IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2013-02-05

frinnstbah, why wont load from work?00:01
nogagplzbecause that would be making life too easy00:05
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timcowchipwhat if i submit gpodder 3.3.0 instead of 3.4.0?00:50
timcowchip3.3.0 doeosn't check network connection00:51
timcowchipno need for iproute ifconfig or patch00:51
timcowchipthen update it to 3.5.0 when it is released00:53
timcowchipnobody's using crux on their phone, right?00:54
nogagplzsounds like you're overthinking things a bit01:02
timcowchipi submitted gpodder 3.4.0 already01:10
timcowchipit needs to be patched apparently01:11
timcowchipi used sed for gpodder.slackbuild01:12
timcowchipi created a symbolic link to /sbin/ip in the salix gpodder slkbuild01:13
timcowchipi also submitted a mygpoclient port01:15
timcowchipits a dependancy for gpodder01:15
timcowchipi think it works with amarok ad clementine as well01:16
timcowchipwhen i say submiited i mean sent an email to contrib-admin@crux.nu01:17
timcowchipwill i get an answer soon?01:18
timcowchipshould i give up and try to create a different port?01:20
timcowchipmaybe i am over thinking it01:20
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frinnstor god day perhaps :)02:02
frinnstjust put some water on my hand and stroked my hair a bit - full of lather02:35
sepenthats so hot!02:44
frinnsthaha fucking annoying02:50
frinnstim sliding around in my own clothes :)02:50
nogagplzquit wriggling around02:50
Romsteri would comment on timcowchip but he left.02:55
Romsterfrinnst, you obviosuly didn't rise your self too well after the washing part...02:56
frinnstno, not at all03:05
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fr0stb1teLinux is so much fun ^^03:47
fr0stb1teI am using various linux distros for more than six years now, and it's still fun to tinker with03:48
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frinnstRomster: sounds like old .mod files :)04:02
Amnesiafrinnst: are you using firefox by any chance:)?04:17
Romsterfrinnst, yeah04:19
AmnesiaRomster: are you using ff by any chance?04:19
Amnesiacompiled it yourself?04:19
Romsteryes again04:19
AmnesiaI'm getting the crappy xpcom error04:19
Amnesia(glib-dbus and dbus are both installed)04:19
Romsternot seen that04:20
AmnesiaI'm using the package that;s available on mozilla.org04:20
Romstertied why not compile it like we all do?04:21
Amnesiacause that takes ages04:21
Amnesiaaccording to strace it's looking for libs in /lib/ and /usr/lib, but the actual required libs are present in PWD04:22
Romsterperhaps it needs LD_PRELOAD set04:23
Romsteror something...04:23
Romsteryou on 3.9?04:23
Romstererr 3.004:23
Amnesianope, the libs can't be preloaded04:23
Amnesiayes I'm running 3.004:24
Amnesiacould you give it a shot by any chance?04:25
Romstereasier if i rebuild firefox in chroot then give you the built port to pkgadd -u04:26
Amnesiawell, the reason I'm using a prepackaged release,is cause they release kinda fast..04:27
Amnesiamost likely v19 will be made available in 2 weeks or so-.-04:27
Amnesiaand what's the real advantage over compiling it..04:27
Romsteris it that hard to bump the Pkgfile version and build? even if you let it run over night.04:28
Amnesiait's a laptop04:28
Amnesiaso I don't let it run 24/7:)04:28
Romstergot a desktop pc too?04:28
Amnesiadon't have any need for one;)04:29
Romsteryou do now :P04:29
Amnesiaimo there isn't a real advantage on compiling it myself04:29
Amnesiathe prepackage release should work to04:29
Romstertakes me i think ~1 hour to build firefox.04:29
Amnesiait's about the same on my laptop04:29
Romsteri don't see why not but it probably needs some libs of a set versin uless it's not dynamically linked.04:30
Amnesiawell, the libs are in the same directory as the firefox binary :)..04:31
Romsterldd firefox04:32
Romstersee where it's lookng for libs04:32 is the problem04:32
Romsterthat exists in the correct location?04:33 => not found04:33
Amnesiayes it does04:33
Amnesialdd -> => not found04:33
Romsterthat's part of xulrunner04:33
Romsterwhcih is bundled with firefox04:34
Romstershould be in /usr/lib/firefox/04:34
Amnesiacurrently it's in /usr/share/firefox04:34
Romstereh could look at setting a path in /etc/
Romster cat /etc/
AmnesiaI tried linking /usr/share/firefox/ to /usr/lib/04:36
Romstermake it /usr/share/firefox04:36
Romsterthere is also LD_LIBRARY_PATH but use that with caution04:37
RomsterLD_LIBRARY_PATH is used in preference to any run time or default system linker path. If (God forbid) you had it set to something like /dcs/spod/baduser/lib, if there was a hacked version of libc in that directory (for example) your account could be compromised. It is for this reason that set-uid programs completely ignore LD_LIBRARY_PATH.04:37
