IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2013-02-12

niklaswegood morning00:03
Amnesiaanyone using bitlbee over here:)?00:19
*** Rotwang has joined #crux00:31
Amnesiaffs why the fuck isn't my box sending ipv6 router sollicitations00:45
frinnstfuck i hate office36501:18
frinnstOne or more of the messages selected were filtered according to restrictions put in place by your email administrator and cannot be reported as "Not Junk".01:18
frinnstoops, aggro :D01:18
frinnst Reason: From SPF hard fail01:20
frinnststupid stupid filter01:20
frinnstI have that turned off you (/&ERUQIDL01:21
Amnesiafrinnst: are you using ipv6 by any chance:)?01:22
frinnstim in the stoneage01:23
Amnesiabitlbee isn't liking the newest version of openssl anymore01:24
frinnstthey released a new openssl today or something01:26
Amnesialet me have a look01:28
Amnesiahm neat01:29
Amnesialet me give that a shot01:29
Amnesiafrinnst: it fixes it:D01:42
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clbbthe latest from the handbrake front:01:53
clbbusing the frinnst formatted sed statement on a52dec, libogg, libvorbis and libbluray01:54
*** Rotwang has quit IRC01:55
clbbmake || sed && make01:55
frinnstdude, just downgrade automake and build your port and be happy with that01:56
clbbi was able to get as far as a libass --enable-harbuzz error01:56
frinnstoh, so no longer an automake error?01:57
clbbi saw somebody did that in some forum01:57
clbbi think that's good advice, thank you01:57
frinnstwhat, downgrading automake or use my horrible || method?01:58
clbbno your sed thingy worked on all 4 problems wth automake01:59
frinnstyes but its butt-ugly :)01:59
Amnesiafrinnst: openssl 1.0.1e is running fine:)01:59
frinnst <- my most shameful port I ever created02:00
clbbhow would i disable harfbuzz in libass/configure?02:01
clbbwith sed02:01
clbbsed -i 's/harfbuzz=true/harfbuzz=false/g' didn't work02:02
frinnstdo you have harafbuzz installed?02:03
clbbi think its a firefox dependency02:03
*** pshevtsov has quit IRC02:05
clbbnot a firefox dep02:05
clbbif i remove it then it should be disabled02:06
clbbis there a prt-get command for what depends on hrfbuzz?02:07
frinnstyes, prt-get help :)02:07
teK_<spoiler>prt-get info</spoiler>02:09
clbbprt-get info harfbuzz02:09
clbbtyped in the wrong window02:10
clbbprt-get dependent --all harfbuzz02:15
clbbi think i need pango02:16
frinnstno, pango needs harfbuzz02:18
clbbprt-get dependent --all pango02:20
clbband gtk02:21
clbbi need to be clickin on desktop02:22
clbbnothing depends on handbrake02:25
clbbguess i'll sleep on it02:27
clbbit'll come to me in a dream02:27
Romsteri'm buggered 4 days 1,174Km road trip to the city.02:32
Romsterand back.02:33
clbbwelcome back02:34
Romsternthwyatt, i just use vobcopy to start with then ffmpeg to transcode it after02:34
Romsterdon't need no heavyweight handbrake02:35
Romsteri practically do most of the audio/video deps already02:35
clbbhttpup sync backlite02:36
Romsterthank you clbb02:36
Romstermount /dev/dvd02:37
Romstervobcopy -lm -F 64 && umount /dev/dvd02:37
Romstercat *.vob > movie.vob02:37
Romstertcextract -i movie.vob -t vob -x mpeg2 > movie.m2v02:38
Romstertcextract -i movie.vob -t vob -x ac3 -a 0 > movie.ac302:38
clbbwho needs handbrake?02:38
Romstermplex -f 8 -o "movie%d.mpg" movie.m2v movie.ac302:38
clbbmy brain cell is getting tired02:39
Romsteri should be the one tired :)02:39
clbbits 2:30am02:39
clbbhere in the other portland02:40
Romsterah right that portland origin02:40
clbborigin....i like that02:40
clbbgotta sleep now02:40
Romsterdid i spell that right.02:41
clbbworks for me, but its oregon02:41
Romsteroh lol.02:41
*** clbb has quit IRC02:42
Romsterfew more hours i'll be in bed too.02:42
frinnstpussy ;)03:09
Romsteroi you drive in the city03:12
Romsterwhen i live in the country03:12
Romsteri don't know whos worse nogagplz or frinnst -_-03:12
rauzhi guys03:33
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: nss: revert merge  with 3.003:35
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*** chris2 has joined #crux03:52
nthwyattty Romster, I'll give it a try after work.04:40
Romsterheading to bed gn04:46
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jaegertilman: how odd, I wonder where the difference is06:08
