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timcowchiprebuilding my kernel01:01
timcowchipalert the media01:02
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timcowchipsee you on the flip side01:20
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frinnstfucking samba config asdf04:52
Romsteri could say the same for texlive currently.05:09
Romsterwhats up with samba i got samba working here05:09
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Romsterhi sepen05:40
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frinnstone would think confing samba to share one share without any credentials and one with credentials would be pretty straight forward06:43
frinnstbut there are so many methods of doing everything so im just confused06:43
frinnstone public and one private share06:44
frinnstboth read-write06:44
jaegerI've done that in the past, was kinda weird but worked06:45
frinnstthere are lots of examples on how to do it, but nothing seems to work06:46
frinnstalso fuck selinux :)06:46
jaegerIf I remember right you need to set guest account = and guest ok = for that share06:46
frinnstive done that. it should work (but doesnt)06:47
jaegerI'll try here06:49
jaegerah, have to also set map to guest06:54
frinnsti have that06:55
frinnstfuck fucked06:55
frinnsttime to study the manpage06:55
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jaegerare you trying to connect as yourself or as a user which doesn't exist on the system?06:56
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frinnstno, the user is added06:56
frinnstive tested so much ive confused myself06:57
frinnstgonna restart with a fresh config to make sure everything is ok06:57
jaegerIf you connect as a user that does exist on the system I think it won't work06:57
jaegerbecause it won't map a UID that exists to guest06:57
joe9 /ws 3906:58
joe9romster, what font do you use?07:01
joe9 stumbled upon this. wanted to check what you like.07:01
niklaswegahh mod_sec giving me headshake...07:01
joe9what is the correct place for installing fonts in crux? they seem to be in different places:
frinnstsomeplace under /usr/share for system wide iirc07:16
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: nvidia: updated to version 310.3207:16
joe9/usr/share/fonts seems to be the place. frinnst: thanks.07:18
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: nvidia-32: updated to version 310.3207:18
rmullAny chance we could get that backported to opt-x86_64.git/2.8? :P07:21
jaegerpedja already did, I believe07:21
rmullAh, I see it, thanks07:23
Amnesiajoe9: check out gohufont07:35
joe9Amnesia: ok, thanks. will do.07:35
joe9jaeger: quick question, I start X from inittab. Do I need dbus?07:36
joe9jaeger:  if you do not mind answering.07:36
rmullI like the proggy fonts07:39
joe9"dbus isn't required for X. It might be used by components of a given desktop environment to communicate with other programs. " --found this. sorry for the bother, jaeger07:39
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jaegerthat's pretty much what I would have said :)07:40
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joacimwhats so bad about dbus anyways? is it the idea of dbus or the implementation of it?08:13
joacimi see a lot of people with negative opinions about dbus.08:13
joe9joacim: from what I gather, it has to do with freedesktop notifications. I do not use a desktop08:16
joe9joacim: I just start X from inittab.08:16
joe9rmull: proggy does not seem to have a port?08:17
rmulljoe9: That's correct, I always just install it manually08:33
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tilmanjue, jaeger, frinnst: can you please fix the Maintainer line in compat-32/freetype-32? it has my name in there ;p10:09
jaegerhave you been getting bothered about the port? :)10:21
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tilmanjaeger: yes10:21
tilmanjaeger: can i add you to cc in my reply?10:22
jaegerif you like, or just have whoever it is file a bug, maybe10:22
tilmanjaeger: or does sepen maintain the 32 bit one too?10:22
jaegerTo be honest we've not gone over all that yet, need to sort it out10:23
rmullDoes anyone know why I might be receiving this message at the end of any prt-get install? /sbin/ldconfig: /usr/lib/ is not a symbolic link10:42
rmullThat file is the result of a port I installed by myself10:42
rmullI'm not sure if this message is telling me something is wrong10:42
jaegerIs it not a symlink?10:43
jaegernormall the .so.1 files are symlinks to the full version files, right?10:44 -> for example10:44
rmullIt's not a symlink, so the statement it makes is correct10:44
