IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2013-02-07

timcowchipBatemans Bay00:00
timcowchipis that near you00:00
timcowchip20Mbs so far00:01
Romsteri'm in portland vic00:03
timcowchipi see you on the crux map00:04
Romsterif/when i get time i might check that podcast out00:05
Romsteri'm heading to melbourne for a few days this weekend.00:05
timcowchipnear melbourne00:05
timcowchipi'm near portland00:06
Romsteri'll be around altona, st kilda, sunbury if your gonna be around there00:06
timcowchipportland, oregon00:06
Romsterah that portland lol...00:06
timcowchipgotta put my kid to bed..brb00:07
Romsterboost is done00:07
frinnstdear god, an aussie podcast00:20
frinnsti understand nothing00:20
timcowchipdownloded and installed00:23
timcowchipthank you ")00:24
timcowchipif a package is built on a system wuth different depenecies than the one it is installed on00:27
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Romsteri build it all in a chroot. with only the deps listed in deptree01:07
Romsterhaha frinnst01:07
Romsternow you know how i feel when i hear other languages01:07
*** Rotwang has joined #crux01:41
Romsterthere not even using slang frinnst this is easy to understand.01:51
Romsterthey need a few pointers on feedback and limiting though01:52
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Amnesiahm, there's no package for ndp:O02:07
Amnesiagot to fix that this evening02:07
Amnesiaffs, am I the only one who's using ipv6 here:P?02:07
Romsteri would be but my isp sucks02:09
Romsteractaully i shoudl ask them where the hell is my IPv602:09
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Amnesiayou should:)02:09
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Romsterforgot too when i asked about compensation from the telstra outage...02:11
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roelof1Can anyone help me figure out how to make my .httpup-repgen-ignore file work06:34
roelof1If I do /.hg$ then the REPO file is zero files and that is not good I think06:35
roelof1No who can tell me why the .ignore file is not workig on this REPO file (
jaegerI don't use httpup much but I'll try... what are the contents of your .ignore file?06:54
roelof1at this moment only /.hg$06:55
roelof1but then the REPO files is zero files so I must do something wrong06:55
roelof1but I cannot find in the manual what06:55
jaegerok, I just tested it in core.git (I don't use mercurial) and this worked:06:57
Rotwangare you sure it is only /.hg$?06:57
jaegertry that with hg instead of git, maybe06:58
Rotwangroelof1: I bet there is empty line in that file06:59
Rotwangif so I'm not surprised that REPO file is empty07:00
jaegerit might even be sufficient to use \.git alone07:02
jaegeror in your case \.hg07:02
Rotwangit will be, since ignore file is simply passed to grep -v07:03
jaegerIf any files were added called something.hg that would keep them from being included but for a basic ports repo it's likely fine07:04
jaegersomething like this would be slightly more specific:07:05
jaegerstill not perfect but you can extrapolate from there07:06
roelof1oke, thanks , I will try the suggestions07:06
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roelof1Thanks, the ignore file works well. Now I have to wait till upstream has solved a problem with Muffin. One of the packages I try to build07:33
jaegerroelof1: a good start at least :)07:34
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roelof1yep,  I hope that in the meantime someone will look if the build-scripts are according to the standard and that they also are building well on other boxes. I found no issues except muffin wil not build and therefore cinnamon also not07:38
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roelof1Everyone a good night08:27
joacimgood night =)08:28
roelof1gn, and if someone finds a issue with my packages , send me a email or file in a issue08:43
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: at-spi2-core: corrected dependencies08:44
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v33hello :)10:28
teK_so true10:29
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v33me and breaking bad10:32
v33and game of thrones10:32
teK_The Good Wife, Californication10:34
teK_yada yada10:34
joacimnot me at all10:36
joacimi spent a whole year on stargate sg110:36
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teK_they both rock. do them.10:37
v33do them?11:00
teK_like drugs. do.11:06
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elderKHey guys, what's the deal with creating an initramfs/initrd on Crux?11:30
elderKsay if I'm creating an install for many machines?11:30
