IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2013-01-29

prologicfr0stb1te, please let me know how it goes :)00:02
juejoe9: wrt runit, is wrong, you have to use
prologicCan't we just do it in Pkgfile and post-install in a nice port ? :)00:16
juejoe9: guess that all other 'empty result' problems are similar errors00:16
joe9jue: thanks, that helped with runit.00:17
fireglowprologic: thank you, I will have a look00:18
juejoe9: note, ck4up is fetching a URL and applies a regexp to the content, if you get an 'empty result' error this mostly means that your regexp doesn't work00:20
joe9jue: ok, thanks.00:20
jueprologic: Romster had something like that for his HVL ports00:25
juejoe9: your mpfi URL points to the tarball, not to a page where the name is listed, so with every call to ck4up you are fetching the tarball00:29
juejoe9: this should work better ->
joe9jue: thanks, that worked.00:32
juejoe9: hmm, the eigen URL is wrong, I get a 'Oops, you've found a dead link' response00:33
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: nettle: updated to 2.600:34
juejoe9: the coin URL times out, as ck4up reports00:36
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: nettle: updated to 2.600:36
*** MadSkipjack has joined #crux00:40
juejoe9: I think most of your problems are easy to fix, don't know what your idea is for eigen? looks like they don't have any tarballs, probably you can use ->
juejoe9: try this:  eigen  md5   [0-9.]+\.tar\.gz00:52
juejoe9: but now I have to do other things, hope that helps a bit ;)00:53
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diversejoe9: either for automating the config setup with the redundancy and awkward configuration or RMS got the idea from smoking something and had to tell the developers about it.01:21
diverseregarding grub201:23
*** timcowchip has joined #crux01:29
diversetimcowchip: got something new to share with us today?01:29
timcowchipoh yes........always01:32
timcowchipon my 2nd crux install01:33
diverseinb4 verbose dialog chat01:33
timcowchipi am nothing if not verbose01:33
timcowchipthe kernel rebuilding did not go as planned01:34
timcowchipi muffed it01:34
frinnst :)01:35
frinnsttbh, it usually requires a few tries on new hardware01:36
frinnstbut its pretty basic once you get to grips with it01:36
frinnstprotip: keep the old kernel in parallell with the fresh built one01:37
timcowchipi was following
diverseprotip2: keep a livecd with you at all times.01:37
timcowchipthat link you posted was cool01:37
frinnstthat guide could be tweaked a bit01:38
timcowchipi have crux.iso on usb01:38
diversedoesn't matter01:38
timcowchipyes it could01:38
frinnsti usually do the "make && make modules_install && make install dance01:38
timcowchipmake install?01:38
frinnstmake install copies the kernel to /boot/vmlinuz and renames the previous /boot/vmlinuz to /boot/vmlinuz.old and runs lilo for you01:38
timcowchipi'm using debian to boot everything01:39
frinnstjust keep an entry for vmlinuz.old in your bootloader and you can always boot the previous (hopefully working) kernel01:39
timcowchipjust cp vmlinux vmlinuz.old?01:40
diverseor mv it01:40
frinnstpretty much, look at the kernel makefile if you want to see exactly what it does01:40
diversefrinnst: although usually we don't do make install?01:41
timcowchipi have a bunch of I2c files in /dev01:41
timcowchipthat weren't there before01:41
timcowchipi attempted to build in sensors01:42
timcowchippressed "y" for the wrong line i guess01:42
timcowchipgot nouveau though01:43
timcowchipdo i need to cd /boot each rebuild?01:44
timcowchipi know i'm an eediot01:44
diverseyou just might be one ;)01:44
timcowchipthat's too funny01:45
frinnstdiverse: why not? its quicker :)01:45
diversei know, right?01:45
diversefrinnst: why not update the handbook to mention it?01:46
frinnstgood idea. Lots of people seem to have issues with building kernels these days01:46
frinnstsilly initrd-distros :)01:47
diverseI blame Arch01:47
diverseit dumbs down the users.01:48
timcowchipzcat /proc/config.gz > .config didn't work for me either01:48
timcowchipi don't to be dumbed any downer01:49
timcowchipdumb looks like up to me01:49
diverseyou forgot the "want" between "don't" and "to"01:49
timcowchipi did!01:50
diverseSee what Arch did to you!?01:50
timcowchiphow dumb is that?01:50
timcowchipi know01:51