jaegerright, that's what I'm getting at10:44
rmullI have ->, and then two regular files, and
rmullSo I should point to
jaegerIn the mesa3d port* follow the normal trend10:46
tilmanso hard10:47
rmulljaeger: Okay, I'll check out mesa3d and see how they do it10:47
rmullAlright, seems like my statement above is correct, I think10:48
rmullMy port collides with some of the stuff in the mesa3d footprint10:49
rmullIt's for marvell-libgfx on an arm device10:49
rmullThanks for the tip10:49
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elderKHey guys,10:52
elderKI was wondering where libGLX is on Crux?10:52
elderKAnd how I Can get a 32bit libGL and libGLX ?10:52 is in xorg-server10:53
elderKAs for the 32bit GL/GLX, I'd have to compile a couple of them right, the libraries, with the compiler with -m32 ?10:53
jaegerlook in the compat-32 repository for 32-bit versions10:53
elderKAh, thanks.10:53
elderKOut of curiosity though, how would you get the 32bit compat versions?10:53
elderKIf you wanted to do it by hand?10:53
jaegerwhat do you mean by "get" them? they're updated via ports -u if you enable the compat-32 repo10:53
elderKI mean... build them10:54
jaegerif you haven't got that enabled, take a look in /etc/ports, rename the file from compat-32.rsync.inactive to compat-32.rsync and run ports -u10:54
elderKSomeone built the compat libraries.10:54
jaegerif you want to build them with pkgmk, touch a file called .32bit in the port dir before running pkgmk10:54
elderK:) I was just wondering if that was the general idea: someone built the same libraries but as 32bit and labelled them compat.10:55
jaegeryou can see the flags used in /etc/pkgmk.conf10:55
elderKIs it documented that you have to place .32 in the directory?10:55
jaegercompat is just a name, nothing really significant about it10:55
elderK:) Also, Crux is a very nice distribution. It's really n ice.10:55
jaegerHrmm, probably not. Multilib is a new thing for crux so we probably need to do that10:55
jaegerGlad you like it10:55
elderKI've been looking for one lik eit, just like it, for awhile now. One that didn't suck.10:55
elderKSo, thanks to all in here for their work.10:56
elderKYou've done a nice job.10:56
jaegerThanks, appreciate the feedback10:56
elderKI love how you're "opt-in" instead of "opt-out" when it comes to stuff that'; sinstalled.10:56
elderKLike, slackware, say,10:56
elderKa good distribution but... it comes with shit compiled in to even the core programs that are pointless.10:56
jaegerIf you want more details on the *-32 ports, take a look at the ones that are in the compat-32 repo, they'll give you an idea of how we did it10:56
elderKlike, the core system components don't need X11 ffs. But they are dynamically bound anyway.10:57
jaegerWe try to adhere to KISS in most cases10:57
elderKBut you guys, it's clean. Really, really clean.10:57
elderKI feel as I know what each library does - and I've wanted that feeling back since 1999.10:57
jaegerwith a 32-bit version of a port it'll put libs into lib32 as well as remove things like includes, man pages, binaries, etc.10:57
jaegerin most cases the 64-bit version handles all that and the 32-bit version is just libs10:57
elderK32bit programs are still just 32bit on 64bit. Just, by default, systems don't provide the runtime and libraries anymore, right?10:58
elderKThat's why we have to build the compat versions and such10:58
elderKBut don't need a complete 32bit chroot or whatever.10:58
elderK:/ I found it (am finding it) really quite hard to find any decent information regarding multilib online.10:59
jaegerby default there's no 32-bit stuff installed in crux 3.0 except the part of the toolchain required to build more10:59
elderKFrom what I've found, it's exactly as you've mentioned: Build the libraries you need as 32bit.10:59
elderK:) Aye.10:59
elderKSee, another awesome thing.10:59
jaegerSome other dists like ubuntu have a build package of 32-bit libs that you can install but you might never use a lot of them10:59
elderKI've been moving from linux to linux for a couple years now - I used to be a Slackware devotee - but I feel they've lost their way.10:59
elderKand I haven't found a new "home" yet.11:00
elderKI'm EXCITED to be using Crux.11:00
elderKMaybe I found my new hideout11:00
elderKand agreed.11:00
jaegerwell, use it for a while and see :)11:00
elderKThere's so much most will never use.11:00
elderKSo many programs, files, libraries, configs...11:00
elderKAnd sure, with disk space today, it may NOT be an issue to have all of that,11:00
elderKbut for maintenance and understandibility, it can be a real fuck.11:00
