IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2013-01-28

fireglowprologic: Oh, I thought you were speaking for the crux project00:12
fireglowand I mean wikkawiki, not wakkawiki. Hmm, confusing00:12
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VardisHello I have pcmcia  e-sata and when put in dmesg says cant read 64 bit I tryng  crux 3.0 what did I miss in kernel config?02:05
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timcowchipapt-get dist-upgrade02:52
timcowchipi installed debian over evil arch :)02:54
timcowchipsiduvtion razor-qt to be more precise02:55
timcowchipwhat the hell02:56
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fr0stb1teNow to see how long will it take to build linux with allyesconfig :D04:42
frinnstthat sounds fun, lets race :)04:51
frinnst3.8-rc5, make -j8 :)04:52
fr0stb1teHeh, 3.7.4, make -j104:53
frinnstwhat cpu are you building on? i7 2600k here04:55
fr0stb1tei7-2600 :)05:00
fr0stb1teBut it's a hvm.05:00
fr0stb1teOne core.05:01
fr0stb1tevirtio disk though, so shouldn't be much slower than -j1 on the host05:01
frinnstim cheating and building in ramdisk05:04
frinnstits piped so doubt it will make much difference05:04
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Vardisfr0stb1te: what is hvm05:07
fr0stb1teA hardware virtualized machine.05:08
fr0stb1teWell, the cpu is.05:08
Vardisfr0stb1te: Ok thnx05:08
fr0stb1teHeh. I've restarted the build from scratch. Rebooted the vm accidentally :)05:10
fr0stb1teI was logged in with sudo -i; sudo reboot; exit on one of my screen frames05:10
frinnstoh sorry, ran out of space05:11
frinnstbuild incomplete :(05:11
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frinnst-rw-r--r-- 1 fredrik fredrik 50M Jan 28 14:32 bzImage05:34
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diversefrinnst: you ran out of disk space?05:39
frinnstno, 8gb actually05:39
frinnstoh well05:39
diverseThat must of been a huge compile...05:40
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fr0stb1tediverse, make allyesconfig05:42
fr0stb1temake allyesconfig; make all rather05:42
diverseoh damn05:42
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: hal: fixed build issues and cleanup (FS#881)05:44
frinnstwhat depends on hal these days?05:44
diversefr0stb1te: that's putting yourself to a crawl too...05:45
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: hal: fixed build issues and cleanup (FS#881)05:45
fr0stb1tediverse, I'm just curious05:47
diverseWhy not? ;)05:47
fr0stb1teI'm actually trying to figure out the best way to mantain a personal crux build05:48
fr0stb1teWith a generic kernel05:48
frinnstallyes is probably very redundant. just include common controller drivers, other common stuff as modules05:48
frinnstdepending on what you need to boot (raid, luks etc) you rarely need a initramfs05:49
fr0stb1teFirst one is obviously crazy, but it's interesting how long would it take to build that huge kernel on my test vm05:49
frinnstyep, doing silly stuff can be fun! :)05:50
fr0stb1tefrinnst, you need it if you want the build to work out-of-the-box on a wide selection of hardware05:50
fr0stb1teI'll settle for generic_x86_64 with some extra switches though05:51
frinnstif you want it to work on *all* hardware, sure. but whats stopping you from pretty much only including common disk-drivers and filesystems? then just build all the other crap as modules05:51
fr0stb1te...or not05:51
diversefr0stb1te: I see you want your install to be portable.05:51
fr0stb1tefrinnst, oh, the less crazy idea is to build EVERYTHING, but mostly in modules05:52
fr0stb1teAnd putting all of the modules in the initramfs05:52
fr0stb1teALL OF THEM.05:52
frinnstbut the modules dont have to live in a initramfs05:53
frinnstas long as you can mount /05:53
frinnstbut i guess it depends on what you really need :)05:53
fr0stb1teWell, you may not be able to mout / in some crazy situations05:53
fr0stb1teI think I'll just modify a crux iso to include the newer kernel with a lot of modules and a syslinux package :)05:54
fr0stb1teThat would be three extra packahes, heh05:55
diverseHow about just putting right modules needed to mount / in initramfs and have the rest outside?05:56
fr0stb1teA more mimimalistic approach would be to build a generic_x86_64 kernel (which boots pretty much in all normal confitions) and just have everything else on /05:56
fr0stb1tebusybox is awesome btw05:57
diversefr0stb1te: is it not possible?05:59
diversereferring to the question above.05:59