timcowchipzcat /proc/config.gz > .config is supposed to load my existing kernel's menuconfig?01:53
nogagplzno that takes tyhe running kernels config and sticks it in .config01:55
timcowchipwell i think that's what i meant01:56
timcowchipif i'm rebuilding the kernel that is running01:56
timcowchipsave it as vmlinuz.old, rebuild it and copy the to /boot01:59
timcowchipeasy as cake01:59
timcowchipthank you all :) (and we never heard from him again)02:01
nogagplzcut to 2 decades later02:01
timcowchipi'll be 85 then02:02
timcowchipexplains a lot, huh?02:02
nogagplzcan't really say02:03
timcowchipif i knew i would live this long, i would have tried to save some more brain cells02:04
nogagplzRomster is in his 60s too for the record02:04
timcowchipmy son's a linux dev at mentor graphics02:05
prologicRomster is not in his 60s02:05
prologicwho told you that? lol02:05
nogagplzromsters son steals cars and sells them to rebirthers02:05
diverseprologic: how old is he then? rofl02:06
prologiche's 36 this year02:07
timcowchipwhat should i build while i'm sleeping tonight? hmm02:07
diversenogagplz: wow you burned him badly, hahahahahaha02:07
diversetimcowchip: let it build while you sleep02:07
nogagplznah the aim isn't to burn02:09
nogagplzRomster is unsuspecting, so he makes a great way to ground the ridiculousness imo02:09
diversejust because he didn't get you that drink02:10
nogagplzone of those pivotal moments in your life02:10
nogagplzwhich dictates how it's going to be for years to come lol02:11
*** timcowchip has quit IRC02:11
diversenow I got a good laugh02:11
diversethanks nogagplz02:11
nogagplzhappy to help I guess02:12
niklaswehow are you guys?02:13
nogagplzgood thanks how are you02:13
diversefeeling good now that I laughed my ass off02:13
niklasweIm fine :)02:13
diversenogagplz: still, it had an indirect facetious humor to flow with the topic of the conversation. It was only until prologic brought up the real fact, which was the punchline.02:17
diverseI guess the timing was good to make it funny.02:19
diverseniklaswe: whats new?02:26
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diverseecho "hey" > /dev/null02:32
*** sepen has joined #crux02:33
*** sepen has quit IRC02:33
nogagplzwow that was quick lol02:33
diversenogagplz: goes to show how much he hates this channel02:34
nogagplzit is a pretty rough place though02:34
diverseonly the toughest survive here02:35
nogagplzlots of nail eating and bench pressing trucks02:39
nogagplzand going outside without wearing jackets02:39
nogagplzbedtime goodnight02:40
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Romsterzcat /proc/config.gz > ./.config02:59
Romster35 currently i'll be 36 in December03:00
prologicRomster, that's what I said :)03:02
*** bedis has quit IRC03:06
Romsteryeah but i'm not 36 just yet lol...03:09
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joe9frinnst: you were talking about gregkh and being told not to use 3.7. kernel.09:31
joe9where did you get that from?09:32
tilmani thought all he quotes was the "all users must upgrade" thing09:33
Amnesiadoes one of you folks own an ereader/tablet?09:39
diversetilman: what a jerk09:40
diversereferring to greg09:41
diverseso guess how he might respond to users09:43
tilmansounds like you're confused09:44
diverseIs he not a proponent for systemd? I thought he was.09:44
diversetilman: anyway enlightened me.09:46
tilmani don't get what the common upgrade notice has to do with him being or not being a systemd proponent09:48
tilmanhe's been using this wording (in the upgrade notes) for ages09:48
diverseI was making the connection to how he might respond to non-systemd users thinking its an "upgrade" for all. But I didn't know that the "upgrade" thing is a general personality of his.09:50
tilmango do some research09:51
*** lasso_ has joined #crux09:56
diverseAfter some research, I guess I just don't like him. I hated how he treats the eudev developers like they are doing a circus for forking udev.10:23
diverseSorry for my emotional involvement. :(10:24
rmullHe performs a vital service to Linux independently of what he says and thinks about systemd.10:24
deus_exis this roelof guy on the ML for real?10:31
deus_ex'gimme, gimme, gimme'10:32
deus_exreminds me of CRUXTHEBASICS guy few years back :)10:33
*** Kaishi has joined #crux10:33
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deus_exhe whose name cannot be spoken, for fear that he returns, grown into an even bigger PITA10:40