Amnesiawith no success04:38
sepenalso note about LD_PRELOAD04:39
Amnesiaunfortunately the libs are unpreloadable04:39
sepenahh! pfff04:39
Amnesiahm, linking all the libs fixed it04:41
Romsteri said about LD_PRELOAD first.04:41
AmnesiaLD_PRELOAD didn't do the job04:41
Romsterthe other two options i mention surely one of those will work04:42
Romster uploading firefox it's 28MiB04:42
Amnesiathis stuff's strange04:43
Amnesiayeah getting it work isn't the problem04:43
AmnesiaI just want to understand why it isn't working04:43
Amnesiaprevious packages were working fine:)04:43
Amnesiaanyway, crux 3.0's pretty neat so far:)04:44
Romsterbeats me i haven't got the motivation to try the binary one.04:45
Romsteri've started to make a source mirror for Pkgfiles far from complete yet.04:46
Romsterby rights the binary should be looking for a version of some library not the symlink to the real library version, those symllinks are for source code to link to the real library version04:53
Romsterbut then firefox is a whole kitchen sink deal04:53
sepenif you have the time, play with libs is awesome ;D04:55
Romsteri've had my fair share of that in the past.04:56
Amnesiasepen: don't have the time04:57
Amnesiabut I can't get peace with the fact I'm not understanding it^^04:58
Romsterok now i just added my romster/pkg-url utility for the world to use. so now i got pkg-url and pkg-clean04:58
Amnesiawhat do they do?04:58
Romsterpkg-clean i use in a chroot it removes every port pkgrm except core ports.04:59
sepenRomster: our prt-snapshot do that04:59
Romsteri use that to test for missing dependencies on prt-get depinst of a program04:59
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Romsterstand alone tool though and i made that without looking at any of your or pitillo 's work sepen05:00
Romsterand pkg-url lists urls in source= lines05:00
Romsterwith optionally also by one maintainer match, and even -b for base url only05:01
sepenRomster: usage,
Romsterwith duplicates removed.05:01
sepenpkg-url seems interesting05:01
Romsteri got more plans for listing prt-get deptree urls too but haven't added that yet.05:02
Romstergenerate a list of urls for user to download at work etc.05:02
Romsteri should look more into this prt-snapshot i guess.05:03
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Romsteri'm lacking man pages but there is --help05:03
sepenpkgurl == . /usr/ports/core/$port/Pkgfile && for s in $source; do echo "$s"; done05:03
sepenlike that?05:03
Romsterpkg-url at what ever level of directory it'll go into subdirectories05:04
sepenand what about non url sources?05:04
Romstercd /usr/ports/core/ ; pkg-url05:04
Romsterit'll skip those.05:04
sepenprt-get is a great tool as a base to develop scripts and tools05:05
Romstervery handy05:08
sepenhave you thought about giving utility to that list?05:08
Romsteri've had this for awhile just now decided to let others use it too.05:08
sepensomething combined with ck4up or your report tool?05:08
Romsteri may use it with my up2date stuff i'm working on... to feed the spider to check those urls05:09
Romstermay even make a bundle of utils or heck if anything really works well it might be a candidate for pkg-utils05:09
sepenI wrote a script with a similar base to check for new maintainer ports who aren't in ck4up databases05:10
sepen*err, ck4up config files05:11
sepenfor example: $ env MAINTAINER="Jose V Beneyto" repock4up  ~/.ck4up/opt.conf /usr/ports/opt05:12
Romsteri need to clean up how the maintainer bit works but it's there.05:15
Romsternever gave any thought to ck4up.05:15
Romster base urls of your ports in opt/2.8 only.05:17
Romsterdunno where i'll head with these yet but i have a use for them.05:18
Romsterbut as you know i don't have lots of time to work on linuxy stuff lately.05:18
sepenwe have a similar stuff implemented to check urls05:19
Romsteryeah i'm aware of that05:20
Romsterthat does not log size sums signatures dtags or anything else though i'm building something bigger.05:21
Romsterdid no one look at
Romsterfirefox is up now Amnesia, i may automate building uploding binaries for those that don't want to compile the large stuff.05:27
AmnesiaRomster: @ ?05:30
frinnstRomster: where are you hosting that site?05:32
Romsterprt-get depinst firefox --ignore=firefox && pkgadd -u firefox#18.0.1-1.pkg.tar.gz05:32
Romsterthink that'll work to install all firefox deps but not firefox itself.05:33
Romsterfun time05:33
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frinnstnew boost is a security update iirc05:33
