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frinnstfuck i hate java00:28
frinnst99.1% cpu usage00:28
frinnstas usual00:28
frinnstless cpu now. but instead it decided to use all the ram :)00:40
bedisadd CPU and memory :)00:45
bedisto feed the beast00:45
frinnstnot offhand. no00:53
frinnstbedis: yeah. only one core and 2gb ram or whatever esxi assigns to new linuxguests by default00:54
frinnstniklaswe: ?00:55
frinnst .my.cnf00:55
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: subversion: updated to 1.7.802:36
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: jdk: updated to 1.7.0_13 and removed 'Arch Maintainer'02:36
frinnstjue: the readme url for jre still points to an old version u9 or something02:42
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elderKHey peeps!03:16
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: zsh: 5.0.1 -> 5.0.204:37
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: lftp: 4.4.1 -> 4.4.204:37
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: mercurial: 2.4.2 -> 2.504:41
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: wyrd: 1.4.4 -> 1.4.604:44
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juefrinnst: thanks, will fix06:36
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: jre: fixed version in README06:39
jaegerthere's also a 1.7.0_13 for jre06:42
jaegernever mind, I see that's been updated06:49
juejaeger: hmm, jre should be at 1.7.0_1306:49
jaegerI'm behind06:49
jueok :)06:49
jaegerworking on multiple machines, got confused with my ports trees06:49
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cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: btrfs-progs: update to 2013011707:03
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klrr2hey guys07:32
klrr2i still cant connect to the inetrnet, is this propably a kernel problem that i didnt configure it right?07:36
rmullklrr2: How are you trying to connect?07:37
klrr2dhcpcd -t 1007:39
klrr2but ethernet device doesnt show up when i type ifde07:39
klrr2ifconfig eth007:39
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klrr2it says device not found07:40
klrr2sry for typos im on the phone07:41
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frinnstyeah then you dont have the right driver loaded for your nic07:42
frinnsteither modprobe it (udev should handle it though) or build the right driver07:42
jaegercheck "dmesg | grep eth", see if anything shows up there... if not, lspci -k07:43
klrr2okey hiw do i know which driver07:43
klrr2i already installed the one called realtek sth07:43
frinnstwell is it the right driver for your nic?07:43
frinnstgoogle the output from lspci07:44
klrr2jaeger nothing prints07:44
frinnstnetwork interface card or whatever07:45
klrr2Ethernet Controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8111/8168B PCI Express Gigabit Thernet controller07:46
jaegerr8169 is probably the proper one07:47
klrr2okey thanks!07:48
klrr2that one is already installed07:48
frinnstyeah doesnt look like it is very well supported in linux from what i can tell07:49
frinnstit should work though07:49
klrr2 this guide says i should blacklist it :/07:50
jaegerI have one of those on a machine at home but it's not on right now, can't double check07:50
klrr2worked fine07:51
jueFWIW, have the same nic here, works for me07:52
klrr2frinnst: thanks! can you post the direct download url though, i cant see it trough my phone?07:53
jueklrr2: is the r8169 driver loaded, do you see it with lsmod?07:54
bedisbad chipset, change chipset07:55
klrr2nope but with make menuconfig it says it's built at least07:55
juebuild-in or module?07:56
jueI'd suggest to build it as a module, so you can modprobe/rmmod it07:57
klrr2wait it's not built i think even though it said it was when i searched for it with "/"07:58
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klrr2internet works now :D thanks for the help!!08:14
elderKHey guys,08:17
elderKIs there a 32bit compat version of Qt4?08:17
elderKAnd hey, good stuff klrr2 :)08:17
klrr2hey elderK :) how have your day been?08:19
elderKNot bad.08:19
elderKI really, erally should be in bed, yet again.08:19
elderK:/ alsa-libs-32 doesn't build 32bit binaries...08:19
klrr2what's the tine in nz?08:20
klrr2oh okey08:20
elderKIt's like 0525 :P08:21
klrr2oh =o08:22
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pedjastrange, lftp configure hangs at 'checking for working re_compile_pattern..'08:47
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pedjaand 4.4.1 builds fine.wth...08:57
juepedja: works for me09:02
pedjajue: works fine here if I pass --without-included-regex switch to configure09:04
pedjajue: from regex.m4
juejust tried it on another box here, works too09:10
elderKWho did the majority of the compat-32 ports?09:11
bedisI finished by installing a 2.8 in a chroot09:12
jaegerelderK: make sure your pkgmk.conf is correct09:12