elderKif you have an SSD drivel ,however, that space can count.11:01
elderKOr if you're running on a machine that's older - say a 8GiB IDE Drive machine from 99 or something11:01
elderK:P Any chance you've got Skype running?11:02
tilman"use it for a while and see" best advice ever11:02
jaegerThat's my advice for most things, really11:02
jaegerno, I don't11:02
tilmanit seems lots of people are ziomg-excited about crux in the first 5 minutes11:02
elderKIt's u sually the best advice regarding this stuff.11:02
tilmanthen they realize it's not ubuntu11:03
tilman(or something)11:03
elderKfuck ubuntu.11:03
elderKI have a hatred for Ubuntu, for hte most part.11:03
elderKNot because it's "mainstream"11:03
elderKbut because I feel Ubuntu added momentum to the "LETS BE COOL!!!2121" Linuxers.11:03
jaegerIt has its niche like most things11:03
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elderKAnd gave GNOME and a bunch of other shit, the momentum to be what they are now...11:04
jaegerI use a lot of it at work, mostly on servers11:04
elderKSame at our work.11:04
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elderKLTS or?11:04
jaegeralways LTS11:04
elderKJust because it's easier? Or the updates?11:04
elderKWhy vs. say, CentOS?11:04
elderKor even BSD?11:04
jaegerWanted a bit more recent package selection. In terms of usability and updates both dists are fine11:05
jaegerNothing against BSD, just have far more linux experience11:05
jaegerI ran a FreeBSD ZFS server for a while but it's decommissioned now11:05
elderKBSD has always been one of those things I wanted to run, but couldn't because of hardware issues.11:06
elderKBSD is nice, solid. I like it's userland and it's differences. But... it's hardware support is still lacking, even though the drivers they end up having, are nice.11:06
elderKAnd there seems to be a lot of projects dropping support for the BSDs now and focusing on Linux-centric libraries.11:06
elderKWhich, sucks but kind of makes sense.11:06
elderKAt least, imo :)11:07
jaegerThe problem I ran into was hardware and driver related. The SAS expanders I was using weren't fully supported. When a drive failed it locked up the expanders11:07
jaegerNot great for a server11:07
elderKI'd say.11:07
elderKThat sucks.11:07
jaegerworked fantastically until a failure11:07
elderK:P Yeah, when you need it to work the most :P11:07
elderKA question about contrib,11:07
elderKI'll check the handbook first :)11:08
elderKbecause I've been building some packages for my own use, if I Can contribute them, I might as well.11:08
elderKI've been using the Pkgfiles in ports as a template.11:08
elderK:P Took me awhile to realize there was pkgmk :P11:08
jaegerGood way to practice11:08
elderKI replicated the .footprints file with find :P11:08
elderKwell, the format of it anyway.11:08
elderKHow did you guys do that anyway? Is it custom output you generate?11:09
elderKfind couldn't do what you had /exactly/11:09
elderKbut it was damned close11:09
elderK:P I would've had to run sed ontop.11:09
jaegeryou can check pkgmk, it's a script11:09
elderKOh, sweet.11:09
elderKThe only one I didn't check.11:09
elderKpkg-get, etc, are binaries, right?11:09
elderK:P I was looking into them to see if I could learn more about the Pkgfile format.11:10
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jaegeryeah, bit of a mix11:10
elderKIt really is as it seems, nice and simple :) I like that.11:10
elderKI was using redhat for a bit to try, not bad, but man, rpm can be tough going11:10
elderKThere isn't a single place that documents the entire spec file format.11:10
elderKNot even the documentation that ships with RPM.11:10
elderKa lot of OUT DATED info.11:11
elderKwhich is very misleading these days.11:11
jaegerI used to go straight to the RPM homepage and documentation but I've not made many RPMs in the last few years11:11
elderKNot much good docs anymore.11:11
elderKI didn't check out 'rpmv5' though.11:11
elderK:) Anywho, main point: Crux is cool.11:12
elderKbut I need to get 32bit libGl/libGLX because of ATI Catalyst.11:12
elderKSee, it was an issue on redhat too. The driver installs fine on 64bit, builds, etc.11:12
elderKbut it doesn't operate correctly whenever you switch the integrated GPU on (for laptops with discrete and integrated GPUs)11:12
elderKIt renames the libGL and libGLX libraries and shifts them around when X starts, depending on the active GPU.11:13
elderKand it always fucks up because /usr/lib/libGL isn't there and it expects it to be.11:13
elderKCreates a zero-length file...11:13
elderKand then it all breaks because it can't repair it.11:13
