IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2013-01-23

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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: wv: Dropped00:21
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prologicgodane, look at our iso repo00:51
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frinnstnice. apache processes on an ubuntu server keeps consuming memory until oom01:00
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diversefrinnst: yay!01:01
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frinnstpiece of shit adfasd01:02
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frinnstalso, piece of shit ukranian dialup isp .)01:03
diversei know, right?01:03
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diverseyay, more ukranian spamming!!01:07
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frinnstI dont have op :/01:15
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diversefrinnst: you should earn it01:15
diverse*should have01:16
diversejaeger: frinnst deserves op privileges01:17
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frinnstI dont really care usually01:20
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frinnstbut this is getting a bit silly :)01:21
pitilloare you identified frinnst?01:21
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pitillostrange then01:21
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frinnstprobably just that nobody has bothered setting it up. Cant blame them :)01:27
pitilloI thought your flags here were setup01:31
frinnsti've never had op here01:34
juegood morning01:42
juehere we are ;)01:43
diversecongrats frinnst!01:43
prologicRomster, did you find out about AU dedi hosting?01:46
juefrinnst: sorry, simply forgot it01:46
Romsterprologic, sorry was far to busy i'll try tomorrow.01:49
frinnstjue: heh, no worries. could care less :)01:49
Romsternow you can stop n_y_c01:49
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: chromium: removed krb5 dep01:50
pitilloI thought you were added to channel cflags some time ago frinnst01:51
pitillomorning jue01:51
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: chromium: removed krb5 dep01:52
niklaswestrange.. I friend to me has shell-account on a server.. and he has sshd into it.. but when i running "w" I cant see that he is logged in.. but I can see the connection..01:54
frinnstno tty?01:55
Romsterhmm not happy with grub2 i should try isohybrid or something01:57
Romstersyslinux that's the name i was trying to remember.01:58
frinnstaye, its pretty neat01:59
frinnsti use it at home01:59
frinnstclean and simple01:59
frinnst+ boots btrfs01:59
diverseits good huh?01:59
Romsterhas anyone got a simply way of removing grub2 and installing syslinux? i could probably work it out myself but if someone has done it already.02:01
jueRomster: no longer lilo? :(02:01
frinnstjust remove the files and install syslinux/extlinux instead?02:02
Romsteri could go back to lilo, i want something with UUID support without needing a intramfs02:02
frinnstRomster: you dd the /usr/share/syslinux/mbr.bin to the bootsector02:02
Romstersyslinux --directory /boot/syslinux/ --install /dev/sdX102:06
Romsteror something so i see.02:06
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frinnstyep. and if you boot btrfs, make sure you dont use compression - it wont boot a compressed-kernel :)02:13
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Romsteron ext4 so that wont be a problem.02:15
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Romsterdd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdc bs=446 count=102:35
Romsterdd if=/usr/share/syslinux/mbr.bin of=/dev/sdc02:35
Romsternext step02:35
Romsterextlinux --install /boot02:35
Romsterextlinux: cannot find device for path /boot02:35
Romsterextlinux: cannot open device (null)02:35
Romsterthen it says to make a /boot/extlinux.conf02:35
Romsteror should i be making a syslinux.cfg02:36
frinnstI use extlinux02:36
Romstercould you pastebin what you use?02:37
frinnstwhat doc are you using?02:37
frinnstcant, no access to it at the moment02:37
frinnsti did a extlinux --install /boot/syslinux iirc02:38
Romsteri glossed over
frinnsthave it all in /boot/syslinux02:38
Romsterso mkdir /boot/syslinux02:39
Romsteredit /boot/syslinux/extlinux.conf02:39
Romsterjust need to figure out how that syntax is.02:39
frinnst seems useful02:41
