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tilmanfrinnst: offlineimap and mumble are the only victims i found so far00:32
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elderKHey peeps!00:57
elderK:) Man, I still think Crux is freaking awesome.00:59
elderKIt is, without a doubt, the bee's knees.00:59
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elderKHow's it going, tilman?01:23
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roelof1Hello, I send a hour ago a mail to the ML but it don't seem to be arrieved02:49
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roelof1Anyone a idea what happened ?02:53
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roelofAnyone who can help me ?04:04
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roelof1Sorry, pressed the wrong button04:13
roelof1Are .mo files part of NLS ?04:13
klrr-guys, i have an issue, I play a game called Xonotic, but the sound doesn't work, it's using SDL for sound and strangly sounds works okey in another program also using SDL, i contacted Xonotic's developers but they said it was not an issue of Xonotic but the system i ran it on, any ideas or someone who have heard something like this happened before?04:17
pshevtsovroelof1: .mo files are compiled gettext .po files, so yes, .mo files are part of NLS04:23
roelof1oke, then I have to figure out how I can tell Gconf to not install them04:25
roelof1and find out how I can change /usr/libexec to /usr/lib/GConf04:26
roelof1pshevtsov:  thanks for the help04:30
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roelof1Does the ML server work good. I send today 2 mails and it seems they never get recieved08:00
jaegerIt's currently disabled until we sort out the extra messages08:09
roelof1oke,  it is no big problem. I only asked help on output of prtverify so I can learn to write good ports08:13
roelof1but that can wait08:13
roelof1thanks for the message08:13
roelof1jaeger:  but should I send it later again or will they be placed when the ML is enabled again ?08:16
jaegerI will try to save useful messages when I clear out the non-useful ones but if I can't I'll mention it in here08:18
roelof1oke, then I hope Im here when you mention it08:19
roelof1otherwise I miss it08:19
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roelof1jaeger : any news on the ML ?10:28
jueroelof1: he is working on it10:29
roelof1oke, NP10:43
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timcowchiphas the handbrake port been orphaned?11:24
timcowchipits version, 9.3 is no longer available11:24
timcowchipso is the ml the place to contact the maintainer?11:26
timcowchipor direct to maintainer's email address in the Pkgfile?11:27
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doc_whois btrfs supported as root filesystem?12:43
doc_whoor should i stick with ext3/412:44
tilman(fact & opinion)12:45
doc_whook, thx12:47
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timcowchipwhere's everybody at?13:12
timcowchipanyone interested in keeping hsetroot alive?13:16
timcowchipits not in the graveyard anymore13:17
timcowchipi could host the last realease and a port for it13:17
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timcowchipanyone interested in a port for backlite?13:20
timcowchipqt4 version of k9copy13:20
timcowchiprequires phono13:20
timcowchipf'n keyboard13:21
timcowchipi need that ez eyes kbd13:21
timcowchipgrandpa kbd13:22
timcowchiptransmit the message13:25
timcowchipto the receiver13:26
timcowchiphope for an answer someday13:26
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frinnsttraceroute -m 120
teK_frinnst, I'm your father13:52
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timcowchip includes backlite port14:26
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timcowchipcan't get handbrake-9.4 to build14:34
timcowchipgonna try 9.8 instead14:34
timcowchipaclocal: warning: autoconf input should be named '', not ''14:38 error: 'AM_CONFIG_HEADER': this macro is obsolete.14:38
timcowchip    You should use the 'AC_CONFIG_HEADERS' macro instead.14:38
timcowchip/usr/share/aclocal-1.13/obsolete-err.m4:12: AM_CONFIG_HEADER is expanded from...14:38 the top level14:38
timcowchipautom4te: /usr/bin/m4 failed with exit status: 114:38
timcowchipaclocal: error: echo failed with exit status: 114:38
timcowchipautoreconf: aclocal failed with exit status: 114:38
frinnstdont paste multiline shit in the channel, use a pastebin14:40
frinnstalso a simple google search will tell you what caused it and how to fix it14:41
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timcowchipTicket #37855 (closed defect: duplicate)14:55
timcowchipDuplicate of #37434.14:56
timcowchip37434 isn't of any use either14:56
timcowchipi've heard of google maybe i'll se how it works14:57
timcowchipjust trying to help fix an out-of date port14:58
timcowchipthought maybe someone in this room would have an interest, but i guess not14:59
pedjafrinnst: this is cool, too  telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl15:01
Pingaxtimcowchip, just sed 's/AM_CONFIG_HEADER/AC_CONFIG_HEADERS/' in configure.in15:02
timcowchipi already tried that and worked15:04
timcowchipby the way i have heard of google and always try it 1st before posting here15:05
