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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: removed Packager metatag00:11
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: update Maintainer line to CRUX compat-32 Team00:11
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: mkvtoolnix: 5.9.0 -> 6.0.001:08
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: x264: 20120120 -> 2013020101:08
Romstermorning sepen01:10
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: smpeg: glu is optional update footprint01:56
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: sdl_sound: imported from romster and updated by nogagplz emulators02:01
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fr0stb1teHeh. xfce4-terminal's port needs to be updated02:36
fr0stb1teBut just bumping the versuin won't suffice02:36
fr0stb1teI'm too lazy to do that right now though >_>02:37
Romsterpoke sepen he is here.02:40
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fr0stb1tesepen, poke!03:06
sepenpoke me!03:13
sepenhmmm get a dildo03:39
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niklasweany mod_sec ninja online? :)05:16
niklasweI have finally get mod_sec to work.. with rights rule, but I want to disable it for one <Location> the document on internet says use SecRuleEngine Off ... but it doesnt working for me.. my other rules doesnt allow it..05:18
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frinnstfuck thats true :)06:27
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rmullWhat? It's not hard to remember "tar xf"06:29
frinnstwell no, but try to do something other than extracting06:29
frinnstfuck you :)06:29
frinnsti always fuck up06:29
jaeger(cd src; tar -cf - .) | (cd dst; tar -xpf -)06:30
rmullI get the "file" arg in the wrong order sometimes06:30
jaegerI do shit like that all the time06:30
joacimi needed to check the tar man page last night06:30
frinnstespecially if i want to pipe it to some compression06:30
joacimwas looking for the option for bz2 compression06:30
frinnstJ !06:30
rmullI often use the compressor's own tool to do the compression, rather than tar's builtin06:30
jaegerJ is xz :D06:30
frinnstwith me at the helm the earth would be wiped out :)06:31
jaegerunless you're on an older version of redhat, before they replaced it06:31
jaegerfrinnst: nah, it would just be more compressed :D06:31
frinnstbut the nuke would detonate :D06:31
joacimswedish super villain?06:31
joacimi never would have expected that06:31
frinnstI even have my own hollowed out cave06:32
joacimi remember telling people to run tar xf file to extract their files. was always someone who "corrected" me by adding j or z06:33
rmullLet that be a lesson to you!06:36
joacimmeh. fuck it. one less letter for me to type. =)06:36
joacimi hate typing actually. the more i have to hold shift or option/alt, the more i hate it.06:37
rmullI like typing, but I hate mousing06:37
rmullfrinnst: Sandy Bridge sounds like a really well supported platform on Linux - the graphics are in a good state too, right?06:38
frinnstyeah I use it at work06:39
frinnstthe onboard gpu thingy06:39
rmullSounds tempting06:39
rmullMaybe I'll shop for one06:39
frinnstI have one of these at work:
jaegerI've got 2 2.26GHz Xeons and frankly I kinda miss the extra clock speed sometimes06:42
jaegermore useful for desktop work than 16 threads06:42
frinnstyeah this cpu is good enough (tm) for the work i do06:43
rmullI work with embedded stuff, 20MHz should be enough for anyone06:44
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rmullI think programming on a PC is more rewarding, though06:45
rmullDon't have to struggle with hardware bringup over and over again06:45
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: update Maintainer line to CRUX compat-32 Team06:56
joacimburning cds and dvds is worse than figuring out the proper options for tar. at least with tar, i know that i need to use tar.07:00
joacimi can never quite remember what application you use for burning cds or dvds.07:00
frinnstyeah good thing thats pretty much obsolete these days07:01
joacimi dont know. burning out 3.0 now07:01
rmullhah, true, I haven't burned a disk in a long time.  I always used cdrecord back in the day though07:01
joacimi'm just glad i had the command still saved in my shell history07:01
jaegerboth. one for CDs, one for DVDs :)07:07
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: dovecot: update to 2.1.1407:38
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: mysql: update to 5.5.3007:38
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: sqlite3: build with COLUMN_METADATA enabled, requested by pedja07:38
pedjahmm, info on polkit configuration on a non-pam system is scarce.08:00
jaegerinfo on polkit configuration is scarce :)08:00
pedjaI wonder if that systemd fellow has something to do with it...08:02
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pedjaI hope they break something, and Linus bites their heads off.08:03
jaegerIf you're just looking for a simple config, you could look at the mate ports08:04
pedjajaeger: remind me to buy you a truck-load of beer when we meet.08:05
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timcowchip$(XSLTPROC) -nonet
timcowchip-nonet doesn't work08:10
jaegershould be --nonet08:11
jaegerwhich also often doesn't work08:11
jaegerdocbook is evil and a huge pain08:11
timcowchipso to remove it from makefile?08:11
timcowchipi know sed is the right way08:12
timcowchipdocbook is evil08:12
timcowchipi extracted the tarball, edited the makefile and made a new tarball08:13
timcowchippkgmk -um08:13
timcowchipshould that work?08:14
