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niklasweRomster: nope not in fstab00:00
niklasweand not it rc.local00:00
Romstergrep though the rest of /etc ?00:01
niklasweI have done that and it only finding rootfs in mtab..00:02
Romsterstock crux system? like no custom init system?00:03
niklasweyupp, with my own kernel.00:04
frinnstdoes "mount" show 2 roots ?00:04
frinnstutils like df usually displays two, but not mount00:04
frinnstunless you rejected /etc/rc when you ran rejmerge00:05
niklaswemount only show /dev/root on /00:05
frinnstyeah, then its as it should00:06
niklaswefrinnst: yupp df displays both00:06
frinnstugly, yes00:06
Romsteroh i see both on df O_O00:08
Romsterbut mount only shows the one00:08
Romsteri guess that's for backwards compatibility.00:10
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Romsteri'll upload it a bit later i need to do some stuff on my pc.01:46
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niklaswehas someone more got this problem.. after I upgrade to 3.0 some packages hangs on checking for working re_compile_pattern...01:56
niklaswelike lftp and bind..01:56
teK_the problem with lftp is known01:56
niklasweokey :)01:57
niklasweshould I send bugreport on bind too?01:57
teK_I hope frinnst is able to figure out the difference between his patched and working glibc and the stock crux 3.0 glibc01:58
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frinnstI do know, its a glibc bug02:46
frinnstpatch is available but not yet in git. so we are waiting for it to be merged. the current patch is "in review"02:46
frinnstniklaswe: bind too?02:49
frinnstbind-utils or what?02:49
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niklaswefrinnst: just bind.03:37
niklaswe /usr/ports/contrib/bind03:37
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Romsterso do i update to 3.0 tonight or wait03:50
niklaswedoes someone know any nespresso, you can connect to your computer and get stats from it?03:50
Romsternespresso, i thought about coffee03:52
niklasweRomster: or coffe, I need a coffee machine with capsules :) and it would be nice if you could connect it to an rpi or something :)03:57
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frinnsteew, get a proper machine04:38
frinnstI have a rancilio silvia. cheap and cheerful04:39
Romsterniklaswe, hehe well i thought about a coffee sugar milk and hot water dispenser into a cup...04:41
Romsterbut that's being far too lazy04:41
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timcowchipi'm on the map!05:30
timcowchipi'm SOMEbody now!05:31
frinnstquick question: why "ln -s /sbin/ip "$PKG/usr/bin/ip"" ?05:40
frinnstsomething hardcoded to look in /usr/bin for ip?05:41
timcowchipit fixes the bug in gpodder 3.4.005:42
frinnstnot possible to patch it? if possible avoid doing stuff to files belonging to other ports05:42
timcowchipi frankly don't know how05:43 is the offending filr05:43
frinnstalso dont forget to strip "cruft" such as $PKG/usr/share/locale05:44
frinnstotherwise, nice work :)05:44
timcowchipi could correct in in /src then upload the tarball to my port site and link to it in Pkgfile05:44
timcowchipthank you05:45
frinnsta simple sed in the pkgfile would be probably be preferrable05:45
timcowchipok i've got one of those i can use05:45
timcowchipthe next release should be ok05:46
timcowchipbut i see you're point qith old symlinks laying around05:47
timcowchipi'll get on it in a few hours05:47
timcowchipjust got up to check on webkit still building05:48
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klrr_hey, i get terminus font to work06:43
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] ruby: update to 1.9.3-p38507:34
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: ruby-doc: update to 1.9.3-p38507:34
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: [notify] ruby: update to 1.9.3-p38507:34
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: ruby-doc: update to 1.9.3-p38507:34
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: [notify] curl: update to 7.29.007:53
cruxbot[core.git/2.8]: [notify] curl: update to 7.29.007:53
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: libarchive: new source URL07:54
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: libdrm: update 2.4.4207:55
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joacimis it good form to let packages create files in /usr/etc, or should i configure it to use /etc?08:53
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juejoacim: depends, system software like daemons etc. should use to /etc09:37
juejoacim: see handbook chapter 4.6.209:38
joacimit is a configuration file for a daemon (swapd)10:11
joacimi guess it should be in /etc then10:12
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roelof1Can anyone help me with turning a directory to a httpup repo, I thought that httpup-repgen is enough but still ports -u gives wierd outcome10:59
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tilmanweird how?11:16
roelof1when I do ports -u its downloading html instead of ports11:29
roelof1It's about this repo :
joacimyou'll need a .httpup-repgen-ignore file11:31