fr0stb1tediverse, I don't really want to spend hours to research the modules that I need to mount root in most cases06:00
fr0stb1teLike. I'm not that experienced :)06:00
fr0stb1teIt's easier to build a generic kernel and tune it a bit06:00
fr0stb1teBut my crazy approach is also the most universal one :)06:01
fr0stb1teHmm. I could have udev as a backup mechanism in my initramfs, but use it only if something goes wrong.06:02
fr0stb1teStill building btw06:03
fr0stb1teI also have a separate usr partition on both my desktops btw06:04
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fr0stb1teOut of memory06:15
jaegerbusybox is mostly awesome but its blkid doesn't work :P06:21
fr0stb1teOk, take two06:31
fr0stb1te4G RAM, 2 cores, -j306:31
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fr0stb1tereal    41m46.272s07:35
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timcowchipbash-4.2# tar jxvf linux-3.6.11.tar.bz209:07
timcowchiptar (child): linux-3.6.11.tar.bz2: Cannot open: No such file or directory09:07
timcowchipbash-4.2# zcat /proc/config.gz > .config09:09
timcowchipgzip: /proc/config.gz: No such file or directory09:09
timcowchipmake menuconfig?09:10
timcowchipcd linux-3.6.11 make menuconfig?09:12
rmulltimcowchip: What? Are you asking for help? What are you doing?09:12
timcowchipi guess i am09:13
timcowchipi'm trying to rebuild my kernel with support for lm_sensors and nouveau09:14
timcowchipmake menuconfig worked09:14
timcowchipI2C support for lm_sensors?09:18
timcowchipok then09:21
joe9Romster: do you have something to identify ports that need a version bump?09:25
joe9 1709:26
timcowchipcp arch/x86/boot/bzImage /boot/vmlinuz ?09:27
joe9timcowchip: check out:
timcowchipcp arch/x86/boot/bzImage /boot/bzimge-3.6.11 /09:28
timcowchipi'll try cp arch/x86/boot/bzImage /boot/vmlinuz09:29
juejoe9: ck4up might help09:34
timcowchipok then :)thanks09:40
joe9 jue thanks, will check it out.09:44
juejoe9: np09:45
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: libgphoto2: update to 2.5.109:46
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: gphoto2: update to 2.5.109:46
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: imagemagick: update to 6.8.109:46
rmullI vote that imagemagick gets replaced by graphicsmagick09:46
rmullSee rmull/graphicsmagick Pkgfile09:47
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juermull: why?09:52
rmulljue: It's been forked since 2002 and it's better in almost every way - here's the FAQ, but I'm sure I can find a better comparison:
rmullIMO it should be seriously considered as the superior alternative09:57
joe9jue: if you do not mind, can you please paste your ck4up conf?09:57
juermull: but why replace? if someone else creates a port for graphicmagick both can exits in parallel, or not?10:00
rmulljue: Yes, but with graphicsmagick in the rmull repo and imagemagick in opt, gm is the second class citizen10:01
rmullNot a big deal10:01
juejoe9: have you seen the example in the man-page?10:03
joe9jue: yes, checked it. just wanted to see how the real-world usage is.10:04
joe9and, if possibly, I can be lazy and just copy some url's that you might have ports for.10:04
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joe9jue, there are a few ports that I use which differ in the configure options, etc.10:05
timcowchipwell that sux10:05
timcowchipkernel panic!10:07
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timcowchipcan i boot from crux.iso and fix it?10:11
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timcowchipok then10:15
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: Revert "[notify] libnl: update to 3.2.21"10:37
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: Revert "libnl: update to 3.2.19"10:37
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: Revert "[notify] libnl: update to 3.2.18"10:37
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: Revert "libnl: update to 3.2.17"10:37
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: Revert "libnl: update to 3.2.16"10:37
diversetoo much memory for the bot to process?10:38
tilmanserver thinks the bot is floddin irc10:39
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diversebtw, why the reversion of libnl?10:40
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juethat's not real, only our bot thinks so ...10:42
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: pcmciautils: update md5sum11:00
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: pgadmin3: initial import11:00
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: pcmciautils: update md5sum11:02