jaegerif it doesn't have $PKGMK_ARCH sections then you missed a rejmerge on upgrade or overwrote it or something09:12
bedisso I could link some dirty software to the libs installed in the chroot09:13
bedis(IE skype)09:13
elderKjaeger: I have to set that to compile stuff for m32?09:13
jaegeryou don't need to change the defaults but if you have the wrong pkgmk.conf they won't work right09:13
jaeger10:18 < elderK> :/ alsa-libs-32 doesn't build 32bit binaries... <--- this statement makes me think you have the wrong pkgmk.conf09:13
elderKwhere is PKGMK_ARCH specified?09:14
jaegerit's specified by pkgmk09:14
elderKI must have.09:14
jaegercheck /var/lib/pkg/rejected for files09:15
elderKOkay, so what do I do to make it so that I'm building 32bit libraries when I do compat?09:15
jaegerif you have files there either run rejmerge or manually update them09:15
elderKokay, rejmerge done.09:16
elderK:( I'm running prt-get depinst libtiff-3209:17
elderKit fails on something like, ELFCLASS64 incompatible bla bla09:17
jaegeryou'll need to rebuild any *-32 ports that were built as 64-bit09:17
elderKjaeger: How do I tell it TO build as 32bit? What do I add to the pkgmk.conf? It's just the default.09:18
elderKI mean, I'm being dense. I'm sure.09:18
jaegerYou don't add anything09:19
jaegerpkgmk looks for a file called ".32bit" in a port's dir09:19
elderKSo I should just be able to depinst the port?09:19
jaegerthere is one in /usr/ports/compat-32/alsa-lib-32, for example09:19
jaegerif that file exists, pkgmk sets PKGMK_ARCH to 3209:19
jaegerthen the settings for that case in pkgmk.conf are used09:19
elderKthere's no .32bit in my alsa-lib-3209:19
elderKports -u time09:20
jaegeryeah, update ports09:20
jaegerare you removing dotfiles for some reason or is something maybe stripping them out?09:20
elderKsomething's stripping them09:20
elderKperhaps it's prtsweep?09:20
elderKman, I wonder how many compat-32 stuff I have to reinstall/rebuild.09:20
elderKcan I safetly remove them ALL and reinstall them all?09:21
jaegerall are safe to remove except glibc-3209:21
elderKprtsweep is erasing them09:21
jaegerah, we should update prtsweep to save those, then09:21
jaegermultilib is still very new for crux, we'll run into stuff like that09:21
elderKHey, there's no problem.09:21
elderKI'm just glad to help out.09:21
jaegerso you have a couple options09:22
elderKI'm sorry I didn't express myself in a very constructive way.09:22
jaeger1) remove compat-32/*09:22
jaeger2) run "file * | grep 64-bit" in /usr/lib32, /lib32 and rebuild whatever matches09:22
elderKIf I've found som eissues in the contrib, do I mention them?09:23
elderK:) And I'll try option 209:23
jaegergotta go to a meeting now. you can file bugs in flyspray or email the maintainer09:23
elderKAnd hey, Crux is cool.09:23
elderKI'm enjoying it a lot.09:23
elderKHave fun09:24
klrr2firefox takes years to compile :p09:31
tilmanwhy is texlive so retardedly huge09:45
tilmannot even funny09:45
joacimis that the one with the insanely huge footprint?09:46
rmulltexlive is massive09:46
joacimi remember i had to get the .footprint with curl once, since the standard tools for it would drop the connection before it finished the transfer09:47
tilmanoh, you were referring to .footprint09:48
tilman-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 8.5M Jan 14 18:45 /usr/ports/opt/texlive/.footprint09:48
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: prt-utils: update to 0.9.509:53
juebeside some other minor changes prt-utils are aware of the new .32bit file now10:12
rmulltilman: IIRC the texlive approach is to "kitchen sink" it so the latex user doesn't need to manage all the little extensions and junk required for content creation10:23
rmullThere are other latex distributions that take different approaches but to my knowledge none of them are packaged for crux, and I haven't used any of them10:23
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v33hello all10:54
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v33hey jaeger, got any new movie suggestions?11:19
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Amnesiav33: das leben der anderen11:27
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joe9v33: still using runit?11:36
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: jdk: fixed source file12:11
v33joe9 yes, i am. though the shutdown command doesn't seem to work, nor dbus and wicd lol12:13
v33Amnesia: whats it about?12:13
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v33the lives of others?12:17
timcowchipsed -i \12:19
timcowchip  "/Popen(\['ip\|Popen(\['ifconfig/s/Popen(\['/Popen(['\/sbin\//" \12:19
timcowchip  src/gpodder/util.py12:19
timcowchiphow about those 49ers?12:20
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Rotwangtimcowchip: I think in this case it would be better to prepare a patch12:22
timcowchiprotwang: did you see this?
