorg. and this stupid mac terminal thing wont alllow copy pasting haha18:26
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*** joacim has joined #crux18:27
prologicwhat version you running?18:33
prologicwe don't maintain ports older than 2.8 I think18:33
prologicmy desktop is 2.6 :/18:33
prologicso I'm screwed18:33
prologicand I can't upgrade anything without breaking and upgrading my toolchain :)18:33
vee_im on 3.0 --- master race!18:33
prologicso I'm just going to buy a new desktop soon!18:33
vee_buy me one too, please18:33
prologicwell I was going to setup crux in the cloud18:34
prologiccrux desktop that is18:34
vee_and how do you plan on doing that?18:34
prologicusing that very efficient X protocol18:34
prologiccan't remember the name off the top of my head now18:34
vee_well, are you going to have your own machine being used to store it in the cloud, or, buying some server space18:35
prologicserver space18:36
vee_sounds like an interesting idea. what will you be doing with it?18:37
prologicno I just want to do it to see if I can :)18:43
vee_i wanted to see if it would be possible to get oh...20 rpi's and set them up in a cluster. aside from getting the rpi's wouldn't even know how to begin, but i assume its possible.18:51
prologicit is19:07
prologicthere's an arm crux project/port19:08
prologicforget who maintains that19:08
prologicI believe they lurk around here :)19:08
prologicbut that's all you'd need really19:08
prologicthen some kind of clustering software19:08
prologiceg: zeromq19:08
prologicor even (if you're bold) circuits :)19:08
prologicroll your own19:08
vee_wonder how many arm processors = one i719:10
prologicdo the math? :)19:11
vee_my math is based on guesstimation. ima say 2019:12
prologicno really do the math :)19:13
prologicwork out the bogomips of an Intel Core i7 of your choosing19:13
prologicand the bogomips of the arm processors used in the rpis19:13
vee_never even heard of bogomips lol19:14
vee_anyways, its more so around 10.19:14
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*** timcowchip has joined #crux19:44
timcowchipusing chatzilla in firefox just to check in from my new crux install19:44
timcowchipIt was RTL-8169 that finally worked19:46
timcowchipeven though my nic is listed as RTL-816819:46
timcowchipthanks again to everyone for the help19:47
timcowchippkgadd xchat?19:48
*** timcowchip has quit IRC19:52
*** godane has joined #crux20:48
godanehey everyone20:48
*** nthwyatt has quit IRC20:49
godanei'm just want to know if crux can be compile from scrach20:52
prologicwe do it all the time20:57
*** joe9 has joined #crux21:09
joe9jaeger: can you run a sudo command from your agetty terminal?21:13
joe9I am using runit to start my agettys. For some reason, when I login thru a agetty and use sudo, it says "no tty present and no askpass program specified".21:13
joe9I do not recall if this issue was there before or if it surfaced from runit.21:13
joe9can anyone please check?21:14
joe9I tried the requiretty in /etc/sudoers file, but, it is not helping.21:14
godaneprologic: how would it be done on crux?21:14
godanecause i'm looking at sort of build a source dvd21:14
joe9jaeger: got it.21:19
joe9sudo requires both !requiretty and visiblepw set to work from agetty.21:19
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*** mike_k has joined #crux22:29
niklaswemaybe its time to upgrade to 3.022:32
*** chris_ has joined #crux23:03
chris_good morning?23:03
chris_can't build spacefm23:05
chris_built xchat ok23:07
chris_and startup-notification23:08
*** systemd_suxX has joined #crux23:33
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: bluez: Updated to 4.10123:53
*** pitman has joined #crux23:53

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