IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2013-01-26

nogagplzspelled grinning wrong twice00:00
Romstercan't get into any coding, i'm still too burned out from work week00:00
Romsterbut i am doing port checking stuff though. it's mostly looking at it compile.00:01
Romster18:59:42 up 1 day,  6:42,  1 user,  load average: 4.61, 4.26, 4.0400:01
Romsteron a quadcore.00:01
Romsteri see no reason to push the number way past the 4 mark on a quadcore you gain nothing.00:02
Romsternogagplz, you may wanna bump your weechat port someone mentioned about it int he mailing list00:04
nogagplzit's always something00:05
Romsterhow do you think  feel when stuff randomly brakes due to some port bump making my ports look bad.00:05
*** vee_ has joined #crux00:06
nogagplzdo you have a link to what they said00:08
vee_why hello Romster00:14
nogagplzguess I'll look after doing more of emus for 300:14
Romsterk nogagplz00:15
Romsterhey vee00:15
vee_how do you do?00:15
Romsterthe same as usual.00:17
vee_hope the usual is good, then.00:18
Romsterit is 3 day weekend so it's a bit more relaxing00:18
vee_ah. lucky you lol00:20
Romsteraustralia day is today but we get monday off00:22
vee_ah. anything planned for that monday?00:23
Romsternope sweet bugger all00:28
vee_monday is gym day >.>00:28
Romsteryour gym day?00:30
nogagplzyou know getting ripped and muscle stuff00:31
vee_yep. plan on deadlifting 300 pounds. cant come if i dont. lol00:31
nogagplzisn't that a bit excessive00:31
vee_not really...00:31
vee_friends smaller than me, shorter than me, weighs less than me, and he could pull over 500 :/00:32
nogagplzwell you have my blessing so long as you split your pants trying00:32
Romsterhmm what is that in killograms00:32
nogagplzlike roughly 15000:33
nogagplzfor 300lbs00:33
vee_it almost a year since i started, and im not complaing about 300 :P00:33
Romstergeez is that arms lifting up or what?00:33
Romsteri can leg press that easily but lifting that with arms, bugger that.00:33
nogagplzI got to 203kg on the leg press but have hit the wall00:33
Romsteri can lift 60KG and carry that up 3 flights of stares00:34
vee_leg pressing isn't a true test of power if you ask me. but dead lift is legs and a bit of your back00:34
vee_i can squat almost 300 lb too lol00:34
mike_kcmon, cycling is the only real sport!00:35
vee_i use to moutain bike, does that count?00:35
nogagplzunicycles only00:35
mike_kvee_: me to infact ). So yeah, that counts!00:36
vee_oh man, i went back up the mountains recently after my whole gym transformation, and its a really different experience00:36
vee_i should make youtube videos, feature crux, and how it helped me through my journey, and acquire youtube monayz00:37
vee_also, it took me forever to figure out why i couldn't get dmenu working in dwm. apparently, dmenu wont work unless its installed. ---____>>00:38
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spaceninjahi, does the mysql opt port supports utf-8?00:48
spaceninjayes, manages to change the charset00:52
spaceninjahmm, there's no /usr/share/mysql/charsets/utf-8.xml file00:54
spaceninjaah, my bad, was trying set the charset to 'utf-8' in flask, but I should of typed 'utf8'01:09
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vee_so whats the "new" thermal compound everyone uses01:38
Romsterartic silver01:41
vee_been using as5, but, heard that ic diamond was better01:41
vee_rather read, not heard01:41
Romsterreally it's a degree or two different so unless your OC-ng it wont matter01:42
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timcowchipwithout udisks how does spacefm mount external?02:06
nogagplzdoes it support hal?02:07
timcowchipi don't really know02:07
timcowchipi believe udisks is required02:07
timcowchipi tried installing it02:08
nogagplzI tried wrestling with it once upon a time but never got anywhere02:09
nogagplzprobably somebody with some idea shoukld try :P02:09
timcowchipi get:02:10
timcowchipNo package 'polkit-gobject-1' found02:10
