IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2013-01-25

vee_last question if i may. do you know any ports that play with git?00:05
vee_i'd like to see an example of that00:06
frinnst <- as basic as they come00:11
prologicyou just do your usual git clone ...00:12
prologicin your Build() { ... } function00:12
frinnstyeah, like the one i just posted00:12
prologicthere are quite a few ports that use the latest git heads of some software00:12
vee_wouldn't know what o look for. just wanted a sample is all. thanks frinnst00:13
vee_so essentially git clone becomes the first command --____-- god was i on the wrong track00:14
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prologicpertty much00:17
prologicbuild() is just a simple function00:17
prologicthat builds the port into $PKG00:17
prologicthen pkgmk packages up $PKG into a binary pkgfile00:17
vee_looking at the arch premade stuff, it doesn't seem like it'll be too hard..00:23
prologica bunch of deletes00:23
prologicrenames for their variables00:24
prologicand voila00:24
prologicI've considered writing a simple tool that converts Arch's PKGBUILD files to CRUX' Pkgfile00:24
prologicif anyone is interested in this, I will write it00:24
vee_it'll make my life easier, so uhhh, can i count as someone? haha00:25
prologicif you can get another person interested00:27
prologicI'll write it :)00:27
prologicand publish it in my ports collection for all CRUXers00:27
vee_lol im sure others are.00:29
vee_anyway, im off for the night. good night.00:29
vee_thanks prologic :D00:29
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niklaswefrinnst: do you know how I can set ulimit core size to unlimited ?05:41
niklasweI mean so normal users can set it..05:41
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joe9sometimes my external usb boot stick is not being recognized on hot reboot. Is there anything I can do before rebooting to keep the disk from spinning down?05:51
joe9this is with the bootloader. "unrecognized disk message" from the bootloader.05:51
joe9any suggestions, please?05:52
jaegerNo idea here, sorry. Never seen that one.05:57
joe9jaeger: thanks.05:58
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diversefrinnst: wow...09:10
tilmanfrinnst: are you building firefox in a tmpfs? if so, what's the tmpfs' size?09:17
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hiatoHeya all, so I heard that 3.0 came out recently, but alas I cannot reach the site. Is there some known issue? resolves to for me and then just times out :/11:07
tilmanhiato: i can reach the server under that IP address :o11:08
hiatohmm, this is frustrating11:08
hiatotilman: fails to reach it too11:08
tilmanhiato: if all you need is a link to a mirror i can fix you up11:09
hiatobut this seems like a regional thing then, as they probably defer to local servers11:09
hiatotilman: yes please sir! :D11:09
hiatotilman: you are a gentlemen and a scholar11:09
hiatothank you [:11:10
tilman"The image is processed with isohybrid and is suitable for burning on a CD and putting on a USB drive."11:10
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vee______hello again everyone11:10
v33is the new 3.0 iso essentially a 64bit with a 32bit port installed?11:13
tilmanit's a 64 bit system that can also run 32 bit software11:14
v33ah. sweet. i guess its time to switch over lol11:16
hiatotilman: do you know if the release notes are mirrored anywhere? Also apparently the handbook has changed? The wayback machine's last archival was last year and google's cache is from the 16th, so I can't really find them :/11:20
hiatooh, wait, no the cache has the 3.0 handbook, just not release notes11:21
hiatook, my bad11:21
hiatoIt has everything :P11:21
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v33well, time to install11:35
v33if im not back in a few hours, you know sh*t went down.11:36
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timcowchipdo i need to open a port to use claws-mail?11:53
timcowchipit seems dead as in not connected11:54
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: git: ->
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: Initial consolidation of opt ports for CRUX 3.011:59
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: Merge branch '2.8' into 3.011:59
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: Merge branch '2.8' into 3.011:59
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: Merge branch '2.8' into 3.011:59
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: Merge branch '2.8' into 3.011:59
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timcowchipwhois bdfy?12:10
mike_ktimcowchip: I'd allow any outgoing connection and every established ones: iptables -A OUTPUT -j ACCEPT; iptables -A INPUT -m conntrack --ctstate RELATED,ESTABLISHED -j ACCEPT12:11
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mike_kbut if you have not set up iptables, everything should be 'open'. and mail client itself does not require any ports to listen for incoming connections.12:15
timcowchipthanks mike_k12:16
joe9_[14551.405829] warning: process `rdate' used the deprecated sysctl system call with 1.40. -- has anyone noticed this?12:25
teK_using ntpdate. so: no. ;>12:31
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semionoHello! Why CRUX has not ports GNOME desktop? Is this posible grab from Arch Linux? Anybody give me howto or ideas to get gnome with CRUX :)12:43
nogagplzdon't think anybody has done pkgfiles for gnome12:44
semionoI'm trying replace arch addres and ports -u but has bug )12:44
jaegerI used to maintain gnome packages years ago but there's no current set that I'm aware of12:45
semionoI hope that will be in future... please update this? thanks!12:47