elderKI think it's an issue on their side as I shouldn't NEED 32bit GL if I'm running a 64bit system...11:14
jaegerunless you're running a 32-bit 3d app11:14
elderKBut I won't be :/11:15
elderK:) Also, how do I upload to contrib?11:16
elderKI don't have much webspace. I'll see what I can do, though :D11:16
elderKIf it was  ssnake, it would've bit me.11:16
v33out of curiosity, since most of you guys are really well versed in computers, how come you guys dont open up some kind of pc repair shop?11:33
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elderKv33: Money, I guess?11:34
Amnesiav33: cause it's a crappy job:P?11:35
elderKI worked as a technician for awhile, made more than I do now :/11:36
teK_repairing PCs sucks11:36
elderKand I'm a fucking programmer :(11:36
elderKSalary job, too11:36
rmullPCs are pretty much disposable nowadays anyway.11:36
elderKA shame though. I miss being able to fix shit when needed. And I miss hardware lasting.11:36
elderKA TNT2 lasted me for 6 years.11:36
v33hm...i do it free lance, and its not too bad. then again, most people here aren't too smart anyway11:36
elderKA friends Geforce card died four months after he bought it11:36
elderKand that happened to many of my friends.11:37
Amnesiav33: imo dealing with end users is a pita11:37
elderK:( Everything is disposable now11:37
elderK++ Amnesia11:37
v33trust me. if you dealw ith the people i deal with, you'll lost all the head on your hair11:37
v33but, they occasionally have deep pockets haha11:37
Amnesiaimo it's not worth it:)11:38
v33i was doing some recon on the stores around my area, one store that had been there for a while sees an average of oh, 20-30 comps a day11:38
v33they charge an arm and a leg too, so, they make decent money11:38
v33one guy tried to sell me an old p4 with 256 mb of ran, 30 g hard drive for 250 bucks11:38
elderKhow much for?11:39
elderKoh, 250.11:39
elderKfuck that11:39
jaegerpeople in general are assholes and don't understand the tech. they get mad when they don't understand it or when you tell them why something they did screwed it up11:41
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v33"it was working fine before you fixed it"11:58
v33anytime i hear that, internally, i experience this:
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powdered_toast_mgreets from sidux12:00
timcowchipin sidux forums and chat i am12:02
timcowchipsorry about that12:03
elderKjaeger: is there a way to specify what version of a library your package depends on?12:04
v33by the lack of power vested in me, i forgive you lol12:04
elderKlike, can I protect people from installing it, when they have say, gtk, but the wrong gtk version?12:04
elderKor can I just give the package a different name?12:04
elderKand cd into it manually?12:04
elderK(when the source is downloaded)12:04
timcowchipbe going for my 3rd reinstall of crux soon12:05
frinnsthow many computers are you installing it on?12:07
timcowchipcan't boot with the kernel i just upgraded12:08
timcowchipor the one i saved12:08
frinnstyou dont have to reinstall everything just because of that12:08
timcowchipi've got my crux.iso usb12:08
frinnstuse the install media to boot and build a new kernel12:09
timcowchipi tried that the other time12:09
timcowchipi'll try it again12:09
timcowchipi'd like to get it right once12:09
timcowchipi noticed menuconfig looks different when using the install media12:12
v33timcowchip, if the kernel was incorrectly built, boot up the usb, mount the disks,  setup-chroot, cd into the /usr/src/linux- what ever version it is, and then build the kernel12:12
timcowchipdifferent choices too12:12
timcowchipfor example i could not find nouveau drivers when i tried upgrading the running kernel12:12
v33they should be in the same or similar area in th kernel...they looked the same to me12:13
frinnstthings depend on stuff, if you have deselected something you might not see the driver you are interested in, use / to search12:13
timcowchip"/" ?12:14
frinnstyes, the key you just used to type the / char12:14
frinnstin menuconfig12:15
v33yes, when you press /, where the question mark thing is in menu config, brings up a search type of thing12:15
v33timcowchip is essentially me like 6 months ago, just less talkative. hahaa12:15
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: cairo: updated to 1.12.1212:15
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: cairo: updated to 1.12.1212:16
tilmanv33: there are only two people on my ignore list. guess who made it there recently :D12:16
v33i thought we had something special tilman. xD12:17
tilmani don't think you got it12:17
v33oh nvm too :P12:17