timcowchipso i installed polkit02:10
timcowchipno dice02:10
nogagplzdid you build polkit with gobject installed02:11
nogagplzthat was a suggestion, ie try it02:12
timcowchipis it pygobject?02:12
timcowchipor gobject-introspection?02:13
timcowchipthose are the only 2 ports02:13
tilmanread configure output from policykit02:13
tilmanand see if it says something about gobject02:13
timcowchipwhere is that stuff?02:14
timcowchipis there a /tmp configure.log?02:14
tilmanconfigure output is on stdout when you run prt-get install or fakeroot pkgmk ...02:15
timcowchipyou mean read it as it scrolls by02:15
timcowchipfakeroot, eh?02:15
tilmanyou realize you can redirect stdout, right?02:15
tilmanalso read man pkgmk about the -kw option02:15
timcowchipok thanks02:16
timcowchipshould i be using fakeroot with pkgmk?02:16
tilmandoesn't the handbook say so?02:16
tilmanoh goodie, it does02:17
timcowchipthere's no prebuilt packages, huh?02:18
timcowchiplike slackware02:18
timcowchipits just so time consuming to build everything plus deps02:20
timcowchipthe installation had prebuilt packages02:21
tilmandid you try that port?02:22
timcowchipbut prt-get is unaware of them02:22
*** crux has quit IRC02:22
Romsterthen add it to prt-get.conf02:27
timcowchipoh ok02:28
timcowchipfrom spacefm:02:28
timcowchipEnter the command to mount a device:02:28
timcowchip%v   device file ( eg /dev/sda5 )02:28
timcowchip%o volume-specific mount options02:28
timcowchipudevil:/usr/bin/udevil mount -o %o %v02:28
timcowchippmount:/usr/bin/pmount %v02:28
timcowchipUdisks2:/usr/bin/udisksctl mount -b %v -o %o02:28
timcowchipUdisks1:/usr/bin/udisks --mount %v --mount-options %o02:28
timcowchipLeave blank for auto-detection.02:28
timcowchipwhat do you think of udevil?02:30
tilmani know nothing02:30
timcowchip udevil can also replace udisks in the SpaceFM file manager and the devmon automounting daemon02:31
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timcowchipare you guys in Sweden?02:35
tilmanthe crux project is hosted in sweden02:36
tilmanand there are a few swedes in here02:36
timcowchipis it like 11am?02:37
timcowchip2:37am here in Oregon02:37
timcowchipi probably won't wake up till the crack of noon02:40
timcowchip9pm there02:40
timcowchipi'm on the Salix team with most of the members in Greece and France02:41
*** MadSkipjack_ has joined #crux02:41
timcowchipits hard to be awake at the same time02:42
timcowchipi package gpodder for Salix and Slackbuilds02:43
timcowchipi was going to try to make a gpodder port for Crux02:44
timcowchiphave to get external devices mounted to use gpodder's file transfer feature02:46
timcowchipmaybe i should try to make a udevil port first?02:47
Romsteri thought udevel was a joke on udev...02:48
Romstererr udevil02:48
Romsteroh looks ok though at the description but you can mount disks if you add the user option to fstab.02:50
timcowchipon the usb line instead of defaults?02:52
timcowchipusb                   /proc/bus/usb           usbfs               user               0      002:53
timcowchiphow long to rebuild firefox?02:54
timcowchipusb /proc/bus/usb usbfs ro,user,noauto,unhide    0      002:56
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niklaswegod morgoning03:03
*** irclogger_ has joined #crux03:58
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Romster the heck a char driven down the road....07:27
Romsterand a drum kit and guitar at the end... on a motor cycle and side carriage...07:31
*** jjumbii has quit IRC07:38
frinnstdriving in russia must be one heck of an experience07:43
prologicniklaswe, ping07:43
Romsteri'm glad i do not drive there.07:56
joacimi hear road accident scams are pretty common over there08:02
joacimwhy so many drive with cameras mounted in their cars08:02
joacimrandom drivers who bump into you, or pedestrians who throw themselves at your car08:03
Romsteri can't believe why half of them are let on the roads08:03
joacimdont think i would have chosen a shiny new car if i wanted to drive in russia08:04