semionoKDE not need)12:47
semionofrom wikipedia - 0_o12:48
nogagplzthat's one ancient kde12:49
semionoi would like an ancient gnome12:51
nogagplzdidn't somebody do mate for crux12:52
jaegerI don't care for gnome 3 so if anyone's going to do that it'll be someone else. :)12:54
jaegerIt's not updated for CRUX 3.0 yet, though12:54
nogagplzsounds like something semiono can get to work on12:54
prologicnogagplz, yeah you :)12:55
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nogagplzhe's the one who wants gnome though, let him have it :P12:55
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: Revert "[notify] libnl: update to 3.2.21"12:59
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: Revert "libnl: update to 3.2.19"12:59
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: Revert "[notify] libnl: update to 3.2.18"12:59
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: Revert "libnl: update to 3.2.17"12:59
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: Revert "libnl: update to 3.2.16"12:59
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tilmani've been running crux with the following in pkgadd.conf for at least a year:13:30
tilmanINSTALL         ^usr/lib/.*\.la$ NO13:30
tilmanworks nicely13:30
tilmanlots of warnings when pkgadd'ing stuff of course.13:31
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: Revert "wpa_supplicant: update to 2.0"13:32
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: Revert "wpa_supplicant: update for libnl version 3.2, thanks horrorStruck for the help"13:32
Rotwanginstead of "NO" should be "DO NOT WANT", would be funnier13:32
tilmanRotwang: might even work, if pkgadd just looks for the substring "NO" in there :)13:33
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: Revert "at-spi2-core: added xorg-libx11 to dependencies"13:48
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: Revert "at-spi2-core: fix for libexecdir"13:48
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: Revert "at-spi2-core, at-spi2-atk: new gtk3.6 dependencies"13:48
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: Revert "harfbuzz: updated footprint"13:52
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: Revert "harfbuzz: updated to 0.9.12"13:52
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: Revert "harfbuzz: updated to 0.9.11"13:52
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: Revert "harfbuzz: updated to 0.9.10"13:52
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: Revert "harfbuzz: updated to 0.9.9"13:52
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: Revert "harfbuzz: fixed footprint"13:52
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: Revert "harfbuzz: initial release"13:52
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: jre: revert merge from 3.013:54
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: jdk: revert merge from 3.013:54
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: Revert "gtk3: updated to 3.6.4"13:59
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: Revert "gtk3: updated to 3.6.3"13:59
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: Revert "gtk3: updated to 3.6.2"13:59
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: nspr: revert merge from 3.014:01
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: nvidia: revert merge from 3.014:01
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: pango: revert merge from 3.014:06
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: python: revert merge from 3.014:11
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: pangox-compar: revert merge from 3.014:12
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v33woot woot. having a backup kernel sure makes crux install easy14:14
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: valgrind: revert merge from 3.014:15
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: firefox-java-plugin: revert merge from 3.014:24
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: flash-player-plugin: revert merge from 3.014:24
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v33/out/release/obj/gen/webkit/CSSPropertynames.ccp had an error when compiling chromium14:38
v33wait, never mind, gperf isn't installed -____-14:38
teK_prt-get depinst ftw14:39
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: wine: revert merge from 3.014:40
v33i did do a depinst :P14:40
v33this happened last time too, gperf wasn't pulled in. now i gotta start over again14:40
teK_[x] you want to file a bug against chromium for sepen14:41
v33 if this was my pentium 4, i'd be somewhat mad. haha14:41
modemfirst time I installed it correctly :p14:43
*** timcowchip has joined #crux14:44
tilmanmodem: pop the champagne! ;D14:44
modemI remember CRUX was the first linux distro I ever heard of.14:45
modemwhen I was 11 years old14:45
modemtried like 6 times14:45
modemto install it :p14:45
teK_so now your what age? 13? :>14:45
modemall under vmware player on an intel atom.14:45
modemI know much more about linux now and can configure a kernel perfectly14:46
teK_intel atom and CRUX? I did this to myself and a friend of mine.. never _ever_ again14:46
modemBSD, mach, and linux.14:46
modemthe one that used mach was 4.3BSD-Reno14:47
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modemnmap isn't in the ports tree14:47
timcowchipi have crux on atom d51014:47
modemperhaps I can contribute it...?14:47
teK_modem: enable the contrib collection, it is. :)14:47
modemI tried it on an N27014:47
teK_I happen to maintain it :P14:48
modemyeah, because the maintainer doesn't accept into /opt14:48
modemcan you contribute nmap for it :p14:48
modemthat would be nice.14:48
teK_juste enable contrib.rsync in /etc/ports14:48
