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linXeaI know, I should have a looong time ago.00:00
niklasweI dont understand why the customer want to run ssl all over the whole site... If i was them i should just run ssl over the important part.. like wp-admin.. but they... nooooo we must run the whole site over ssl.. I ask why... they: hmmm because! the site will just serve static html pages with some information..00:03
linXeagood practise to only run SSL ?00:04
linXeaalso, the customer is ALWAYS right :)00:04
frinnstmake the admin-part another vhost?00:04
niklaswefrinnst: I have done that, on another port.. but the application sucks.. So it will send me to 443 anyway.00:05
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diverseAre there any good non-vte terminal emulators besides urxvt?03:27
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Romsterdiverse, i like sakura03:34
Romsteroh but that's vte based. why non-vte?03:34
diverseRomster: looking for a really lightweight terminal with unicode support.03:35
diverseand also fairly active too03:36
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diverseI have also looked at all the rxvt clones/forks also03:38
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diverseI suppose its a vte world.03:43
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juediverse: xterm?03:51
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cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: groff: update to 1.22.204:12
niklaswemmm pizza04:20
joacimdiverse: looked at the suckless terminal?04:29
frinnstrxvt-unicode ftw04:32
frinnstalways end up back with that term no matter what i test04:32
diversejoacim: No, I haven't. What are your experiences with it?04:39
joacimi kinda just looked at the feature set once04:40
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] flash-player-plugin: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: chromium: fixed deps (added gperf)05:03
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: [notify] flash-player-plugin: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: chromium: fixed deps (added gperf)05:56
joacimthats a lot of emails06:14
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rmullWhat's going on with the notify emails?06:47
Romsterugh why is it on master06:48
Romsterand not 3.006:48
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Romsteremail says master but it's not apparently in master06:51
rmullCan we shut it off temporarily until it's sorted out?06:54
jaegerprobably not a bad idea06:56
joe9Romster: do you know of a simpler terminal? other than xterm, rxvt-unicode.,07:49
joe9klrr_: to me?07:58
jaegerst is the one that joacim mentioned earlier07:58
joe9jaeger: I was not finding much on googling st, will try harder.08:07
joe9jaeger: thanks.08:15
joacim - I'm about to submit my repository. Is there anything I should fix before I send my registration email?08:20
teK_you may want to prtverify on your ports08:20
joacimthanks. found some issues with netatalk08:25
jaegerbleh. running find on 8TB of compressed data is slow08:28
joacimINFO   CRUX-Ports/netatalk ...... suid file found: usr/bin/afppasswd08:30
joacimdont know how to deal with that. if it should be moved to sbin and have the suid bit removed, or just leave it be.08:30
frinnstmight be a fun watch08:33
juejoacim: don't worry, it's just a INFO message, if the suid bit is necessary leave it as it is08:36
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: dovecot: update to 2.1.1509:32
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joe9jaeger: klrr_: st is cool. so simple.09:53
joe9amazing that it is not more popular.09:53
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jaegernever used it, myself10:19
frinnsti think i've used it but didnt like it for some reason10:21
frinnstas I said, i always end up with urxvt :)10:22
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v33hello hello10:42
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rmullDoes the package 'fmod' always return in a revdep result for everyone else?11:15
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timcowchipis non-vte11:39
timcowchipi think11:41
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tilmandoes the openssl update break stuff for anyone else?11:56
tilmanlike offlineimap for example12:01
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niklaswegood evening12:24
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klrr_joe9: yes12:53
klrr_duckduck "suckless st12:53
joe9klrr_: ok, thanks. just trying it.12:53
joe9it is awesome. so simple codebase. easy to understand and fix12:53
joe9love it.12:53
joe9any other suggestions along those lines?12:53
joe9klrr_: do you use it?12:54
joe9+ tmux with it?12:54
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klrr_joe9: i used it long ago but had problems, now im using urxvt but i heard recently st is getting ready for everyday use13:16
diversethey seem to recommend tmux for the scrollback buffer. among other stuff, which makes sense anyway if you use tmux as you end up not use your own terminal's features13:17
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frinnsttilman: not noticed anything here14:24
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Romster built packages let me know what else huge you guys hate compiling14:51
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Romsteri'm now going afk for a few days later14:56
nogagplzI hate building ed14:56
diversenogagplz: you really know how to bring the irony.14:58
nogagplzlol, somebody has to14:59
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diverseits cool that Romster is providing compiled packages15:05
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modem|netbookhey how can i configure modules?15:53
modem|netbooklike, enable modules?15:53
modem|netbookor is it done automatically?15:53
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v33woot woot17:17
v33going for a new pr today17:17
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elderKHey guys19:42
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