jaegerrootfs          217G  129G   86G  61% /06:08
jaeger/dev/root       217G  129G   86G  61% /06:08
niklaswejaeger: do you also get two /..06:08
niklasweI also got it when i  mtab => /proc/self/mounts..06:09
jaegerI get one in mount output, two in df output06:11
jaegerthere are two in /proc/mounts, the mount command doesn't show the "rootfs" one06:11
niklaswejaeger: I also got that..06:13
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: doxygen: updated to
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: di: updated to 4.3406:22
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: floppyd: updated to 4.0.1806:22
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: subversion-perl: updated to 1.7.806:22
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: subversion-python: updated to 1.7.806:22
cruxbot[xfce.git/3.0]: tumbler: updated to 0.1.2706:23
cruxbot[xfce.git/3.0]: xfce4-smartbookmark-plugin: updated to 0.4.506:23
horrorStruckteK_: ping06:27
teK_Did you ask about kexec-tools?06:32
horrorStruckteK_: hmm no :) but i mentioned this a few days ago, using it here, no issue06:34
horrorStruckjust in case you missed it :)06:34
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: libssh: 0.5.3 -> 0.5.406:37
teK_thank you06:37
horrorStrucknp, thanks to you in fact06:37
teK_uh, the day has come06:39
teK_Postfix 2.6 (Final update: February 2013)06:39
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: postfix: 2.6.18 -> 2.6.1906:39
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: lftp: 4.4.2 -> 4.4.306:43
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: mercurial: 2.5 -> 2.5.106:43
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: git: ->
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: fluxbox: 1.3.3 -> 1.3.406:45
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: postgresql: 9.2.1 -> 9.2.306:46
horrorStruckcruxbot is overheating06:47
Amnesiaffs, I can't seem to get ipv6 working:(06:50
jaegerneither can my ISP, if that helps :D06:59
Amnesiajaeger: got any experience with it07:07
AmnesiaWe've got native v6 over here07:08
Amnesiabut SLAAC isn't doing it's job, I'm not getting a global v6 address:/07:08
Amnesia(wonderding whether it's my kernel)07:08
Amnesiathe route advertisements are being broadcasted07:08
jaegerIt's been a couple years since I messed with it, sorry =/ rtadvd was the last thing I used07:17
Amnesiahm ok07:17
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-sessreg: update to 1.0.807:26
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xvinfo: update to 1.1.207:26
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xf86-video-intel: update to 2.21.207:26
frinnstoh noes! "Subject: Income Tax Refund CANCELED"07:42
frinnstdamn IRS not paying out to swedish citizens07:42
joacimi dont pay taxes, so i dont have to bother with any of that stuff07:43
*** vaddi has joined #crux07:49
*** dkoby has quit IRC08:13
horrorStrucki had a EUR 5,000.00 tax adjustment this year, screw them08:16
*** PR0TRYC has joined #crux08:48
PR0TRYCGood evening everyone. I'm currently managing my network connections manually. However, I've considered changing that habit. I thought I'd  get a chat going here and have you tell me what you're using to manage your connections - and perhaps why that works well for you.08:50
jaegerI'm mostly manual as well, haven't really tried to change that08:50
PR0TRYCYou shouldn08:52
PR0TRYC't by any chance be using mobile broadband?08:52
*** sepen has joined #crux08:52
PR0TRYCThat's the main reason why I am considering other things. It's a pain when it disconnects and having to reconnect.08:52
jaegerI'm not, sorry... I do move wireless networks occasionally but that's all08:52
jaegerah, understandable08:52
jaegerheyo, sepen08:52
tilmanjaeger: how do you boot your kernel? what's the root parameter? do you use an initrd?08:58
tilman(me: lilo, root=/dev/sda2, no initrd)08:58
teK_PR0TRYC: I live and die by wicd ;)08:58
joacimi think recent kernels creates an empty initrd08:59
tilmanjoacim: yep, that's what they said in the report for this problem08:59
jaegertilman: grub2, root=/dev/sdaX, no initrd09:01
jaegergrub2 does set a root variable but that's used outside the kernel command line09:01