joacimwould probably get an old lada08:04
frinnstyeah thats why everyone of them have a dash-cam08:27
frinnstjust happy they discovered youtube :D08:27
mike_kand yes, I can totally confirm this shitty situation. Here, in Ukraine is not much better. (08:27
frinnstI almost had an accident once. it was 2-3 days after i passed the exam and got a license and it was 100% my fault :)08:31
RotwangI had 2 accident since I passed driving examp08:32
Rotwangboth of them was my fault08:33
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joe9it appears that the nicks on this channel have increased lately?08:50
Rotwangit is usually ~5008:51
Rotwangbut my nick can increase too08:51
__MR_ROTWANG__here, increased08:51
prologicjoe9, we've been seeing a lot of users from Arch come over08:55
prologicbecause of the uproar with the choice of systemd08:55
prologicand breaking so many things08:55
prologiciirc it pissed quite a few hard core arch users off08:55
__MR_ROTWANG__what is a "hard core arch user"?08:55
prologicyou now08:56
prologica non-novice :)08:56
prologicsomeone that actually knows a thing or two08:56
__MR_ROTWANG__I've always thought that crux has potential08:56
__MR_ROTWANG__we need a bit bigger user base08:57
prologicno actaully09:01
prologicthe user base as it is is just fine :)09:01
prologicI think in some respects we survive off the hard work of the larger distros and the hard work of the devs and community members09:02
prologicbut if we popularize crux, I doubt it'll remain the same CRUX as Per Liden once designed09:02
prologicit'll become bastardized just like every other distro that started out small and solved some specific needs of those who built/designed them09:03
Rotwangeverything evolves09:03
prologicthis is true09:03
Rotwangas long as we stick to KISS everything will be fine09:03
prologicand CRUX has slowly evolved over time too09:03
prologicbut it's more or less the same as it was at 1.209:03
prologiclike I could see us moving to runit at some point09:04
prologicbut never systemd or upstart09:04
RotwangI think current sysvinit is ok, but we need more (stable) maintainers, more bug reporting people and so on.09:05
prologicyeah I suppose09:07
Rotwangand I need buildserver with more ram [;09:10
*** joacim has joined #crux09:12
*** busk32 has joined #crux09:30
busk32Does CRUX startup services in serial or parallel and is there any way to modify that?09:31
prologicnot exactly09:32
prologicnot without using a different init09:32
prologicwe use sysvinit by deafult09:32
tilmananyone happen to have a dejagnu port?09:33
busk32Why would you want to start services serially?09:33
prologiclooked on ?09:34
busk32Because some might depends on others?09:34
prologicI guess we use sysvinit for lack of a better alternative09:34
prologicright tilman? :)09:34
prologicrunit ihmo is probably the nest best choice09:34
prologicand I believe Romster and others have tried it out with some success09:34
busk32I see09:36
busk32I was just wondering, because I think there are many better alternatives09:36
tilmansince i don't reboot my crux systems all the time and they don't need long to start the daemons... i couldn't care less09:37
busk32Yeah I see your point with that09:37
prologicthat's kind of the same here09:38
prologic 03:37:26 up 18 days, 20:30,  0 users,  load average: 0.63, 0.52, 0.6509:38
prologicas you acn see I never even reboot or shutdown my desktop09:39
prologicso a lot of us simply don't care enough :)09:39
prologicand servers - well they should never be shutdown or rebooted09:39
tilmanherp derp09:39
tilmanprologic: when they are, you want them to boot fast tho :>09:40
busk32Unfortunately I only run CRUX on personal (read: small noob machines) servers09:40
busk32I'm not allowed to replace CentOS on the real deal :/09:40
prologic$ ssh bart "uptime"09:41
prologic 09:39:50 up 537 days,  6:11,  0 users,  load average: 0.20, 0.22, 0.1509:41
busk32How about updates?09:41
busk32More specifically09:41