v33not the best of processing on my part. haaha12:19
jaegerelderK: it's not that specific, no12:20
elderKI guess I'll just note.12:20
elderKIt shouldn't be an issue, anyway.12:20
elderKIt should build with what versions crux has :)12:20
frinnstyou have 2 gtk ports that the moment, "gtk" - gtk2 and "gtk3" - yeah, gtk3 :)12:21
frinnstbut i guess you were just talking about stuff in general12:21
elderKaye :)12:24
elderKIt'll be no problem as, afaik, 2.24.something was the last GTK2 "stable" release.12:24
elderKThere is a 2.99-012:24
elderKbut I don' tthink that was actually circulated for general use12:24
frinnstthose are 3.0 "betas"12:24
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timcowchipshould i upgrade packages when i upgrade the kernel with the install media?12:31
frinnstrunning the setup is pointless12:32
timcowchipi already did sysup12:32
frinnstjust mount and chroot and rebuild the kernel12:32
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v33you guys might not believe this, but i might be on the verge of creating a successful pkgfile12:39
timcowchipis it for gvfs?12:40
v33no, not gvfs12:41
timcowchipwhat then?12:41
v33its an alternative to bumblebee's optirun. its like nvidia optimus replacement12:42
v33also, there was a md5 mismatch on git12:42
v33i mean footprint, sorry12:43
timcowchipyou kids and your video games12:44
v33not necessarily for games, but it dos help when it comes to it lol12:44
timcowchipjust kidding12:46
timcowchipwell, here i go into the abiss12:46
*** v33 has quit IRC12:52
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: lftp: 4.4.0 -> 4.4.112:55
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: wireshark: 1.8.4 -> 1.8.512:55
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: git: ->
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: getmail: 4.36.0 -> 4.37.012:58
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v33im a bit confused...the pkgfile im trying to make uses git, and, i have set the git command to pull in the git files. however, after it downloads the file, i have set it to cd into it, but for some odd reason, it cant seem to find it.13:03
rmullv33: typo13:04
rmullcd prmius instead of cd primus13:04
v33dear god13:05
v33i've been staring at it for a while, how did i miss it!?13:05
v33thanks rmull :D13:05
*** Rotwang has joined #crux13:15
v33well, it installed successfully, however, i dont think it palced the files where it was suppose to xD13:19
nogagplz$pkgdir is for pkgbuilds afaik13:25
nogagplzyou want $PKG13:25
*** mike_k has quit IRC13:25
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: qemu: 1.2.2 -> 1.3.113:26
*** Kaishi has joined #crux13:29
v33i switched it to that wlol13:33
nogagplzdoes it work now13:40
v33it installs fine, but when you try to launch it, the command doesn't come up, making me think it installed somewhere else13:52
nogagplzdid you make it executable13:53
v33no, i haven't. but it installs files in folders, and when i go to them, its empty13:54
nogagplzwhich files, just the /usr/lib/primus/ and /usr/bin/primusrun?13:55
v33one sec nogagplz, so much going on lol13:55
Romsteri've asked bout compat-32 maintainer lines but no idea what to set maintainer to what alias group yet13:57
*** lasso has quit IRC13:58
v33 <-- thats the pgkmk file, and this is what it says after finishing
*** lvdd has quit IRC13:59
nogagplzthat looks like it worked I don't see the problem14:00
nogagplzor did you do pkgmk without installing the built package14:00
v33lmao you know, i might have done that.14:01
v33just ran sudo pkgmk, gotta add "add to the end , right? lmao14:01
v33god damn it, handbook time14:01
v33lord have mercy14:02
nogagplzcrux how does it work :P14:03
v33bahh. now its complainnig about a footprint mismatch and already installed files haha14:04
nogagplzprobably because $pkgdir earlier had no value14:05
nogagplzso it just copied stuff into your /14:05
*** n_y_c has joined #crux14:05
nogagplzprobably safe to just force the package to install14:05
nogagplzor remove the files from before by hand etc etc14:05
v33pkgmk -if -f -i keeps saying saying how there is a package already installed14:05
v33even though -f is set14:06
nogagplzwhat about -u instead of -i14:06
v33pkgadd: package primus-git not previously installed (skip -u to install)14:07
nogagplztry removing the files already in / then I guess and do -i14:08
v33just deleted the file and it worked14:09
v33holy crap. i actually successfully setup a Pkgfile. do i win the internet?14:09
nogagplzyou win the knwowledge of how futile your actions are in the grand scheme of things14:10
v33thanks for shitting on my parade, nogagplz haha14:10