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: pgadmin3: initial import11:02
vee_so hows everyone doing?11:06
vee_jesus christ, did a complete update on all the packages in crux...on a pentium 4. its been 2 days haha11:24
jaegerouch :P11:31
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vee_thank god electricity isn't that cheap11:45
vee_im curious...prt-get uses all possible cores when compiling software, correct?11:46
frinnstprt-get does nothing11:47
frinnstand no, unless you specify makeflags in pkgmk.conf11:47
frinnstor have a system wide vairable for makeflags11:48
frinnstsomething like "export MAKEFLAGS="-j 2""11:48
vee_ah. because i've been reading up on that amd fx 8350, and, it does better with multi core stuff. so perhaps, compiling would be faster with that than an i711:48
vee_for an i7, wouldnt it be 4?11:49
frinnstdepends on how many cores you have11:49
frinnstn+1 is what I usually use11:49
vee_well, 4 5 them?11:49
vee_so this entire time, i haven't been compiling using this things full potential lol11:50
vee_well, thanks frinnst :)11:52
jaegerrun lscpu, check how many on-line CPUs it lists, go from there11:53
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vee_4 cpu's 0-3 online. tri core....haha11:54
jaeger0 is one of them :P11:54
vee_yea i figured haha11:54
vee_they were joking about how some of the quad core's were somewhat defective making them tri cores essentially11:55
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frinnstmay cpus have disabled cores, just because its cheaper to make 8core cpus and disabling 4 of them and selling them cheaper11:56
frinnstor whatever it may be11:56
frinnsthow are any of them still alive?11:58
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frinnst"All users of the 3.7 kernel series must upgrade."12:09
frinnstgreg kh commands me to reboot12:09
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jaegerbut what if he's wrong?! I'm scared. Hold me12:18
nogagplzfire tornados too turning the floods into steam that can melt the flesh off your bones12:20
Amnesiafrinnst: elaborate?12:23
Amnesia21:07   frinnst@ : "All users of the 3.7 kernel series must upgrade."12:24
Amnesiawhat's b0rken?12:24
frinnstyes, greg kh always commands everyone to upgrade12:24
frinnsteven if its a one-liner12:24
joe9jue, how does ck4up deal with urls with $version in them? not in the file name, in the directory path.12:24
frinnstjoe9: it doesnt12:25
frinnstjust regex, no version variables from ports12:28
joe9frinnst: i understand that it does not read the $version from the port.12:30
joe9I am wondering if I can use a regex to match a version in the directory name.12:31
joe9bootinfoscript        md5 @TAR@12:31
joe9for example, in the above, this is for 0.61 release.12:32
joe9can I use a .* instead of 0.61?12:32
joe9to match the directory names.12:32
joe9frinnst: does that make sense?12:32
frinnstyeah i follow12:32
frinnstdunno, never tried it and dont know the code12:33
frinnstgive it a go?12:33
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juejoe9: no, doesn't work12:54
jueyou have to use a fix URL without wildcards12:55
juejoe9: have you seen the macro I'm using for sourceforge?12:57
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joe9jue: let me check it again.12:58
jueit's not perfect but works in most cases for me12:59
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joe9jue:  that helped, I could get a lot of sourceforge stuff to work with that.13:37
juejoe9: great14:04
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joe9jue: can you help me with this? my ck4up.conf: and this is what I am trying: ck4up  --debug --verbose --config ck4up.conf "^runit"15:07
joe9runit .......... error: empty result15:07
joe9is the output I get.15:07
joe9i can see the file at that URI from
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joe9jue, if you find a way to fix any of this, it would help: thanks and sorry for the bother.15:23
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timcowchipi'm back15:48
timcowchipfrom reinstallation15:48
timcowchipwith nouveau this time15:48
vee_why'd you go with nouveau?15:49
timcowchiptrained, rested, ready to do it right this time15:50
timcowchipi have geforce 610015:50
timcowchipnvidia 310 no workee15:51
timcowchipthat might have sounded racist15:52
timcowchipnot my intent15:52
timcowchipi was using nomodeset in grub15:53
timcowchipbeen watching wallander on netflix15:54
timcowchipSweden looks beautiful15:54
timcowchipnot many trees, eh?15:55
