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prologicread the docs :)00:01
prologicyou'll have to probably reconfigure a few things00:02
prologicI don't think it's as easy (yet) of just prt-get install runit00:02
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timcowchipi just made ports for gpodder and mygpoclient00:42
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elderKHey guys!03:34
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elderKHey guys, where can I find libGLX?03:50
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elderKAh. The older versions that the Crux repository had, for crux 3.0, fail to build on kernels 3.5 and higher.04:02
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elderKAlso, guys, how do I prune all of the tar.gzs and stuff out of ports?04:12
elderKI've tried prtsweep?04:12
elderKI guess I just use find to clean it? :)04:12
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cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: removed Arch Maintainers04:58
prologicprtwash -a -p -s04:58
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: removed Arch Maintainers05:02
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joe9v33: you around.06:02
joe9I can help with the runit installation.06:03
joe9I do not overwrite any of the existing init stuff06:03
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Guest49587Hey guys, what's the usual way on Crux to have it so that X11 automatically sets up the workspace for two monitors on start up?06:50
Guest49587Is there something special I have to do? I'd rather not do it statically in the config file.06:50
Rotwangyou can use xrandr as well06:50
elderKSorry guys. Irssi didn't switch my name when I told it to.06:51
frinnstjust when i posted my xorg.conf here:
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v33hello :)09:49
v33how do you do joacim09:50
joacimdoing just fine09:50
joacimhungry tho09:50
joacimwaiting for my porridge09:50
v33im pretty hungry myself. care to share some delicious porridge?09:52
joacimthink it'd go bad during transportation09:52
joacimyou can make some yourself =)09:55
joacimnot that hard09:55
v33i am overcome byt he pwer of lazy10:02
v33also, joe9, i am here now. lol10:05
joe9v33, do you need any help with the runit stuff?10:06
v33im not quite sure if im doing it right10:07
v33following this guide
v33its a bit unclear as to where to put the "SV:123456:respawn:/sbin/runsvdir-start", just says at the bottom. so i put it right above the agetty respawn stuff10:09
v33if the guide is correct, i dont think i will need your help10:11
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v33so uh...that didn't work. lol10:42
joe9v33: sorry, I did not get notified when you mentioned the above stuff.10:44
joe9v33: i have a runit port, why not just install it?10:44
v33joe9, i did install the runit from your port...10:45
joe9v33: oh, ok.10:45
v33but prologic said some configuration was needed, so i was on around looking for how to configure it lol10:45
joe9there are a few things to note though. comment out the SYSLOG line in /etc/rc.conf10:46
joe9v33:  I tried to use the default init scripts as much as possible.10:46
v33anything else?10:46
joe9v33: and, also in your kernel command line, start with init=/sbin/runit-init10:46
v33oh boy, im on lilo...10:46
joe9I did not replace the /sbin/init with /sbin/runit-init10:47
joe9is a good link.10:48
joe9Check out Step 610:48
joe9I did not do that with the port.10:48
joe9check out step 4 to see how to do it with lilo.10:48
joe9enter the following on the lilo prompt:10:48
joe9v33: does that make sense?10:49
v33ill toy around with it till i get it i suppose10:49
v33just curious as to how i will know if i've done it correctly10:49
joe9run htop10:50
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joe9the init will be runit10:51
joe9and all other services will be children of "runsvdir -P ..." process10:51
v33well, did all that.10:53
v33going to reboot....hope it works :D10:53
joe9v33: good luck.10:54
v33so uh....the reboot command wont work. llol10:54
v33oh, suppose to do it in a different init10:55
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v33joe9, it worked. and SWEET JESUS11:09
joe9v33, cool, like it  or hate it?11:09
v33after the kernel is done loading, it takes like 3 seconds to boot11:09
v33i love it11:09
v33just a few issues11:09
