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timcowchiptrying not to stand out in a negative way02:15
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timcowchipif anyone is interested in helping02:17
elderKHey guys02:17
elderKIn what, timcowchip?02:18
timcowchipfixing the hanbrake port02:18
timcowchipits turns dvd's into mp4's02:19
elderKwhat's wrong with it?02:20
timcowchipits version 0.9.302:20
timcowchipwhich is unavailable02:20
timcowchip0.9.8 is latest02:21
timcowchipbuilds differently though02:21
timcowchipi've built it on slackware, but...........02:24
timcowchipits getting late, 2:30 in the am02:25
timcowchipmaybe i'll try the mailing list tomorrow02:26
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diverseEven though Pingax gave timcowchip the solution, he still struggles..03:06
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joacimdiverse: naw i went to bed ;)05:21
tilman/usr/bin/ld: skipping incompatible /usr/lib/libpoppler-glib.a when searching for -lpoppler-glib05:30
tilman=======> ERROR: Building '/tmp/cairo-32#1.12.12-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.05:30
tilmandoes that ring a bell with anyone?05:30
jaegerhaven't run into it myself but /usr/lib/* are the 64-bit versions, it should be using /usr/lib32/libpoppler-glib.a instead05:31
tilmanjaeger: right, but there's no poppler-3205:32
tilmani'm just confused how this can work for anyone else %)05:32
jaegerwell, cairo doesn't depend on poppler so neither does cairo-32 depend on poppler-3205:33
jaegerbut you have poppler installed so presumably configure is finding it05:33
tilmancairo uses poppler in its test suite iirc05:34
tilmanto test its pdf backend05:34
tilmandisabling the pdf backend in cairo-32 leads to a build failure btw. seems taht's not supported. o_O05:34
jaegeroops, heh05:34
jaegerdiverse, joacim: another good mid-tower case with the PSU at the bottom is the Corsair Obsidian 650D05:35
jaegerI've linked it in here before,
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joacimlooks nice05:44
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joacimseems so easy to get good cable management in that case05:45
jaegerit is easy, yeah05:47
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tilmandependencies in compat-32 seem to be fucked up05:57
tilmanharfbuff-32 doesnt' build because it's looking for libicudata05:57
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jaeger=======> Building '/usr/ports/pkg/harfbuzz-32#0.9.12-1.pkg.tar.xz' succeeded.06:12
jaegerI don't have icu installed, for reference06:13
jaegervery nice06:29
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doc_whoanyone build the nginx port from contrib? its failing with "chown: invalid user: 'nginx:0'"07:19
joacimyou didnt run the pre-install script07:20
joacimman prt-get will explain what to do07:21
doc_whoi didnt even know of that option. isnt it something that should happen automatically as part of installing a package?07:29
frinnstit does, if you supply the right flags07:35
frinnstif you want obscured magic, use rpm :)07:36
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doc_whohmmm, ok. i guess it is "the crux way(tm)" ;)07:39
jueprt-get info nginx07:42
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busk32Anyone here using ratpoison as their WM?08:09
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linXeano, I dont like rodent poison :)08:59
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juedoc_who: running pre/post-install scripts is something "behind your back" and that's the reason why it isn't enabled by default in prtget.conf09:43
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timcowchipthe ever-struggling timcowchip has a question11:10
timcowchipi tried pingax's "solution"11:11
timcowchip sed 's/AM_CONFIG_HEADER/AC_CONFIG_HEADERS/' in configure.in11:11
timcowchipunfortunately i couldn't find congigure.in11:12
timcowchipi did find in /gtk11:12
niklaswehave someone more got problem with this..11:12
timcowchipsomeone else?11:13
timcowchipsorry....i don't follow11:15
timcowchipare you suggesting i search pastebin for similar text?11:16
niklaswetimcowchip: I got this error:11:16
niklasweIRQ 45: nobody cared (try booting with  "irqpoll" option)11:16
niklaswercm_sched self-detected stall on cpu {1} (t=60000 jiffies)11:16
niklaswercm_sched self-detected stall on cpu {1} (t=240003 jiffies)11:16
timcowchipoh sorry, i thought you were commenting on my problem11:18
timcowchipi haven't seen that before11:18
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busk32Anyone else having trouble compiling stuff because of TexInfo?11:22
timcowchipwhat are you compiling?11:22
busk32The window manager11:25
busk32I didn11:25
busk32I didn't find texinfo in the ports, so I just manually installed it11:25
busk32Was in a rush, so I didn11:25
busk32't make a package11:25
timcowchipi believe you nned to make a port for pkgmk to "see" it11:27
timcowchipto be aware that it is on your system11:28
busk32I might add that I am installing ratpoison outside of the ports environment as well11:30
timcowchipi see 2 ports for texinfo11:30
timcowchiprsync -aqz texinfo11:31
timcowchiphttpup sync texinfo11:31
busk32Wow, I do too11:31
busk32I might have misspelled it earlier11:32
busk32Perhaps I wrote "textinfo"11:32
timcowchipyou wrote TexInfo11:32
busk32I meant when I was searching for the port, anyway - I'll reboot into Crux. Thanks for the heads up about the ports!11:33