nogagplzhappy to help ;P14:10
v33thanks for the help though. i always forget something small. its so ridiculous14:11
nogagplznot a big deal it happens to everybody14:11
v33now to get bumblebee working14:11
nogagplzah the physical manifestation of hell14:21
nogagplzgood luck with it14:21
v33nogagplz, youve tried it?14:26
nogagplzI tried to get it going on my friends fedora and it just wouldn't budge14:26
v33oh yea, its ridiculous. i was trying to see if i can convert gentoo's bumblebee package file into crux, but that was harder than fixing the issue already14:27
joacimi thought you were talking about an actual fedora (hat) there for a second14:28
nogagplzmaybe I was... ;P14:29
v33nogagplz is the queen of fashion14:29
nogagplzyou know too much14:30
v33work it gurl!14:30
v33i would love to see you try >:D14:30
v33better yet, you can do that if you can get bumblebee workin on this laptop :P14:32
*** bedis has joined #crux14:45
*** bedis has quit IRC14:45
*** Rotwang has quit IRC14:45
*** n_y_c has joined #crux14:56
*** sh4rm4 has quit IRC14:57
*** n_y_c has joined #crux14:58
*** sepen has quit IRC15:04
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*** n_y_c has joined #crux15:05
*** sh4rm4 has joined #crux15:11
v33still cant get libreoffice to open -____-15:25
jaegerdo you have
v33i installed java... O.o15:32
*** c0x` has joined #crux15:33
v33xorg-libxext...god damn it15:35
v33wait nvm, its installed15:35
*** c0x has quit IRC15:36
*** sepen has joined #crux15:54
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*** __mavrick61 has joined #crux15:57
joe9anyone planning on taking crux forward for i686's?16:22
sepencrux 2.8 is still alive16:32
sependidn't you receive updates from ports after 3.0 was released?16:33
elderKHey, does anyone here run Virtualbox or Qemu on their Crux?16:37
elderKI need to setup a VM so that I can covertly do my "work work" on my Nix box :P16:37
elderKIt's just editing code, etc, so no fancy 3D acceleration is needed but, it would be nice if there was some kind of 2D acceleration. Testing with Qemu under windows shows that it's SLOW here.16:38
elderKSo, I'm wondering if VNC or RDP would be better...16:38
joe9sepen: yes, I did receive updates. but, not sure how long that will last.16:39
elderKNo one? :(16:43
jaegerthere's no good 3d in virtualization right now16:52
elderKThat's okay :) I only want 2D.16:53
v33anyone bored enough to read a personal statement and tell me what they think?16:54
jaegerVirtualBox works fairly well for 2D, I use it every day at work16:54
elderKsure, v33.16:55
elderKjaeger: How hard do you think it'd be to build for Crux?16:55
elderKI'm "evaluating" them. :)16:56
elderKFrom what it seems:
jaegerThere's already a port as far as I know16:56
elderKit shouldn't be too large of a deal.16:56
elderKoh, really? :D16:56
elderK:( I can't find any?16:57
elderKgot it16:58
v33It was my 11th grade teacher who ended up showing me that writing could be an escape from the limitations of the mind, where wondrous ideas could break free, propagate, and prosper.16:58
v33It was a free form of writing that allowed myself and others to truly enjoy putting pencil to paper. Without her, literature, and the power of words would have been lost in me.16:58
v33The last parting words are what brought me here, now, writing this in hopes of completing both our dreams -- as I left her class for the last time, she looked me in the eyes and said, "There is a story in you. Make sure you let the world read it". I intend to do so.16:58
v33i really hope it send all of it and not just spammed the chat16:58
v33sorry chat, i failed you again </317:00
*** nogagplz has quit IRC17:11
*** nogagplz has joined #crux17:12
Romsterv33> bahh. now its complainnig about a footprint mismatch and already installed files haha <- thats why you use fakeroot17:13
v33hope i dont sound stupid, but how would fake root deal with footprints?17:14
v33does it not have foot prints to begin with, or, are they cleared or something17:14
Romsterfakeroot prevents installing outside of $PKGMK_WORKDIR17:27
*** timcowchip has joined #crux17:27
timcowchipit lives17:28
timcowchipwhat happened to the hsetroot port?17:30
timcowchiphsetroot works very nicely with openbox17:31
timcowchipdraws a background that works with fake transparency17:32
timcowchipmust be supper time in Sweden17:32
v33oh timcowchip...17:33
timcowchiphi v3317:34
timcowchipi'm staring over with 3.017:34
timcowchipkernel upgrade didn't work17:34
v33did you make sure you built it correctly?17:35
timcowchipi think so17:37
timcowchipwould be nice to figure out how someday17:38
timcowchipsupper time in Oregon17:42
