IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2013-02-13

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v33is dolphin emulator half decent?00:03
nogagplzneeds some beefy stats for some games though00:06
v332 gig video card and an i7 should do i hope00:06
v33nogagplz, how are you?00:07
v33oh? why?00:07
nogagplztiring day00:07
nogagplzbs everywhere00:07
v33you know what always helps me through long days?00:07
v33grab some epic music. acquire a gun. scream and shoot. scream and shoot00:08
v33perferably at a shooting range00:08
nogagplztoo far out of my way00:08
v33take your car out for a nice drive00:08
nogagplzclash on the big bridge should do nicely though lol00:08
v33god damn gas prices are going up again00:09
nogagplzI just parked though not so long ago00:09
nogagplzand come hell or high water it's staying that way until morning00:09
v33oh man00:09
v33eat some chocolate pudding00:10
nogagplzgood idea00:11
nogagplzRomster: bring me my drink post haste00:11
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v33 it failed to build :/00:20
Romsterv33, pre-install script00:21
v33not sure what that means romster, sorry00:22
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cruxbot[core.git/2.8]: [notify] glibc: security fix for CVE-2013-024201:19
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nogagplzwelcome to australia01:56
frinnstI read an article that claimed that aussie politicians were demanding answers re. prices from various vendors02:46
linXeahas anyone successfully managed to get pacman running on CRUX ?  Shouldnt be too hard, should it ?02:48
frinnstiirc, there were some ports for it a few years ago when i was looking for a gui filemanager02:49
linXeaI like pacman, easy to make/maintain packages. Would be kind cool having it on my CRUX box02:50
frinnstoh pacman, i was thinking of pcmanfm02:56
frinnstsorry :)02:56
frinnstwhats the killer feature of pacman that you miss on crux?02:57
Amnesiaanyone using SLAAC over here?03:03
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nogagplzpkgfiles always strike me as being easier than pkgbuilds03:22
nogagplzit's much of a muchness though03:23
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Romstertar cJf HandBrake/*04:38
Romsterwhere is my HandBrake.tar.xz file it's not even there...04:38
Romsteror i did wrong with f04:39
Romsteryeah i did nevermind got it,04:40
Romstertar cJ HandBrake/* -f handbrake-20130213.tar.xz04:40
Amnesiait's pretty awesome on osx, that when a shitload of output is being printed, you're still able to scroll upwards04:43
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joacimfuck it. my macbook battery died. time to install xorg on my desktop computer again.06:29
Romstergot told handbrake 0.9.8 is old and to use the svn/git tree itself but that's also broken06:30
Romster log from #handbrake06:32
Romstercrap clbb isn't here06:32
RomsterAmnesia, no i'm not on ipv606:40
Amnesiaah ok06:40
Amnesianvm then^^06:40
Romstertell my isp to get there arse in to gear for me if you like <<06:41
Amnesiadoes one of you folksuheh06:41
Amnesiaheh *06:41
Amnesiadoes one of you folks have a macbook?06:41
Romsteri think nogagplz has one06:43
Romsterg3 iirc06:43
Amnesiawhen you run "screen scp .." for example06:44
Romsterjoacim, mentioned macbook just above too ^^06:44
Amnesiait just prints the crap in a screen session that's half the screen06:44
Amnesiabut his battery died^^ ;[06:44
Romsteryou mean on osx?06:44
Romsternogagplz, probably can't help he put arch on his g306:45
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: xterm: updated to 29007:17
frinnstxterm needs to push out more releases. Or risk firefox overtaking them in the version # race07:48
horrorSt1ucklinXea: :P i just tried to build one package, it worked fine. of course pacman's db is empty at first so it fails when looking for deps that are in fact already on your crux machine08:05
horrorStruckyou need gpgme if you want to sign packages08:06
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linXeaah, cool :)08:46
linXeathank you :)08:46
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joacimAmnesia: i'm not sure if i understand your description of your problem08:53
joacimyou mean the screen window thing only fills half your terminal?08:54
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xrandr: updated to 1.4.009:26
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: libmng: New maintainer09:26
joacimgod damn it nvidia. is kernel 3.7.6 really too new for you?09:29
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: nvidia: changed maintainer, added workaround for 3.7.6+ kernels09:30
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: cups-filters: fix build with poppler 0.2209:40
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: poppler: update to 0.22.109:46
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: poppler-glib: update to 0.22.109:46
