IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2013-01-27

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timcowchipArch linux blows00:21
diverseWhat else is new?00:22
timcowchipwhat should i replace it with?00:22
diverseWhat do you think?00:22
timcowchipi've never tried gentoo00:23
timcowchipwindows might be an improvement over Arch00:23
nogagplzthere was some tool somebody made that does a relatively decent job of converting pkgbuilds to pkgfiles00:24
nogagplzthere's no denying that arch has a whole lot of decent crap floating around the aur and other places that crux lacks00:25
timcowchipsounds interesting00:25
diverseits easy to make that program, just parse each line and replace the bash vars with the appropriate configuration00:25
timcowchipi've used aur2ccr on chakra00:25
timcowchipi tried making gpodder00:26
diverseI think windows is a good idea for you :P00:26
timcowchipdo i need to make a footprint file?00:26
nogagplzpkgmk makes it for you00:26
timcowchipdidn't get that far i guess00:27
timcowchipcommodore 64 is a good idead for me00:27
diverseindeed, $ mv timcowchip /c64;00:28
timcowchipi've got a C12800:28
timcowchipstill works00:28
diverseindeed, $ mv timcowchip c*;00:28
timcowchipmy son goes online with it00:29
nogagplzquit breeding more hipsters00:30
timcowchipwe're both in the PDXCUG00:30
timcowchipPortland Commodore Users Group00:30
timcowchipis joe9 and jaeger the same guy?00:31
timcowchipi tried to install gobject-introspection00:32
timcowchipit says it joe9's port00:32
timcowchipbut  Maintainer: Matt Housh, jaeger at morpheus dot net00:33
timcowchipin the Pkgfile00:33
timcowchipi was wondering who to ask in the mailing list?00:33
nogagplzno you're free to steal other peoples work and benefit from it without ever giving anything back00:33
nogagplzso long as you give something back00:34
timcowchipi modified that pkgfile to install gpodder00:35
timcowchippython work in a pkgfile?00:36
timcowchipoh well i'm on slackware now00:36
timcowchipjust hosed my arch installation..............upgraded it00:37
timcowchipi should just wipe the partition and mount it in /usr/ports00:38
diversenogagplz: so, is Romster still giving you a hard time? :)00:39
nogagplzyes he's a real bastard00:39
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diverseHe still hasn't got you that drink either.00:40
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nogagplzlife isn't fair sometimes00:42
nogagplzwhen life gives you Romster, you make beard jokes00:43
diversebeard jokes, the unixy kind?00:43
nogagplznah just generic00:43
nogagplzlast I saw his beard wasn't very unixy00:43
diversewas there ever a time when Romster was fair?00:44
nogagplzyeah actually00:45
nogagplzwhen he gave over free space for pkgfiles and a git repo00:45
diverseSo he is not totally evil00:46
nogagplzjust misunderstood00:46
nogagplzfor the hilarity of it00:46
cruxbot[core.git/2.8]: pkg-config: update to 0.2801:09
cruxbot[core.git/2.8]: sudo: update to 1.8.6p501:09
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: pkg-config: update to 0.2801:10
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: sudo: update to 1.8.6p501:10
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: Merge branch '2.8' into 3.001:10
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RomsterO_O i return home from my long drive.02:20
prologicRomster, did you find out about server hosting ?02:21
Romsterno sorry busy forgot and now i'm vegging out after a long drive, i'll have to ask next week.02:26
Romsterand i still have to find a 2.5" ide for nogagplz if i can too.02:26
nogagplzoh yeah Romster don't forget about getting me my drink as well02:28
Romsterwhat drink?02:28
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s_warlockHi is there any that is good on remote scipting02:34
s_warlocki use expect but i think it's buggy is there any alternativ that work better02:35
prologicuse python + execnet02:35
prologicor better yet02:35
prologicyou're trying to manage remote systems right?02:35
Romsterremote scripting?02:36
Romsteroh ssh in and run stuff.02:36
s_warlocktrying to execute commands on several machines but with expect it drops the connections sometimes and so on02:36
prologics_warlock, pssh and pscp are good tools as well02:37
Romstersome shell on freecode that can run the same command on concurrent hosts.02:37
Romsterforgot the name02:37
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norxtxis the "openvpn" package of "contrib" available in the installation iso?04:20