jaegerI could try lilo and compare, though09:01
tilmanit also annoys me that /run is mounted even though it's not in fstab09:03
teK_ELILO, root=/dev/sdaX, noinitrd, rootfs-line, too09:03
tilmanmostly because it gets the same (default) size as all devtmpfs-s, ie 50% of your ram09:03
tilman4 gig for /run seems excessive ;)09:03
tilmanthough i guess just putting it in fstab would let you remount it with your preferred options09:04
tilmanhaven't tried09:04
teK_crazy udev people :]09:05
*** PR0TRYC has quit IRC09:10
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cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: libgmp: update to 5.1.109:28
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: man-pages: update to 3.4709:28
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: [notify] openssl: update to 1.0.1e09:28
cruxbot[core.git/2.8]: [notify] openssl: update to 1.0.1e09:30
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*** guzzano has joined #crux11:00
guzzanoHey guys, I have a question, this is general... you have the. bashrc writable?11:07
tilmanodd question11:11
tilmando you mean *world* writable perhaps?11:11
*** v33 has joined #crux11:12
v33hey guys11:12
*** clbb has joined #crux11:19
*** horrorSt1uck has joined #crux11:20
guzzanosorry... you have .bashrc with permission of write?11:20
*** nyc_ has joined #crux11:25
*** sh4rm4 has quit IRC11:27
jaegerguzzano: yeah, it's usually 64411:28
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: libffi: updated to 3.0.1211:29
guzzanoMmm ... is that something occurred to me... have .bashrc with permission write is vulnerable11:30
frinnstfor others, yes11:31
frinnst600 should maybe work11:31
frinnstbashrc is usually a symlink to bash_profile11:31
frinnstor its sourced11:32
guzzanoI prefer 400 and 600 if you want to edit11:34
guzzanoand 600 if you want to edit11:34
frinnst400 seems kind of pointless11:34
guzzanoUhm... only read, write is... fatal, look, i write code in C, people with 600, 640 is vulnerable11:35
*** sh4rm4 has joined #crux11:35
guzzanoonly need use su or sudo11:36
tilmanyou're doing it wrong11:36
tilmanif your attacker can run stuff through sudo (or has uid 0 already) you're fucked anyway11:37
tilmanhow does the missing w bit on .bashrc save you here?11:37
tilmanit's completely pointless11:37
v33why is guzzano getting attacked o.o11:38
guzzanocode is a example to prove, I do understating, the purpose is to run the program with sudo11:41
guzzanosorry my english please11:41
tilmanyeah, i'm not trying to read through that11:43
guzzanoIt's just a question, a user could fall fool, a user fool would fall into that trap11:44
*** joacim has quit IRC11:46
*** joacim has joined #crux11:46
v33just realized how terrible movies are when it comes to hacking12:31
tilmanlove the jurassic park one12:40
tilmanespecially because in the german dubbed version, she says "oohnicks" :D12:40
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: bind: update named.root12:48
*** vaddi has quit IRC12:49
clbbmy son says that the stuff scrolling in the termianl in hacking movies is almost always C12:54
joacimi like the 3D VR stuff in johnny mnemonic13:00
joacimpenn jilleo13:01
joacimpenn jillette had a pretty sweet role in hackers too13:02
frinnst"type cookie, idiot"13:04
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: bind: include named.root in port13:08
jaegerI'd forgotten he was in that, completely13:08
jaegerhaven't seen it in ages, though13:08
jaegermet him last year after one of their shows, he's REALLY tall13:09
frinnstteller had a speaking cameo in a tv/move i saw a week or so ago. it really freaked me out13:10
jaegeryeah, that would be odd13:10
jaegerHe spoke with us after the show and even that was kinda odd13:11
frinnstwho, teller?13:12
frinnstheh, yeah irl would be even more wierd :p13:13
jaegerah ha! found it13:16
jaegerI'm 6'1" for reference13:16
v33jesus. im 6'2 and he'd still tower over me o.o13:18
jaegernow I want to watch hackers again13:19
jaegerIt is silly fun13:19
v33hack the gibson!13:20
v33watch that thing every so often. it was my favorite movie as a kid :P13:20
jaegerI have to be in the mood to watch it, it can be painful otherwise :)13:20
tilmanyou mean be drunk?13:21