Romsterhopefully that is correct02:53
Romster# extlinux --install /boot/syslinux02:54
Romsterextlinux: cannot find device for path /boot/syslinux02:54
Romsterextlinux: cannot open device (null)02:54
Romsterthat worries me.02:54
frinnstyeah whats up with that?02:56
RomsterThe  installer is designed to be run on a mounted directory02:57
Romsteroh so the guide things /boot is it's own mount...02:58
Romsterwhile my / is my /boot mount...02:58
Romsterextlinux: cannot find device for path /02:59
Romsterextlinux: cannot open device (null)02:59
Romsteri'm stumped.02:59
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Romsterguess that's not needed since i did use dd before03:01
frinnstyes its needed03:12
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frinnstI would examine why you get that error03:12
frinnstscewed mtab or something?03:12
Romsterwhy would that be needed if i can dd the mbr...03:13
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Romster# mount /dev/sdc1 /boot03:14
Romster# mkdir /boot/extlinux03:14
Romster# extlinux --install /boot/extlinux03:15
Romster/boot/extlinux is device /dev/sdc103:15
Romsterstupid but worked.03:15
Romsterumount /boot03:15
systemd_suxXno 32bit support anymore? That is sad. you force people to go back to Arch :'(03:17
Romsterwe arn't forcinf anyone to goto arch and crux 2.8 32bit is still going to be around for a while.03:18
Romsterjust we are focused on 64bit the 64bit iso can run 32bit stuff too.03:18
Romsterhmm oh that's EXTLINUX setup03:19
RomsterSYSLINUX setup is simpiler...03:19
systemd_suxXRomster, with the release of 3.0 you can count 2.8 as outdated plus, there will be no further release that supports 32bit, that is what I would call a dead project, which is a pitty because I came from arch and got interessted in crux because of arch is no mor KISS introducing systemd and now I see 2.8 was that last crux release that support 32bit architecture...03:21
systemd_suxXyou can run 32bit onto of 64bit hardware but not vice versa, so if I would have to make a desicison to support only one platform I would choose the one that is most compatible03:22
systemd_suxXwhich is 32bit03:22
Romster64bit hardware has been out for many years now practicly every system is 64bit capable.03:22
Romsterand the ones that arn't, we'll either get a folloing of 32bit port maintainers and/or some overlay on the crux-3.0 for 32bit compiles. just because it's not offical does not mean it wont happen or continue to be around.03:24
systemd_suxXRomster, still 64bit hardware can run32bit as well as 32bit hardware can. There is IMHO no real benefit for the avarage user to switch to 64bit, and a distribution like crux due to it's KISS may be more attractive for older hardware where the system could not cope with all the bloat of modern mainstream disributions...03:26
Romsterof course tat's why we have now got 64bit multilib03:27
tadziksystemd_suxX: running 32-bit OS on 64-bit hardware is simply a waste of resources03:28
Romsterwhy could you not bring this shit up before we plan 3.0.... 64bit is here to say 332bit hardware is phasing out03:28
Romsterother distros have got 64bit for years and we just got offical 64bit.03:29
tadzikalso, I'd say that "older hardware" is less likely to be used to compile everything instead of using binary packages03:29
Romsterif there is a community for 32bit it'll exist still much like crux ppc and crux arm exists as unofficial flavours.03:29
juesystemd_suxX: don't worry too much, I'm intersted in some kind of 32bit support as well, because I have a nice, old laptop with a Pentium M here ..03:29
systemd_suxXRomster, the point is this will not run on 32bit hardware, so it doesn't matter if you support 32bit apps running onto of your 64bit OS, if 64bit has no benefit for you better run 32bit OS on your 64bit capable hardware, if you need 64bit OS for some reason, then what's the point of running 32bit application onto of the 64bit OS?03:30
Romsterinstead of complaining why not join the 32bit community systemd_suxX ? and isn't it about time you stop using that ridicules immature nickname?03:30
Romstersystemd_suxX, crux-2.8 will be around for a long time yet.03:30
Romsterhave you not heard of community involvement of those that are still forced to use 32bit.03:31
Romsterto collaborate and keep a 32bit flavour of crux alive... much like ppc and arm is for crux.03:31