teK_you want this collection any way14:48
modemhow so?14:49
teK_it contains nmap14:49
modemsorry, installed crux like 30 minutes ago14:49
teK_any many other useful software14:49
timcowchipwill prt-get recognize packages that are part of the installation as deps or do they need to be installed from ports?14:49
teK_it checks in the portdb (i.e. for installed packages)14:50
timcowchipso no?14:50
frinnsteveything is "a port", including core14:50
teK_BUT if you have all dependencies already installed you can say prt-get install $SOFTWARE and it will not at deps at all14:50
frinnstthere is no separation of the base system and ports, like in bsd14:51
modemI have -march=native14:51
modemif I do pkgmk -d -i in /core, will it rebuild my system>14:51
frinnstpkgmk -d -u14:51
frinnstprt-get update -fr $(prt-get listinst) will rebuild eveything installed14:52
timcowchipports -u then pkgmk -d -u?14:52
frinnstyeah, or prt-get (better method)14:52
juemodem: pkgmk -d -u -r14:53
frinnstyeah -r obviously :)14:53
v33why would you want to rebuild the entire system O.O14:54
modemrecompiling :p14:54
modemv33, I set -march=native set in CFLAGS in /etc/ports.conf14:55
timcowchipi just want keep it updated14:55
v33ah. what clfags wehre you shooting for?14:55
modemlike going from crux 2.8 to 3.0 more easily, like keeping your CFLAGS settings14:55
modem-march=native is all I set14:56
v33i've played with a few cflag settings, and honestly, i could hardly tell the difference14:56
v33so why do some people over at gentoo have a trillion stuff set in their cflags?14:58
frinnstbecause they are stupid14:58
teK_because they can and they like drama14:58
tilmanmaybe because they want some of the stuff that's enabled by O3, but not all of it14:59
frinnstobligatory link:
v33i saw maybe a 5 second difference in compiling times while playing around with them, but honestly, it doesn't warrant much. -shrugs-14:59
teK_but, iirc, firefox would compile much faster on gentoo than on crux. BUT I think that's unrelated to the compile flags..15:00
v33i've only compiled chromium on crux and gentoo. they seem about the same. then again, i do get it going and leave so i dont have to see webkit's disgusting face15:01
joe9_for me firefox sped up once I added a few flags.15:10
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v33how come some of you use firefox as opposed to chromium? just personal preference, or...15:10
jaegerI still use CRUX on an atom machine, it's my HTPC (XBMC)15:11
v33do you compile on a seperate machine, then transfer it over to the atom machine, or...bare the long compiling times?15:13
jaegerI usually just build on the atom and do other things while it's going15:13
jaegerit's at least got a quad core 1.6GHz so it's not horrid15:13
*** n_y_c has joined #crux15:16
jaegerI haven't upgraded it to 3.0 yet, should do that15:17
v33oh man. i tried on the older single core atoms. the kernel alone took 20 mins15:18
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: wine: revert merge from 3.015:20
v33crux bot, stop reverting everything!15:27
v33nogagplz, please specify from where, as cruxbot does. YOU HAD ONE JOB. lol15:29
nogagplz[internic.commerical/master]: v33: revert to fetal state15:30
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busk32Hey guys, I've spent my evening "optimizing" my system. You know, cleaning out old crap and stuff like that. I've also changed a few programs to alternatives and I've come to wonder what you are using to manage your network connections? Wicd, NM, netcfg, manual or something else? Throw your recommandations!15:35
v33anyone used ratpoison tiling manager? feel like trying something new lol15:39
jaegerI used it a couple years ago, it's alright. I like i3 better15:39
jaegerbusk32: I'm lazy and do it manually15:39
jaegermight sound like more work but I rarely need to change settings15:40
v33doesn't having a static ip setup increase boot time because wicd doesn't have to call out for an ip?15:40
busk32v33, from which WM/DE are you coming?15:40
jaegerI would think it would decrease, not increase15:40
v33i mean decrease, sorry lol15:41
v33busk32 been using fluxbox for a long while. used openbox and awesomewm as well15:41
v33i3 eh? hope the config files aren't too much trouble to edit15:41
jaegerI use MATE mostly, though15:42
busk32Ah, so you know the concept of a tiling wm. While it's always fun to play around I wouldn't really recommend ratpoison, I enjoy dwm. Of course it's all personal preference so don't let me plant the wrong image in your head15:42
v33mate is like old school gnome, right?15:42
jaegerIt's similar to gnome 2, yes15:42
v33no browser to check it out yet. still waiting for chromium to finish up lol15:43
jaegeryou're not really missing anything, just a MATE desktop15:43
busk32Haha, I'm building webkit atm. It's taking forever...15:43
v33though i do occasionally lurk on your site, so i might have see it15:43
v33i am is mate a resource hog like gnome is?15:45
jaegerI can't really say, not running it on any weak hardware15:45
v33not on weak hardware myself, but, i've gotten use to ligthweight stuff. :P15:46
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modemAll I hear in here is that crux is slow on old hardware :p15:59
rmullmodem: Who said that?15:59
modemthat it's for powerful, performance optimized PCs.16:00
modema lot of people here.16:00
rmullI run crux on a 1GHz VIA CPU and an ARM computer. Runs fine for me.16:00
rmullMaybe you're referring to source-based distributions taking a long time to build software on slow PCs?16:01
v33i ran it on an old p4. just takes a while to compile, otherwise, its super light weight and fast16:03
*** tilman has quit IRC16:03
modemno, people were talking about crux.16:03
