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jueniklaswe: do you get a lot of files if you run 'grep -l libpthread-stubs /usr/lib/*.la' ?00:13
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niklaswejue: I have fix it now :) I recomplie my xorg-stuff again and now it worked:)01:26
jueniklaswe: ok, if everything is clean you should not see any output from the above grep statement01:31
niklasweah I got about rrd, so i just recomplie that too :)01:33
niklaswejue: thanks alot01:33
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Romstertimcowchip the hell ifconfig is obsolete ip is not...02:18
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elderKHey guys, I'm h aving an issue writing a Pkgfile.04:16
elderKI have the source being downloaded,04:16
elderKand it's extracting the source,04:16
elderKbut for some reason, it's not cding into the directory ot make it04:16
elderKit always fails to switch, no directory.04:17
elderKbut I've verified that hte directory exists (The source one.)04:17
elderKI can't figure out why it isn't able to enter it. I've made sure the name and version variables are correct, too.04:17
elderKIs anyone here?04:32
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pitilloelderK: have you checked the work directory? Can you pastebin your Pkgfile?04:37
elderK:) I fixed htat, new problem:04:38
elderKI have a patch-file in the directory that holds the source.04:38
elderKi.e. the ports directory for my package.04:38
elderKI'm trying to applyit once the source is unpacked.04:39
elderKBut no matter what I do, it can't find the patch.04:39
elderKSo, I've wound up using ../../../patch04:39
pitillohave you checked other ports?04:39
elderKas the patch for patch.04:39
elderKIt's not very elegant04:39
elderKYeah, I have04:39
pitillothe patch should be in $SRC directory04:39
elderKthey use gunzip -c $SRC/patch | patch -p004:39
elderKhow do I move it there?04:39
elderKisn't the SRC directory ../work/src ?04:39
pitilloit's there if you download or you put it in port's path and listed on source=()04:40
elderKpitillo: Okay, next question: How do I make it so that it extracts .bz2? I noticed hte PKG_COMPRESSION-something variable in pkgmk.conf04:40
elderKbut, what if I need it on a one-package basis?04:40
pitilloI don't understand04:41
pitillothe compression used in pkgmk.conf is for final packages (which compression you want to be built the packages)04:41
elderKpitillo: Okay, I got it.04:42
elderKI mean... in the source=(...) line,04:42
elderKthe package I'm specifying, is a .tar.bz204:42
elderKbut the pkgmk command uses bsdtar04:42
pitillobut bsdtar supports it04:42
elderKit doesn't seem to be working with the bz2?04:42
elderKokay, cool.04:42
elderKthen I've done osmething else wrong earlier :)04:42
pitilloif you provide more info, it can be clearest04:43
elderK:) Thanks pitillo04:43
elderK:D I think it's working now! YAY04:45
Rotwangafter 3.0 is out, there is indeed influx on new people05:00
Rotwangnow someone looks foe eautoreconf, lol05:01
elderK:/ Man. a2x can't find docbookx.xml05:09
elderKIt's on the syste05:09
elderKHave to find a way to tweak where it looks05:09
frinnstRotwang: yeah, its depressing :)05:45
elderK:P Cheers.05:45
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klrr2hey im installing 3.0, how do i set locale?05:54
elderKklrr2: See the handbook05:54
klrr2elderK: yeah i did05:55
elderKyou generated hte local you needed?05:56
klrr2but when i type "locale" it shows that the locale is set to posix instead of en_US.UTF-805:56
elderKyou could sey say,05:56
elderKman locale05:57
klrr2localedef doesnt work05:58
elderKwhy? What message?05:58
klrr2it sets locale ouputs "LANG="05:58
elderKman locale05:58
elderKset LANG= etc.05:58
elderKUpdate /etc/profile or ~/.bash_profile ~/.bashrc05:59
klrr2okey how do i update them?05:59
elderKAlso, /etc/locale.conf05:59
elderKYou edit them.06:00
klrr2wait now it worjs thanks :D06:00
klrr2is it possible to use the pre compiled kerel on tge iso?06:00
klrr2sry for typos writing on my phone06:01
elderKBut you're meant to compile your own.06:01
elderKThe sources are installed.06:01
elderKIf you're worried about configuring hte kernel, there's a possibility that you'll have a config in /proc/config.gz06:01
klrr2last time i tried to compile kernel i forgot all sorts of things so audio didnt work etc.06:02
elderK:P don't forget?06:03
elderKWrite down what you want before you start?06:04
elderKI wish I could offer you better advice.06:05
elderKIf it helps at all: taking the time to setup your kernel for your uses can be quite rewarding.06:05
elderKAnd going through these things, these steps, is worth it: Crux is a very nice distribution. But it's not one that holds your hand.06:05
elderKIt's nice and clean, small and snappy and wiht a great deal of flexibility.06:05