Romsteri still got some 32bit boxes around but the majority i have are 64bit capable...03:32
Romsterso i may even keep maintaining 32bit as well as the now current 64bit.03:32
Romsterjust because 64bit is now out don't mean 32bit is gonna stop right away...03:33
Romsterwe had a i586 flavour until the last couple of years03:33
cruxbot[core.git/2.8]: e2fsprogs: update to 1.42.703:36
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cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: e2fsprogs: update to 1.42.703:37
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: Merge branch '2.8' into 3.003:37
Romsterif he is gonna be like that then he can leave.03:38
Romsterthis extlinux is annoying me now.03:38
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.8]: xorg-xsetroot: update to 1.1.103:46
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.8]: mesa3d: update to 9.0.203:46
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xsetroot: update to 1.1.103:53
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: mesa3d: update to 9.0.203:53
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: Merge branch '2.8' into 3.003:53
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prologicI have ports of Python 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3 in my ports collection06:30
prologicjust updated tonight06:30
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joe9romster, maybe a bit late. but, checkout my port syslinux-git06:43
klrrhmm, what do you guys think about the new "mega"?06:44
joe9Romster: btw, #syslinux folks are very helpful.06:48
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: grub2: fixed unfinished font installation06:49
prologicklrr, not interested06:51
jaegerno idea what it is06:51
prologica good place to store files in the cloud from prying eyes06:52
prologicis all you need to know :)06:53
Romsterwhat mega oh that file sharing site....06:55
Romstertoo much hype over it...06:55
Romsterhe draws unwanted attention06:55
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Romsterand changing his name to kim dotcom is crazy06:56
prologickeep your dirty business to yourself :)06:56
prologicI should change mine to James Python06:56
klrrwell, he's rich as hell and fight copyright abuse, sounds good to me as long he doesnt abuse it like his enemies07:00
prologicahh yes07:01
prologicbut as we all know07:01
prologicmoney corrupts all evil07:01
Romsteri dunno, i can't see anything good come of that.07:01
prologicso I have no hopes07:01
prologicme neither07:02
Romsteri guess his moto is to bertter burn out than to fade away07:02
prologicproblem is he's fighting against a system he can never hope to win07:03
Romsterthat's how i see it too.07:05
Romsterhe probably could of got away with it if he did stuff a saner way07:06
Romsterit's the same with that wikileaks guy he is in the shits.07:06
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Romsterg'night all07:22
niklaswegood night..07:22
niklaswesweet dreams..07:23
Romsteri'll try to after the computer fight i just had. :D07:24
frinnstkim is a crook07:28
frinnsti had dealings with him in -98 or something07:28
frinnstwhen he was called "kimble"07:28
frinnsttoo bad all the pics he had on are gone07:29
frinnstbecause they were hilarious07:30
frinnsthim posing with "his super model wife" etc07:30
frinnst maybe07:31
klrrhehe okey07:32
klrr"KIMBLE rulez" xD07:33
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diversefrinnst: it looks like syslinux is the way to go?09:33
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frinnstfor what?09:59
frinnstits nice, lilo is nice too - but a bit limited09:59
diversewell I kind of want to avoid the complexity of grub210:02
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chris_good morning10:03
nogagplzgrub2 isn't all that bad, set and forget10:04
frinnstgood mornin10:04
frinnstyeah, whatever floats your boat10:04
chris_i noticed a lot of the ports are kind of old10:05
nogagplzbuoyancy you'd think10:05
frinnstchris_: such as?10:05
chris_spacefm is 0.6.3 its 0.8.5 now10:05
diverseI am just looking it as an alternative, not sure if it gives the boat buoyancy.10:05
chris_and gst-base seems to be built against an older glibc10:06
frinnstchris_: that is a port from a private repo10:06
chris_spacefm is10:06
frinnstDISCLAIMER: the ports not belonging to the core, opt and xorg collections are provided by contributors; there is no guarantee or support by the CRUX team.10:07