modemI know someone who ran gentoo on an i486...16:03
*** Rotwang has quit IRC16:03
v33there was an article i read on how someone managed to get crux working on a really really old laptop, and got it to boot in 25 seconds16:04
*** tire has joined #crux16:07
tirejust wanted to tell you that installation needs more than 1G disk space, since I'm trying to install it with 1G and I'm running out of space (as kvm guest)16:09
tirekernel sources alone count for more than 500M16:09
tirewell, that's all, I'll try tomorrow again with more disk space, but docs should reflect that ;). Nice distro btw16:10
*** tire has quit IRC16:11
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nogagplzcrux was pretty quick on a 333MHz g316:15
*** busk32 has quit IRC16:22
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cruxbot[xorg.git/2.8]: xorg-server: updated to 1.13.217:13
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-server: updated to 1.13.217:14
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: Merge branch '2.8' into 3.017:14
Romsterwhat the heck at all these reverts17:21
v33thats what i said!17:22
Romsterfunny how tilman goes off at me for a commit message and says nothing at the revert noise lol17:22
Romsteri don't think a merge is wise like that... would have to cherrypick17:23
teK_< AlanHungover> When a man talks nasty to a woman, it's sexual harassment. What is it when a woman talks nasty to a man? $3.99 a minute.17:24
Romsterlol frinnst17:26
frinnsti'll have to try it sometime :)17:26
Romsterhehe trust you to try that17:29
Romsterimpersonate a woman17:29
teK_we had this female chemistry student on #crux some tim eago17:31
teK_was that you frinnst?17:31
v33thats too bad ;)17:31
v33draw me like your french girls17:31
jaegerno wonder she's gone now :P17:38
*** v33 has quit IRC17:39
Romsteri nearly choked on my coffee, damn you.17:40
teK_crazy aussies, drinking coffee at night17:42
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: mesa3d-32: 9.0.1 -> 9.0.217:44
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: libpng-32: 1.5.13 -> 1.5.1417:44
Romsterwhat do ya mean night it's freeking nearly 1pm17:45
Romstermaybe night for you.17:45
Romstergit and timezones... teK_ you sure you had your coffee lol you must be really tired.17:46
teK_I went to bed at 2:30am17:47
teK_my girlfriend got up at 4am to READ17:47
frinnstwhy does one do that?17:47
teK_then I had to get up at 6:15 to celebrate my son's birthday17:47
teK_then I had to give a talk at my universirty at 9am instead of, as announced, at 4pm17:48
Romstermaybe can't sleep anymore?17:48
teK_she couldnt sleep anymore17:48
Romsteri've done that if i can't sleep any more17:48
teK_belive me its 2:50am here17:49
teK_I am going to be able to sleep17:49
frinnstno its not, its 2:4717:49
frinnststop lying17:49
teK_screw you17:49
teK_pesty norwegian17:49
frinnstWHAT DID YOU CALL ME17:49
Romster9a talk that was scheduled at 4pm and no one told you O_O17:49
frinnstnow you've REALLY stepped over the line17:50
teK_just don't call him schnitzel17:50
teK_Romster: I was told at 9am17:50
teK_'oh the first presenter got sick, you would be the last, mind switching?'17:50
Romsterwelp at least it got out of early so you could nap later on.17:51
teK_I mean my hair wasn't even dry as I just had left the shower a little earlier :>17:51
teK_so listen frinnst. I'm sorry. I really am.17:52
teK_I just easily confuse blondes, so thank god my gf isnt blond17:52
nogagplzpower mad operator17:52
nogagplzlets vacate17:52
teK_vacate > vaccinate17:53
RomsterLOL teK_ lets dye your g/f blond, should end well.17:56
Romsteri'm scared todo a ports -u now17:57
nogagplzdo it17:57
nogagplzelse I'll do it for you17:57
teK_Romster: black hair > *17:58
Romsteroh easily fixed bleach it first.17:58
Romstermight fall out though17:58
teK_so who am I to take advice about GFs from the internet17:59
teK_I better see to catch some sleep17:59
teK_so good night fellas17:59
Romsterthoguht be be fun if you confused your g/f for some other blond..18:00
teK_she wouldnt agree :P18:00
teK_< afk18:00
Romsterg'night teK_18:01
*** joe9 has joined #crux18:02
frinnsti fell asleep on the couch after work. so no sleep for me for a couple of more hours :(18:03
joe9what is stopping crux from just using the stable versions of all ports? such as glibc, etc? If that be the case, the crux release ceases to be a factor, correct?18:06
joe9something similar to gentoo, I presume.18:06
joe9jaeger: any thoughts, please?18:06
frinnstwe are using stable versions18:07
frinnstwe are just more agressive than most other distros18:07
joe9frinnst: then what is the need for having a crux release other than fresh installs?18:07
joe9frinnst: brb. sorry about that.18:07
frinnstI dont follow.. just keep the same toolchain forever? or what do you mean?18:08
Romsterout to lunch later18:09
joe9frinnst: if the toolchain is always on stable releases, then prt-get sysup keeps the system up-to-date, correct?18:13
joe9frinnst: why bother with releases?18:14
frinnstreleases are just to introduce majorish changes such as new toolchain and other changes that would break a live system18:14
frinnst3.0 for example introduced a couple of new dependencies for gtk3 for example18:15
joe9frinnst: ok, thanks. let me check the docs for the differences between 3.0 and 2.8 to understand.18:15
frinnstbut 2.8 and 3.0 are more or less identical18:16
joe9frinnst: can you please post  your pkgmk.conf, if you do not mind?18:18
joe9I am not sure if I rejected my pkgmk.conf18:18
joe9frinnst: i like the renice at the top. good idea.18:19
frinnstyep, i dont remember who suggested it18:20
*** ccssnet has quit IRC18:21
joe9frinnst: interesting to see this link: PKGMK_COMPRESSION_MODE="xz"