timcowchiphere in Oregon we have trees up the ass15:55
timcowchipseriously, if you stand in one place too long15:56
timcowchipone will grow right up there15:56
timcowchipi'm sure there are trees in Sweden15:57
timcowchipjust not where they film wallander15:58
timcowchiplooks like Kansas15:58
timcowchipwheat farms15:58
timcowchipbut beautiful15:58
timcowchipshould have configured prt-get.conf before doing ports -u sysup16:02
timcowchipso udisks2 is evil16:07
timcowchipand raping linux16:08
timcowchipaccording to
timcowchipi like spacefm16:10
vee_timcowchip has taken over the crux irc chat lol16:11
prologicyes he has16:11
prologicit's going to be filled with his useless uttering :)16:11
timcowchipi'm still sysuping16:12
prologiclook at it16:13
prologicfilled with you :)16:13
timcowchipthe blathering fool16:13
vee_im not that bad xD16:13
vee_but he's right, norway and sweden are beautiful16:13
timcowchipthe sky looks really big there16:14
vee_the sky is generally the same size, i believe xD16:15
timcowchipin oregon its covered up by trees and clouds16:15
vee_get a plane, take off, enjoy the sky. :D16:16
timcowchipthat would be nice16:17
vee_you must engrave the crux logo on there though16:19
timcowchipnice logo though16:20
timcowchipmake a good tatoo maybe16:20
timcowchipthat's why i came to use crux the logo16:20
timcowchiphad no idea that little blue penguin would make me work so much16:21
timcowchipjust sitting there on distrowatch16:22
timcowchiphere i am, put me on your computer16:22
timcowchipi used to think i knew what i was doing16:23
timcowchipusing arch and slackware and all those "hard core" distros16:23
vee_lol i thought i could handle crux too. i went from ubunto to crux essentially. oh memories...16:24
vee_if i had a dollar for every kernel panic i got, i'd have enough to fund all of crux's needs and wants, and pay the developers, and everyone else who contributes16:25
timcowchipthe lessons learned16:25
timcowchipits a free education16:26
prologicI can count the no. of kernel panics I've had on one hand (not counting installs where you just suck at figuring out hardware options)16:27
prologicunless you are counting that16:27
vee_was counting everything. now, its far easier. hardly get a kernel panic, usually forget the wifi card or soemthing stupid. but in the beginning, i didn't even know wth the kernel was hah16:28
prologicahh yes16:28
prologicI guess most new linux users don't really16:28
prologicespecailyl with Ubuntu16:28
prologicjust install and away you go16:28
timcowchiphe's that kentucky fried chicken guy, right?16:28
prologicI started with Debian way back when16:28
vee_quite the experience. though i must say, going from crux to ubuntu is murder.16:28
prologicso kinda been with LInux all the way though16:29
prologic12+ years for me now16:29
prologicDesktop and Server16:29
prologicoh I can't use any other Linux now16:29
vee_i had a fight with a "technician" about better servers.16:29
prologicI hate them all for trying to do things for you16:29
prologicIf I wanted that I'd use Ubuntu16:29
vee_he wanted to run windows, i wanted linux...he claimed it was better, and the reasoning was so off, it was ridiculous16:29
prologicI always have similar fights with server admins16:30
prologicbut you can't blame them really16:30
prologicWindows syadmins are pretty useless at best16:30
prologicclickety click click16:30
prologicbut it's not really their fault either16:30
prologicMS just hides too much from you16:30
vee_i, you know?16:30
prologicand that's the way it is16:30
prologicgoogle? what's that?16:30
vee_its this new hipster thing that all the nerd are using16:31
vee_you wouldn't know16:31
vee_its really underground16:31
prologicsociety is suffering from something my colleagues speaks about often16:31
prologicwe're chrunig out knowledge and information at a faster rate than we can consume16:31
prologicand technology is making this too easy16:31
prologicso we end up with idiots and ignorance16:31
prologicand the few of us left that actually know anything about anything just have to put up with it16:31
vee_but isn't it the responsibility, ultimately, of one to educate themselves?16:32
prologicit is16:32
prologicbut if they are ignorant16:32
prologichow will they educate themselves?16:32
prologicor know that they need educating?16:32
prologicand hence in lies the problem I think16:32
vee_by understand they're stupid, and fixing the problem16:32
vee_though, if they realized it was a problem, it wouldn't really be a problem16:32
prologicat the rate we're going modern society will collapse16:32