frinnstthe oss-sec mailinglist fuels my depression05:34
Romsterhope they fixed that annoying bug05:34
Romsterdriving me crazy05:34
timcowchipgood morning Sweden05:36
Romsteri reported it originally but i did not make the bug report but i triggered it05:36
Romstermorning timcowchip05:36
timcowchipsuper tuesday05:36
Romsterand it's opened a can of worms since.05:36
AmnesiaRomster: ack05:38
timcowchipshould i email a new version of my gpodder port to
Romsterwhy not make your own repo and submit the repo to ports database?05:40
Romsterthen when you got a few ports then ask for contrib access.05:40
timcowchipoh.........that's what i thought i was doing05:41
Romsterif you need somewhere to host ports i can host them here if you like with git jsut email me a dsa key if that's what you need.05:41
timcowchipi can just upload my own port?05:42
Romsteryou got a web host?05:42
timcowchipi've got space at
Romsterso put it there and regenerate the REPO file/ or use rsync and regenerate the html file and email sepen for inclusion in ports db if you haven't already05:43
timcowchipok, its not ssh so httpup instead of rsync?05:45
Romsteryep http uses REPO file05:45
timcowchipok thanks Romster05:46
Romsterportspage . > index.html05:47
Romsteri add that stuff in a post-receive hook for git so when i push to it it regenerates that for me.05:48
Romsterand just git push to the web host.05:48
timcowchiptoo cool05:48
timcowchipfor school05:48
Romsteras for versions if a later version is really borked it's ok to keep at a older version provided it's not a security risk.05:49
Romsterin my opinion, but personal repositories can do anything you like in05:49
timcowchipi'll get on it in few hours05:49
timcowchipjust got up to pee05:50
Romsteri used todo stuff manualyl but it's a huge burden so i like to make stuff easier todo by adding more complexity :D05:50
Romsterfunny that05:50
timcowchip65 year old bladder05:50
Romsterlol what05:51
timcowchipok then :)05:52
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Romsterfor p in `prt-get dependent --all boost | xargs`; do pkg-clean -r; prt-get depinst $p; done05:56
Romsteri'll leave that run and check out the carnage later05:56
Romsterfrinnst> Romster: where are you hosting that site? overseas somewhere why?05:59
Romsterit's on 100mbit05:59
Romsterok now i'm going alter05:59
jaegerAmnesia: regarding the firefox and preloading stuff, are you using the 32-bit binary package and trying to preload 64-bit libs, perhaps?06:12
Amnesiano, 64 native:)(06:13
pedjaRomster: you could update opera port to 12.13.06:13
jaegerIf they were the ones that came with the binary download then ignore that, I might have missed that06:13
jaegerok, just curious06:13
Amnesiabut pango was missing06:13
Amnesiaso I've got to install that, but unfortunately there's a fscking peering issue in .nl06:13
Amnesiadoes removing glibc-32 break stuff btw?06:14
Amnesia(if you don't want multi lib)06:14
jaegerthat's the only -32 port you need to keep06:15
teK_why is that?06:16
jaegerBecause the toolchain breaks if it's removed06:18
teK_hm, uncool 8)06:19
jaegerIt might be that you could still build 64-bit only stuff with it removed but you definitely can't rebuild the toolchain06:20
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horrorStruckteK_: just FYI, thanks06:45
frinnstwhat uses libssh?06:55
horrorStruckfrinnst: xbmc at least07:04
rmullDoes a revdep catch the pthread-stubs issues when going 2.8->3.0?07:20
rmullSome one had a bash oneliner to fix the pthread problems after an upgrade - anyone have that handy?07:20
jaegerprt-get update $(for F in $(grep /usr/lib/*.la | cut -d: -f1); do pkginfo -o ${F} | tail -1 | awk '{ print $1 }'; done | sort | uniq) <-- did something like this, better check its syntax to be sure07:21
rmullthanks jaeger07:22
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rmulljaeger: gimp fails during a rebuild (as triggered by the pthread oneliner) because it can't find /usr/lib/ - fsearch yields nothing. Am I missing anything?08:52
cruxbot[core.git/2.8]: [notify] openssl: updated to 1.0.1d08:54
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: [notify] openssl: updated to 1.0.1d08:58
frinnstsome dependency are probably broken due to missing08:58
frinnstrmull: can you paste the error someplace?08:59
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: radeon-ucode: added support for codename Oland GPUs09:14
jaegerrmull: there's still a mention of in another .la file, most likely09:18
jaegerrmull: that command I pasted would need to be run multiple times, until it finds no more problems09:19
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tilmanxorg-libsm-32 needs util-linux-32 (for libuuid)09:35