timcowchipthe problem is going away with the next release12:26
timcowchipthe whole thing is ridiculous anyway12:27
timcowchipgenerating an error message that tells you your not online12:27
timcowchippreviously if gpodder tried to update while not online12:28
timcowchipthere would be an error message anyway12:28
timcowchipnow you get the error message if your not online, or don't have ip or ifconfig in your path12:29
timcowchipif you're really not online wicd-tray or network manager applet will tell you12:31
timcowchipthe whole mindset behind this "feature" is for people who run gpodder on their phone12:32
Rotwangoh mai god12:42
Rotwangslackbuilds are terribly ugly12:42
Rotwangit is like 90's all over again12:42
timcowchiparen't they?12:42
timcowchipthat the slackware way12:43
Rotwangit is MIGHTY ugly12:43
Amnesiav33: yep12:45
v33get the strange feeling you told me to watch this last time12:45
timcowchipthis looks a lot nicer
Rotwangindeed it is12:46
timcowchipbetter than this
niklasweboth slackbuild and archlinux PKGBUILD looks ugly and messy..12:50
timcowchiplike the systems they're made or12:51
timcowchipmaybe not slack, but definitely arch12:51
RotwangPKGBUILDs are still better12:53
timcowchipi heard there was a PKGBUILD to Pkgfile converter script12:54
Rotwangand in crux I love "Pkgfile" (typographicly)12:54
Rotwangbecause it is written like Makefile12:55
Rotwangand I LOVE GNU Make12:55
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niklasweRotwang: yeah PKGBUILDs are better, and cleaner then slackbuild..12:58
v33wait. there is a PKGBUILD to pkgfile converter already O.O12:58
timcowchipi think nogagplz mentioned it once upon a time13:01
v33i know prologic wanted to make something like it...13:01
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RotwangI don't see a point for a converter13:16
Rotwangyou should think before you create a port13:16
Rotwangit is like a conception (of a baby)13:16
Rotwangthis baby is going to be a part of a bigger system13:17
timcowchipdoes vice emulator depend on libnet and libpcap?13:25
timcowchipi see --enable-ethernet \13:25
timcowchipgoing online commodore style13:26
timcowchipvice dpends on tetex?13:28
timcowchipis it just for the fonts?13:33
timcowchipi've got a patch for the fonts13:34
timcowchipyou don't really need them anyway if you're just running x6413:58
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timcowchipchatting on vice-2.414:03
timcowchipwe're talking about crux14:08
timcowchipnow raspberry pi14:13
timcowchipits the play by play from the c64 chatroom14:14
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: jdk: updated to 1.7.0_1314:31
rauzso now upgrade to crux 3.0 :D14:35
timcowchipupgrade what?14:40
rauzfrom 2.8 to 3.014:40
timcowchipoh i never had .814:40
timcowchipstarted with 3.014:40
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joacimman. google is really pushing for google+ integration.15:57
joacimi'm not interested in google+. just want gmail and youtube15:57
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: libvdpau: 0.5 -> 0.617:35
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: libvdpau: 0.5 -> 0.617:35
rmullHas anyone updated a 2.8 x86_64 installation to 3.0? Anything I should be concerned about that hasn't been touched on by the standard documentation and email ANNs?17:45
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Romster i got a multilib 2.8  need to upgrade to 3.0 when i get time.17:48
Romsterbut no pure 64bit 2.8 systems17:48
rmullOkay, I'm just gonna go for it17:48
rmullThanks Romster17:49
Romsteri cna't see any issues and rebuilding stuff will be less effort for being 64bit already just that annoying pthreads will need quite a few ports rebuilt and probably for revdep too.17:49
Romsterjust don't reject pkgmk.conf17:49
Romstermerge in the needed 32/64bit arch detection17:50
Romsterand be awre if oyu use prtsweep it removes the .32bit files bug. ports -u compat-32 fixes that again.17:50
Romsterbe aware if you*17:50
Romsterthat's if you ever need anything 32bit.17:51
rmullHaven't yet17:51
Romsterwho needed qt4-32 for what?17:51
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: texlive: post-install generate needed caches18:00
Romstertilman, you'll need that post-install ^^ to get texlive to work.18:00