jaegeryes, though I'd just use sed or a patch... if you make a new tarball you'll probably have to do it again in the future08:14
timcowchipok thanks jaeger08:15
timcowchipevil udisks08:15
pedjaudisk2 ftw08:15
timcowchipit has the same -nonet08:15
timcowchipin the udisk2 makefile08:16
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pedjaI used docbook-xsl from contrib, udisk2 builds fine, with tiny patch I stole^Wborrowed from somewhere08:20
pedjasepen: any plans to look at and integrate polkit/consolekit mess with xfce?08:22
sepenhmm any particular idea?08:22
pedjaI really wish someone does that properly08:22
pedjaconfiguring usb mount and session reboot/power off privileges is fun.08:24
jaegerI did the work to integrate it with mate but it's not 100%, no udisks, etc.08:24
jaegersession and power privileges work, cpufreq works08:24
pedjamate has dm, right?08:25
pedjathat login thingie, gdm, kdm ,xdm08:25
jaegerhrmm, don't think mate has its own but it would work with one08:26
jaegerI use slim with it08:26
pedjai tried slim, couldn't build it with console kit support.or am I doing it wrong?08:26
jaegerit doesn't know anything about consolekit as far as I know08:27
pedjaI give up, for now.lunch :)08:29
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joacimdo i need to run step 4 as root?08:55
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xf86-input-synaptics: update to 1.6.309:43
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xf86-video-intel: update to 2.21.009:43
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AmnesiaRomster: preload's borken10:06
AmnesiaI'll debug it later this evening10:09
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sepenls -la11:30
sepenpfff once a day11:30
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Rotwanghow hard is it to find it job in germany11:42
Rotwangwithout knowlege of german language? [;11:42
pedjais there a way to stop xorg from switching off the monitor when I watch flash videos?12:15
pedjawithout disbling dpms completely12:15
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rmullUse mplayer to watch flash videos? :P12:25
pedja <--this might be helpful12:29
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: nspr: updated to 4.9.512:47
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: nss: updated to 3.14.212:47
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tilmanRotwang: depends, i guess %)13:03
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RotwangI'm thinking about relocation a bit13:07
frinnstbut.. germany is full of... germans?13:07
Rotwangand sweden is full of swedes [;13:07
Rotwangboth of those countries look very atractive13:08
teK_so how is that a problem, frinnst13:08
Rotwangbut I have no idea on how to do first steps, really13:08
timcowchipLinus relocated to Oregon13:08
frinnstprobably easier if you speak the language13:08
tilmanRotwang: i guess you're looking for work with an IT and/or software shop?13:10
Rotwangsoftware shop?13:10
tilmansoftware company13:11
tilmananyway, i was going to say that in this line of work, chances are higher that you'll get along with english only in the beginning. i guess.13:11
tilmanand try berlin first ;)13:12
rmullRotwang: Where are you now?13:19
Rotwangrmull: wroclaw aka. breslau13:20
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v33hello hello14:36
Rotwangv33: hai14:38
v33how are you Rotwang?14:41
RotwangI'm fine thank you, and how are you?14:43
v33im alright. trying to figure out what to eat...14:44
nogagplzhave you got any leather shoes14:45
nogagplzboil them for a while14:45
v33leather shoes? what is this, the 70's?14:47
nogagplzyes god damnit14:47
v33not that old nogagplz sorry14:48
v33god i want a job at top gear14:48
ccssnetv33 would be interesting14:52
nogagplzwhich top gear14:53
joacimnogagplz: got a new footprint for you.
joacimthis is with nothing but core installed14:56
nogagplzok so it's basically just missing lua and python support15:03
nogagplz k it's on there15:07
joacimshould be four files missing compared to the one i gave you last night15:08
nogagplzonly said 2 were new when I check it though15:08
nogagplzwonder what I'm missing15:08
joacimi've been recommended github for hosting ports, but i cant see how i make it so that users can fetch my ports with httpup or rsync15:09
joacimunless either of those two has support for git now15:09
joacimi think you manually removed a couple of lines from it last night.15:10
nogagplzfor github I'd assume you just use the raw url15:10
joacimseems a little fiddly. i thought about hosting my ports o a gh-pages branch, but that dont seem optimal either15:12
joacimi guess a simple http server would be perfect =)15:12
v33nogagplz uk obviously. top gear murrica sucks15:12
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nogagplzjust double checked with only core and the required deps and it says no missing/new15:39
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timcowchipdo i have to build smbfs and cifs into the kernel?16:33
timcowchipif i want to use smbfs and cifs that is16:33
timcowchipi feel like gene wilder getting thrown off a train for the 3rd or 4th time16:36
timcowchipoh well?!16:37
jaegeryes :P16:37
timcowchipok thank you :)16:37
timcowchipi've not been able to upgrade the kernel without reinstalling16:38
timcowchipis it safer to use install media?16:38
timcowchipi'm in /usr/src/linux-3.6.1116:39
timcowchiprunning menuconfig16:39
timcowchipdo i make all && make modules_install?16:40
timcowchipthe cp arch/x86/boot/bzImage /boot/vmliuuz?16:40
timcowchipand cp /boot?16:41
timcowchipthen reboot?16:41
prologicmake all && make modules_install16:42