busk32That must be really outdated09:41
prologiclet me see09:41
prologic$ ssh bart "uname -a"09:42
prologicLinux #1 SMP Mon Jun 13 15:06:25 UTC 2011 i686 Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU D510 @ 1.66GHz GenuineIntel GNU/Linux09:42
prologicnot so old09:42
prologicit runs crux 2.709:43
busk32I guess I'm just a bleeding edge freak09:43
prologicI would be too09:43
prologicbut time is not plentiful :)09:43
busk32I'm still young and confused so I have plenty of time :)09:44
joe9prologic: check out my runit port here:
prologicoh sweet :)09:45
prologicsuccess with it?09:46
joe9busk32: this is my kernel:
joe9prologic: yes, i am using it.09:46
busk32Awesome, I know what to do tonight!09:47
joe9prologic: have been for the last 2 days. so, not sure what else might go wrong.09:47
busk32Actually I've never heard of runit before09:47
prologicrunit is actually quite good09:47
prologicit has a nice clean implementation09:47
prologicand isn't overly complex09:47
prologicit does process management like you expect09:47
prologicnot much more09:47
joe9simpler, though the C code is a bit off the track. it is not a lot. easy to comprehend.09:47
joe9it takes a different take on sysvinit compared to systemd, making things smaller than the other way around.09:50
joe9there is a distro called dragora that uses runit as its' init.09:50
joe9and they plan to move to S6 at some point.09:50
prologic$ git clone
prologicCloning into runit...09:51
prologicfatal: not found: did you run git update-server-info on the server?09:51
joe9with S6, execline scared me off.09:51
joe9prologic: no, did not know about the update-server-info. will do that now.09:51
joe9prologic: i do not know what is wrong with the clone. let me figure that out.09:53
joe9prologic: the port is also on crux portsdb, if that helps.09:53
prologicahh k09:53
prologicI'll just sync it from there then09:53
busk32I'll reboot to CRUX, I have to try runit. Wish me luck. :)09:54
*** busk32 has quit IRC09:54
joe9prologic: please be mindful of the version as I am not sure how often the crux portsdb gets synced. I am not sure if there is a 24hr lag.09:56
jaegerIt gets updated once per day, I believe09:58
joe9prologic: try this: git clone git://
joe9prologic: from here:
*** MadSkipjack__ has joined #crux10:06
*** c0x has joined #crux10:24
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joe9prologic: if you decide to try out runit, also be mindful of:
joe9prologic: they are not a big deal, but, I did not want the port to overwrite the existing init.11:12
joe9prologic:  this is dragora's /etc/runit/1, if you are interested:
joe9prologic:  this is dragora's /etc/runit/2,
*** sh4rm4 has quit IRC11:32
*** timcowchip has joined #crux11:46
timcowchipcore        filesystem             3.0-2           3.0-112:00
timcowchipshould i update this?12:00
timcowchipor this?12:01
timcowchipcore        pkgutils               5.35.4-1        5.35.3-112:01
timcowchipupdating filesystem causes all kinds of problems with Arch12:01
timcowchipcrack o' noon:)12:02
timcowchipdoes Linus Torvalds use Crux?12:03
timcowchipfirefox is f'n broke12:06
timcowchipi did prt-get update -fr `revdep` like Romster suggested12:07
timcowchipit upgraded jre12:07
timcowchipthen i upgraded firefox12:07
timcowchip6 hours later its still crashing12:08
timcowchipi've got dillo12:09
timcowchippiece of crap browser12:10
timcowchipnot dillo.........firefox12:10
joe9timcowchip: i use ff12:13
joe9on crux12:13
joe9what broke? can you please post the error log oslt?12:14
timcowchipit just closes12:14
joe9ff has been the fastest and actually quite pleasing to use on crux. i was on debian before and it was slow as hell. made me have a windows m/c just for browsing.12:14
timcowchipyou mean iceweasel?12:15
timcowchipor firefox on debian?12:15
joe9yeah, I think that was debian's version.12:15
timcowchipi know it would take 15 seconds just to open12:15
timcowchipfirefox used to work for me12:16