elderKI'm reading about it - I saw mkinitramfs on Romster's repo.11:30
elderKI was just wondering if you guys had done it before and could give me some pointers.11:30
tilmanbuilding initrds isn't terribly popular with crux i think11:31
tilmanyou'll usually just build customized kernels and be done with it11:31
elderKwell, aye11:31
elderKbut that kind of hurts it's ability to be used on a bunch of different machines, with just an initrd differing11:32
sepenhmm I used to setup lilo.conf first time with default initramfs from the iso ;D11:37
sepenelderK: you can use initramfs and pass append="root=/dev/whatever" to boot from hd11:39
elderKif you have the drivers in the kernel?11:40
sepenbut note that default initramfs from crux is used to boot vmlinuz provided11:41
elderKMight as well figure out how to do it myself.11:42
elderKCould be useful.11:42
sepeninitramfs also loads some modules, be care about different versions11:42
sepenelderK: my lilo.conf:
sepenand vmlinuz-rescue is the vmlinuz file provided in 3.0 iso11:44
sepenso I won't use the cdrom to boot anymore11:44
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jaegerI've started to write a mkinitramfs script but it's very young still11:45
jaegerdoesn't support things like md, lvm, cryptsetup yet11:45
elderKjaeger: any good sources for info? I'm just reading the kernel docs.11:46
elderKI figure I'm going toneed some basic tools compiled static, so like, busybox.11:47
elderKI'll need udevadm, lvm11:47
jaegerNot off the top of my head, besides the kernel docs... I made a lot of the ISO initramfs, though, so had some experience there11:48
sepen+1 jaeger ;D11:48
jaegerthe one at is probably far more useful than mine11:51
jaegerthat's the one in romster's repo, I believe11:51
elderKit'll be the assembla one I need, as the one romster uses (I got) needs udevcontrol11:52
elderKand now I'm interested on how to create an initramfs by hand11:52
sepenwell you could use the one in as a base, just you need to remove the CROSS vars11:54
sepenthis is a based initrd system, but initrd/initramfs is an extra step you can solve later11:55
sepenor read CRUX's iso.git repo, it was just useful to me11:56
Rotwangfrinnst: don't get that one12:11
frinnstread the replies further down12:12
frinnstkurt is employed by redhat to hand out cve's for stuff12:12
tilman"requires [...] just uid 0"12:15
Rotwangfrinnst: haha12:17
teK_tilman: I think the point is that one should not be able to re-enable module loading after it was disabled12:19
teK_but I'm not 100% sure12:19
teK_NetBSD has security levels and, iirc, one may not lower them once they are set12:22
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frinnstgood night13:05
frinnstsweet dreams everyone13:05
teK_sleep well, little prince13:12
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elderKHey, jaeger.14:13
elderKHave you considered using Dracut?14:13
elderKI'm reading about it now - created crux packages for it -14:13
elderKit seems alright.14:13
elderKI'm not sure what your experiments are :)14:13
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jaegerI've heard the name, don't know anything else about it14:49
jaegerlooks like it would do the trick, though, from a quick search14:51
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elderKit seems quite nice.15:02
elderKand extensible.15:02
elderKhooks and all.15:03
elderKI'm playing with it now.15:03
elderKI intend to setup a repository soon, too. I onlyhave 100M space but that should be more, more, more than enough15:03
elderKconsidering I won't store the sources locally.15:03
elderKor the packages.15:03
elderKjaeger: Where did you learn to create a distribution, other than just playing? :)15:22
elderKJust reading the kernel docs or?15:22
elderKIt takes a lot of knowledge to be able to setup a distribution from scratch. At least, it does in my mind :)15:22
jaegerplaying, reading kernel docs, LFS, gentoo, just lots of various sources15:22
jaegereven learned some from taking apart and modifying redhat's initrds for servers, etc.15:22
jaegerI've been using linux since 1996, you pick up a lot over time15:23
elderKHow often did you have to patch up stuff to work? Like, gcc? LFS has tons of patches for gcc, glibc, etc.15:23
elderK:) Wow!15:23
elderKI've just been playing, off and on, since 2004.15:23
jaegerNot terribly often. It does happen sometimes but not so bad15:23
elderKDid you hear of my issue with Gimp a few days back? I was wondering if you had any idesa.15:24
jaegerI didn't, but I can go look back in the logs... what day was it?15:24
elderKHell. Everyday since Saturday.15:24