deus_exjoacim: nah :)10:41
diversehe is talking about me.10:42
fr0stb1teFirst thing I did after installing the base was downloading 3.7.4 soyrces10:49
fr0stb1teNever even built 3.6.1110:50
fr0stb1te(because why the hell not)10:50
deus_exI'll build 3.7.5 tomorrow, when I, hopefully, finally update to 3.010:51
fr0stb1teI'm just testing stuff for now though10:52
fr0stb1teHaving a feel of CRUX10:52
fr0stb1teDon't know yet if it's a good idea to switch from arch10:52
fr0stb1teIt's certainly a good platform to build your system on though10:53
deus_exfr0stb1te: creator of arch borrowed a lot from Crux, so...10:53
fr0stb1teI know, yeah10:54
fr0stb1tecrux is really familiar to me, yet very much different10:54
deus_exi.e sane10:54
fr0stb1teEspecially with arch moving away from it's roots lately10:54
fr0stb1teSyslinux, sysvinit/OpenRC, FUCK YOU LENNART POETTERING10:55
deus_exand what is 'intended' use for arch, exactly?10:55
fr0stb1teSo switching to CRUX won't really change much10:56
deus_exfr0stb1te: systemd, itym10:56
fr0stb1tesyslinux is a bootloader10:57
jaegerI know what it is, should have clarified... how's it related to poettering?10:57
fr0stb1teUsing sysvinit instead of systemd is related10:57
*** spaced0g has joined #crux10:58
fr0stb1teSyslinux is not10:58
fr0stb1teAnd the community is surprisingly hostile against people that do things differently10:59
deus_exso, Crux is not just smarter, cooler and prettier cousin to arch, it has better people skills as well.Nice.11:00
jaegerEach has its niche and intended audience, that's all11:01
nogagplzquit not throwing fuel onto the fire11:01
jaegersorry! flame on11:02
jaegerI need to go drown a server in RAM, anyway11:02
jaeger24GB -> 144GB11:02
deus_exjaeger: showoff :)11:02
nogagplzmore ram than weird als computer finally11:02
fr0stb1tejaeger, the problem with Arch is that it was a very much cool tinkery distro with simple tools11:02
jaegerWould it help if I told you I actually need to do that with 14 servers?11:02
jaegerI'm only doing 1 to start, though11:02
jaeger2016GB RAM in a box11:03
fr0stb1teAnd now they suddenly switch to stuff like GRUB2 and systemd11:03
fr0stb1teWhich pissed a lot of people off.11:03
jaegerI like grub2, myself, but I understand what you're saying11:03
nogagplzwhat's wrong with grub2, systemd I can see a problem but11:03
fr0stb1teI don't really dislike neither.11:03
fr0stb1teBut they both are... huge.11:03
rmullgrub2 seems overly complex to me.11:03
fr0stb1teI like syslinux, for example, because it's really flexible but very small and simple11:04
fr0stb1teGRUB2 offers a lot of functionality that I don't really need11:04
deus_exjaeger: that box can run FF or LibreOffice without problems.11:04
jaegerdeus_ex: I know, FINALLY! :D11:04
jaeger9 of them are vmware vsphere hosts, the other 5 are fMRI number crunchers11:05
pedjafMRI is cool tech11:05
fr0stb1teSuddenly dropping initsctipts was much more of a dick move though11:05
jaegerIt is our entire business here (fMRI research)11:05
joacimI'm still using 2GB of RAM on my desktop :/11:05
joacimthis stuff was expensive back in 2006 when i bought my computer11:06
fr0stb1teI have 3G on my work pc :)11:06
jaeger12GB on this workstation, 16GB at home :D RAM is cheaper and cheaper11:06
fr0stb1teMy Atom 330 is my problem though, 3G is perfectly ok to work on11:06
pedjajaeger: whose boxes, HP, IBM..?11:07
jaegerpedja: mostly sun fire x4170 servers and hp z600/mac pro workstations11:07
fr0stb1te>You have successfully confirmed your subscription request for "" to the CRUX mailing list11:08
fr0stb1teThat tab was open foe a week now11:09
fr0stb1teTinkering with CRUX makes me scratch my head about a lot of things in other distros11:10
fr0stb1teThogh the choice to use lilo by default is a bit strange11:11
pedjafr0stb1te: KISS principle11:12
fr0stb1teThen again yeah, it's simple and it works11:12
*** lvdd has quit IRC11:12
fr0stb1teWould be cool to have syslinux on the iso too, but that's not a huge problem.11:13
fr0stb1teNot a problem at all11:13
sepenfr0stb1te: syslinux is on the iso11:15
fr0stb1teOh. I'm stupid then11:15
sepeniirc, opt/syslinux and opt/mtools11:15
fr0stb1teI don't know why, but I've downloaded and installed syslinux myself11:16
fr0stb1teIt takes three minutes to do so, so whatever :D11:16