prologicand it's things like OSS and LInux that will survive16:33
prologicwith folks that actually pssess knowledge and experience16:33
prologicIgnorance is bliss :)16:33
vee_i suppose so16:33
prologicgo ask your average person how their favorite toy or machine works16:34
vee_its just hard to understand how there is so much knowledge out there, practically for free, in an easy to consume fashion in some sense that people dont use16:34
prologicand be entertained by their ignorance16:34
prologicyes there is so much knowledge out there16:34
prologicand yes "some" of it is easily accessible16:34
prologicwhilst many other forms ARE NOT16:34
prologicthe problem is we cannot possibly concume it at the rate we produce it16:35
vee_yea, i see where your going with this16:35
prologicthat's why we build machines to try to consume it for us16:35
vee_its scary though, the progress technology has made in such a short time16:35
prologicbut machines are stupid16:35
prologicand the more we invent and inovate the more information we create16:36
prologictechnology is about the same as it was 20-30 years ago16:36
prologicjust smaller, faster, better (supposedly)16:36
prologicbut fundamentally the same architectureally16:36
vee_i guess progress is a realtive term16:36
prologicwe've made little advances in space travel16:36
prologicI mean we invented the Internet16:37
prologicMobile Computing16:37
vee_you know, that always annoyed the life out of me. we fund such stupid useless shit, but cant "afford" to fund space related stuff...16:37
prologicand many other useful things16:37
prologicbut a lot if still the same16:37
prologicI agree16:37
prologiclike wars, nuclear weapons testing16:37
prologicand all kinds of other useless frivilous shit16:38
vee_it is the greed of a mans pocket that will destroy the human race16:38
prologicone way or another16:39
prologiccapitalism needs to die a fast death16:39
prologicor we will not survive as a species16:39
vee_what should replace it16:39
prologiccooperation, kindness and friendship16:39
prologicI dunno16:39
prologicI'm just a puny man in AU16:40
vee_personally, i liked the idea of socialism16:40
vee_but the human nature wont allow for it16:40
prologicwhich pretty much is what I said in ways I guess16:40
prologichuman nature _can_ do it16:40
vee_capatalism wouldn't be too bad either, but human nature makes it problematic too16:40
prologicbut there is a lot of reistance16:40
prologicwell the problem is as I see it16:41
prologiccapitalism is wasteful16:41
prologicand inefficient16:41
prologicwe can never hope to achieve great things as a species whilst haning on to greed and pverty16:41
vee_its scary how people are willing to kill each other for practically paper with writing on it16:42
prologictell me about it16:55
timcowchipi like audacity16:58
timcowchipunlike slackware yours works with ffmpeg16:59
vee_crux master race!17:00
timcowchip99 baloons17:01
prologicwell unlike other distros17:05
prologicwe just generally build ports that compile shit17:05
prologicprobably why we have so many port duplicates17:06
prologicbecause people wants things built differently :)17:06
vee_which reminds me, whaat you decided on that arch to crux thingie17:11
prologicI've never used Arch17:13
vee_for the packages....17:13
prologicMS DOS 3.x -> 6.x -> Windows 3.1 -> 3.11 -> 95 -> 98 -> Debian -> CRUX17:13
vee_or do i have you mixed up with someone else17:13
prologicBeen uses CRUX for 8+years now17:13
prologicyeah you mean me I think17:14
prologicI borrow from ARch's PKGBUILD files sometimes17:14
vee_for a moment there, i thought iw as going crazy xD17:14
prologicbecause they're so similar to CRUX's Pkgfile(s)17:14
prologicWhy's that?17:14
prologicBecause Arch borrowed a lot of ideas from US :)17:14
prologicThen they became popular somehow!17:14
vee_i kinda like the fact that crux isn't so popular17:15
vee_as rude as that may be17:15
prologicIIRC the lead dev of arch many many years ago would come visit #crux17:15
prologicand ask how things worked17:15
vee_it doesn't have as many "ricers" as some other distros17:15
prologicpacman is almost identical to prt-get in many ways17:15
vee_except X doesn't break, right? lol17:15
prologicand I already mentioned the similaries between Pkgfile and PKGBUIDL17:15
vee_i thought you were going to make a script or soemthing that changed archs pkgbuild to crux's :P17:16
prologicwell I prefer crux remain niche too17:16
prologicit's better this way17:16
prologicI plan to!17:16