timcowchipmust be 4am in Sweden17:43
*** timcowchip has quit IRC17:43
*** timcowchip has joined #crux17:44
joacim02:44 actually17:45
*** joacim has quit IRC17:45
*** joacim has joined #crux17:46
nogagplz"<jaeger> there's no good 3d in virtualization right now" rather shockingly actually nulldc in virtualbox was just a fraction slower than through a real windows, and infinitely faster than in wine18:00
nogagplzonly thing I've really tried it for though18:00
jaegerwell, glad to hear it's starting to change18:31
*** tilman has quit IRC18:43
*** tilman has joined #crux18:45
*** timcowchip has quit IRC18:46
*** timcowchip has joined #crux19:16
*** cruxbot has joined #crux19:31
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*** __mavrick61 has joined #crux19:34
*** sepen has quit IRC19:45
*** timcowchip has quit IRC19:56
*** jdolan_ has joined #crux20:19
*** jdolan has quit IRC20:21
v33timcowchip left...the chat got quiet20:21
joacimtrying to package weechat 0.4.020:40
joacimcant do two things at the same time you know20:40
joacimthink i just figured out how to configure cmake projects, so this is going well i think.20:44
v33you figured out how to package thigns far quicker than i ever could...i believe in you :P20:44
nogagplzcmake isn't so tricky20:46
nogagplzcrap like waf though...20:46
joacimwell, i've been rolling my own packages for some things for a few years now =)20:46
joacimjust never touched cmake stuff before20:47
*** joacim has quit IRC20:49
*** joacim has joined #crux20:49
joacimit works20:50
joacimnogagplz: <- this looks ok to you?20:55
joacimstole your port20:56
nogagplzseems fine21:00
nogagplzI'll just get rid of mine then so people only find one21:00
joacimmine isnt hosted anywhere21:00
nogagplzwant me to replace mine with yours then21:00
joacimsure why not =)21:00
joacimi probably wont host mine anywhere anytime soon21:01
nogagplzif you could tar up the pkgfile footprint and md5sum that would be good21:01
*** joe9 has quit IRC21:02
joacimit isnt built in a clean environment21:04
nogagplzdoesn't matter21:04
joacimso it includes some files that other people might not have (python, lua, ruby)21:04
nogagplzok I'll update the footprint so it's sans and ruby.so21:22
nogagplzotherwise seems fine here21:22
joacimi'll have to build it in a clean chroot one of these days21:25
nogagplzno hurry that should be fine21:27
joacimit's one of those things i want to do before i share my files.21:27
nogagplzRomster started down that same path back in the day21:28
nogagplzand look at him now, surrounded by cats ;P21:29
joacimi love cats21:29
nogagplzwell I concede defeat this time21:29
nogagplzbut I'll be back next week21:29
v33so how come everyone's been working on weechat?22:05
*** s44 has joined #crux22:21
*** spider44 has quit IRC22:24
*** mike_k has joined #crux22:47
*** vaddi has joined #crux22:56
*** vaddi has quit IRC23:01
v33so how is everyone....23:05
Romstergood evening and pizza23:05
*** timcowchip has joined #crux23:07
timcowchiphow long will "prt-get update -fr $(prt-get listinst)" take23:08
timcowchiphours? days?23:08
v33timcowchip, i've missed you.23:09
v33that depends on how powerful your cpu is :)23:09
v33Romster: i miss junk food23:09
timcowchipdid you give up junk food for new year's?23:11
v33i gave up junk food since i started the gym, so about a year23:11
Romsterdoesn't hurt once in awhile23:11
timcowchipheath food makes me sick23:12
timcowchipmy doctor told me i'm not getting enough cheese doodles23:12
Romsteri usuually eat heaps of veggies and meat23:12
v33i have my junk food every now and then, but chicken and fish man...chicken and fish23:13
v33but i've put on 30 pounds in a year. worth it :D23:13
Romsteryep i eat tons of chicken i shoudl eat more fish23:14
Romsteri'm into pork and beef too23:14
Romstergone off lamb too fatty23:14
timcowchipi hate fish23:14
v33fish is amazing for you23:15
v33all that omega 323:15
v33lean protein23:15
v33i love me some pork and beef, but they take longer to digest, and, are in your stomach for a longer period of time too23:15
Romsteryou forget omega 6 too23:15
v33its my your farts smell delicious :D23:15
timcowchipgood for your liver23:15
v33fish is just really good for you lol23:16
timcowchipcarters little farter starters23:16
timcowchipi jus prt-get update -fr `revdep` cmus23:16
v33i go through about a chicken breast a day o.o23:16
v33sometimes 223:16
Romstertimcowchip, well if you eat a balanced range of foods your body would get used to that23:16
timcowchipand it fixed it23:16
Romsteri can go vegetarian if i have too but i prefer not too.23:17
Romsterbut i eat tons of leafy veggies23:17