chris_not gst-base10:07
frinnstyou mean opt/gstreamer ?10:08
chris_nevermnd its in contrib10:09
chris_can i make my own port?10:09
frinnstsure, why not10:09
chris_would it gate hosted?10:09
frinnstyou would need to find hosting yourself10:10
frinnstiirc, a few people host theirs on github. dunno how that work10:10
chris_if i use ./configure make make install to install something10:11
chris_it doesn't seem to satisfy the  deps of a port10:11
chris_why is that?10:12
frinnstchris_: check out the Pkgfiles in /usr/ports/ for examples how it all works10:12
frinnstim not sure i follow10:12
chris_I built menu-cache to satisfy libfm10:12
chris_didn't work10:12
frinnstif you manually install something (not with ports/pkgadd) prt-get will not find it10:13
frinnstif the build itself fails it might be because just ./configure make make install will installit in /usr/local10:13
frinnstafk, after-work-beer10:13
chris_will prt-get find it in /usr?10:14
jaegerprt-get won't know anything about it. If you install software into /usr manually it might be that other things will build properly that use it but prt-get itself will have no concept of that10:14
chris_so i'm pretty much left with whatever is in ports10:15
chris_and some of them won't work because they are old or broken10:16
jaegerIf you want to keep consistent, yes. You can always add your own ports, though, or contributed ones from the portdb in the topic10:16
jaegerIf they don't work, send an email or patch to the maintainer listed in the Pkgfile10:16
chris_how do i fix the footprint?10:16
jaegerafter the port builds you can run pkgmk -uf to update the footprint to match the package10:17
chris_if i use a newer version of the source in the Pkgfile?10:17
chris_cool i'll try that10:18
chris_drink one for me10:18
chris_i had to give up beer10:18
jaegernp. It's pretty easy to make ports, there are plenty already installed in core/opt/xorg to use as examples, and there's some info in the handbook about them, too10:18
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vee_when one chroots into their system during install, is it possible to start playing with chroot?11:32
vee_i mean prt-get. lol11:32
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bedisI'm using crux-3.0 and I'm trying 32 bits libraries11:34
bedisbut it always fails into ELF 64 bits libraries11:35
bedisgot it !!!!11:40
bedisexport CFLAGS="-m32"11:40
bedisexport CXXFLAGS="-m32"11:40
bedisexport LDFLAGS="-m32"11:40
bedisin /etc/pkgmk.conf11:40
bedisI missed the export :)11:40
bedisquick howto11:48
jaegerbedis: those are already in pkgmk.conf11:50
bedisnot in mine :/11:52
jaegerdid you upgrade or do a new install of 3.0?11:53
bedisI upgraded11:53
jaegeryou shoul definitely either run rejmerge or manually merge files in /var/lib/pkg/rejected, then11:54
bedisahah brilliant :)11:55
bedissorry, I'm a one month old crux user11:55
bedisand 2.8 to 3.0 is my first upgrade11:55
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chris_got gst-plugins-base installed12:50
chris_why can't i play mp3's?12:50
chris_got gst-plugins-ugly too12:50
chris_do i need lame?12:51
*** SiFuh has quit IRC12:51
jaegerdepends on what you want to use to play them, I guess12:52
jaegerif that program uses gstreamer or lame or whatever12:52
chris_neither work12:52
jaegernot familiar with either, personally, but if they use gstreamer and you added some gst libs you'll probably need to recompile the main app after adding the gst libs12:52
chris_i did the libs first12:53
chris_is there another music player?12:53
jaegerI use vlc, personally, but there are tons of them12:53
*** SiFuh has joined #crux12:54
frinnsti use audacious or mplayer usually12:54
chris_i'll try vlc12:54
jaegera quick look at arch linux's deadbeef package seems like it doesn't use gstreamer12:55
chris_oh ok12:55
jaegerlooks like libmad is the mp3 support lib12:55
chris_libmad ok12:55
chris_i maintain gpodder3 in AUR12:56
chris_and SBo12:56
chris_i noticed its not available for crux12:56
jaegerlooks like nogagplz has a deadbeef port for crux12:57
diversedeadbeef is a good one, if you are foobar2000 fan.12:57
nogagplzprobably wildly out of date though12:59
chris_if i build gpodder3 for crux i could host at
diversenogagplz: it is.12:59
chris_should i change the version in Pkgfile?13:00