*** ccssnet has joined #crux18:22
jaegerwhat the fuck, debian? argghh18:25
jaegergot 2 drives with 3 partitions each in a raid1 mdadm device but at each reboot udev isn't creating any of sdb's partitions18:26
jaegerso all the arrays start with 1 drive18:26
joe9frinnst: wrong url: this one:
joe9is more relevant18:26
joe9PKGMK_DOWNLOAD="yes" -- what is the need for this?18:27
joe9i read that udev might be intricately linked to libsystem-*, Does that mean we have to install systemd too? any thoughts, please?18:43
joe9romster: would you mind checking out my runit port when you have a free minute?18:45
*** dkoby has joined #crux18:48
*** joacim has quit IRC18:48
*** joacim has joined #crux18:48
prologicgod I hope not18:49
prologicor someone will be forking udev18:49
joe9prologic: i read that the gentoo folks are doing so.18:50
prologicthey can kmsma18:50
jaegerthere are already 2 forks18:55
jaegerwe opted for running 182 for now and waiting to see what happens18:55
joe9jaeger: what about mdev?18:58
*** joe9 has quit IRC19:04
*** joe9 has joined #crux19:06
jaegerjoe9: I get the impression you don't settle on anything for long19:20
*** __mavrick61 has quit IRC19:40
*** __mavrick61 has joined #crux19:41
*** v33 has joined #crux19:56
v33hey prologic, what did you decide on that arch to crux Pkgfile thingie19:56
*** joe9 has quit IRC20:21
*** dkoby has quit IRC20:24
ccssnetsystemd sure is causing some mayhem20:27
ccssnetaround dev channels20:27
*** timcowchip has joined #crux20:27
timcowchipstill build qt20:29
timcowchippresent participle20:30
Romsterother than 3.0 is 64bit while 2.8 is 32bit20:30
timcowchipso 3.0 won't work for modem's N27020:30
Romstersystemd has to die... it's trying to do everyhting and that is not the unix/linux way20:33
Romsterone tool one job not one tool do everything.20:33
Romsterbest move would be to have a basic udev implementation in the kernel and do away with systemd.20:33
Romsterwho let those dicks in the kernel anyways... i blame red hat...20:34
timcowchiphow about adding udisks to opt?20:34
*** v33 has quit IRC20:34
Romsteryou made a port of it?20:34
timcowchipbdfy has one20:34
timcowchipi'm a noob20:35
timcowchipno ports yet20:35
Romsterwell crux is one of the simplest ports system.20:35
timcowchipi'm learning that20:35
Romsterhrmm i really dislike d-bus20:35
Romsterhal d-bus is a mess20:36
Romsterwhat exactly is udisks good for?20:36
Romster doens't mention much20:36
timcowchipsystemctl enable d-bus.service20:36
Romsteryeah i read that far but why and what for.20:37
timcowchipi thought i just made that up20:37
Romsteris this related to gnome virtual file system?20:37
timcowchipfirefox keeps crashing on me20:38
Romsterworks for me.20:38
timcowchipas soon as qt finishes, i'm going to build qupzilla20:38
Romsterrevdep your system?20:38
Romsterqt4 takes ages to compile.20:39
Romsterprt-get fsearch revdep20:39
timcowchipfor firefox?20:39
Romsterreports packages that have broken library links.20:39
Romsterperhaps you have a broken ldd link in some port.20:39
Romsteryou using any CFLAGS that might break stuff?20:39
timcowchipbash-4.2# prt-get fsearch revdep20:40
timcowchipFound in /usr/ports/opt/prt-utils:20:40
timcowchip  /usr/bin/revdep20:40
Romsteryeah prt-get depinst prt-utils20:40
timcowchipno CFLAGS20:40
Romsterprt-get update -fr `revdep`20:40
Romsteror you can do RD_VERBOSE=2 revdep |tee ~/revdep.log20:40
Romsterand view though that.20:40
Romstersme sthings like libreoffice and jre/jdk will always be reported as they are binary and there search paths are different. but any source based ports that are reported probably need rebuilding.20:41
Romsterthat happens after a number of sysups20:41
timcowchipshould i be doing this while qt is still building?20:43
Romsterno not advisable.20:43
Romsteryou can do a revdep to a log though if you like20:44
Romsterbear in mind it might report qt as broken if it checks qt4 while it's being installed.20:44
Romsterjoe9 bah where is he when i need him. very irritating he keeps leaving.20:45
Romsterif udisks goes in opt then i'd imagine polkit wouldn't be that far behind, i'd pass on that.20:48
*** dkoby has joined #crux20:50
jaegerthe entire utopia stack bullshit is a mess... it doesn't seem like udisks is any better20:50
Romsterthe fuck i cna't copy text off
Romstergoes all gobidy gook20:51
Romsteri blame some javascript for that.20:51
Romsterbesides there is dnotify or is it inotify it keeps changing.20:53
Romsterdbus should really be next to be nuked.20:53
Romsterif i block the site fro javascript i get crazy text like ti's encrypted.20:56
RomsterMnuajf~ ucmu m x~h{ nmf ph{dj{l x~afbxea~i~nmf20:56
Romsteri've seen alot ot tricks but this is new20:56
Romster<!-- testing geoip ssi for ads --> -_-20:57
Romsterweb sites are getting too smart.20:59
ccssnetRomster: it is certainly encrypted. i run noscript and encountered it right away21:53
ccssnetcool link though thanks21:53
Romsterhmm no sepen when i need him...21:54
ccssnethnhlkh{ ;??1 au rm~ mffjxfnhe ucmu21:56
ccssnettheres always a printer22:01
ccssnetwell, unless it prints encrypted also22:01
ccssnetin which case ill just call it evil22:01
Romsteryeah there would be a way of getting around that but wtf...22:03
Romster new bug for sepen.22:03
ccssneti got around it for you22:05
ccssneton that note, scribd is evil22:06
nogagplzyeah scribd is a piece of crap22:10
ccssnetthis is great22:13
Romsteroh smart just go to the main site not that ugly scribd one.22:22
Romsternice post ccssnet22:24
Romsterwe need  systemd hate tag on twitter or something.22:25
ccssnetfor example22:26
prologicsystemd is a pile of poo22:27
prologicto think they could combine udev with it is insane22:27
prologictalk about complexity22:27