jaegerI very rarely drink, that would probably make it easier13:21
jaegerfun fact: jue tried to kill me with alcohol in 200413:22
jaegerhe claims he was just buying us all a round but I know the truth13:22
teK_it's a cultural thing you know13:22
jaegercrazy germans13:22
teK_come to bavaria, ruin your liver13:23
v33come over to my place13:25
v33you have to leave your liver out when you step in13:25
v33record stands at 23 shots of tequila with lemon and salt :D13:25
teK_you plan to sell it, don't you? Good luck with that13:25
jaegerI would probably be dead at that point13:26
tilmanv33: i call bullshit :p13:26
v33depends. how much do you think a new liver costs13:26
v33tilman swear to baby jesus!13:26
v33there is a video of a friend and i drowning out those big bottles of grey goose somewhere13:27
v33didn't know there was a hackers 213:32
fireglow"strip the headers, trace the source"13:38
fireglow -- skyfall13:38
*** guzzano has quit IRC13:46
joacimv33: i dont think there ever was. thats just a name given to it by the filesharing community13:49
joacimi think13:49
joacimthere is also a film dubbed as "hackers 3", but i forgot the proper title for that one13:50
teK_btw anybody watching House of Cards?13:53
v33ah i see13:53
*** mike_k has quit IRC13:57
v33tek_ been wanting to. it looks really good13:58
clbbcan anyone tell me why ?13:59
clbbi tried downgrading to automake-1.1014:04
clbbgot an error telling me to upgrade to automake-1.1114:04
clbbbut there's no port for that14:04
clbb handbrake pkgfile14:07
teK_v33: watching e03 right now. I like it very much.14:09
teK_at least until now14:09
clbbanyone watch Person of Interest?14:09
jueclbb: here's our history for automake ->;a=history;f=automake;hb=3.014:10
jue1.12.6 should work for you14:12
clbbthanks jue14:12
clbbi'll try that14:12
v33i thought there was no way of getting netflix on linux o.o14:24
jaegerNo way that's a) official and b) not a hack14:25
v33what hack do you use to get it working?14:26
teK_i thought there was no way of getting netflix in germany o.o14:26
*** nyc_ has quit IRC14:31
jaegerwine+silverlight as far as I know14:42
clbbv33:buy a tablet14:42
clbbmy daughter watches netflix on hers14:43
teK_jaeger: sounds like a shitload of fun ~_~14:43
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: [notify] glibc: security fix for CVE-2013-024214:44
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: glic-32: security fix for CVE-2013-024214:44
jaegerteK_: haven't tried it, myself :)14:44
*** nyc_ has joined #crux14:46
teK_me neither ;)14:48
frinnstwatching house of cards at the moment14:49
jaegerI've heard that's good14:49
frinnstyeah, and they released the entire season in one go14:50
frinnstno more stupid waiting for next week crap14:50
teK_well this turns into waiting for episode next year crap :P14:51
*** joe9 has quit IRC14:55
*** joe9 has joined #crux14:57
teK_jaeger: you should check it out, it's fun. :)15:02
teK_and, by the way, makes me worry about democracy in general. :O15:02
frinnstIm watching it through my ps315:03
joacimis there a delay between american and european releases on netflix?15:06
frinnstdoubt it, that would be completely braindead15:06
joacimthats one of the main things that annoyed me with norwegian tv, sometimes it could take years before a series was aired here15:07
joacimseems to be only a few months for popular series, but i guess that is bad enough15:07
teK_best thing is that publicly funded TV stations "depublicize" media after 7 days from their media libraries15:09
*** v33 has quit IRC15:11
*** Kaishi has joined #crux15:17
clbbsaw her in promethyus15:20
clbbi don't understand Norwegian15:22
clbbi had to watch the other girl with the dragon tatoo15:22
joacimthat's a good idea. a norwegian remake of the american remake of the swedish film that adapted the book15:24
clbb2009 the american film was 201115:27
joacimare you confusing norway and sweden now?15:27
clbbi like15:28
clbbNoomi Rapace15:28
clbbshe kicked ass in promethyus15:28
fr0stb1teJesus, debian init scripts are a disaster15:29
clbbno but how can a 2009 film be a remake of a 2011 film?15:30
fr0stb1teAnd most of mine consist of 2-15 lines >_>15:30
fr0stb1teWhile doing the same stuff15:31