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: poppler-qt4: update to 0.22.109:46
joacimsepen: <- krb5 fails to build10:23
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roelof1Hello, I ask here also. Is there someone who can help me with porting Cinnamon to Crux. Im very stuck at the moment10:41
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jaegerroelof1: that HAVE_INTROSPECTION error probably means it requires gobject-introspection11:00
roelof1oke, I can try to port gobject-introspection11:02
jaegerthere's one in the mate ports if you want to use it as a reference11:02
roelof1oke, that saves me a lot of time11:02
roelof1I will try that in a few minutes and I hope it helps, This is a very frustating work11:04
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sepenhey joacim, thanks for the report11:26
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v33hello hello12:03
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roelof1jaeger:  thanks, that did the trick, Tommorow trying to solve a aclocal.m4 libtool mismatch12:38
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: krb5: updated to 1.1114:12
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clbbanother day of building handbrake on my little air-cooled bitbox14:40
clbbit doesn't even have  fan14:41
clbbtrying "sed -i 's/--disable-png/--disable-harfbuzz/g' contrib/libass/module.defs" this time14:42
clbbs/ fan/a fan14:44
sepenjoacim: krb5 updated, thanks14:56
joacimit works =)14:58
joacimthis is annoying. i dont get video in html5 videos. the video buffers and the audio plays14:59
joacimbut i get no video14:59
joacimthis is with webkit, midori, and gst-plugins-*15:02
joacimi didnt install gst-ffmpeg. i'll try that15:07
joacimthat did the trick15:13
v33how come you still use midori?15:32
joacimis quick to build and i wanted a browser15:42
joacimand luakit won't compile with lua 5.2 =)15:42
joacimis there anything newer out there?15:43
joacim <- very nice fonts15:54
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joacimthere. all better16:03
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clbbgot further than ever before16:26
clbbwith automake-1.13 and the frinnst formatted make || sed && make + sed -i 's/--disable-png/--disable-harfbuzz/g' contrib/libass/module.defs16:29
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clbbi'm starting to find my own pastes when searching on errors18:39
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Romsteroacim> and luakit won't compile with lua 5.2 =) is lua 5.2 too new for it?19:33
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nthwyattromster, vobcopy+tcextract+mplex worked great19:50
nthwyattcontrib/transcoder would work against contrib/ffmpeg. fellback ffmpeg version back to 0.7.13 before transcoder could compile19:51
nthwyatttried patching up transcoder but it got into some serious coding so I gave up and downleveled ffmpeg.19:52
clbbromster: i saw the crux log and the handbrake log19:54
nthwyatti got a DVD movie my harddisk. nanner-nanner-nanner RIAA and DMCA jackboots. Come and get me.19:54
Romstertranscode not working?20:04
Romsterffmpeg is outdated i need to bump that too.20:05
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: ffmpeg: 0.10.6 -> 1.121:43
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: transcode: 1.1.5 -> 1.1.721:43
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Romsternthwyatt, transcode should be fine again on ffmpeg ^21:54
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v33does xfce4 need something seperate to get the keyboard and mouse working?22:23
Romsterhmm i found a issue with qt422:24
v33i installed skype which wanted qt4. worked somewhat fine here22:24
Romsterdoubt it jsut the usually xorg stuff.22:24
Romsteron crux 2.8?22:24
Romsterit wont work on crux 3.0 ass skype is 32bit so i'm building a qt-32 for it.22:24
v33hm. somehow i feel like its a kernel thing22:25
Romsterevdev enabled in the kernel?22:25
v33it might nto be o.o22:25
Romsteryou'll need that22:26
v33no -____- lmao22:26
Romsteryou have a long way to learn yet; i'm still leaning too.22:27
v33oh i know22:27
v33im glad i started somewhat early. i dont rage as much on crux as i do on windows22:27
v33though ill say this. startx takes so much longer to come up for some reason o.o22:29
Romstereven with the issues i hit on crux it's at least fixable unlike windows.22:29
nogagplzyeah damn windows22:29
nogagplzI hate that guy22:29
Romsteri've taken a week off work due to me raging too much with windows22:30
nogagplzthis week just past, or next week22:30
Romsterthis week22:30
Romsteri went to Melbourne Saturday and came back Tuesday, Wednesday was my lazy day, Thursday (today) I'm pottering around ports and hugging the air conditioner again.22:31
v33so uh...22:35
v33xfce barely has icons22:35
nogagplzyep that sounds like xfce alright22:37
v33i notice when i launch skype, i have nothing to click. the place where the font is written goes completely black22:39