joe9timcowchip: another thing that really helped me was using the cflags to compile firefox.12:16
joe9that also helped a lot.12:16
joe9timcowchip: btw, just wanted to check. are you new to crux?12:16
timcowchipbeen using slackware12:17
joe9timcowchip: I moved to crux probably an year ago. so, I am not the experienced guy.12:17
timcowchipi did ports -d12:17
joe9timcowchip: this is my pkgmk.conf
joe9if that interests you.12:18
timcowchipi've an intel atom d51012:19
joe9timcowchip: I also use "links -g" as the other browser. super fast, imho. tried dillo sometime ago.12:19
timcowchipis links a cli browser?12:19
joe9links -g opens a gui12:20
joe9dillo's gui, frow what I recall, is good.12:20
timcowchipi like it12:20
joe9but, dillo did not have keyboard navigation in those days.12:20
timcowchipyour pkgmk.conf is not for x86_6412:21
joe9timcowchip: any recommendations? I would love to add stuff to it.12:22
joe9but, this build flags sped up my ff. so, anything more would be a good plus.12:22
timcowchiphow do you figure out what cflags work for your machine?12:23
timcowchipyuo're using i686?12:23
joe9timcowchip: i started with some and a bunch of ports broke. then started removing until everything worked fine.12:23
joe9timcowchip: i have 4 m/c's on crux. 3 are i686. 1 is x86_6412:24
timcowchipshould i update filesystem?12:24
joe9timcowchip: why do you say that the flags are i686 specific? I would love to improve on what I have.12:24
timcowchipbash-4.2# ports -d12:25
timcowchipCollection  Name                   Port            Installed12:25
timcowchipcontrib     gst-plugins-base       1.0.5-1         0.10.36-112:25
timcowchipcore        e2fsprogs              1.42.7-1        1.42.5-112:25
timcowchipcore        filesystem             3.0-2           3.0-112:25
timcowchipcore        pkgutils               5.35.4-1        5.35.3-112:25
joe9timcowchip: I am on 2.8 and this is my filesystem version:
joe9timcowchip:  I prefer "prt-get diff --prefer-higher"12:26
joe9timcowchip: are you on 3.0?12:26
timcowchipwill "prt-get diff --prefer-higher" do the updating?12:26
joe9 is my e2fsprogs12:26
timcowchipyes i'm on 3.012:26
timcowchip64 bit12:26
joe9is my pkgutils:
joe9timcowchip: i do not see why you should not upgrade. but, I am not on 3.0.12:27
joe9if you have prt-get.conf configured. prt-get can do the update with "prt-get sysup"12:28
joe9of all those ports.12:28
timcowchipok thanks12:28
timcowchipas of 3.8 linux kernel will be only 64 bit12:28
joe9oh, good to know. thanks. that is interesting.12:29
timcowchipslackware still uses 3.212:29
joe9timcowchip: if you stick with the kernel provided by the release. you can just compile your own, correct?12:30
*** tadzik has joined #crux12:30
timcowchipi don't see why not12:31
timcowchip3.6.11 for Crux 3.012:31
tilman"as of 3.8 linux kernel will be only 64 bit"12:31
timcowchipthat's the rumor12:32
joacimdoesnt sound that legit12:32
tilmanwhat's your source?12:32
*** sh4rm4 has joined #crux12:35
joe9that talks about 386. isn't 686 different?12:36
tilmanLink: Linux Kernel Drops Support For Old Intel 386 CPUs (Phoronix)12:36
tilman(from your article)12:36
tilmanCALLED IT12:36
tilmanjoe9: that, too12:37
timcowchipi685 can't be far behind12:37
tilmaneven if it's true, nothing to see here12:37
timcowchipwears that x86_128 that intel promised?12:38
frinnstwhen was the 386 released? 92, 93?12:49
*** vee_ has joined #crux12:49
*** vee_ has quit IRC12:57
timcowchipD-Bus library appears to be incorrectly set up; failed to read machine uuid: Failed to open "/etc/machine-id": No such file or directory13:01
timcowchipSee the manual page for dbus-uuidgen to correct this issue.13:02
timcowchip  D-Bus not built with -rdynamic so unable to print a backtrace13:02
timcowchipthis is what happens when firefox crashes13:02
joe9i do not use dbus, or, a desktop13:03
joe9i just start xinit -> xmonad.13:03
joe9and the stuff/apps I use the most are attached to key bindings.13:04
*** Rotwang has quit IRC13:04
timcowchipdbus-uuidgen --ensure13:04