ccssnetthis is what happens when people feel a position of power gives them rights ^22:28
prologican init system should do nothing more than look after the boot/startup process and starting processes22:28
prologicI'm also okay if it manages the processes and restarts them if they fail22:28
prologicyeah well22:28
prologicthey can kiss my shiny metal ass22:28
ccssnetthat must get cold22:28
prologicI would hope we (CRUX) would never be so stupid as to adopt such complex software as mainstream22:29
ccssnetand i dont even use crux :)22:29
prologicyou should :)22:29
prologicit's an awesome distro22:29
ccssnetbut i know it wouldnt do that22:29
prologicI use it everywhere literally22:29
ccssnetim really just interested in the crux build system22:29
Romsteri don't get is why don't everyone fight back and they haev to revert there shit?22:29
ccssnethavent had time to look into it yet but i was told i should22:30
prologicRomster, people the sytems systemd is being used on are full of ignorant people22:30
prologicArch and Gentoo22:30
prologicenough said22:30
prologicthey're systems where almost everything is done for you22:30
prologicignorance is bliss22:30
Romsterccssnet, are you that guy i was talking too about the other pkgutils and prt-get forks for another project?22:31
ccssnetehm, i can be if you continue rambling on it22:31
ccssnetbut no not in the past22:31
Romsteri would not think of gentoo being ignorant.22:31
Romsterconsidering gentoo is making a udev fork22:31
ccssnetRomster: the distro as a whole, no, but the new users generally always are22:32
Romsteri hate dumb users and i get dumb customers at work too sigh.22:32
ccssnetso what about the pkhutils and prt-get22:33
ccssnetand which other project?22:33
Romsterfu firefox i bookmark crap and now i can't find it. what's the point even.22:34
ccssnetfirefox has a bookmark manager22:34
prologicyeah Romster22:34
prologicI was talking about the ignorance of the user base22:34
prologicspeaking of pkgutils and prt-get22:35
prologicI was writing python versions of the crux pkgutils and prt-get22:35
prologicbut it wouldn't take much work to complete them22:35
prologicoh bite me :)22:35
prologicI'm a python dev22:35
prologicI also wanted it to be cross paltform and distro agnostic22:35
ccssnetive been trying to remove python from my necisary languages installed22:35
prologicyou really shouldn't22:36
ccssnethard to do since it seems everyone wants to use it all of a sudden22:36
prologicit's both very pwoerful and versatile22:36
prologicI write everything in Python :)22:36
prologiceven things I could write as Bash scripts but don't22:36
Romstersomeone was interested in pkgutils and prt-get for another project that came in here....i forget who and i can't find any god damn bookmarks thanks to firefox.22:36
Romsteri use firefoxes bookmark manager having 30,000 bookmarks does not help.22:37
ccssnetya i stick to bash for now22:37
Romsteri think it's time i create a new firefox profile...22:37
prologicsee this is where you'll loose a fight with me :)22:37
ccssnetRomster: ya i got that many also22:37
prologicbash is a terrible excuse for a programming language22:37
ccssneti think it fits a purpose well22:37
prologicit's about as good as powershell22:38
Romsteri'm sick of bash i've used it and i've aleays hit the limitations.22:38
prologicand even powershell is OO22:38
prologicit fits the purpose of command line22:38
prologicand batch processing of simple tasks22:38
ccssnetwhich is good enough22:38
prologicthe fact you can write gtk gui apps in bash is absurd22:38
Romsterperl python anything is better than bash22:38
prologicand totally insane22:38
ccssnetcan or cant?22:38
prologicno perl is a disgusting pile of crap22:38
prologicit's the most unreadable langauge22:38
prologicnext to C# maybe22:39
prologicit read like gibberish22:39
ccssnetwhich is another language id like to not require in my build system22:39
Romsterprologic, prt-get is C++ why write it in python?22:39
Romsterand putting python in core is ugh.22:39
prologicI wanted it for myself :)22:39
ccssnetbut since gnu/linux is random devs all over using whatever langs. perl/python sorta stick to my box for now22:39
prologicpkgutils (C) and prt-get (C++) are fine tools22:39
prologicI've often wanted to use CRUX's pkgutils for other systems like OSX, Debian, etc22:40
Romsterah well then it would be an advantage in python22:40
prologicof course :)22:41
prologicspeaking of which22:41
prologicirclogger_ is going well still :)22:41
prologic*touch wood*22:41
prologicnice work for <300loc22:41
prologicI wrote ite :)22:43
prologicin Python22:43
Romster for BSD not sure if that was hans or someone elses, looking though my bookmarks.22:45
Romsterusing circuits framework.22:45
prologic*nods* ofc22:45
prologicwhat else? :)22:45
Romsterprologic, you need to add a say 20 per a page forthe dates or even better make the thing look like a calender of links for every day, and a page per a month.22:46
ccssnetgood luck with that22:46
prologicI've setup CI (Continuous Integration - Build/Test) for circuits the last 2 days. We have circuits tested against Linux (for now) against py26, 27 31 32 33 and pypy22:46
prologicRomster, for that I would have to do something about the html generation22:47
prologicI just used a preexisting tool to do that22:47
prologicso not prepared to go to all that effort right now :)22:47
prologicbut it would be nice22:47
Romsterirclog2html doesn't do the index page though you do that22:49
prologicyou mean ?22:49
ccssnetspeaking of irc*22:49
prologicyeah it's just a directory listing22:49
ccssnetanyone got a generic url scraper for irc logs?22:49
prologicbut I have a scraper for urls in general22:49
ccssnetwould be usefull22:49