elderKAnd by doing these things, too, you learn a ton. So that if you ever use ANOTHER distribution- or even another operating system like BSD, you'll be able to handle many things.06:06
elderKHave you used Linux much before?06:06
klrr2yes crux 2.8 but it took a whole day of trial and error to compile the kernel right06:07
elderKPerhaps in the future, you should save a copy of the kernel config somewhere.06:08
klrr2good idea :)06:09
elderKCrux is an awesome distribution :)06:10
elderK:P Like, it's 0300.06:10
elderKI SHOULD go to bed, I have work at 0800.06:10
elderKBut man, it's so fun tinkering.06:10
elderKI never get to just enjoy anymore.06:10
elderKSo, it's really nice.06:10
klrr2yeah crux is really nice06:11
klrr2i used arch linux before but switched when systemd was inteoduced06:12
elderKklrr2: I used to be a Slackware fanatic.06:12
elderKBut... it's grown considerably larger and it's like... opt-out, but worse.06:12
elderKAll the programs - even just Vim on the console - need all kinds of libraries that are unnecessary.06:12
elderKWhy does console vim need x11?06:13
elderKetc, etc.06:13
elderKI like that Crux doesn't do that.06:13
elderKAs a heads up, incase you use the docbook* ports,06:13
elderKYou have to create a catalog in /etc/xml/06:13
elderKor set the XML_CATALOG_FILES variable.06:14
elderKSay, if programs you build use a2x or something.06:14
klrr2slackware seems to be more of an "install everything you ever need once and forget" distribution06:14
elderKIt seems to have become that way.06:14
elderKI was shocked when that was a bunch of peoples answer to a "tiny system."06:14
elderKI just started handpicking.06:14
elderKbut it was VERY time consuming, learning dependencies, etc, missing libs...06:15
elderK:P I learned eall kinds of things I could remove, probably shouldn't have, that I never used or would never be used because I wouldn't use a certain feature of some program :P06:15
elderKso the program wouldn't crash :P06:15
elderKwrote scripts to figure out dependencies.06:15
elderKbut, it just shows that Slackware isn't the distro for small systems anymore.06:15
elderKAnd I could've used Gentoo but, I used it years ago and it left a bad taste in my mouth.06:16
elderKThere's BSD, of course.06:16
klrr2i wanna learn scripting but have to focus on learning c06:16
elderKand crux is like a bsdish linux :)06:16
elderKand SIMPLE! :D06:16
elderKunlike Gentoo.06:16
elderK:) scripting is a broad term, my friend.06:16
elderKAnd C is useful.06:16
klrr2i will install openbsd on ny laptop06:16
klrr2shell scripting* bash or ksh or rc06:17
elderKDepending on the nation you live in, however, C may not be the most marketable language. I learned that :P But, man, it's FUN!06:17
elderK:P Why not Scheme?06:17
elderKSh is ubiquitous. So is Bash these days.06:17
klrr2i kniw tiny bit of scheme06:17
elderKScheme is fun.06:18
elderKThen there's CL.06:18
elderKTCL :P Perl.06:18
klrr2(define fib (lambda (n) (case ((= n 0) 0) ((= n 1) 1) (else (+ (fib (- n 1)) (fib (- n 2))))))06:19
klrr2that's probably qrong but anyway :P06:20
elderK:P Schemers love that.06:20
elderKIt's like the hello world of the scheme society.06:20
elderKIf you need a good scheme implementation, try #chicken :D06:20
klrr2ive tried it :P06:20
elderKThe people there are great, the community. And it interoperates with C really well.06:20
elderKCompiles to C, too.06:20
elderKI heart Chicken.06:21
klrr2yeah they helped me a lot06:21
elderKThey're all good guys :)06:21
elderKand girls.06:21
elderKI hope one day to meet htem in person :D06:21
klrr2isent there lisp cons?06:22
elderKI live in New Zealand, though.06:24
elderKAnd I don't make much money.06:24
elderK:) Hoping to get a better job soon.06:24
elderKThe company I work for pays shit.06:24
klrr2oh okey06:24
klrr2well have to take a walk with the dog, thanks for the chat bbl06:25
elderKlater dude, take care.06:25
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elderKNighty night guys.06:47
elderKKeep cool06:47
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timcowchipromster: it won't matter ifconfig or ip
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klrr2what's the command to check which driver ethernet is using?11:42
Rotwanglspci -k11:43
elderKHey guys11:43
elderKHey klrr2. HOw's it going?11:43
klrr2elderK: fine installed crux 3.0 successfully but forgot the ethernet driver11:44
klrr2Rotwang: ty11:45
klrr2hmm apperantly the driver was installed but ethernet doesnt work..11:48
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v33hi guys11:54
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elderKethernet "doesnt" work?11:56
elderKklrr2: Mind elaborating?11:56
elderKwhat card do you have? lscpi ?11:56
elderKand you do have to setup an IP for it, like, resolv.conf or whatever.11:56