teK_I don't think there are any contrib packages installed or available on the iso04:22
teK_where do you want to vpn to during an installation?04:22
teK_uni network? ;)04:22
norxtxteK_: exactly04:22
prologicAny of you guys in the US?04:23
teK_but why? is this a netinst?04:23
norxtxas i see i can do an offline installation but i need the vpn package afterwards to continue to install anything else04:24
teK_prepare the dep's sources on an usb stick before installation04:25
teK_it won't get any better ;)04:25
norxtxi'm forced on vpn completely, don't have any other connection :D04:25
teK_but you do at present, obviously04:25
norxtxteK_: i'll predownload the packages then04:25
norxtxteK_: i'll replace my vpn gateways distribution, so for now i still have a connection but i'll loose it as soon as i turn it off for installation ;)04:26
teK_so don't forget to download all required sources ;)04:27
norxtxi hope so :D04:29
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timcowchipi sent gobject-introspection and libunique emails to the mailing list05:08
*** jdolan has joined #crux05:09
timcowchipshould i have sent them directly to the maintainer?05:09
frinnstmight as well05:12
timcowchipok thanks frinnst05:13
timcowchipgod eftermiddag?05:13
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Flynndid crux drop support for i686?07:58
diverseFlynn: no, its still getting support, but its preferred to use 3.008:03
Rotwangwell, to be honest, it did08:18
Flynnseems like everyone is08:19
Flynni'm trying to find a distro for my Pentium 3 Thinkpad08:19
*** vaddi has joined #crux08:19
FlynnAll the lightweight distros aren't even supporting legacy hardware08:20
FlynnI dont get it, that's where you need a lightweight distro the most08:20
joacimdunno about upgrading just yet. i still remember how i screwed up the last time :p08:24
joacimi forgot to rejmerge the new files in /etc/ports before i ran ports -u08:24
diverseI don't get why there are still pentium 3 users. You can get a cheap refurbished laptop/machine that will easily out perform.08:24
joacimthe early core duo laptops are techincally pentium 3 machines08:25
Flynneven an X61s Thinkpad can't match the T21's battery life08:25
joacimi think08:25
Flynnplus, a lot of *nix folks use cli most of the time08:25
diversejoacim: thats bull08:25
joacimis it08:26
diverseOk, you are confusing the fact that Core 2/i3/i5 chips which can have duo cores with the really old laptops used to have two pentium cpus to act as duo cores, so what?08:27
joacimam i08:28
Flynncore duo =/= core 208:28
joacimi said core duo08:28
joacimi meant core duo08:28
Flynnjoacim: * wikipedia states they are 48608:30
diverseFlynn: anyway, it wouldn't cost you much, unless you are really stranded for money to buy a really cheap laptop. Find one with a 9 cell battery for longer lasting charge.08:30
joacimi dont really see anything wrong in what i said. lacking of details maybe, but the early core cpus were based on the pentium m and pentium 3 herritage (P6)08:31
diversejoacim: it has NOTHING to do with what I am talking about. End of discussion.08:32
Flynnthis channel argues to much08:33
diverseNo not really.08:33
joacimit was a response to you not getting why there are pentium 3 users. those cpus shouldnt be too slow for those interested in them.08:34
fireglowstop arguing and convert to systemd08:34
diversejoacim: well thats his problem.08:34
diverseI was trying to be helpful08:35
joacimi think my old pentium 2 could do certain tasks well if i wanted it to. i'd use it as a server, but i think it is too unstable for that. the cpu and motherboard belongs in a recycling center.08:41
jaegerThere's a certain point where replacing the hardware is worth more than holding on to the old stuff because you still have it08:42
diverseThe point was to him, he can buy a new laptop with an equivalent of $300 or less which would support the x86-64 architecture and he wouldn't have to worry about Crux's inevitable dropping of 2.8.08:42
diversejaeger: i agree08:44
joaciman old 32-bit system could be a good freebie08:45
joacimbut i find 64-bit systems for free in my area too08:45
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frinnstearly atoms are also 32bit only09:48
frinnstmy asus eeepc bought in -09 with an atom n260? is 32bit only09:49
frinnstn270 probably09:51
diversehow good are the atoms getting lately?10:05
diversebe cool if you could use those for desktops10:09
diverseOh they make micro servers with them. Nice!10:13
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: dosfstools: updated to 3.0.1410:22