pedjawth is texlive?~8Mb .footprint?wtf15:06
pedjadamn you vmware, would it kill you to have sane error messages15:07
pedjait complains about gtk theme, but it was the curl update that broke it.15:08
joacimmy email client hanged because of that one email15:09
teK_so you use outlook?15:09
pedjaclaws is smart :)15:09
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joacimapple mail15:10
pedjajoacim: have you lost the bet, or?15:10
pedjais it concious(sp?) decision :) ?15:11
teK_Oh maybe texlive has a file called File:/// in its footprint :>15:12
joacimlost the bet?15:12
joacimi kinda like apple mail. the alternatives arent that good either on macs. i can compile mutt and use that, but i rather use apple mail15:13
pedjais anyone using skype on 3.0?15:17
pedjawhat is saner solution:wine+windows skype or skype linux client 4.x?15:18
pedjai.e which is less broken15:19
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pedjai really wish I could persuade them to use smth like, but no.15:20
teK_afaik you'll have to build a lot of 32bit stuff as skype is only fake 64bit software ;)15:21
pedjaskype is fake software, period.15:21
pedjakitchen sink approach.yeah, that will end well...15:22
pedjai mentioned jabber to some friends, since msn is kaput.first question:can I use it with skype?15:24
pedjawhy would any sane windows user prefer wlm to pidgin, is beyond me.15:25
pedjathen again, no more free support when msn is gone, for me :)15:26
teK_I was doing my thesis at a huge companie's CERT and my advisor there wanted me to skype him, too15:27
teK_yet he's using mutt pgp and all that stuff, too15:27
teK_and he was excited when I told him about bitlbee :)15:28
pedjaskype IS the standard, granted.15:29
pedjajust like systemd will be :)15:29
nogagplzyeah woo systemd15:30
teK_there was a saying..15:31
teK_fuck the system or something like that15:31
nogagplzthere's probably an init script for that15:33
joacimi dont really use messenger or jabber anymore15:59
joacimi stay logged in on my mac, but i never really talk to anyone16:00
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teK_people suck ;)16:03
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v33so...a motherboard to house 2 operton cpu's costs about 500....18:20
frinnstbuy a setup similar to jaegers instead18:25
frinnstlittle reason to buy a moderboard with 2 cpus these days18:27
v33what does jaeger use?18:28
frinnstintel C2xx chipset + sandy bridge xeon18:29
frinnstmore power than you will need probably18:29
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jaegerspecifically a supermicro x9scm-f and xeon e3-1230 in my case18:32
v33wow thats a tiny case!18:37
v33i mean mobo18:37
v33might i ask, what do you use it for, jaeger18:40
jaegerAn ESXi server18:40
joacimlooks nice18:40
joacimwill probably go with m-atx or smaller myself. right now i have a normal sized atx board with nothing occupying the pci-e slots18:40
joacimexcept for one video card18:40
v33i want to switch all the systems at one place im suppose to start being the admin for to crux, and have a centeral server to build/ update packages and send it to the computers, because theirs are going to be weak18:43
jaegerI do most of my crux development in VMs on that vsphere host18:45
jaegerworks great for that18:45
v33its nice having someone who isn't too cheap when it comes to a server18:54
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diversejoacim: still might want to get a good sized chassis for the matx board (medium sized desktop), because its a pain to install and maintain inside those HTPC boxes and you get little air flow.20:25
diversealthough they do like cool in a small chassis.20:25
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joacimi'm thinking something like this20:29
diverseI like, I like.20:29
joacimmade for m-atx, but it doesnt seem too cramped20:30
diverseI was talking about those non-tower chassises20:31
joacimyeah i know =)20:31
diverseThose were hard.20:31
joacimi've seen those. I don't really want an htpc, so a tower would suit me more.20:31
diversetowers are the way to go.20:31
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diversejoacim: this is just in my taste, do they make similar ones where you can put the power supply at the bottom?20:38
joacimyou can flip it upside down :320:38
diverseheh, I suppose so.20:40
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joacimthere is this20:40
joacimbut it is larger20:40
joacimi found a nice japanese case once, it was a bit like the first one i linked to20:41
joacimi cant remember the name of it :/20:41
diverseJapanese cases should be good.20:42
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v33do you guys water cool your systems?21:01
joacimi dont21:02
joacimthinking about getting something like this and try using a passive cpu cooler21:03
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v33do you guys encrypt your stuff?21:46
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diverseThe only time I used encryption was through using ssh.22:10
diverseAlthough it might be a good idea to use gpg on some files ;)22:13
diversejoacim: haven't found the case yet?22:14
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