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busk32Everything is working as intended now. I've come here to say thanks for helping me out.11:59
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timcowchipglad i could help:)12:17
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: gtk: updated to 2.24.1512:26
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: cairo: updated to 1.12.1412:26
frinnstthis meme is so boring:
tilmanthat's a meme?12:36
tilmani guess i'm not visiting reddit often enough12:36
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joacim <- I'm having some trouble with lilo12:42
joacimnoticed this when i upgraded to linux 3.7.612:42
joacimany ideas?12:42
joacimthe system boots fine when i pass -P ignore to lilo12:43
jaegerlooks like it thinks the partition table is messed up, though I couldn't say why... try opening the device in parted or fdisk, see if there are any errors12:44
joacimyou can see my output from fdisk -l on the bottom12:44
jaegertrue, but if you go into the fdisk shell itself, anything different?12:45
jaegerI doubt it, just don't have a better idea, sorry12:45
jaegerparted might see something if fdisk doesn't12:45
guzzan0Ey guys, i have a question... somebody known as prt-get checks if the package is compiled perfect?12:46
guzzan0(sorry my english)12:46
joacimno errors from fdisk.12:47
jaegerguzzan0: I'm not sure I understand what you're asking but prt-get is a utility that helps with port installation - it calls pkgmk to do the compiles12:47
joacim <- no errors from parted either.12:47
joacimi was messing around with the parted shell earlier without seeing anything, and fdisk isnt reporting anything now12:47
joacimi'll try rewriting it with fdisk and see if that helps12:47
jaegerjoacim: sorry, haven't seen that one myself =/12:48
guzzan0jaeger, Uhm ... I speak of the inner workings of prt-get, as check if a package is compiled well12:48
joacimI've seen people suggest -P fix, but I've seen others say it is dangerous12:48
jaegerjoacim: without knowing what it does I'd suggest backups first :)12:49
jaegerguzzan0: if pkgmk fails to build a package, prt-get will report it to you12:49
joacimI'd like to see if lilo could do a testrun with it12:50
joacimrewriting the partition table with fdisk didnt help12:50
guzzan0jaeger, I mean that, in terms of programming, anyone know how it works? pkgmk verify dir of package is empty or something?12:51
frinnstthe footprint verifies that12:52
frinnstif I understand you correctly12:52
guzzan0But with the footprint off pkgmk know when a package is not compiled...12:53
guzzan0I think my English by google translator does not understand me, sorry12:53
jaegerguzzan0: well, if the compile completes but the footprint is wrong, that's one case... if the compile fails there's likely an error code returned12:54
jaegeryou should look at the prt-get and pkgmk sources, maybe, if you're interested12:54
jaegerIf the compile completes but the footprint is wrong, that usually means you have some port installed that the package maintainer does not have installed, or you are missing one that the package maintainer has installed12:55
jaegereither way the compile did complete, it just produced more or fewer files than the footprint shows12:55
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chri|sAre gtk-libs included in the "gtk" package?12:57
guzzan0jaeger, I'll check the source code, thanks12:58
jaegerguzzan0: welcome, hope it helps12:58
guzzan0I was doing dependsrm but end up doing a package manager for crux... haha12:58
jaegerchri|s: yes, the base gtk ones are. things like gtkmm or the like are elsewhere12:58
chri|sAha, I have got a problem compiling some stuff " *** Cannot find gtk2-libs or gtk3-libs.  Stop.12:59
chri|sAnd wondered12:59
chri|sBecause I should have those with the gtk package, right?12:59
chri|sOh, gtk3 is a seperate package..13:00
frinnstyes, gtk2. gtk3 lives in its own port13:00
timcowchipdoes pkgmk-resume still work?13:01
timcowchipi don't mean to interupt13:02
timcowchipjust a quick quetion13:02
timcowchipUnknown architecture selected! Exiting.13:02
frinnstdid you upgrade from 2.8 ?13:02
jaegerhrmm, will need to be updated for m ultilib13:03
timcowchipoh ok13:03
frinnstwhat "pkgmk-resume" script are you using?13:04
niklaswehehe run traceroute :)13:09
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joacimi'll try to deal with this tomorrow. i dont want to potentially break some stuff this late in the evening13:16
joacimdont want end up trying to fix stuff at 0300 again.13:16
tilmanniklaswe: a) oooold13:17
tilmanniklaswe: b) you probably want -m 50 or something :]13:17
niklaswe-m 80 :)13:18
niklasweif you want more :P13:18
joacimi dont even know what could've caused this. i installed lilo after making this partition table without any issues at all. thinking this might be windows' doing.13:23
joacimit wanted to save some changes to the partition table not too long ago.13:24
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diversejaeger: the case looks very nice. I like having the easily removable drives. You got the same CPU cooler as me. ;)13:41
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jaegerdiverse: I've since switched the cooler but I do love the case. the removable trays are great, as is the space behind the motherboard tray for cabling13:52
jaeger <-- using this cooler now13:52
diversewater cooling?13:54