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: dosfstools: updated to 3.0.1410:24
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: libunique: fixed build for automake >= 1.13 (Thanks to Danny)10:36
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: libunique: fixed build for automake >= 1.13 (Thanks to Danny)10:39
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timcowchipYou are not allowed to post to this mailing list, and your message has11:30
timcowchipbeen automatically rejected.  If you think that your messages are11:30
timcowchipbeing rejected in error, contact the mailing list owner at11:30
timcowchipwhat's up with this?11:30
Rotwangtimcowchip: are you subscribed?11:30
timcowchipbeen getting other posts?11:31
timcowchipnot that one11:32
timcowchipi just joined11:32
Rotwangsorry, I sometimes do ret11:32
Rotwangarded things11:32
timcowchipthat's cool11:33
RotwangI know11:33
Rotwanganyway you should poke tilman jue jaeger11:33
timcowchipWelcome to the mailing list!11:34
timcowchipTo post to this list, send your email to:11:34
timcowchip  crux@lists.crux.nu11:34
RotwangteK_ or someone like that11:34
timcowchipshould i "send my email"?11:34
timcowchipok thanks11:36
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joacimhmm. i'm subscribed, but i'm not getting any emails.12:11
joacimbeen subscribed since january 12.12:12
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timcowchiphow do i start lm_sensors?12:54
timcowchiprc.conf? rc.local?12:55
teK_if there's no start script for it in /etc/rc.d, then you have to use rc.local12:57
timcowchipin slackware i added modprobe w83627hf12:59
timcowchipto /etc/rc.local13:00
timcowchipbut modprobe w83627hf doesn't work13:00
teK_even if run manually?13:00
timcowchipbash-4.2# modprobe w83627hf13:01
timcowchipmodprobe: FATAL: Module w83627hf not found.13:01
timcowchipalready did sensors-detect13:01
timcowchipis this something i should have built into the kernel during installation?13:02
timcowchipoh well, too late13:02
teK_you have to run modprobe -a if you want to use it after installation without reboot13:03
frinnstyou dont have to reinstall, just build a new kernel13:03
timcowchipboot from the crux.iso?13:03
frinnstcd into the kernel source (probably still in /usr/src/) enable the wanted module, build and install it13:03
teK_go to /usr/src/linux-* and reconfigure/rebuild from there13:04
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timcowchipi'll try that later, thank you13:05
*** sepen has joined #crux13:06
timcowchipusing CFLAGS and ram to build webkit13:19
timcowchipthanks joe9:)13:19
*** Rotwang has joined #crux13:19
timcowchipi found a python script here for a webkit browser13:21
timcowchipsince i can't build libunique for midori13:24
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vee_been reading on how to get crux on macs, and my god...why are macs so unecessarily complicated?13:44
vee_apparently, you can make the process easier, if you create the partition with gparted, and use it to write the mbr essentially. bahh13:50
vee_i have a question. if one has finished installing the system, and, chroots into it, can they start using prt-get to install elilo?13:55
*** n_y_c has joined #crux14:07
diversemacs are designed to be complicated while using proprietary hardware that would make it only suitable for its OS. Its marketing. They don't want to mess around.14:13
diverse*don't want you to mess around14:14
diversevee_: and yes you can install anything once chrooted14:20
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joacimvee_: cant you use a 100% gpt system instead of a gpt/mbr hybrid?14:46
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cruxbot[opt-x86_64.git/2.8]: nvidia: switch to LTS driver,update to 310.3215:40
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Romsterswitch to LTS?16:55
Romsteri already made a bug report for libunique timcowchip16:57
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: xine-lib: clean footprint of 32bit drivers17:02
Romsterand i just noticce sepen fixed that now. thanks sepen. a case of me typing before reading though the backlog completely.17:08
diversepitillo: is the e17 repo ready for 3.0?17:37
prologicall/most issues with sahriswiki has been resolved17:58
prologicwoot :)17:58
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firegloware you looking to migrate away from wakkawiki?23:38
prologiconly in the US23:45
prologicfireglow, who?23:45

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