prologicI also plan to build a web service and mirror to solve our source files going away problem that we constanrtly have17:16
prologicnot our fault though17:16
prologicjust pustream sources disappear frequently17:17
prologicI'll probably build this on my new server infrastructure coming in a couple of weeks17:17
vee_when you do build it, let me knwo17:17
vee_i want to completely abuse and over use it :P17:17
prologicdoes anyone object to my registering ?17:18
prologicjaeger, jue tilman ?17:18
vee_i do...17:18
prologicoh you were joking :)17:18
vee_dont hate me >.<17:18
prologicI hate no one :)17:18
prologictis true17:19
prologicI don't even hate my ex whoose parents tried to sue me17:19
prologicand failed17:19
vee_where are you planning on registering it17:19
vee_omg, ex's17:19
prologicwell I want to setup17:19
vee_mine turned into a complete hoe and is trying to get at me17:19 as a mirror of's wiki17:19
vee_ah17:20 as a source mirror that you can point pkgmk.conf to17:20
prologicand irclogs.cruxlinux.org17:20
vee_maybe if you do, they'll never notice17:20
prologicprobably wouldn't hurt to mirror/clone our git repos too17:21
vee_as the co-chairman of all that happens with crux, i allow this17:21
vee_i say this, right before im kicked off irc17:22
timcowchipi got banned from the salix forum once17:22
vee_what did you do?17:22
timcowchipfor arguing with the head developer17:22
vee_uh oh17:23
timcowchiphe kept telling me to mark my post solved17:23
timcowchipsolved by his solution that didn't really solve anything17:23
timcowchipkind of a tyrant17:24
timcowchiphe's quit the project now17:24
timcowchipteach him to ban me!17:25
timcowchipany way at salix they have a seperate guy hosting their forums and repos and such17:26
timcowchipthe more servers the better17:27
Romsterwhy marked a thread as solved if it arn't solved that's just dumb and something else i got distracted and forgot what i was gonna type.17:30
prologicRomster, did you give sahriswiki another go?17:32
prologicI've fixed the issues you discovered - Thanks for finding them :)17:32
Romsternot yet no17:36
Romsteron my lunch break17:36
vee_the heck are linux headers17:39
prologicare you asking?17:39
vee_yes sir17:40
vee_been googling for a fix on this thing, it says to reinstall the linux headers17:40
prologicThey are the .h files of the linux kernel17:40
prologicthe kernel is written in c17:40
prologicc sources contains header files17:40
prologicsignatures of functions and types used in the code17:40
prologicbut not the code itself17:40
prologicyou're using crux right?17:41
prologicre-installing the kernel headers means nothing to us17:41
prologicwe don't usually separate out things like that17:41
prologicunlike Ubuntu and friends17:41
vee_ah. been trying to get bumblebee working for a while, all the fixes suggest einstalling the linux headers -___-17:43
prologicyeah that will get you nowehere on crux17:44
prologicyou already have the kernel headers installed17:44
prologicalthough depending on what your issues are17:44
prologicit might have to do the following17:44
prologiccd /usr/src17:44
prologicln -s linux-<version> linux17:45
prologicsome older apps you compile that require linking against the kernel will look for headers in /usr/src/linux17:45
vee_i got bbswitch to work,sort of. the temps started to decrease quite a bit. but running it with the nvidia card seems to not work. -shrugs-17:50
vee_too lazy to get into it now lol17:50
Romstershould find it itself in /usr/sare/linux-$(uname -r)/17:50
Romstererr /usr/src/...17:51
vee_i dont think that is the issue. i think it might be the linux drivers17:54
vee_rather, the nvidia driver17:56
Romsterback to work later17:59
*** vee_ has quit IRC18:11
*** vee_ has joined #crux18:12
joe9romster, do you use ck4up too to check for port version bumps?18:17
*** timcowchip has quit IRC18:25
*** joacim has quit IRC18:31
*** joacim has joined #crux18:31
*** n_y_c has quit IRC19:10
*** timcowchip has joined #crux19:20
*** __mavrick61 has quit IRC19:54
*** __mavrick61 has joined #crux19:55
*** timcowchip has quit IRC20:34
vee_so, whens an open source version of turbotax coming to linux xD20:44
diversevee_: never20:49
diverseso write one yourself20:50
diverseSigh, sorry. I don't think an open source one is possible, because taxes change all the time.20:52
diverseprologic: ironically, its seems like you are the one now taking over the channel :P20:55
prologicwell I was :)20:58
diverseyay a vim user! \o/21:00
vee_isn't vim suppose to be easier to use? thought more people used that than nano21:01