*** joacim has joined #crux09:36
rmulljaeger: Okay, I'll try it again. Here's the error paste:
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v33hello everyone10:04
*** timcowchip has joined #crux10:25
timcowchipwhere is portspage?10:31
Amnesiaffshm almost done with my upgrade..10:31
Amnesiafscking ethernet interface isn't showing up-.-10:31
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timcowchipdoes anyone have portspage?10:51
frinnstprt-get fsearch portspage10:54
timcowchipthanks frinnst10:58
timcowchip portspage . > index.html10:58
timcowchipbash: portspage: command not found10:58
timcowchipprt-get fsearch portspage10:59
timcowchipFound in /usr/ports/opt/prt-utils:10:59
timcowchip  /usr/bin/portspage10:59
timcowchiphelps if i install prt-utils....duh!11:06
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niklaswegood evening11:29
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elderKHEy guys,11:47
elderKIn a Pkgfile for an er... package... I'm creating, that ha sa great deal of dependencies, the Depends on: line gets really big.11:48
elderKCan I split it?11:48
elderKOr does it have to be on a single line?11:48
*** timcowchip has joined #crux12:11
timcowchipmkdir -p $PKG/usr/bin12:11
timcowchipln -s /sbin/ip "$PKG/usr/bin/ip"12:12
timcowchipis this considered uncouth?12:13
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elderKHas anyone had any trouble with GImp?12:17
elderK:/ It's leaving trails when I use the marquee.12:18
elderKI will check with the VESA driver, see if it's my videocard.12:18
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*** elderK has joined #crux12:35
elderK:( Nope. It doesn't seem to be a videocard issue.12:36
pedjawhat can I use to merge book chapters in multiple pdfs to one single pdf?12:37
teK_from the poppler package12:38
pedjateK_: thanks12:38
elderKGuys, has anyone had issues with Gimp? like, "trails" being left behind when using the marquee tool?12:38
elderKIt's really weird.12:38
elderKIt only happens when you move the mouse quite fast.12:38
elderKIf you move it really, really slow, no ghosting happens.12:38
elderKI don't know how else to explain it.12:39
elderKWhen you haev something selected, it ends up being everywhere in Gimp...12:39
elderKI'm talking on #gimp, but no one's replying.12:39
pedjateK_: if you ever need to merge and reorder several pdfs, pdfsam is based13:13
teK_didn't pdfunite do the job?13:14
frinnstcovert(imagemagick) can also do fun stuff with pdf13:14
pedjateK_: I had 30 chapters to merge, in order, so GUI based was easier :)13:17
pedjalazy me13:17
*** SiFuh has joined #crux13:18
teK_the files were not named in order?13:18
teK_pdfunite *.pdf new.pdf13:19
pedjai ran pdfopt on it to optimize it, and it is bigger...oh, well13:19
pedjalibreoffice is struggling to open it :)13:20
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teK_I'm slowly migrating away from epdfview to chromium's built-in pdf viewer13:24
frinnsthaha wtf13:25
teK_oops ;)13:26
frinnstbrilliant :)13:26
jueteK_: tried mupdf?13:27
pedjaapril fools is little early this year13:27
frinnstmupdf <313:27
teK_I really just want a viewer that won't crash and display fonts and stuff just right. For now chromium's just fine13:28
*** Rotwang has joined #crux13:28
tilmannice one13:28
teK_I bet this was subject of discussion before they fixed it *hides*13:28
elderK:( No one's had any issues with Gimp and pixel corruption?13:29
elderKlike, garbage showing up on screen?13:29
teK_not me, but I don't use it that much either13:29
tilmanmupdf doesn't use poppler? what is this black magic13:29
elderKteK_: Could you do a test for me?13:30
elderKAlso, what videocard are you using?13:30
elderKIntel or?13:30
Amnesiahm, has one of you folks tried quake4 on crux 3.0:)?13:31
elderKI'm using intel, too.13:35
elderKteK_: All you should need to do, is use say the marquee or brush tool13:35
elderKand just use it as normal but move your mouse around crazily.13:35
elderKyou will need at least a couple colors on the image.13:35
elderKfor best results, load up a wallpaper or something.13:35
teK_paintbrush or airbrush13:37
elderKan brush.13:37
elderKtry marquee select though, first.13:37
teK_rectangle select?13:39
elderKand move it around like fucking crazy.13:39
elderKlike, select something13:39
elderKso you get hte selection rectangle13:39
joacim"and just use it as normal but move your mouse around crazily."13:40
joacimi think your art is too deep for me13:40
teK_seems to work13:40
teK_both select and brush13:40
teK_hehe joacim  :D13:40
elderKjoacim: hahaah13:41