roelof1I know, I had one but then the REPO file was zero bytes11:31
roelof1Im going to work on it as soon as I have this repo work well11:32
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roelof1joacim:  or can the missing .httup-repgen-ignore file be the reason for my problems ?11:48
joacimany file defined in .httpup-repgen-ignore won't appear in REPO11:51
roelof1Oke, that I know.  I try to find out why ports -u gives the wrong output so can the missing file be the culprit11:52
joacimlooks like your cinnamon.httpup has some extra content in the url field.11:56
joacimthe rwobben11:56
joacim"rwobben@" could be removed11:57
roelof1removed. why,  The url is according to bitbucket ?12:07
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joacimcompare yours to the one you find in
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timcowchip with sed change in gpodder Pkgfile12:19
timcowchipanyone interested in a uzbl port?12:21
roelof1I know there are different12:28
roelof1joacim:  he, when I removed the rwobben@ , I also come on the same site as with rwobben@12:29
roelof1joacim:  but this is not working :
roelof1but this is
roelof1sorry the right one is :
roelof1The only thing I found is that https is changed in http12:35
roelof1joacim:  I think I found it12:38
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klrr_god natt!12:47
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timcowchipHPR1178: Interviews with Laura Creighton and Armin Rigo13:23
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timcowchipCrux 3.0 review18:47
jaegernot much of a review, more of a guy reading the release notes starting at 27:3019:02
timcowchipfirefox nightly's new name is UX19:05
timcowchipi thought linux outlaws would have mentioned the release19:06
timcowchipcan't find it in their show notes19:06
timcowchipi saw 2.4 and 2.6 but not 3.019:09
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timcowchipi'm using ux instead of firefox19:32
timcowchipdon't have a spare 6-8 hours to rebuild it every week or so19:33
jaegeryou sleep sometimes, right? :)19:34
timcowchipyes...........that's when I rebuilt it last time19:35
joacim6-8 hours? I only need a bit over one hour to rebuild webkit19:37
joacimnever tried building firefox in recent years19:37
timcowchipwebkit took 15 hours19:38
timcowchipfor me19:38
timcowchipintel atom 2Gb ram19:38
joacimoh. figured an atom would be about the same as my C2D E630019:38
timcowchipwhat do you do when there's a firefox update?19:39
joacimnothing. i usually install webkit and luakit or midori19:41
joacimwhen i have xorg installed19:41
nogagplzc2d thoroughly destroys atom19:42
joacimdont think my cpu was low-mid range when i bought it19:43
timcowchipdual core19:44
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joacimnogagplz: i'm hosting the weechat port on my own now19:47
joacimhavent submitted my repo tho19:47
rmullI kinda wish prt-get could tell me the reason a port build failed during a sysup when it prints the list of failures at the end. Most times it's a footprint mismatch and I don't usually care but sometimes it's a build error.20:03
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Romster<joacim> it is a configuration file for a daemon (swapd) <- correct23:02
Romstertimcowchip> anyone interested in a uzbl port <- i have one use that to build off23:04
Romstertimcowchip firefox23:06
Romsterrmull, turn on logging in prt-get.conf then look in /var/log/pkgbuild/23:07
timcowchipthanks Romster :)23:13
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: boost: 1.52.0 -> 1.53.023:24
timcowchipnot boost!23:34
timcowchipmy computer's going to be on all night again23:37
Romsteruploading boost to the same location23:39
Romsterdamn it telstra no phones but internet is working, after some idiot cut a fibre optic cable in Melbourne..23:39
Romsterhow many days will we be without phones now...23:40
Romsterthink how i feel timcowchip too many things to compile.23:40
timcowchipyes i can imagine23:40
timcowchipmy son has access to a computer with about a terabyte of ram at work23:41
timcowchipwell maybe not a terabyte, but a lot23:42
Romstersounds like a mainframe23:42
Romsteri think jaeger has a 24 core machine at work with like 24gb ram23:43
timcowchip he works for a software company23:43
timcowchipso if i download your boost package i just use pkgadd?23:44
Romsterstill uploading atm23:46
Romsterboost is no where near as bad as webkit or firefox.23:47
timcowchipoh ok23:48
Romsteri don't have very fast net unlike my host has.23:50
timcowchipdid you know peter64?23:51
timcowchiphe does kernel panic podcast23:52
timcowchipfrom down under23:52
Romsteroh don't know him though23:53
timcowchipi imagine.............its a big country23:53
timcowchiphe's funny23:54
Romstersome bright spark cut a fibre optic cable in melbourne affecting all of my towns phones -_-23:54
Romsterat 2pm today23:54
Romsterlater last year hd 3 weeks without net or phones due to a fire at a exchange... what the heck else is gonna happen23:55
Romstergot a url to peter64 podcast?23:55

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