joacimno idea, but there never was a norwegian film. it was a swedish film that earned an american remake15:31
joacimit would be nice of netflix if they could tell me if i need silverlight to view stuff on a mac15:31
fr0stb1te# wc -l /etc/init.d/nginx /etc/watchman/init.d/nginx15:32
fr0stb1te 101 /etc/init.d/nginx15:32
fr0stb1te  19 /etc/watchman/init.d/nginx15:32
clbbM?n som hatar kvinnor15:33
fr0stb1tejoacim, I hope silverlight will die in a fire >_>15:33
joacimi thought it did ages ago. thought i read some rumors about MS dropping it.15:34
fr0stb1teYeah, me too. But it's still used by some services.15:34
fr0stb1teMS dropped the development. Doesn't mean people instantly switch to something else :(15:34
clbbi gues i don't understamd sedish either15:35
joacimi understand swedish just fine, tho swedes don't understand me.15:35
clbbnetflix has wallander15:36
teK_fr0stb1te: who is going to cheat on whom first? :>15:36
teK_frinnst: that was for you15:36
clbbhe's supposed to be a swedish detective15:36
clbbwith a british accent15:37
clbbsays "bloddy" all the time15:37
clbbbut its filmed in sweden15:37
fr0stb1teAlthough I wish it were that easy >_>15:38
clbbthe way he says it does15:38
fr0stb1teMy bloody russian accent annoys me greatly15:38
joacimyou can use your accent for world domination15:39
clbbbood' zdorov15:40
fr0stb1teOn an unrelated note, Psycho-Pass is a great anime15:41
fr0stb1teI fear for the ending though15:41
joacimdont know what i could use my norwegian accent for15:41
frinnstI didnt mind the american remake, it was ok. The original was better and the books were even better15:41
fr0stb1teMost anime series I really liked from the start had really terrible endings15:41
joacimdie to some thing maybe15:42
sepen mesa failed to build on my 2.8 i68615:46
fr0stb1teThey claim that start-stop-daemon and the lsb functions only have the essential stuff15:47
fr0stb1te300+ lines of essentials? No.15:47
fr0stb1teMy watchman is bloated and it's 207 lines15:47
fr0stb1teAll of it.15:48
fr0stb1teIt could be even simpler, but service group support is really neat15:48
joacim"During the last weeks we have premiered several new series and seasons on the service within 24 hours from the original broadcast in the US."15:51
joacimhbo nordic seems ok15:51
clbbharfbuzz............can't build handbrake with it........can't build handbrake without it16:14
Romsterclbb, what are you trying todo i think i read this same issue in the log a day or two ago.16:18
Romsterand whay are you trying to build handbreak i told some other person last night how to do it with tcextract mplex and vobcopy16:19
clbbthat was me16:20
Romsteri thought you were someone else...16:20
clbbi know i can vobcopy and ffmpeg it to a video file16:20
Romsterwish people would stick to the one nickname16:21
clbbi type with 1 finger16:21
Romsterso why try this crazy handbreak?16:21
Romsterdisability or your just too lazy to learn how to touch type16:21
clbbtoo old16:22
Romsterno one types with one finger usually 1 on each hand at least.16:22
Romsterso you want a easy GUI todo it...16:22
clbbthey didn't even have electric typewriters when i was in school16:22
Romsteri often save my commands and paste as needed16:22
clbbi do that too16:23
Romsteryeah and i started on a electronic typewriter myself.16:23
clbbor history | gerp16:23
Romsterno laptops when i was in school16:23
Romsterand the internet just came out.16:23
clbbthey didn't even have commodores in the 60's16:24
Romsteranyways, not looked at handbreak but from what i've read it's a mess bundling everything that crux already has.16:24
Romsteri got a few of there here with games :)16:24
clbb more games16:25
Romsteris handbrake the only real option clbb ?16:25 used to have games until copyright issues.16:26
clbb seems to be the best way to patch handbrake16:26
Romsteri made my own interface to upload my tapes and disks to my pc years ago.16:26
*** _afu_ has joined #crux16:26
Romsterweird why not sed the lines16:27
Romsterthat looks ugly.16:27
Romstergot me intrigued now, looking into it.16:27
clbbby copying the patches to /contrib/whatever16:27
clbbthe build applys the patch during the build of whatever16:28
clbbit downloads and then builds all the deps16:28