timcowchip#c1:2:respawn:/sbin/agetty --noclear 38400 tty1 linux13:06
timcowchipc1:2:respawn:/bin/login -f chris tty1 </dev/tty1 >/dev/tty1 2>&113:06
timcowchipif [[ -z $DISPLAY ]] && [[ $(tty) = /dev/tty1 ]]; then13:06
timcowchip  exec startx13:06
timcowchip  # Could use xinit instead of startx13:06
timcowchip  #exec xinit -- /usr/bin/X -nolisten tcp vt713:06
joe9exec /sbin/agetty --autologin joe --8bits --keep-baud 38400 tty6 startx -- should work too.13:08
timcowchipi found mine in the crunchbang forum13:09
timcowchipshellperson uses ratpoison13:09
timcowchipi remember buying a GEOS 5 1/4 inch floppy and a 2 button mouse for my C128 and i never looked back13:11
joe9 timcowchip: one thing I found out. use xinit instead of startx. xinit responds to sigTERM and term/hup 's its' children.13:11
joe9whereas startx does not.13:11
joe9and, also when you start agetty that way, do you see any warnings in /var/log/auth?13:12
timcowchipJan 26 11:47:54 host su[314]: Successful su for root by chris13:13
timcowchipJan 26 11:47:54 host su[314]: + /dev/pts/0 chris:root13:13
timcowchipJan 26 11:48:53 host sudo:    chris : TTY=pts/1 ; PWD=/home/chris ; USER=root ; COMMAND=/usr/bin/geany13:13
timcowchipJan 26 13:03:52 host su[32481]: Successful su for root by chris13:13
timcowchipJan 26 13:03:52 host su[32481]: + /dev/pts/1 chris:root13:13
joe9timcowchip: oh, you use login -f, not agetty, my mistake.13:14
joe9I think login -f does not set utmp.13:14
timcowchipset utmp?13:14
timcowchipi think i just figured out why this chat room is way more active than my slackware chatroom13:16
joe9i think something to do with utmpset, agetty does that. login does not. not very sure of the details though. i think google might help.13:16
joe9timcowchip: why?13:16
timcowchipyou guys are always building something and can't do much else while that's happening13:16
joe9timcowchip: derogatory? or, maybe we care about what we do and are happy to talk about it?13:17
*** Rotwang has joined #crux13:17
timcowchipno offense;-)13:17
*** joe9 has quit IRC13:18
timcowchipi'm doing prt-get sysup13:18
timcowchipyesterday i was building qt13:19
timcowchipso i can't do much else13:19
*** joe9 has joined #crux13:20
jaegertimcowchip: if you didn't already find it, there's a post-install script in /usr/ports/opt/dbus that runs dbus-uuidgen13:20
timcowchipi didn't mean to offend, just an observation:-[13:21
*** vee_ has joined #crux13:21
timcowchipok thanks, joe9, i'll try running that script13:22
*** vee_ has quit IRC13:23
joacimbut i do a lot of different things while i build. :S13:28
joacimwatch movies, read, talk to people, go outside and smell the ashes, stuff i normally do when i dont build packages13:29
diverseThat must of been hard to remove for Linus, considering he built his kernel on the early i386 cpus at the time. Must of been nostalgic.13:33
jaegerhe doesn't seem the nostalgic type, I doubt it13:35
jaegerI could be wrong, though, just a guess13:35
diverseThe kernel is getting bloated, so removing unwanted complexity is the way to go. Its just I remember reading his book "Just for fun" at the time.13:37
jaeger <-- anyone ever seen this before? debian 6 system not creating device nodes for sdb's partitions13:45
jaegerhappens every boot and you can see the partition table there13:45
tilmanjaeger: check dmesg/kernel log yet?13:46
tilmanie, does the _kernel_ find those partitions?13:46
diversejaeger: its a systemd conspiracy13:47
jaegertilman: nothing out of the ordinary at all in the log, running partprobe makes it reprobe and find them13:50
jaeger[    7.328371]  sdb1 sdb2 sdb313:50
jaeger[    7.328605] sd 1:0:0:0: [sdb] Attached SCSI disk13:50
jaegeryeah, they show up in dmesg13:50
jaeger[    7.329611]  sda1 sda2 sda313:50
jaeger[    7.329812] sd 0:0:0:0: [sda] Attached SCSI disk13:50
jaegersince they're not created in dev, though, the md arrays all come up with only their sda devices13:51
tilmanjaeger: that was all i had, sorry ;D13:52