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Romsteryeah you need to install more xorg fonts22:40
v33i installed dejavu o.o22:41
Romsternot sure which one it exactly uses perhaps strace skype and look what it's looking for.22:41
v33what more does this thing want22:41
Romsteryour house.22:41
nogagplzyour dearest mother22:41
Romsterqt4-32 compile 10 years later and waiting.22:42
nogagplzTAKE TAKE TAKE22:42
v33mom jokes :/22:42
nogagplzno mum jokes22:42
nogagplzbig different22:42
v33do explain22:42
nogagplzwell mom is so awkward to say22:43
nogagplzit basically kills things out of the gate22:43
nogagplzmum on the other hand, it flows much nicer22:43
v33i suppose22:44
v33god damn skype is pissing me off22:44
Romsterstrace skype22:44
Romsterrun it click around look at the garbage dump in terminal22:45
Romsterit'll say what fonts it's after.22:45
v33thats the thing22:45
v33it doesn't say anything22:45
Romsteri'm not upto that stage to try myself yet.22:45
v33its no problem22:46
Romsterjust go install all the fonts you can find in xorg :D22:46
v33thats what i was thinking22:47
v33curious though. skype is 2.1 on crux. but the new 4.1 version is out for linux22:47
Romsterya i'm bumping that when i get the 32bit compat stuff up.22:48
Romsterprobably easy to bump it on crux 2.8 though22:48
v33ah okay22:48
Romsterbut 3.0 is more work, why no 64bit skype...22:48
v33guess ill just update it later on22:48
v33i dont use skype on my own laptop22:49
v33this is for the dad lol22:49
Romsteri can bump it but i can't test it22:49
v33for 64 or 32?22:49
Romstercrux 2.822:49
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Romsterjue/jaeger seem to be working on a 32bit overlay for crux 3.0 for 32bitonly systems, see how that goes too.22:50
v33oh boy22:51
v33an upgrade?22:51
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: skype: ->
Romsteryou can be the tester.22:52
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Romsterpretty much means if things go to plan there will be crux 3.0 support for 32bit only systems too.22:53
v33that would be cool22:56
v33wouldn't mind the upgrade22:56
v33but i've nver upgraded before so22:56
Romsterpretty easy todo off an iso22:59
Romsterbut it's not ready yet.22:59
Romstertry the new skype yet?22:59
v33im struggling with skype. not sure i can do all that just yet. haha xD22:59
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v33pretty sure skype uses dejavu fonts23:06
v33this is weird too. chromium doesn't display anything either23:07
*** SiFuh has joined #crux23:07
Romsteryou sure you ran the post-install scripts?23:09
Romsterin the font ports23:09
clbbromster: does the ffmpeg upgrade affect audacity?23:09
Romsteror even set it to yes on install scripts in prt-get.conf23:09
Romsternot tested that clbb23:09
Romsteri will test that after qt4-3223:10
v33i have no idea how to do that o.o23:10
clbbok thanks:)23:10
Romsteri usually do aprt-get dependent --all and test the most common for breakage but transcode does not list ffmpeg directly but though libquicktime so that escaped my testing.23:11
v33oh it failed to load the driver i91523:11
Romsterv33, vim /etc/prt-get.conf23:11
v33think it might be that23:11
Romsterrunscripts yes23:11
Romsteryou probably need to also install xorg-xf86-video-intel23:12
v33yea i noticed them.23:12
Romsterfor i91523:12
v33im going to do that and see what happens23:12
v33though i could've sworn i installed it23:12
Romsteryou'll need to force rebuild the fonts or manually run the post-install scripts to regenerate the font caches. and restart xorg23:13
v33video intel is installed23:13
v33let me rebuild dejavu23:14
Romstermesa3d and glu too23:14
v33glu wasn't installed23:14
v33mesa3d is23:14
Romsteryou probably need glu23:16
v33chromium is still blank lol23:17
Romsterrestarted xorg?23:17
v33going to restart the comp entirely23:18
Romstershouldn't do much but worth a try23:18
v33its still blank23:18
v33let me check my kernel23:19
Romsterprt-get updare -fr --install-scripts $(pkginfo -i |grep xorg-font- |cut -d' ' -f1 |xargs)23:19
Romsterrun that as root or though sudo23:19
Romsterthen restart xorg23:20
v33just noticed something23:21
v33acpi has my video setting as amodule23:21
v33is that normalL23:21
Romsteras long as it's loaded23:21
Romsterthat wont affect fonts23:22
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v33just rebuilt them all23:28
v33time for a reboot23:28
v33getting a libgl error about i91523:28
v33nope. google still comes up blank23:29
*** deus_ex has joined #crux23:35
v33sweet baby jesus, why are you doing this to me crux!23:37
Romsterwhich audacity port are you using clbb ?23:47
Romsterv33, check your Xorg.log23:48
Romster/usr/lib/dri/ so it should work on mesa3d i'd force recompile mesa3d23:51
Romsteralso check glxgears and glxinfo23:51
Romsterin mesa-demos23:51
Romsteraudacity will have to wait23:52

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