v33one cannot jsut give up bacon23:17
Romstergood way to detox23:17
Romsteri eat that in moderation23:17
v33it sucks trying to bulk23:18
v33when you have a metabolism like mine23:18
Romsterv33, you were getting to fat or just wanna bulk up?23:18
v33what ever i eat, comes out the other end in oh...20 mins23:18
fr0stb1te# prt-get search xfce23:18
fr0stb1teNo matching packages found23:18
Romsteryou ride a push bike?23:18
v33i was 6'2 14323:18
v33fr0stb1te did you add the rep23:18
Romsteri'm 6'2 as well23:18
v33hope you're not 143...23:19
Romsterbut i'm around 95Kg currently23:19
Romsteryour measuring in pounds?23:19
v33yes, pounds23:19
v33209 O.O23:19
v33oh boy23:19
v33thats what i plan on hitting when im maxed out on my bulk haha23:19
Romsterrofl oh dear23:19
Romsteri have some muscle now23:20
v33you're abotu 209 pounds im 17023:20
v33but im at 10% body fat23:20
fr0stb1tev33, does xfce have its own repo?23:20
Romsterand same height as me you must be as skinny as a rake23:20
Romsterfr0stb1te, yes23:20
v33damn, stop stealing my thunder Romster23:21
v33dont forget to add the port to prt-get.conf and update23:21
Romsteroh salty anchovies23:21
Romsterand /etc/ports/23:21
fr0stb1teIt seems strange to me that not all of the repos that are on are in the default /etc/ports/23:22
v33why is it strange?23:22
Romstermost are personal ones23:22
Romsternot everyone needs or wants them all23:22
v33Romster, i made a Pkgfile that actually worked today23:23
v33up until nogagplz shat on it23:23
v33and by it, i mean my glory23:23
Romsteri looked already :)23:23
fr0stb1teRomster, oh, I don't mean personal ones23:23
Romstersupose xfce could be in there as inactive23:23
fr0stb1teThat makes sense23:24
Romsterhalf the ports trees we used to have are gone23:24
Romsterlots of personal ones have 404ed23:24
Romsterleaving me with the largest ports collection that i've not updated much of in ages.23:24
v33did people leave crux or something?23:25
Romsterfew have and others joined.23:25
v33where does one go from crux?23:25
Romsterhaha i got 404 ports23:25
Romstereither LFS or they get lazy and goto debian or arch or funtoo or something23:26
v33lfs seems way too tedious for me23:26
Romsteri think crux is as close as i want to go to LFS23:26
Romsteri have done some LFS takes time though23:27
fr0stb1teI'm interested why doesn't prt-get just use all of the ports in /usr/ports it can find23:27
v33maybe if i had a dual cpu mobo with i7's or something on it23:27
fr0stb1teWhy configure it separately if we have a perfectly good way of getting the port tree list automatically23:29
fr0stb1tei.e. ls /usr/ports23:29
fr0stb1teOh. >the order matters23:29
Romsterorder and the fact you add extra repos at your own risk23:33
v33seriously. romsters stuff can screw you over...23:34
Romsterhuh? doubt it.23:34
v33i say this as im running bumblebee just fine. xD23:34
Romsteryou built that out of my repo?23:34
Romsteror did i not finish that stuff.23:34
v33i installed it from your rep23:34
v33turns out, it needs abunch of crap to work23:35
Romstermaking stuff i have no need for -_-23:35
v33its why i lvoe you Romster <323:35
fr0stb1teIt alse seems a bit weird that while prt-get can handle deps, most ports I see don't have 'rm23:35
Romsterdid you have to edit anything?23:35
fr0stb1teI understand _why_23:35
Romsterfr0stb1te, those that don't don't depend on anything other than core.23:36
v33in the Pkgfile, the deps are usually listed23:36
Romsteror they are too lazy to test stuff in a chroot or VM23:36
fr0stb1teRomster, well, for example xfce4-terminal clearly depends on a lot of stuff23:36
fr0stb1tevte and xorg for example23:36
Romsterhrmm if you find the list of stuff poke sepen with a update.23:37
fr0stb1teI am really bad at compiling dependency lists >_>23:37
fr0stb1teBut I'll try23:37
Romsteri can show you how i chroot so easy then23:37
fr0stb1teI actually have a test VM with CRUX though. I can test stuff there, hm.23:38
*** bedis has joined #crux23:42
*** v33 has quit IRC23:42
Romsterwell you'll probably want romster/pkg-clean23:49
Romsterremoves all ports bar core and a few useful ones like ccache prtverify23:49
Romsterprt-utils i should of said.23:49
Romstereasy to remove stuff to test deps23:50
Romsteri was going to do some compat-32 but looks like i'll do some work in my romster repo.23:51
fr0stb1teDoes prt-get read the "# Depends on: " line?23:53
fr0stb1teWeirdm but o-ok23:54
fr0stb1teI was expecting a depends array23:55
Romster# Depends on:23:55
Romsteryeah prt-get existed later on.23:55
Romsterand was just done that way23:55

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