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diverseWhy not? or ask nogagplz to update it for you.13:01
diverse0.5.6 is the latest13:02
nogagplzprobably try the other guys13:03
nogagplzI'll fix mine one of these months13:03
frinnstyeah, stay away from nogagplz's stuff. probably safest :D13:03
diverseyeah, his version can cook you breakfast or burn your house, so be careful.13:04
nogagplznot helping my self esteem guys13:05
chris_just installed libmad13:06
chris_guess i need to rebuild deadbeef13:06
*** sepen has joined #crux13:07
diversechris_: just take tsubasa's pkgfile and modify it to your liking.13:07
nogagplzI'd bet anything that this is romsters fault13:10
jaegeraussies are why we can't have nice things13:10
chris_is that because they're upside-down?13:11
*** sepen has quit IRC13:12
jaegerIt's because of all the terrible monsters that live there that want all mankind dead13:12
*** sepen has joined #crux13:12
*** sepen has quit IRC13:12
frinnsteverything in australia is designed to kill you13:14
diversejaeger: is this so called "monster" that Romster guy?13:15
tilmanjaeger: you mean drop bears? i thought those only wanted non-aussies dead :D13:15
jaegerI was thinking of the scorpions and things like that13:15
jaeger(disclaimer: I am making shit up, I know nothing)13:16
diversewe know you are joking13:16
tilmanfrinnst: koala bears?13:16
nogagplzthey aren't bears13:17
nogagplzmarsupials rather13:17
tilmandon't care, that's what they're called13:17
nogagplzdamn tourists ;P13:18
tilmanfirefox feels snappy on this machine13:18
tilmanmust be because it's kinda new13:18
nogagplzgive it 5 minutes13:18
jaegeryou must have 128GB RAM13:18
jaegerit'll take about 3 days to piss that away :D13:18
tilmanremember phoenix?13:19
tilman"lean browser" blabla13:19
frinnsthaha yeah13:19
tilmantroll face13:19
nogagplzfrinnst, has its own section :P13:19
diverseI hope Mozilla can make a better browser with their new programming language13:20
*** SiFuh has quit IRC13:21
tilmanwhy the fuck don't 3.9 gig of disk space suffice to build this fucking browser?13:22
frinnstbecause it is an abomination13:22
*** vaddi has quit IRC13:22
frinnstchromium is worse though13:22
*** mike_k has quit IRC13:22
diversetilman: it means the browser has too much unwanted crap13:22
nogagplzbigger has to be better though13:23
nogagplzelse why bother putting so much stuff in13:23
diversenogagplz: yes, lets have one thing do everything like systemd13:23
*** SiFuh has joined #crux13:23
nogagplzcan't wait until systemd starts playing music and video13:24
diversenogagplz: it can even be your own boot loader!13:24
frinnst <- wtf13:24
nogagplzand it can have a tetris game to play during those horrible surprise fscks!13:24
frinnsttornados of fire13:24
tilmanmuy peculiar13:25
frinnstthe most lethal thing in sweden are wasps13:26
frinnstand drunk danes/finns13:26
tilmanwhat about moose(s?)?13:27
nogagplzwasp tornado vs fire tonado13:27
nogagplzthink I'd take the fire13:27
frinnstcar > moose13:27
nogagplzthat's more like breaking your arm punching out cthulhu though13:27
frinnstsweden, thats how13:29
rauzhi guys13:29
tilmani understood one word in that video \o/13:32
frinnstyour studies are paying off! :D13:32
tilmanthe local folkshogsskola is offering a beginner's svenskkurs in february tho13:41
tilmanif i learn enough to be able to insult swedes in dota i'll be a happy man13:41
*** Rotwang has joined #crux13:43
tilmani think i guess what the latter means13:43
tilmanwhy fittunge instead of fitta?13:44
chris_ok i rebuilt deadbeef-0.5.6 and still no sound13:45
chris_i can't hear youtube either13:46
tilmancan you play wave files with aplay?13:46
chris_just a moment13:47
tilmanthat should be step 113:51
tilmandon't bother with anything else until you have aplay working13:51
tilmannext i'd try mpg123 for mp3s13:51
frinnsttilman: unge = kid13:51
chris_Playing WAVE 'RunRudolphRun.wav' : Signed 16 bit Little Endian, Rate 44100 Hz, Stereo13:52
chris_but i can't hear it13:52
tilmanfrinnst: does 'suger kuk javla fittbarn' work?13:52
tilmanchris_: check your mixer settings (run alsamixer)13:52
frinnstalmost: sug kuk ...13:52
chris_already did13:52
chris_everything's cranked13:53
tilmanfrinnst: WTF I WAS JUST ASKING FOR HELP13:53
tilmanchris_: it might be muted though13:53
tilmanchris_: hit M13:53
tilmani gotta go13:53
tilmanfrinnst: thanks13:53
frinnstnp ;)13:53
chris_there's automute=disabled13:57