Romsternote i'm aware of one command failing to find a perl module that's int he texlive source but am unsure why it's not installed. it's not critical to make texlive to work.18:01
Romsterlet me know if oyu find a fix.18:02
Romsterbbl work18:04
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v33joe9, how does one switch abck to sysinit18:42
v33i think i remember, never mind lol18:42
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v33yea, joe9, guess i didn't know how to undo it.19:05
v33i re edited the lilo.conf, ran lilo, rebooted (it said it couldn't find /init or something19:06
v33its getting a kernel panic.19:07
v33looks like /sbin/init is empty o.o19:16
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v33i got it19:39
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v33does the chromium in the ports support html5?20:58
prologiconly html 4.0.121:02
prologicof course chromium supports html521:02
v33then why is it when i remove flash, and try to hop on youtube, it bitches about lfash lol21:06
v33also, i suddenly want this :
joacimonly to a certain degree, i think21:10
v33that might be why21:11
joacimyoutube dont have perfect html5 support21:11
joacimnot all their videos are available without flash21:11
joacimif there are ads or commercials in it, then you'll need flash to view it21:12
v33ive been looking at those open source tin foil hat people, and uh...want to get rid of flash lol21:12
joacimor a plugin that replaces google's html5 video player =)21:12
joacimi think i did that ages ago, when i switched to 64-bit linux21:12
joacimback when people told me that i wouldnt be able to do anything. that there would be support for nothing.21:13
joacimi'm sure those people still exists somewhere21:13
joacimon my mac i use a safari extension called youtube5.21:14
v33joacim, you got crux on yoru mac?21:15
joacimjust os x21:15
joacimcrux is my server21:15
v33because i tried getting crux on my friends laptop21:16
v33dude wouldn't let me toy with elilo21:16
joacimi think i remember that =21:16
joacimi've installed ubuntu or fedora some years back21:16
v33i dont like ubuntu :P21:17
joacimit was a bit of a hassle to maintain both gpt and mbr on the same drive21:17
joacimso i figured it wasnt worth it21:17
joacimshould be simpler these days. dont think you'd need an mbr at all21:18
joacimjust a pure gpt system21:18
joacim <- this is the extension that i use21:20
joacimit works well, but there is no support for 480p since those are flvs i think. not plain mp421:21
v33if only chromium had something similar21:22
v33i really want an rpi now21:22
joacimthink i might install crux on this laptop one day21:25
joacimsince this laptop is no longer supported by apple through software updates21:25
joacimtoo old for the latest release of os x =)21:25
v33how old is it?21:26
joacimfive years old i think21:26
joacimi can still use win8 or something like that on it, but i dont really want that21:26
joacimand i can insist on getting the latest os x installed, but i dont want to put in the work21:27
v33so what distro are you going to put in?21:28
joacimprobably crux21:28
joacimi dont want to "learn" other systems anymore.21:28
joacimstick with what i know =)21:28
v33i envy your crux knowledge :P21:28
v33anytime i switch, i always end up coming back21:28
joacimi dont really know that much ;)21:28
v33you know far more than i do21:29
joacimthink my first crux was 2.4. i havent used any other distro since then21:29
v33not sure wha tmine was21:29
v33it was before 2.721:29
v33probably 2.621:29
v33i remember someone talking about21:30
v33compiling software on something powerful, then transfering it to another computer...i was hoping i could do that with an atom laptop my friend had21:30
joacimi'd say i joined early 200821:30
joacimright before 2.5 came out21:30
joacimjudging by the news21:30
v33you have a year ish on me21:31
joacimos x is strange sometimes21:36
joacimi run a 32-bit kernel, but all my applications are 64-bit21:37 lol21:49
v33how does one acquire
joacimprt-get fsearch?22:12
v33libxext is in the porst, its installed, but libreoffice complains about it22:16
joacimcant help you there =)22:16
v33haha thanks anyway22:26
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