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frinnstWe apologize for the inconvenience but we have encountered an error.00:05
frinnstthank you microsoft00:05
frinnstoffice 365 suuuuuuucks00:06
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frinnstwtf, reading the ml on has become really annoying. double lines and various bugs01:19
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timcowchipHI SEPEN01:53
timcowchipi saw my port :)01:54
timcowchipthank you01:54
timcowchipThe AM_CONFIG_HEADER has been removed from automake 1.13.01:57
timcowchip Attached patch fix this problem.01:57
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jaegertilman: do you remember this?
frinnstalso, was it THE SAME PERSON?! :D05:56
jaegerno :)05:56
joacimThe requested URL /pipermail/crux/2008-August/008576.html was not found on this server.06:03
joacimwas it me?06:03
jaegerthe archives were being regenerated06:04
jaegerthey will disappear again now for a couple minutes06:11
jaegerok, they're back06:15
sepenjoacim: your repo is not listed due to an 404 error06:21
sepenI copy-paste the URL from your .footprint but a / char was missing, sorry tonight will be solved06:23
joacimthats ok =)06:37
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: xterm: updated to 28908:57
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Amnesia :P10:56
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clbbcactus league baseball11:42
clbbcascade locks broadband11:42
frinnstuh, ok11:43
clbbthat's what clbb is11:45
clbbbesides my new nick11:45
jaegerchris likes big butts and he cannot lie11:45
jaegersir mixalot is always win :D11:46
clbbwhat do you guys think of the automake patch?11:48
frinnstim sure its useful11:49
clbbwish i knew how to use it11:49
sepenwhy not use 'sed' for that?11:49
clbbi can't figure out how to make sed change a file that doesn't exist11:51 doesn't exists?11:51
sepenwhat are you trying to do?11:51 maybe11:51
jaegerin your case it seems like the top level handbrake scripts are running the embedded a52dec scripts and the problem lies there instead of in handbrake - so sed the one in a52dec if you can11:52
jaegerif it doesn't exist until that point, figure out where in the scripts handbrake is configuring a52dec and fix it there, instead11:52
jaegerHave you seen the movie Inception? Do what they say :) "We have to go deeper!"11:52
clbbsed ...................../work/build/contib/a52dec/  like that?11:53
clbbits a dream within a dream11:53
jaegerwell, that particular path isn't going to be useful but try uncompressing the handbrake source and grepping it all for AM_CONFIG_HEADER11:54
clbbi am used to the build process making at least /tmp folders i can look at11:55
jaegerIt does if you run pkgmk with the -kw option11:56
clbbyes i did that11:58
clbbdo i aim sed at the folder is in?11:59
sepenthere are only two files in the sourcecode12:00
jaegerso is it uncompressing its own copy of a52dec?12:01
frinnstit downloads its own tarball of a52dec iirc12:01
sepenhmm sorry I tried directly from the tarball available to download12:02
frinnsti think it downloads and tries to configure & build a52dec when you type "make" in the handbrake source-tree12:03
frinnstso easiest and a very ugly way to fix it might be to just make || sed <fix for automake> && make12:03
jaegerew, heh12:04
clbbi'll try it12:07
frinnsthehe. file a bug with the a52dec and handbrake people instead12:08
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tilmancan you get rid of the duplicated / in df output?13:37
tilmanif so, how?13:37
tilman(i got one entry for 'rootfs', and one for /dev/sdaX)13:38
joacimsame here. it is getting on my nerve.13:39
joacimtho google tells me it is harmless13:40
tilmanharmless, but irritating13:42
frinnstmm, very13:45
tilmanfrinnst: are you making fun of me? :p13:46
frinnstno, i actually hate it too :)13:46
tilmanah, nice13:47
frinnstdunno if anybody ever filed a bug. would be interesting to see the comments for it13:47
tilmanwhen i first saw it i assumed i had messed up somewhere ;)13:48
teK_if you only want to list mounted partitions and get info about usage etc. you may use findmnt(1)13:50 wtf?13:50
tilmandidnt' realize gnu was using the debian bts13:51
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clbbmake || sed -i 's/AM_CONFIG_HEADER/AC_CONFIG_HEADERS/g' contrib/a52dec/a52dec/ && make worked14:21
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jaegertilman: does yours say /dev/sdaX or /dev/root? that /dev/root drives me nuts14:37
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guzzano__Hi guys, i have a question... how i can start process with root to start crux?15:35
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nyc_guzzano /etc/rc.local?16:17
guzzanonyc_ thanks16:20
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nthwyatthandbrake 0.9.8 is the most crux port unfriendly source I've ever seen21:16
nthwyatthas 20+ dependencies but build system never checks to see if they're already installed21:19
nthwyattdownloads modified versions of the dependencies from their repository21:20
nthwyattthen patches 12 of them21:22
nthwyattthere's bleeding edge, and then there's just bleeding21:24
nthwyattit's 2013, why does it have to be so hard to rip a DVD to a movie file on hard disk?21:25
nthwyatti think it's time for cranky to go night-night.21:26
nthwyattg'night and thanks to all the Crux core team for 3.0. It rocks!21:27
ccssnet" and then there's just bleeding " hahaha21:31
ccssnetyea ive found a few horrible apps lately21:31
ccssnetanother horribly bleeding app is dracut21:32
ccssnetthe initramfs builder21:32
ccssneti only got 1 version of it to work so far and thats with extensive modifications to the make file21:43
tilmanjaeger: /dev/sdaX. i don't have an entry for /dev/root22:29
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