klrr2well i cant connect to the internet using dhcpcd11:56
elderKif you have dhcpcd, dhcpcd eth011:56
elderKwhat do you see if you run ifconfig eth0 ?11:56
elderKand route?11:56
elderKAnd you have checked that you actually have the cable plugged in and happy, right?11:57
klrr2error device not found11:57
elderKwhat is your lspci?11:57
elderKshow me the raw line itself. Then the stuff from lspci -k like Rotwang said :)11:57
elderKKeep in mind, I'm at work. So I'll be slow.11:57
klrr2it says realtek ethernet controller pce express gigabit11:58
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timcowchipsuper sunday12:06
v33usually bringing down the network and bringing it back up seems to work12:10
v33so if you can get dhcpcd to assign it an ip12:10
v33ifconfg eth0 down to bring it down, and ifconfig eth0 up to bring it back up. wait a few, and check if it works. happens to me occasionally12:11
klrr2oh okey will try12:14
klrr2well ifconfig doesnt even find the device but i have to go to bed, good night foks12:18
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elderKWhat driver is it using, klrr2?12:25
elderKI can't remember the one you want off the top of my head, but I have a machine that uses one of those.12:25
elderKAt least, one of that brand/group12:26
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v33 quite an interesting podcast14:24
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Romsterwhats up with youtubes home page seems to 40417:26
joacimworks for me. they even removed the ugly banner ad that has been bothering me for the past few days17:34
Romsteri click on and i get this
Romstercan't even force refresh to any home page.17:43
Romsterbut i can goto other youtube pages just fine.17:43
Romsteralso that's intersting ever since i emailed my isp my speeds been better but my plan has not been changed.17:44
Romsteri'm getting my 165kb/s again.17:44
Romsterlately it dropped down to 25-30kb/s17:44
Romsterperhaps they rebuilt my dslam settings.17:47
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: preload: fix build with automake18:00
Romsterbbl work18:01
v33165 kb / sec? o.o18:04
joacimi think he means 165 kB/s18:20
joacimno wait18:20
joacimnever mind18:20
joacimit is the middle of the night and i should be getting some sleep18:20
v33and here i am, complaing about 30 m down 5 up18:23
joacimi'm on 12/518:26
joacimcomplaining about not getting the 70/10 they promised i'd get a month ago =)18:26
joacimi'm actually quite content with 12/5 tho18:27
joacimfast enough for most of what i do18:27
joacimeven youtube and torrents.18:28
v33i get annoyed sometimes18:33
v33i wish i could really download 30m a sec18:33
joacimi have to throttle my torrents at about 70% of my max to keep my system usable18:33
joacimdont have any qos stuff on my network18:34
v33i usually get about 3mb down which is annoying18:34
joacimbut that is still fast enough to procure stuff for free18:34
joacimso i'm not complaining =)18:34
joacimcan get a movie in about an hour, sometimes two18:35
joacimoh. thats pretty bad18:35
joacimmy old isp had to limit me to 1 Mbps once due to my connection being really unstable18:35
joacimi rather have an unstable 6 Mbps connection than a stable 1 Mbps one18:36
v33oh yea18:53
v33they took me down to 5 mb at one point18:53
v33flipped my shit...18:53
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sublimepuaIs there an alternative i686 cd for 3.0?19:59
sublimepuaMy atom processor doesn't really do 64-bit19:59
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guzzan0nobody will keep the i686 version?20:01
sublimepuaI haven't been able to find a link to a community i686 version anywhere in the release notes.20:03
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v33use the 2.8 version.20:20
v33its still being updated i believe, but, has i686 support20:21
joacimi take back what i said about unstable internets20:34
joacimi keep dropping out for a minute or two20:35
v33haha :P20:37
jaeger2.8 is getting security updates, not full maintenance20:40
v33wouldn't that be his best bet though?20:41
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Romsteri should get 14mbps/1mbps when i get on adsl2+ but the NBN i'll get 100/40 mbitbut thats a few years away for fibre :/23:06
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v33whats an easy way of sending oh...1 gig worth of stuff across the internet23:20
Romsterdropbox comes to mind23:22
Romsteror bftpd or setup your own web server at home.23:23
Romsteror scp it over23:23
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v33setup dropbox :D23:46
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frinnstbest bet would be to install 2.8 and use the 3.0 repos - just lock down the toolchain23:57

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