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fr0stb1teOoops. Forgot to build the nvidia driver for the new kernel11:23
*** spider44 has joined #crux11:35
fr0stb1teYeah, syslinux is in opt on the iso11:43
fr0stb1teSilly me11:43
fr0stb1tenogagplz, wow11:46
fr0stb1teAn IE emulator in my FF11:46
*** v33 has joined #crux11:48
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*** tilman has joined #crux11:57
frinnstgeez, cant you people read? or am I unable to express myself in words?12:25
frinnstgreg kh always says "all users must upgrade" with every kernel he releases12:26
frinnstand "I made a funny" regarding it12:26
joacimexpress it through dance12:26
joe9Romster: libedit version bump to libedit-20121213-3.0.tar.gz12:27
joe9the current libedit is failing.12:27
frinnstmy one-line irc-dance sucks :(12:29
*** vaddi has quit IRC12:34
Rotwangfrinnst: you dance great!12:34
Rotwangpure pussy magnet12:34
nogagplzyeah look at all the stray cats milling around outside your house now12:36
jaegerok, that was fun, seeing 144GiB RAM on the ESXi boot12:37
jaegerfrinnst: I understood, for what that's worth. /fistbump12:38
*** lasso_ has quit IRC12:38
frinnstjaeger: you'd be surprised how short it lasts :)12:50
frinnstwe are starting to get a bunch of ram usage warnings12:50
frinnsteven when theres like 20-30gb free12:50
jaegerwe've been working with 24 on each server so far so it'll be nice for a while at least12:51
jaegerthe new servers we're buying support a max of 512GB :)12:51
niklaswedoes someone has an pkgfile for qmake?12:55
jaegerNot I12:57
niklaswewill build mumble for my rpi..12:57
joe9does the linux kernel "make localyesconfig" work well? or, is it more of a hit-or-miss? any experiences, please?13:01
joacimworks ok for me13:01
joe9joacim: thanks.13:01
joacimdont think i have to tweak much besides filesystems. for my use at least.13:02
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v33tried the ps2 emulator...oh boy.14:31
nogagplzwhat oh boy14:39
v33it wasn't as bad as i thought it woul dbe14:40
v33time to nostalgia14:40
nogagplzhow is it running for oui14:40
jaegersuper obscure ffx joke spotted!14:44
nogagplzff has been in decline post snes14:45
nogagplz6 was just so great14:45
jaeger6 is one of my favorites14:47
*** n_y_c has quit IRC14:51
v33it wasn't amazing, occasional lag, but playable i suppose :)14:53
nogagplzthere are some speedhacks to fiddle with14:54
v33was busy eating half the time anway haha14:54
nogagplzlol wtf14:54
joacimi like 9 the most, tho i've only played 6-10 and tactics15:07
joacimi've been playing a bit on my PS2 lately. Just finished zone of the enders 2 on it.15:08
joacimthinking about starting project zero tomorrow15:08
joacimv33: you're using pcsx2?15:11
*** n_y_c has joined #crux15:13
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*** nogagplz has joined #crux15:15
v33yea, i am joacim :)15:17
fr0stb1teIt's funny how crux installs faster than ubuntu.15:17
joacimis it as tricky to configure as epsxe/pcsx? do i need to change settings in between different games?15:18
fr0stb1teEven when doung everything by hand15:18
joacimsome emulators are just too damn tricky =)15:18
joacimi remember i used a frontend for epsxe so that i could have different presets for different games15:19
fr0stb1teIn which cases is a separate /usr a ptoblem btw?15:20
joacimit was usually audio that required different plugins or different configurations15:20
jaegerI run pcsx2 and dolphin in windows, never been happy with performance in linux versions15:20
fr0stb1teI've installed crux with a separate usr and without initramfs just fine15:20
jaegerespecially when running at ridiculously high resolutions15:20
jaeger for example15:24
jaeger for the static version15:24
joacimheh. seen a few stunning shots from that game15:25
jaegerIt's a really pretty game considering it's for the wii15:25
jaegerhas great music, too15:27
joacimseeing it in motion is even better15:27
jaegerI'll have to record some gameplay next time I play it15:27
*** timcowchip has joined #crux15:32
v33jaeger's own youtube channel ey?15:34
*** timcowchip has quit IRC15:34
jaegernot much there15:35
*** n_y_c has quit IRC15:41
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jaegerhow bizarre... went through my debian 5 -> 6 upgrade cycle again after running crux on the server for a couple days... now the weird mdadm issue is gone16:17