chris_do i need to be in audio group?13:58
*** Kaishi has joined #crux14:01
Rotwangchris_: look at teh permissions to teh audio device14:02
Rotwangif they are correct thou shalt configure alsamixer properly14:02
chris_how do i look at the device permissions?14:06
*** lasso has quit IRC14:07
Rotwanguse teh power of ls14:08
chris_ls /proc/asound/cards14:08
Rotwangls -al /dev/snd/14:09
chris_drwxr-xr-x  3 root root      220 Jan 23 19:41 .14:09
chris_drwxr-xr-x 14 root root     3300 Jan 23 19:42 ..14:09
chris_drwxr-xr-x  2 root root       60 Jan 23 19:41 by-path14:09
chris_crw-rw----  1 root audio 116,  7 Jan 23 19:41 controlC014:09
chris_crw-rw----  1 root audio 116,  6 Jan 23 19:41 hwC0D214:09
chris_crw-rw----  1 root audio 116,  5 Jan 23 19:41 pcmC0D0c14:09
chris_crw-rw----  1 root audio 116,  4 Jan 23 22:01 pcmC0D0p14:09
chris_crw-rw----  1 root audio 116,  3 Jan 23 19:41 pcmC0D1p14:09
chris_crw-rw----  1 root audio 116,  2 Jan 23 19:41 pcmC0D2c14:09
chris_crw-rw----  1 root audio 116,  1 Jan 23 19:41 seq14:09
chris_crw-rw----  1 root audio 116, 33 Jan 23 19:41 time14:10
Rotwangchris_: if your user is in audioi group and volume maxed out you should be able to hear a sound14:10
chris_ groups chris14:12
chris_disk wheel audio video cdrom users14:12
chris_no sound14:12
Rotwangchris_: alsamixer turn everything up14:12
Rotwangpres m on bars with MM14:13
Rotwangsee dmesg14:13
RotwangIf nothing shows up, I'd be expecting hardvare issues14:13
chris_my ears!14:14
chris_i did not know about MM14:14
chris_thank you:)14:15
chris_now i can build gpodder14:15
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chris_no polkit?14:47
*** n_y_c has quit IRC14:47
*** n_y_c has joined #crux14:49
chris_how does udisks build?14:50
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RotwangI kinda agree with that14:59
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rmullpedja: I'm having some image tearing issues, IIRC you had some a few days ago18:48
rmullMine are showing up on images in my web browser18:49
rmullnot all the time18:49
rmullbut at least a couple of times a day18:49
rmullI recently updated my nvidia blob, so it could be related18:51
pedjarmull: I disabled xfwm4 compositor, no more desktop effects but no more tearing, either18:51
rmullhmm, I just run a simple window manager with nothing fancy - how did you do that?18:51
rmullAlso, was your tearing on browser images like mine is? Mine isn't exactly tearing, it's more like corruption18:52
pedjayes, it was, with picture from tv tuner and mplayer, too18:53
pedjarmull: with latest nvidia, 313.18?18:56
*** n_y_c has quit IRC18:56
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*** timcowchip has joined #crux19:02
timcowchipno udisks?19:02
rmullpedja: Yep19:05
pedjasame here19:05
rmullI'll downgrade and see if it goes away19:06
pedjarmull: are you still on 2.8?19:06
rmull2.8 x86_6419:07
timcowchipi'll go away19:08
timcowchipyou don't have t downgrade19:08
rmulltimcowchip: You okay buddy?19:08
pedjarmull: there is a new release in 310 series, I'll push it later today, that might help.19:08
timcowchipnew release?19:09
pedjarmull: and then upgrade to 3.0, hopefully :)19:09
rmullpedja: I'm now running 310.19, I'll let you know if there are any issues when they come up19:11
rmullThanks for your attention19:11
pedjarmull: please do, its driving me nuts :)19:12
rmullActually, I still get the tearing19:12
rmullon, pretty immediately19:12
rmullI don't know if it's related but now I'm starting to doubt it19:12
*** chris_ has joined #crux19:14
pedjatry with the nv driver, if that fixes it, then you'll know19:14
pedjanv or whatever nvidia driver xorg has these days.nouvue?19:15
chris_i had to use 304 in arch 310 didn't work19:15
chris_geforce 610019:15
pedja310 does not support it, as you know, geforce 7 and up, iirc19:16
pedjaits 4 a.m here, so good night guys.19:17
chris_good mornig19:18
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timcowchipno polkit?19:40
*** timcowchip has quit IRC19:41
*** timcowchip has joined #crux19:42
*** pshevtsov has joined #crux19:50
fireglowu wot?20:01
timcowchipdo i vote?20:04
*** nthwyatt has joined #crux21:13
niklaswecan someone recomend a good wikie, some are simple to edit new packages..23:23
niklasweI mean there you dont need to write "html" stuff...23:23
pshevtsovniklaswe: werc or swerc even better :)23:32
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