diversevee_: you got it reversed21:01
prologicno vim is pretty easy actually21:02
diversevim is a niche editor, but a very powerful one.21:02
prologicif you want to learn21:02
prologicit takes all but a few mins to learn the basic21:02
diversestill niche'd21:02
prologicand a lifetime to learn all the macros and shortcuts to hundreds of things you can do!21:02
prologicvery very very bloody pwoerful21:03
vee_by easier, i mean quicker.21:03
prologicI only know about maybe 5% of it's features21:03
vee_but yea, i go nano because its easier21:03
diversevee_: the sky is the limit to how fast and product you can be in vim.21:03
*** jdolan has quit IRC21:03
vee_i dont want to be a product!21:03
vee_well mr james, i now know how you look21:04
diversevee_: of course you want to be one21:04
vee_you look quite a bit like the high guy, no disrespect intended21:04
diversewow, just for a simple spelling error... Someone is obsessive...21:05
vee_wait, what?21:06
prologicwait what?21:06
prologicdid I forget to spell check?21:06
*** c0x has joined #crux21:06
diverseprologic: not you21:07
diverseat least I thought vee_ was talking to me.21:07
diverseMaybe I misunderstood.21:07
vee_oh no no21:08
vee_i meant prologic, he looks a bit like this guy
vee_just a bit, though.21:08
prologicall fixed21:08
prologicman I look nothing like that guy21:09
diverseprologic: take a photo of yourself and gimp it, and you will.21:09
vee_just a bit, xD21:09
vee_so, how many people from crux are following you on twitter prologic21:11
prologicI actually do not know21:11
prologicit's not like twitter keeps track of such meta data anyway :)21:11
prologicLinux Distribution: CRUX21:11
vee_i'd follow you, but, i dont have twitter, and wouldn't think you would want me to anyway haha21:12
diverseprologic: I can probably make myself look high when I am not, if I wanted too.21:12
vee_diverse: pics or it didn't happen!21:13
diverseright... pics... indeed...21:13
vee_you should probably do a double take, then take off your glasses (get some if you dont have it) so people knwo sh*ts about to go down21:14
diverseprologic: put your vimrc on your site.21:16
*** Flynn` has quit IRC21:19
*** c0x has quit IRC21:21
*** c0x has joined #crux21:22
diversehmm, I am really considering syslinux instead of grub2 now. Its simplicity is hard to ignore.21:34
vee_lilo is pretty easy to21:36
prologicsimple things are always the ones that aurvive the test of time21:42
prologicI still use lilo everywhere21:43
diversehow updated is lilo?21:45
*** c0x has quit IRC21:49
prologicit's still actively developed21:52
prologicand up-to-date21:52
prologicas much as grub and the others21:52
*** vee_ has quit IRC22:15
*** deus_ex has quit IRC22:15
*** v33 has joined #crux22:36
Romsterdebian maintains lilo now22:58
Romsterjoe9, i use up2date23:01
prologicRomster, tried sahriswiki again?23:07
fireglowis crux looking to migrate away from its current wiki engine?23:09
prologicno :)23:09
prologicI'm just asking random people to give my wiki engine a try :)23:09
fireglowooh ok :>23:10
prologicwould you like to try it out? :)23:10
fireglowit's in python, yes?23:10
fireglowI had a look a few days ago23:10
fireglowso I need, what, twisted?23:10
prologicI'll post some installation instructions foe the dev version23:10
prologicI'm going to do an official release in Feb23:11
fireglowok nice23:11
prologicfireglow, Do you have: python, setuptools and mercurial?23:29
prologicI realized the instructions are all there, but it's easier if I just tell you what to do :)23:30
Romstersetuptools is now distribute23:33
prologicthis is true23:35
prologiceither or23:35
joe9syslinux is awesom.23:36
joe9diverse: good choice, syslinux.23:36
joe9grub2 is crazy. a script to configure a script? what are they thinking.23:36
joe9Romster: thanks for the tip on up2date.23:37
joe9Romster: prt-get fsearch up2date is not returning anything.23:38
joe9Romster: where did you get it from?23:38
Romsterit's on my pc only.23:38
joe9Romster: can you please share it with me?23:38
Romsteri need to redo the up2date again it's outdated. but furst i need to edit for 2.8 and 3.023:38
Romsterit's not user friendly to setup yet23:39
joe9Romster: just for me.23:39
*** mike_k has joined #crux23:40
joe9prologic: lilo does not work with root raid-123:44
fireglowprologic: I do, yes23:46
prologicI added dev install instructions23:51
*** v33 has quit IRC23:57
Romsterjoe9, it does but only mdadm metadata 0.923:58
joe9Romster: yes, you are correct.23:59

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