jaegerI appreciate the effort :)13:52
jaegerAnother bit of weird info - it doesn't happen in debian 5, only happens after upgrading to 613:52
jaegerIt didn't happen in a VM I built to test the same upgrade path, only on this real hardware13:53
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*** tj_ has joined #crux14:39
*** timcowchip has joined #crux14:54
frinnstjaeger: sounds very strange15:00
jaegerIt is, and rather annoying15:01
jaegerI suppose it's possible there's something wrong with the second hard drive15:01
frinnstyou upgraded that machine from 5->6 ?15:01
jaegerthouhg I would expect problems to show up in 5 as well if they were hardware-related15:02
jaegerer, though15:02
frinnstid suspect a botched upgrade of udev or something similar15:02
jaegeryeah, I considered that, but I've done the same in VMs several times and thinking I had somehow screwed it up I uninstalled and reinstalled udev manually a couple times15:02
frinnstsome silly rule or something15:03
jaegerit's pretty odd :(15:03
tilmancan you ask udev to re-scan devices?15:03
tilman.oO(+ verbose flags and shit to dig up some error messages?)15:03
jaegerso far there aren't error messages15:04
jaegerIf I run partprobe the devices get created at that point but no errors occur before that15:04
jaegerI'll try doing the same with udevadm15:04
jaegerudevadm trigger --subsystem-match=block doesn't do it15:08
jaeger <-- this doesn't make sense to me15:10
jaegerah, after adding -v it makes sense15:11
jaegerthat tells me where md4 came from but not why /dev/sdb* still aren't being created15:11
*** Rotwang has quit IRC15:26
*** peter___1 has joined #crux15:32
timcowchipudevil works:)15:35
*** tilman has joined #crux16:07
timcowchipis it SERVICES=(net crond alsa samba)?16:17
timcowchipor SERVICES=(net crond alsa smb)?16:18
diversetimcowchip: ls /etc/rc.d/16:18
*** lasso has quit IRC16:19
timcowchipthank you diverse, that was easier that i thought it would be:)16:20
timcowchipbash-4.2$ ls /etc/rc.d16:23
timcowchipalsa   dbus  inetd  nfs        rpcbindsamba  sysklogd16:23
timcowchipcrond  exim  net    nfsserver  rsyncdsshd16:23
timcowchipso its all ready to go16:23
diversetimcowchip: it tells you the right service name, so its "samba"16:24
timcowchipoh ok16:24
timcowchipi must need more coffe16:24
diverseSounds like a good priority16:25
timcowchipthanks again:)16:27
timcowchipkirk out16:27
*** timcowchip has joined #crux17:05
timcowchipanyone had any luck munting samba shares?17:05
frinnstcifs-utils or whatever the port is called17:06
*** n_y_c has quit IRC17:14
timcowchipthanks frinnst17:18
*** timcowchip has joined #crux18:31
timcowchipjoe9 i can't pkgmk -i gobject-introspection18:45
timcowchip/usr/include/glib-2.0/gio/gpollableoutputstream.h:92: Fatal: Gio: can't find parameter size referenced by parameter buffer of 'pollable_output_stream_write_nonblocking'18:49
timcowchipis the mailing list better for this kind of thing?18:50
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*** timcowchip has joined #crux21:47
timcowchiphow do i know what CFLAGS to use?21:52
timcowchipCFLAGS='-O2 -march=x86_64 -fomit-frame-pointer' ?21:59
timcowchipCXXFLAGS='-O2 -march=x86_64 -fomit-frame-pointer'?22:00
nogagplzthe gentoo wiki has some safe cflags for various hardware22:02
timcowchipthanks nogagplz22:04
timcowchiphaving trouble connecting to it right now22:05
timcowchipgentoo wiki says CFLAGS="-march=native -O2 -pipe"22:10
timcowchipbash-4.2$ grep -m1 -A3 "vendor_id" /proc/cpuinfo22:10
timcowchipvendor_id: GenuineIntel22:10
timcowchipcpu family: 622:10
timcowchipmodel: 2822:10
timcowchipmodel name: Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU D510   @ 1.66GHz22:10
timcowchipso pkgmk /usr/ports/work tmpfs size=1G,uid=XX,defaults 0 022:12
timcowchipin fstab?22:12
timcowchipi don'y have a pkgmk user22:13
timcowchiphow do i add one?22:14
timcowchipscrew it..............who needs qt?22:18
*** timcowchip has quit IRC22:20

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