prologicmake install16:42
prologicAssuming you have /etc/lilo.conf setup correctly.16:42
timcowchipmake install!!!!!!!!!!16:42
timcowchipi never did that!16:43
prologicIt's more convenient than the by-hand steps of copying the kernal image16:43
timcowchipso i don't need to cp arch/x86/boot/bzImage /boot/vmliuuz?16:44
timcowchipif i make install?16:44
timcowchipi guess install does that?16:44
timcowchipok then16:46
joacimmake install might be a bit of a hassle if you have lilo installed but use a different bootloader16:51
joacimas make install will run lilo for you16:51
timcowchipwill it install lilo to my mbr?16:54
timcowchipi think runnig lilo is like update-grub16:55
timcowchipit updates the lilo.conf file but doesn't install lilo to mbr, right?16:56
timcowchipi finally woked around -nonet with udisks16:58
timcowchipi disabled installing manpages in configure16:58
timcowchipgonna make install now16:59
timcowchipok then, thanks :)17:00
timcowchipFatal: open /dev/: Is a directory17:01
timcowchipmake[1]: *** [install] Error 117:01
timcowchipmake: *** [install] Error 217:01
timcowchipsooooooooooooo that's not good17:02
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timcowchipi did cp arch/x86/boot/bzImage /boot/vmliuuz and it worked17:10
timcowchipi did it?17:10
joacimokay =)17:13
joacimlilo doesnt update lilo.conf. it reads lilo.conf and does what lilo.conf instructs it to do.17:14
timcowchipi like lilo17:16
timcowchipi've used it for slackware17:16
timcowchipi'm so happy i finally rebuilt my kernel and my os survived a reboot17:18
timcowchipthank you for all your help, everyone :+)17:18
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prologicnps :)17:44
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v33so what other tweaks can one do to make crux a bit snappier19:01
nogagplzdownloading more ram to start with19:04
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v33i clean out all of linux's registries too19:05
nogagplzyeah gconf does need a good wiping19:06
v33so uh...should i defrag too? :P19:07
nogagplzfsckdsk first of course19:07
v33fschdsk is for wussies. i have norton, im safe19:12
nogagplzI wonder where the model they used to use on the boxes ended up19:13
v33same place their antivirus ended up...trash :D19:28
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prologicRomster, ping20:27
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v33those of you with high end ssd's what are your boot times?21:45
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prologicI have a low-end ocz agility for my media box (runs mythtv backend/frontend)23:16
prologicit boots in <15s fully23:17
prologicand that's stock crux 2.723:17
v33i was asked to build a machine for a teacher of mine that will be used to access the internet, and only the internet. gave me quite a bit of money for it too. so i figured a lightweight crux with an ssd would be about 15 seconds, wanted to make sure i didn't lie to her23:18
prologicyou're not lying23:19
prologicstock crux 3.023:19
prologicwith blackbox and chrome23:19
prologicI'd say even less than 15s23:19
v33oh boy ;D23:19
nogagplz14 at most23:20
v33she gave me 2 grand to do uh... hell yea! haha23:20
prologicthere really isn't a lot to read in and load for what you describe23:20
prologicshit yeah23:20
v33i was thinking of going with a weak cpu, and raid ssd's23:20
prologicif you want it to boot even quicker23:20
prologicI recommend you try the runit port that's been talked about here23:21
v33runit port?23:21
prologicyou might even get a boot time of ~5s or so23:21
v33i wanna do this on my computer now. haha23:21
prologicasynchronous init23:21
prologicit'll load everything in parallel essentially23:22
prologicso if you have $2k to spend23:22
prologicget a good CPU and fast ram :)23:22
v33i have  8 gigs of ram and an i7, i wanna do this on my computer.23:22
v33google time23:22
nogagplz2k is a start, that's half of an lga2011 cpu down23:22
prologicnah you want a good cpu23:22
v33i see.23:22
v33i could convince her to go higher if necessary23:22
v338350 perhaps23:23
prologiccore i7 is fine23:23
prologic8g ram overkill23:23
prologicbut do try out runit23:23
prologicand use slim or something similar for your Xorg login display manager23:23
prologicand configure it to auto login her in23:23
v33so essentially cant do this on my own laptop?23:24
prologicyou could23:24
v33so essentially install runit, and setup slim and xorg. seems about right23:25
prologicand chrome23:26
prologicdon't forget chrome23:26
prologicget the latest binary for it23:26
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: chrony: update to 1.2723:27
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: squid: update to 3.2.723:27
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] jre: update to 1.7.0_1323:27
v33runit doesn't work with the source version of chrome? bahh23:27
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: [notify] jre: update to 1.7.0_1323:31
v33prologic, im assuming runit is in joe9's ports?23:35
prologicrunit has nothing to do with chrome :)23:37
v33why did you suggest the binary for it...xD23:37
v33god, its nice having 2k to throw in a computer...lol23:38
prologicI didn't think google provide the source to chrome23:38
prologiconly chromium23:39
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: sudo: update to 1.8.6p623:39
v33oh, i was going to install chromium haha23:41
v33well, going to try this runit thing. hope i dont muck it up even more23:42
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v33so it is installed...what happens now? lol23:56
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