Romsteryou could make a table layout like blogs do for every month and link the day to that days irc log.22:50
prologicRomster, I'll think about it :)22:50
ccssnetServer not found22:50
Romsteri don't think that would be alot of effort prologic22:50
prologicyeah probably not22:52
prologicI'll see what I can do :)22:52
ccssnetthat site really doesnt load though22:52
prologicI said without the s :)22:53
ccssnetyea and i said same22:53
prologichg clone
prologiccd spyda && python install22:53
prologicspyda --help22:53
ccssnetwell, i suppose your just not running a web server then22:54
Romsterscrapy is a decent Python spider22:54
prologicyou serious?22:54
prologicwhat's wrong with your ISP's dns?22:54
ccssnetits comcast22:54
prologicuse that instead22:54
Romsteri have a port of that22:54
prologicRomster, my spyda tool it uber uber simple22:55
prologiccraps for urls and optionally dumps the content22:55
prologic<100 loc of Python22:55
Romstercan it grep out urls off sourceforge's javascript onwrite crap?22:55
prologicno it doesn't deal with javascript22:55
prologicbut it has pattern matching22:55
Romsterah your using my lxml i see.22:56
Romsterhmm so it can grep out sourceforge?22:56
prologicshould be able to22:56
prologicdon't see why not22:56
prologictry it :)22:56
Romstermight be easier than what i'm doing then. i'm about to do that.22:56
Romsterlxml rules22:56
ccssnetwell, spyda is not quite was i was asking for. but interesting anyway22:56
Romsterbut on it's own it's not enough22:57
prologicwhat does it lack for you?22:57
ccssneteh i can probably code something to my needs22:58
Romsterwell the spidring part of course. lxml parses ok but wont handle javascript i was poiking around on how i could possibly use webkit for the java parsing.22:58
ccssnetgoal is to scrape a local irc log for http:// links22:58
prologicand you need what exactly?22:58
ccssnetshouldnt be to hard22:58
Romstergrep will do that22:58
prologicccssnet, you can use spyda for that too22:58
Romstereeki need to bump my ports more often.22:59
ccssneteh, its nothing im doing now. just a thought in general. ill keep it in mind. and on disk22:59
prologiccd /path/to/irclogs22:59
prologiccrawl -a "http\:\/\/localhost.*" http://localhost:8000/22:59
prologicall your urls from all your irc logs23:00
Romsteringenious way of doing that23:00
prologicI'm going to do that on my own xchat logs just for fun23:01
Romsteranyways that's easy stuff. parsing urls from soruceforge lets see if spyda is smart enough.23:01
prologicI'm 99.999% sure it'll work perfectly :)23:01
Romsteri'm worried about the 0.0001%23:01
Romstererr 0.0001%23:01
Romsteroh god damn it 1 too amny zeros.23:01
ccssneto! another thing. it would be usefull to have a html file merge tool that removes duplicate links (think bookmarks)23:03
Romster no results next you'll tel me to us pipi to install it and mess up my neat pkgutils managed layout..23:03
prologicjust clone the repo23:05
prologicand run it locally23:05
prologicI have not published to pypi23:05
prologicspyda was developed for work :)23:05
prologicbut we do a lot of OSS stuff where I work23:05
Romsterlol k23:05
ccssneti got a firefox plugin that deals with duplicates though. just been lazy lately to do it23:06
Romsteri have that too23:06
prologicI've found 1700 urls so far in my logs23:10
prologictold ya it would work like a charm :)23:10
Romstergrepping urls is easy though23:11
Romsterchoosing what to follow and stuff is more fun23:11
prologiccircuits.web has used 8s of cpu time23:11
prologicthe cralwer23:11
prologicnearly 6ms23:12
prologicalmost 100% cpu most of the time23:12
prologicparsing is expensive :)23:12
Romsteroff a ssd?23:12
prologicthis is my shitty 6yr old desktop23:12
prologicAMD Sempron 240023:12
prologic7200 RPM 80GB HDD23:12
RomsterO_O thats small23:12
prologic2GB RAM23:13
prologicof some slow speed23:13
Romsteryou need a faster desktop23:13
prologicI need a new desktop that's for sure23:13
prologicnot necessarily a power horse though23:13
prologicspeaking of performance23:13
Romster18:12:25 up 1 day,  5:55,  1 user,  load average: 4.16, 4.11, 3.9823:14
Romstercompiling stuff23:14
prologicI was at some point going to write another web crawler in circuits using all the techniques from spyda23:14
prologicso it's all async, multi-process and potentially multi-node23:14
Romstersounds good.23:14
Romsteri need one that can read them nested urls that are obfuscated in javascript23:15
Romsterbeen looking around for a javascript parser23:15
prologictried spyda yet?23:15
Romsternot yet shortly.23:15
prologicahh well that's the thing23:15
prologicit won't handle javascript at all23:15
prologicyou need tou se a javascript wnegine23:15
prologicthings become very slow when/if you do that23:15
Romsteryeah been lookinga round not many options23:15
prologicvery few23:16
prologicyou need proper screen scraping for that23:16
Romsteri'd like to only use it where needed.23:16
prologiceg: selnenium based scraping23:16
prologicor similar23:16
Romsteryou up to the challenger?23:16
prologicwhat's your goal?23:16
Romsterbeen wondering if i can use webkt in someway for it's javascript engine.23:16
prologicnot webkit23:17
prologicor spidermonkey23:17
Romsterparse all file urls within some restrained range link depth23:17
Romsterglanced at spidermonkey it might work dunno.23:17
prologicspidermonkey is firefix's javascript engine23:18
prologicv8 is chrome/webkit's23:18
Romsterwhat i'm doing is this it's grossly crap still. and it misses every sourceforge url among others even googlecode too.23:18
Romsternot touched that mess of code in ages due to not having much creativity after work.23:19
prologicyeah ok23:19
prologicso what are you trying to do?23:20