Romsteri saw that in the irc log.... very ugly way16:29
clbbsed gets messy trying to fix them16:29
Romsterconsidering i mentioned i pretty much maintain most of the coedecs/ports for video/audio in crux now.16:29
Romsterand that's just duplicating what i have now.16:29
clbbyeah its redundant16:30
Romstersurely if they have bugs in the ports they depend on they can send them upstream than to fork everything.16:30
jaegerhandbrake has its own internal copy of a52dec wherein lies the problem, it's not using one from ports16:31
Romsterwhich makes me think, is there anything else that will do what handbreak does but less demented.16:31
clbbi'd like to learn about how to patch it16:31
Romsteri'd probably try to force it to use the system one.16:31
Romsterah forgot about that one16:32
clbbbacklite makes *.iso and *.vob's16:32
*** joe9 has quit IRC16:33
jaegermight be something useful there, might not16:33
clbbthanks jaeger16:33
*** joe9 has joined #crux16:34
Romsteralso p /usr/ports/handbrake/A99-automake-1.13.patch can be cp $SRC/A99-automake-1.13.patch16:34
clbbarista looks interesting16:36
Romsterhmm arch has no handbreak lets see if gentoo or slackware has to pinch ideas16:36
clbbslackware does16:36
Romsternope slackware don't16:36
clbbi built on slackware16:36
jaegerarch has it16:37
clbbklatu's sbo package16:37
clbbits in the aur16:37
Romsterhelps if i spell it correctly i see it in arch16:37
jaegerIt's in community16:37
clbbHandBrake for slackbuilds16:38
clbbH and B16:38
Romsterwhere is that patch clbb16:39
clbbis where i got the idea to copy patches to /contrib16:41
clbbthe patch works with but what's in /contrib is configure.in16:42
clbbthens there's the harfbuzz version discursion16:43
Romsterwhat's up wit harfbuzz then i saw tilman had some issue with that in 32bit side of things too, i'm guessing that was the same issue i had with harfbuzz linking to icu if it's present.16:45
clbbthese guys had a conflict when building mplayer16:47
fr0stb1teOh, by the way16:48
fr0stb1teAntichamber is great16:48
fr0stb1teIf you haven't played it already, stop what you're doing and do that instead16:48
clbbyou kids and your games16:48
Romstercompiling handbrake once it downloads all these files.16:48
clbbpkgmk -kw?16:49
fr0stb1teIt's a first-person puzzle game in a non-euclidean space that is deliberately designed to mess with you16:49
fr0stb1teWhat more do you want? :D16:49
clbbi like regular old eucliean space16:50
fr0stb1teBut it's boring!16:50
fr0stb1te...falling into a pool16:51
fr0stb1teAntichamber in a nutshell16:51
joacimmeh. i rather play dark corners of the earth16:52
*** clbb has quit IRC16:52
*** joe9 has quit IRC16:59
*** joe9 has joined #crux17:01
RomsterNo package 'gudev-1.0' found17:05
Romsteri bet it needs a ton of gnome crap17:05
Romster20 deps it downloads O_O17:15
*** clbb has joined #crux17:22
clbbromster: were you talking about arista?17:33
Romsterno handbrake17:37
Romsterand i got sick of a missing feature in pkgmk that i just edited to include a .noextract option file.17:39
clbbarista wants python-gconf17:39
clbbor gconf-python17:39
Romsterso i got all the source files listed i downgraded autmake just it wants gudev now.17:39
*** v33 has joined #crux17:41
v33put zorin os on my dads computer17:41
clbbi tried building handbrake with automake-1.12.617:41
v33no more windows in this household lol17:41
clbbharfbuzz error17:42
Romsterxfce has a gudev port installing that.17:43
clbbgnome-python-extras have python-gconf?17:44
clbbor gnome-python?17:46
Romster/usr/bin/patch -t -N -p1 -d ./contrib/a52dec/a52dec/ < ../contrib/a52dec/A00-dpl2.patch17:47
Romster/usr/bin/patch: **** Can't change to directory ./contrib/a52dec/a52dec/ : No such file or directory17:47
Romster/bin/sh: line 1:   545 Segmentation fault      /usr/bin/patch -t -N -p1 -d ./contrib/a52dec/a52dec/ < ../contrib/a52dec/A00-dpl2.patch17:47
Romsteri haven't got to the harfbuzz issue yet even what is this crap17:47
*** pshevtsov has joined #crux17:48
Romsterbah there configure system is too dumb to extract the flaming tarballs if placed in the download directory....17:49
Romsterthis thing is crap17:49
*** sepen has quit IRC17:49
clbbi agree it is crap17:50
Romsterjust let it download itself though my squid server so no big loss of time for /me/17:50