pedjaelderK: I had similar problem with 313.x nvidia blob, since I switched to 310.x, works normal13:41
elderKpedja: with gimp?13:41
elderKI don't know what to do. The glitch was there when I used the Xorg VESA driver, too.13:41
elderKI'm building 2.8.4 ro see if it works.13:41
elderKwell, properly.13:41
elderKSad panda.13:42
jaegerstop giving subjective advice on the ML :P13:59
frinnstYES STOP IT13:59
frinnstit only encourages him :p13:59
frinnstnevermind :)14:02
frinnst90% of the mails i've ever recieved from the crux ml has arrived in the past week i think14:03
tilmanpeople going nuts because of 3.0?14:05
joacimi'm not too bothered. my spam filter catches most of it for some reason.14:05
*** DaZ has quit IRC14:06
joacimreally annoying tho. I shouldn't have to monitor my spam folders for legit emails.14:07
pedja3.0 is quite popular, it seems14:08
pedjais there any data on how many people use crux?14:09
*** joacim has quit IRC14:13
v33im going to guess 9k14:13
*** joacim has joined #crux14:13
nogagplzunder 9k? or over 9k?14:13
frinnsttilman: not really. its just one or two people..14:14
frinnstthey need to learn this:
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*** sirmacik has joined #crux14:17
*** sirmacik has quit IRC14:17
*** sirmacik has joined #crux14:17
pedjawhy is this not the default picture when Crux boots?14:17
Amnesiahm, when does pkgmk decide to substitute $kernelversion with <kernel-version> ?14:21
Amnesiacause it doesn't seem to happen always14:21
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joacimusing github for my ports wasnt as tricky as i first thought16:05
joacimdont know why i had such trouble the last time i tried16:06
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*** sepen has quit IRC16:43
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v33say one where to setup a really powerful server. in theory, would one be able to tell the server to compile something, and then transfer the compiled software to another computer?16:52
jaegerIf the architecture is the same and the build flags are compatible, or if you cross-compile17:00
rmullv33: That's what happens in distros that distribute binaries rather than sources17:02
v33well, i was thinking it would build it on the spot based on the flags i want.17:03
v33still, i assume its doable. kinda want to do it now17:03
rmullIf all you want to do is use a more powerful computer to build software for a slow computer, distcc is what you want and is the easiest route17:07
rmullIt's not really the same as what you're describing but it sounds like maybe that's what you had in mind anyway17:07
v33well, i had hopes of having a powerful server running so i can call on it to do stuff from anywhere, but distcc...will look into it17:08
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timcowchipmeka leka hi meka hiney ho18:45
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pshevtsovHello! How can I build crux iso by myself? I git-cloned system/iso.git checked out 3.0 and did make iso as root, it downloaded and built kernel, syslinux, busybox but make failed when it tried to install packages. Do I have to prepare any kind of environment or something like that?20:27
*** v33 has joined #crux20:52
pshevtsovOh, there is a page on wiki Sorry for the noice20:53
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Romstertilman> xorg-libsm-32 needs util-linux-32 (for libuuid) <- ah previously core ports for 32bit was installed by default now they need to be listed as a dependency.22:53
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: xorg-libsm-32: added util-linux-32 (for libuuid)23:03
Romstertilman, fixed.23:06
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: firefox: updated to 18.0.223:23
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: opera: 12.12 -> 12.1423:44
*** timcowchip has joined #crux23:44
timcowchipnot firefox again23:46
*** mike_k has joined #crux23:46
Romsteri'm downloading and building and uploading to again for firefox.23:47
niklasweIs it someone more some got 2 /, when /etc/mtab is pointing against /proc/self/mounts..23:47
Romsterlrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 17 Oct 25 16:37 /etc/mtab -> /proc/self/mounts23:48
Romster/dev/root on / type ext4 ...23:49
Romsteronly one entry23:49
Romsterfrom mount command.23:49
niklasweI got two. rootfs / rootfs rw 0 023:51
niklaswe/dev/root / xfs rw,relatime,attr2,noquota 0 023:51
niklaswethe first one should be removed..23:51
Romsteryeah i have no rpptfs line23:53
niklaswehmm I must investigate where rootfs comes from..23:55
Romsteryou don't have it in fstab or rc.local by any chance?23:56

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