v33well there is your problem right there...debian. haha16:20
v33just kidding, plz dont flame16:20
jaegerIt's a replacement for a debian server, so it's staying that way16:20
v33debian is pretty cool, but the packages are outdated, right?16:21
v33unless you open up the testing stuff16:21
jaegerthey can be, yeah16:21
fr0stb1teThere are backports for some packages16:21
v33might swithc the old pentium 4 to debian...because ubuntu is a pain in the arse16:22
Romsterjoe9, ghc: 7.4.1 -> 7.6.2 and libedit is bumped.17:15
fr0stb1teLinux bastion 3.7.517:35
fr0stb1teBuilt a custom kernel for my Arch at work17:36
jaegerYou MUST upgrade!17:36
Romstereasy enough i just get the new source and zcat /proc/config.gz ./.config in the new kernel soruce and make make modules_install and copy bzImage and to /boot ...17:43
Romstersome make it sound like it's a huge chore todo that.17:44
joe9romster, thanks317:46
Romsterjoe9, np17:47
Romsteri have still any need to use ghc yet what are you using it for?17:47
joe9haskell is my primary programming language.17:49
*** v33 has quit IRC17:49
joe9I do some usb testing stuff with haskell17:49
Romsterwonder what projects use haskell.17:49
joe9i also use that.17:50
joe9it was hard to learn it being different. but, it is so much easier for maintenance. easy to find bugs, if any.17:50
Romsterah a wm17:51
Romsterdon't see it in your joe9 git tree17:51
Romsteryou get runit working ok now joe9 ?17:54
joe9romster, i have ghc in my repo too.17:59
*** pshevtsov has joined #crux17:59
joe9with different parameters though.17:59
Romsteri noticed copied mine <<17:59
Romsteroh didn't look that closely17:59
joe9yes, I am on runit.17:59
Romsterany issues?18:00
Romsterusing socklog too?18:00
joe9i did not replace the /sbin/init with runit-init in the Pkgfile. just did that manually.18:00
joe9no socklog. just runit.18:00
Romsteri'm sure oyu based your Pkgfile off another distro18:00
joe9romster, among others, I used your runit port too.18:01
joacimyou stole18:03
Romsteryeah but that was a bit older version18:04
Romsterback to work chat later.18:04
joe9dragora linux uses runit as its' init.18:06
joe9romster, busybox build failing: will keep you posted if I find anything more.18:23
jaegerthere's no error in that output18:26
joe9does anyone know what I am missing here :
jaegeryou have a comma in the source url, looks like18:32
jaegeror romster does18:32
joe9got it, thanks18:32
joe9no, I just changed the version. my fault.18:32
joe9romster, it installed. can you please bump the busybox version to 1.21.0?18:36
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*** timcowchip has joined #crux19:42
timcowchipREMEMBER to enable kernel polling when using udevil without udisks19:42
*** __mavrick61 has joined #crux19:42
timcowchipwhat happened here ?19:54
*** timcowchip has quit IRC20:08
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Romsterblah power outages.23:07
v33grab yourself a solar panel and a batter lol23:08
*** pitillo has quit IRC23:11
*** sepen has quit IRC23:14
Romsteri got a UPS but it's not big enough for my desktop more money i need to fork out for a better one.23:14
*** timcowchip has quit IRC23:15
v33been looking into setting up a few solar panels here too. they're pretty easy to work with and setup.23:23
v33wanted to make a mini portable one for phones and such too23:24
Romsteri want to do my own home brew UPS and supplement the battery bank with a few solar panels and wind gen23:24
Romsterit wont cover the running of it but it'll help reduce my bill23:25
Romsterwill have to be a line interactive type UPS23:25
Romster12V 100AH DEEP CYCLE AGM BATTERY, that would do the ups just nicely too.23:30
Romstergive me enough time to switch to generator if need be.23:31
v33yep. solar panels aren't too pricey either23:32
v33and im sure there is no shortage of sun in the AU23:32
Romsterand wind is pretty constant here too23:32
v33one of my friends got solar panels donated to him, about 30-40 3x4 inch panels, some B grade, most A. wanted to sell it to me for 40 bucks.23:33
v33said no because i didn't know they were god damn easy to work with23:33
Romstergood one23:50
Romsterjust need basic knowledge to use them23:50
Romsterseries parallel them with diodes and stick it on a MPPT regulator to a battery23:51

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