Romsteri might be motivated to submit a patch to use pre-downloaded tarballs.17:51
clbbgotta go to slackworld now17:51
*** clbb has quit IRC17:51
Romstercompiling coffee time17:53
v33wow this thing is slow.17:57
Romsterwow now an error in either gtk or ffmpeg undeclared stuff17:58
Romsterthats bundles with this crap17:59
v33so im going to put crux 2.8 on this 686 system. so my question is, is there anything i need to block so it doesn't mess anything up?18:01
Romsterthis is probably related to newer gcc version being more strict on includes18:01
Romsterthat depends on how you do it18:02
Romsterif you use 2.8 branches then no18:02
v33oh okay18:02
v33im going to leave 2.8 as it is, so yea18:02
v33decided zorin os was too slow for dad lol18:02
Romsterthere is frugalware if you prefer not to compile anything on a old pc.18:04
Romsteruses a modified pacman package manager. i don't use that but i know a dev there that does.18:04
Romstercrux is better if you can afford the compile time.18:05
v33i dont mind. he's not using the computer at the time anyway18:07
v33he has another one to play with18:07
Romsterhandbrake een ignores my CC for ccache gcc18:12
v33so lets say18:16
v33i want to use my laptop to compile software for the dads computer...18:17
v33how would i go about setting all this up?18:17
Romsterhow else do you setup crux?18:17
Romsterthe usual way18:17
v33no no18:17
Romsteroh like that well you can use a VM or a chroot todo that18:17
v33i mean compile stuff on my laptop, to have it install on a different system18:17
Romsterthen pkgadd the built ports on his system18:18
Romsteror setup distcc to use your cpu and his to compile.18:18
v33how hard would it be to setup distcc?18:19
Romstershouldn't be hard there is a wiki page on crux for setup18:19
v33oh boy18:19
v33google time!18:19
Romsteri was using it and plan too again when i get my other boxens setup18:20
Romsterbunch of quadcores.18:20
Romstershould be still current18:20
v33i found it...doesn't seem to hard18:20
Romsterjust make sure your pc and his are both on i68618:22
v33except distcc fails18:22
v33oh shoot.18:22
v33they aren't...18:22
v33mine is an i7, thats why i wanted to use mine18:23
Romsterthen setup a VM or chroot on your pc for crux 2.818:23
v33oh boy...18:23
v33you're going to hate me18:24
v33but uh....18:24
v33would this work?18:24
Romsterconsidering you need a VM/chroot on your i7 i would just make a chroot and compile it in that without distcc18:28
Romsteryes but i can give you the short list of commands i use to setup one for 2.818:29
v33if you could, please18:31
Romsteryou'll need to edit it lightly18:35
Romsteruse setup then configure sections once.18:35
Romsterthen in future just activate and deactivate18:35
v33would i have to change the cflags on the software im compiling?18:36
Romsterif you need to build multiple ports i have a romster/pkg-clean script port to uninstall everything but core ports.18:36
Romsteryou can leave it at i686 but you could set the cflags to the cpu type of that machine to gain extra speed.18:37
v33well, i want to build xorg, chrome, and xfce. feel like those are the heavy ones18:37
Romsterhmm handbrake hates multiple make jobs now i hit the harfbuzz problem.18:37
Romsterwell could just depinst all them together18:37
Romsterstick the PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR at some location or even where i have set it then pkgadd all them ports on his system18:38
Romsterxorg is on the iso18:40
v33i stupidly forgot to add it manually. xD18:41
Romsteronly really hav things in xorg ate mesa3d and libx1118:42
Romstersigh my typing18:42
v33i really want to setup a 12 core processor just to have it, and the machine compile everything for me18:42
v33i always depinst xorg. just to amke sure i have no issues18:43
v33so once i setup the chroot, i just prt-get depinst like usual?18:46
*** tilman has quit IRC18:51
*** joe9 has quit IRC18:51
*** tilman has joined #crux18:59
Romsterjust sysuping my 2.8 chroot now i haven't used that in awhile.19:13
*** clbb has joined #crux19:32
clbbthere he is19:32
clbbarista isn't handbrake19:33
clbbcompared to arista, handbrake is the bomb19:33
Romsteri got furthor but hit libass and harfbuzz issue now.19:37