elderKBut generally: When I use the selection tool (marquee) or any tool (brush), and ove around, it leaves trails on the image display.15:25
elderKI'm not talking the "trail of paint" thing, that's normal but rather, it's leaving echoes of the tools behind.15:25
jaegerHrmm, never heard of that... sounds like a driver issue or possibly even hardware overheating or something15:25
elderKIf I select something in the image view, for example, the selection rectangle has left a trail. Also, the "nubs" around the selection, go nuts.15:25
jaegeror it could be a window manager problem, I suppose. Have you tried different WMs?15:25
elderKNo, not yet.15:25
elderKI tried it with the vesa driver, same problem.15:26
elderKBoth under Fluxbox, however.15:26
elderK:) I don't k now. How can I help out with Crux?15:27
elderKI feel very loyal to it already :)15:27
elderKIt's great to have only the things you want on your system and nothing more.15:27
jaegerThat's a very general question but I suppose creating ports for things you use that don't already exist as well as reporting bugs and problems are good places to start15:28
elderK:) Cool15:28
elderKI'll read the handbook / m anpges for httpup soon15:28
elderKas for Gimp, last time I used it alright, i twas 2.6.15:29
jaegerCould even be a bug in the version you're running currently, I guess15:30
elderKGoogle had no love for me :(15:30
elderKThey changed the way xor and stuff was done years ago.15:30
elderKlike, 200[456]15:30
elderKWe'll see.15:30
elderKI'll try it with twm :P15:31
elderK:) Anywho, lunch time.15:31
elderKbbl :)15:31
jaegergood luck15:31
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horrorStruckelderK: are you using latest cairo (1.12.12) ? 1.12.10 had a regression that caused similar effects to the ones you described.16:23
v33woah. horrorStruck, you're alive...16:25
v33nothing much, just haven't seen you around. how have you been17:30
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timcowchipromster: i think your new boost broke deluge17:37
timcowchipImportError: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory17:38
Romstergah i rebuilt everythgn to test but i only sampled a few log files and those where not boost related...17:39
Romstersure you don't just need to revdep?17:39
Romsterhmm i have no deluge in my logs.17:41
timcowchiplemme revdep17:45
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Romsterlibtorrent-rasterbar built for me so did deluge17:49
timcowchipi was thinking of making a qbittorrent port17:50
timcowchip prt-get update -fr `revdep` deluge is really gettin busy with it17:53
timcowchipever heard of sickbeard?17:54
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: libtorrent-rasterbar: 0.16.6 -> 0.16.717:56
Romsternew version though17:56
Romsterno point really deluge has a daemon run it on any box and either use the gtk or web front end.17:57
timcowchipgotto hve weekly dose of justified17:57
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Romsterprt-get update -fr should only need todo ports -u contrib ; prt-get update libtorrent-rasterbar ; prt-get update -fr librsvg pygtk deluge18:01
Romsterlibrsvg pygtk for god measure since they can sometimes have broken libs18:02
timcowchipput da lime in de coconut18:06
Romsteri'm i'm off again to work bbl18:06
timcowchiprevdep won't quit18:07
timcowchipdon't work too hard :)18:08
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pshevtsovHi! After building and installation of musl libc, I get massages when building ports (actually installing): /sbin/ldconfig: /usr/lib/ is not a symbolic link What does it mean? Do I need to do anything with it or just ignore?21:18
elderKI wish I got massages when I built things.22:54
elderKIt'd be a nice way to relax after a long day.22:55
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Romster/usr/lib/ is a file. probably a warning but not fatal23:14
chris2pshevtsov: it happens due to the soname of musl. you can just ignore it23:21
pshevtsovchris2: Ok, thanks!23:22
niklaswewordpress really sucks.. I hate that shit..23:53
linXeais that the blog thingy ?23:55
Romstermost of the spam i get has wordpress written all over it.23:56
niklaswelinXea: yes23:56
linXeahi btw niklaswe  :)23:57
niklaswelinXea: hello mate :)23:57
linXeaMan, this constant snowing is cramping my style.23:58
niklaswethe problem i I have is like this... I using https over the whole site.. but on wp-admin i want another ssl certificate so I can use ssl-client certificate...23:59
niklaswelinXea: when will you come to ulug then ?23:59

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