Romstermake a spider that parses files and mirror sites off project sites. then i use that to give me a list of versions.23:20
Romsteri also want to be able to download a filteredlist of files limited to some number and discard the older versions at some level.23:21
Romsterlike keep only the last 5 versions of a file.23:21
Romsterand generate a metalink file of all the mirrors and my own discovered.23:22
Romstercurrently it's bash and i have a ton of regex for exploding the version number off the filename.23:22
prologicthe problem I see with this is you're trying to circumvent human behavior23:23
Romsterit's really over my experience level todo.23:23
prologicno two projects are alike in terms of where they publish files, how they name them, etc, etc23:23
Romsterspider for the download page.23:23
Romsteryeah it needs some form of intelligence to know what to look for.23:23
prologicmight be able to build something half decent23:24
prologicbut there will be edge cases23:24
Romsterit could look for url and source paths out of Pkgfiles.23:24
prologicwhat is your end goal though?23:24
prologicnot how you're trying to do it now23:24
prologicthink about what you want to achieve23:24
Romsteri've nearly perfected version splitting as you can see.23:24
prologicbecause there might be a simpler way :)23:24
Romsterend result is a few tools, one to keep a mirror of the last few versions of distfiles of each project. that can run as a cron job.23:25
Romstercan do versin bumping using sed and try to build the updated Pkgfile in a chroot.23:26
prologicok also reasonable23:26
prologicso two tools23:26
prologicanything else?23:26
Romsterwont work with all but it would half automate stuff. and leave the committing and fixing of broken Pkgfiles to the end user.23:26
Romstergenerate metalike files of the urls.23:26
prologichmm say again23:27
prologicwhat's the 3rd tool?23:27
prologicnow how you think it should be done :)23:27
prologicI want something that will do blah blah blah23:27
Romster1, keep last x version of disfiles. 2, (i can do the seding f pkgfiles and chroot building. 3, generate metalink files.23:28
Romsterthat point to my mirror and the projects mirrors.23:28
prologicI'm still confused on the 3rd tool/part23:28
prologicyou essentially want a web app that sources files from your local mirror and that of upstream?23:29
Romstergenerate metalink files from the found mirrors.23:29
prologicso you can point pkgmk.conf to?23:29
Romsterpretty much able ot use metalink files in source= for aria2 to use.23:29
Romsteroptional hack to pkgmk23:29
Romsterno more missing source files ever.23:30
prologicthat's what I thought23:30
prologicwell there's an even easier solution to that problem23:30
prologicone which I was going to build soon23:30
prologicmaybe tonight23:30
prologicpkgmk.conf can be configured to use a mirror right?23:30
Romster4 which is part of 1... check sums of files check signatures if file is invalid remove and warn, re-download good file retest23:31
Romsterit can use.23:31
Romsteri do that now23:31
prologicyeah well I was going to build a simple web service that you configure pkgmk.conf to use23:31
prologicwhich would listen for web requests of anything and everything23:32
prologiceither get the file in question if 200 OK23:32
prologicor do a google search for the file and download that instead23:32
prologicno more broken sources23:32
Romsteryeah that's an idea look for the sum of a file to find a mirror of it.23:32
Romsterbut i want to be able to parse the list of versions a project is offering.23:33
Romsterso i can use that to bump versions= and test in chroots etc. half automating stuff, i'm still working on the version rules to handle the majority of alpha beta dev rc's stuff.23:34
Romsterand use that verisn list to keep the last x amount of distfiles for each project.23:35
Romsterand it'll fix any silent file changes by periodically checking html headers sums signature files and testing.23:36
Romsterthat would also handle the annoying flash verison bumps that keep the same 11.6 version number than the 11.6.xxxx number.23:36
*** mike_k has joined #crux23:37
Romsterthat leads me to another feature for those files that don't have versions strings, save the file in a md5sum directory and symlink the most recent one to the main page.23:37
Romsterthat way i could grab<md5sum>/flash... and know that will not change in future until i do a Pkgfile bump to the more recent one. or that might be over the top and just redownloading the most recent changed source file and automatically bumping the Pkgfile or that when that event happens.23:39
Romsterit's pretty hard for me to keep shit simple lol... but i hope you gather my end result.23:39
Romsterbeing that i can barely program, i've often felt like hiring someone to do the work for me. but explaining it is too hard so i'm trying to make a working model as best as i can to show what it needs todo.23:41
Romsterthe string sorting for versions i'm wanting in libvs
Romsteri think i lost prologic in my monologue.23:45
Romsteroptionally kdb to report when a chroot build of a new port is done and if it failed or not. and to report when upstream has a new version out.23:50
Romsteroh and i forgot about the use f xdelta and/or rsync zsync for those low bandwidth users.23:51 is not loading hmm23:52
RomsterRead Error (104) Connection reset by peer Generated Sat, 26 Jan 2013 07:52:55 GMT by (Lusca/LUSCA_HEAD-r14809).23:55
Romsterfireglow, what are you upto?23:56
Romsterirclogger_, is still here so the host is not dead just the http side of it.23:57
fireglowhmm, not much, just doing some light browsing. You?23:58
Romsterlight browsing, listening to music23:59

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