Romsternow reading over
clbbyou're the man19:38
Romsterlibass says it needs <= harbuzz 0.7.0 but i only see harfbuzz 0.6.0 and 0.9.x19:39
clbbbitchy libass19:40
Romstertime to poke #handbrake-dev19:40
Romsterhrmm hanga sec that's >=19:43
Romsterless than or equal too lets tey 0.6.0 then19:43
*** mavrick61 has quit IRC19:43
Romsterbut arch has harfbuzz 0.9.9  does not compute.19:44
*** mavrick61 has joined #crux19:44
clbb0.9.12 in crux?19:45
Romsteri downgraded to 0.9.919:45
Romstertrying 0.6.0 now19:45
clbbit would be nice if the pkgmk-resume got updated for x86_6419:47
Romsteri wasn't even aware of that until a few days ago.19:49
Romsteris -kw not good enough?19:49
clbb-kw keeps the work folder, but you have to start at the beginning of the build every time19:50
Romsterasked and waiting a reply.19:51
Romsterso you want to not remove on resume19:51
Romsterbut it wont know how far along it's got at resume.19:51
clbbit would be nice to resume where it stopped19:52
rmullclbb: Maybe use ccache?19:52
Romsterthat does help i use ccache everywhere19:53
*** joe9 has joined #crux19:53
v33forgot the previous install wrote grub to the mbr and i didn't write 0's to it. fuuu19:53
clbbv33: do you dual boot?19:54
v33no i had installed19:54
v33zion os19:54
v33and my dad hated it lmao19:55
v33zion...matrix up in this besh19:55
clbboh not isrealinux then?19:55
v33no, not israelinux lol19:56
clbbyour dad like windows?19:57
v33hes okay with it19:57
clbbsalix is pretty easy to use and its based on slackware19:58
clbbhandbrake works on salix19:58
clbbits mostly gtk219:59
v33not even sure wha thand break is19:59
Romsterv33 has a hard time compiling anything.20:00
clbbits apple crap20:00
Romsterhandbreak is a pain20:00
Romsterhandbrake i eman20:00
Romsterthough the former holds true currently.20:00
v33im just keen on making mistakes lol20:01
Romster solved that with harfbuzz 0.6.020:02
v33so let me get this straight20:25
v33if i have a few computers that are oh...dual core, i can set them up to all compile one thing at any given time?20:25
v33that would be really funn20:25
rmullv33: using distcc?20:29
v33i have a few dual core laptops laying around. will turn them on when ever i need to compile something. haha20:33
Romsterhave to wait for them to wake up in #handbrake
Romsteryep you can some even made cluster farms20:43
v33okay im confused. i rebooted the system, and all i get is a blinking cursor thingie. its like the system doesn't even want to boot up...20:44
RomsterBIOS set to the right hdd to boot from?20:45
Romsterboot loader installed and configured20:46
v33went to the boot menu, selected hard disk20:46
Romsteronle 1 hdd?20:46
Romsterthen you probably forgot t run lilo or configure or install the files needed20:48
Romsterlike vmlinuz or System.map20:48
v33i copied them for sure20:49
Romstercheck everything again...20:50
Romsterdunno how good a bunch of raspberry pis would be in a distcc cluster20:59
v33suppose if you had enough of them21:00
v33i think i figured it out21:02
v33god i hate myself lol21:02
Romsteryou forgot something didn't you21:03
v33wrote /dev/sda1 in the21:03
v33lilo conf file instead of /dev/sda21:03
v33you wanna hear something really funny?21:04
Romsteri supose so21:04
v33i got a kernel panic ^___^21:04
v33i just hope its not because of me writing lilo to /dev/sda121:07
Romsterprobably can't find root21:07
Romstermissing driver not compiled in21:07
v33time to get my hands dirty :P21:08
v33unable to find root fs lol21:09
v33let me check the fstab21:09
v33ata_piix is build, and the ext4 fs is built too. what int he hell21:13
Romsterbuilt in21:15
Romsterlspci -k21:16
Romsterlook though it21:16
Romsterdid you mark the root fs partiton boot flag aswell?21:16
v33yes i have21:16
v33how does one view all of lspci -k21:17
Romsterther emight also be sata/pata on osme drivers be sure you got the right one21:17
v33it only shows me a part of it...forgot how to allow me to scrollt hrough ti21:17
Romstershift pageup or |less21:17
Romsterlspci -k | less21:17
v33just ata_piix21:18
v33i got it working! woot21:19
*** v33 has quit IRC21:22
*** _afu_ has quit IRC21:26
*** pshevtsov has quit IRC22:14
*** clbb has quit IRC22:52
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