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joe9v33, you do realise that it uses the same init scripts that the default init uses. I do not why it would be any faster.11:10
joe9other than the init executable itself.11:10
joe9s/do not why/do not know why/11:11
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v33thats randomly sent the shutdown signal11:11
v33for some odd reason, dbus and wicd wont seem to start on their own11:12
v33do i have to create the exec script in /var/services and symlink them?11:12
joe9v33: i do not use those services. How were you starting them? from /etc/rc.conf?11:12
v33yes, they are in rc.conf11:13
joe9in the same line as "net", etc.?11:13
joe9then they should have been started.11:14
joe9anything in the logs?11:14
v33strange..maybe they just take a while11:14
v33let me try rebooting again, and see if thats the issue.11:14
joe9 v3311:14
joe9if you want to create run or finish scripts for them.11:14
joe9or, just check the run scripts in the port.11:15
joe9it is not a big deal to create those scripts, but, unfortunately, you have to.11:15
v33i suppose its worth it. however, i can for the life of me figure out why the reboot comand wont work11:16
joe9v33: ctrl-alt-del?11:16
joe9checkout /etc/runit/311:17
joe9sudo kill -s INT 1 -- to reboot11:17
joe9udo kill -s CONT 1 -- to poweroff11:17
joe9the /sbin/reboot and shutdown scripts try to use /sbin/init11:18
joe9and that is not running, remember?11:18
v33face palm*11:18
v33other than that...this thing is amazing.11:20
v33uh oh. ctrl alt del, and the other 2 commands dont seem to work11:22
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joe9 this?11:27
joe9what are the other 2 commands?11:28
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v33it works, just takes a realllllyy long time lol11:28
joe9v33: i had a sleep at the end of that file.11:29
joe9just to be on the safe side. it might be a good idea to remove some of those sleeps.11:29
joe9sv -w196 shutdown /var/run/runit/runsvdir/current/*11:29
joe9that waits for 196 seconds in /etc/runit/311:29
joe9if there is a running process.11:30
joe9just the sleep's are around 30 seconds or more.11:30
v33i changed it to 1011:30
v33seems a bit bettere lol11:31
joe9v33: if you have a free min, check out the runit C code. so simple and so small. a pleasure to see such small utils.11:31
joe9though the C code is a bit different from glibc, imho.11:32
joe9i take that back.11:32
joe9it is glibc.11:32
joe9but, just a little different, i felt.11:32
v33not sure what i would understand from it, but ill take a look see. right after i get dbus and wicd to play nice11:32
joe9v33: also check out my port runit-startx11:33
joe9if you want to make the dbus and wicd into ports, it might help.11:33
joe9you could just copy the port and change it.11:33
v33ill see if i can get em' tow ork11:33
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joe9 v3311:38
v33i think i figured it out :P11:40
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ironsteinanyone know where glu.h are to be found in  crux3 ?11:46
pedja prt-get fsearch glu.h11:48
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teK_pitillo: cruxbot should now report e17 commits, too11:52
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timcowchipup at the crack of noon11:55
timcowchipi submitted my gpodder port11:55
timcowchipjust before i found a problem with it11:56
timcowchipi need some input on a solution11:56
teK_pitillo: pulling from e17's 3.0 branch should work now, too11:56
timcowchipi like e17 :)11:57
timcowchipgpodder uses ifconfig to check for an internet connection11:57
timcowchipbefore updating podcast subscriptions11:57
teK_if it has to do that via userland, ip(1) is the preferred binaryto do that11:58
timcowchipits a "feature"11:58
timcowchipit used to use ip11:58
timcowchipthen i filed a bug about ip not being in the users path11:59
timcowchipso they switched to ifconfig11:59
timcowchipit is supposed to be all fixed upstream12:00
timcowchipwith a option to use which ever is installed and user executable12:00
timcowchipin the meantime................12:01
timcowchipa link in /usr/bin?12:01
timcowchipln -s /sbin/ifconfig /usr/bin ifconfig12:02
timcowchipi could put it in the Pkgfile12:03
pitillogreat teK_, thank you very much :)12:03
timcowchipthat's what i did with Salix's gpodder paclage12:03
teK_timcowchip: it'd be better to patch gpodder12:03
pedjawould someone on 3.0 be so kind and try to build ftgl from contrib?12:03