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timcowchiphi sepen14:13
frinnstI had a h6014:15
frinnstno longer, the pump started to buzz like a bitch14:15
jaegerMine's fairly new, hope it doesn't do that14:15
diverseI have read some reviews that it happens after two weeks or so.14:16
frinnstseems like a common problem. I bought mine maybe 18 months ago14:16
frinnsthopefully fixed with the ones on sale today14:16
jaegerhrmm... well, I guess I'll find out :/14:16
diversefrinnst: what do you use now?14:16
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frinnstdunno exactly, archon something i think14:21
frinnst i think14:22
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timcowchipsepen: are these ports ok for the portsdb ?14:32
jaegertimcowchip: it looks like the problem is in the a52dec, not the top level handbrake one14:33
jaeger(or perhaps both)14:33
sepentimcowchip: are you the guy who send the eamil about a new port registration?14:33
tilmansepen: i guess that was nyc_14:34
sepenahh I've some tasks to do14:34
timcowchipi sent an email to sepen@crux.nu14:35
sepenah ok14:36
timcowchipi also sent one to contrib-admin@crux.nu14:37
timcowchipbut that was a mistake14:37
timcowchipi don't think i'm qualified to be in contrib14:38
sepenthere is no hurry to be in contrib14:38
sependid you send an application email?14:39
timcowchipi thought that's what i did14:40
sepenread about 'Stage 2'14:40
sepenanyways if some contrib maintainer knows your work that could helps14:42
timcowchipthanks sepen ~:)14:45
sepentimcowchip: about your question, your 3 ports in our repo seems fine to me (as a first view)14:46
sepenooops is down or its me?
tilmansepen: works for me14:48
sepentimcowchip: are you Chris Farrel?14:52
sepentilman: thanks, seems is my DNS14:53
sepentimcowchip: ok I got your email14:53
sepenlet me some secs14:53
sepentimcowchip: a name for your repo?14:54
timcowchipif that's ok14:55
timcowchipor timcowchip?14:55
sepenas you want14:55
sepenboth are available ;D14:55
timcowchipchris is better14:55
timcowchiptimcowchip is my fantasy basesball team14:56
timcowchipnamed for tim lincecum sfgiants pitcher14:56
timcowchip2 time cy young award winner14:57
sepenok, added14:57
timcowchipthank you :)14:57
sepenyou should wait some some hours to see your repo in the portdb page14:57
timcowchipok thanks again14:58
sepennp and sorry for the delay ;D15:02
sepenjoacim, nyc also added15:06
joacimsepen: i sent an email about my repo a couple of days ago15:09
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sepenjoacim: your .httpup is not fine15:22
sepen is redirected to https://raw.github.com15:24
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joacim_sepen: i'm sorry, i rebooted without checking irc first15:25
sepenjoacim: nah15:25
joacim_how is it not fine?15:25
sepeniirc ports can't manage https repos15:25
sepensorry, s/ports/httpup/15:26
joacim_i see no https in my own .httpup15:26
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sepen is redirected to https://raw.github.com15:26
joacimports handles my .httpup just fine15:27
joacimi noticed that updating my collection can be slow sometimes, but it has always worked fine15:32
joacimgithub is strange tho15:33
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joacimcould replace the url with, that works, but i dont think that is an official github project, so it might not be the safest option15:37
joacimor i could move to bitbucket if you'd rather prefer that.15:37
sepenlet me more time15:38
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joacimlilo -P fix doesn't fix ny problem from earlier today :/15:50
joacimthe partition table stays the same15:51
joacimand i still get the error15:51
sepenjoacim: your .httpup is ok15:56
joacimokay =)15:57
sepenI was running the httpup command on my i686 pc running 2.815:57
sepenit worked fine on 3.015:57
joacimi'm glad it works =)15:57
joacimhope i wont get any cranky emails from users of 2.815:58
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joacimlooks like bitbucket also redirects all connections to https, so i guess there wouldn't be much point in moving there anyways16:06
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: cairo-32: 1.12.12 -> 1.12.1416:11
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: gtk-32: 2.24.14 -> 2.24.1516:11
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: gtk-32: update gtk.immodules-3216:16
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timcowchipcan cdrkit and cdrtools coexist?17:20
timcowchipi'm guessing no17:31
timcowchipoverlapping footprints17:31
timcowchipi need the one that xcdroast works with17:34
jaegeris xcdroast still developed?17:40
timcowchipthere's a user port17:43
timcowchipi just installed it17:43
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doc_whoim trying to install the jdk from ports but it fails with "unsupported scheme 'file'"18:27
jaegerdue to oracle's licensing you have to download the file for the jdk or jre manually18:49
jaegerput it into $PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR and run the install again18:50
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doc_whojaeger, ah i c. makes sense. i tried to get icedtea but it needs a jdk already installed to build19:33
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timcowchip1. Remove cdrtools. Cdrkit and cdrtools can not coexist.20:12
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