teK_pitillo: you're welcome12:03
timcowchipi'll do it12:04
teK_pedja: sure12:04
pedjatimcowchip: thanks12:04
pedjateK_: also, thanks :)12:04
timcowchipprt-get depends ftgl?12:05
teK_pedja: fails for me12:06
timcowchipprt-get depinst ftgl12:06
pedjateK_: on the linking stage?12:06
teK_/usr/bin/ld: note: 'glEnable' is defined in DSO /usr/lib64/ so try adding it to the linker command line12:07
teK_/usr/lib64/ could not read symbols: Invalid operation12:07
pedjaok, it is not just me.that's a first :)12:07
timcowchipstill building freeglut12:07
pedjateK_: mesa, or nvidia binary driver?12:07
teK_this is a i915 notebook12:08
pedjanvidia here, so it's a bug in ftgl, it seems.12:08
timcowchipsame error with nouveau12:10
ironsteini get error, my GLU is to old (latest NVIDIA)12:11
pedjastupid cmake uses pkgconfig to find glut, and freeglut doesn't have it.nice.12:11
pedjatimcowchip: yup, last release of ftgl was 5 years ago, so no surprise it won't build.12:12
timcowchipedit the Pkgfile for a newer rev?12:13
pedjathere is no new release since12:14
timcowchipwho needs it?12:14
timcowchipis there a replacement?12:14
ironsteinftgl did build ok,  reinstalled glu12:17
pedjatimcowchip: i don't need it, i just wanted to see if I can build smth that requires freeglut, and does not use cmake.that's all.12:18
timcowchip prt-get update -fr `revdep` glu12:25
timcowchipprt-get update -fr `revdep` freeglut12:25
timcowchipprt-get depinst ftgl12:26
timcowchipstill fails12:26
ironsteinit seem lite ver checks fails12:28
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timcowchipwhere do i start openntpd?13:11
timcowchipi see its ntpd13:19
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timcowchipdo i need to build ntpd support into the kernel?13:31
timcowchipok thanks13:34
timcowchipi need to useradd -r ntp?13:34
timcowchipgroupadd -r ntp13:38
frinnstrun the install-scripts13:41
frinnstprt-get --install-scripts13:42
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timcowchipok thanks frinnst13:46
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v33joe9, quick question. is net part of the services that start up? because dbus seems to be up, however, wicd-gtk cannot connect to the wifi13:51
frinnstdepends if you tell it to13:52
frinnstits all in rc.conf13:52
frinnstcrux does very little on its own13:52
v33oh i switched to runit, this is why i ask.13:52
frinnsti see13:52
v33net isn't in the rc.conf, dbus and wicd are. however, when it boots, i try to get wicd to work, and it doesn't seem to13:53
frinnstyou should probably make sure stuff like lo starts up. its in /etc/rc.d/net - just strip out the ethernet stuff13:53
v33fak. forgot to actaully tell it to load wicd on start -____-13:53
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v33nope, dbus wont start.14:01
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niklaswegood evening folks14:28
tilmanniklaswe: hi. you pinged me yesterday?14:37
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joe9v33, i have net in /etc/rc.conf: services16:36
joe9SERVICES=(preload net)16:36
v33yea, net isn't causing the issue...i cant get dbus or wicd to boot...17:01
v33or to start on boot17:01
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timcowchipbsdtar -p -o -C /usr/ports/contrib/python2-chardet/work/src -xf /usr/ports/contrib/python2-chardet/python2-chardet-2.0.1.tgz18:37
timcowchipbsdtar: Error opening archive: Unrecognized archive format18:37
timcowchip=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/contrib/python2-chardet/python2-chardet#2.0.1-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.18:37
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timcowchipwhat is *.tgz18:46
timcowchipa typo?18:46
nogagplzsupposed to be basically the same as .tar.gz18:52
jaegertar.gz for people on 8.3 filesystems19:45
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timcowchipi managed to extract it from a fedora website and create a new tar.bz2 archive20:19
timcowchipedited python2-chardet's Pkgfile and it built ok20:20
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niklaswegood morning23:30
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niklasweI trying to recomplie pango, and got this error: libtool: link: `/usr/lib/' is not a valid libtool archive23:51
niklasweI have recomplie libpthread-stubs.23:51

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