IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2013-02-14

clbbi'm upgrading ffmpeg now00:02
clbbi'll check audacity when its done00:02
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clbbffmpeg update breaks audacity00:17
Amnesiajoacim: run "screen scp..." on a macbook:)00:17
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clbbromster what the quickest way to downgrade ffmpeg?00:23
Romsterpkgadd -u /var/ports/packages/ffmpeg...00:26
Romsteror wherever you set the built packages variable in pkgmk.conf00:26
Romsterso i take it audacity hates the newer ffmpeg00:26
clbbif i temporarily downgrade ffmpeg00:26
Romsterno updates for audacity?00:26
clbb2.02 is the latest00:27
Romsteryou may need to patch it. look at the patch in transcode/ffmpeg.patch00:27
clbbit hates
clbbif i downgrade ffmpeg and copy somewhere00:28
clbbthat's the way arch does it00:29
clbbwith ffmpeg-compat00:29
clbbthen upgrade ffmpeg and point audacity to
clbbi'll try it00:30
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Romsterbuild number 4 of qt4-32 -_- so time consuming even with ccache.00:38
Romsterclbb, best to make a new port of name=ffmpeg-<some version number> or ffmpeg-compat and rm all the stuff even and just keep the
Romsterbut in the audacity port you'll need a -> symlink.00:40
Romsteryou could probably patch it though to use newer ffmpeg00:41
Romsterline 128 around that section just need to find where in audacity needs editing.00:42
Romstergrep for avformat_open_input00:43
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clbbcan i use a *.iso for an input file with transcode?00:52
Romsteri haven't tried whats int he iso?00:59
Romsterwhats in the*00:59
clbbbacklite makes *iso images of dvds01:01
clbbthey can be burned to a blank dvd or handbrake can turn it into mp4 file01:02
Romsterwithout css encryption?01:02
clbbwith libdvdcss01:03
frinnstanybody played around with qt5 yet?01:03
clbbwhat's next kde5?01:03
Romsteri would use vobcopy.... then when you got the mpwg file ffmpeg it to another format, any reason to use mp401:04
clbbqt5? really?01:04
Romsterqt5 O_O heck no01:04
clbbvobcopy is cool01:04
frinnstdoubt anything useful makes use of it01:04
Romsterbeen compiling qt4 like 6 times now01:04
Romsterkeyword yet01:05
clbbbacklite needs qt01:05
frinnsthell, nothing useful makes use of gtk3 so :)01:05
Romstermidori does frinnst01:05
frinnsti said *useful*01:05
Romsteroi that is useful -_-01:05
frinnstI wish i had done more buildtests with our sandy bridge blade when we got it last year01:06
frinnstwould be nice to time builds of stuff like qt, firefox etc01:06
frinnst24 cores, 160g ram01:07
frinnsthopefully we will buy more toys soon01:07
Romsteroh nice01:08
clbbis it oil-cooled like a volkswagen?01:08
frinnstno, aircooled like a beetle01:10
Romstermust sounds like a hovercraft when hot01:12
Romsterdamn some of the servers i've been near are so loud01:12
frinnstthey run cooler than our old blades01:12
Romsterput it this way you can not use a phone near one and hear the person at the other end01:13
frinnstcheck out the vids at the bottom at
frinnstrecorded on my phone, so shitty quality01:14
frinnstits from my tour of nsc - national supercomputer centre01:14
frinnsttheir old cluster was ranked #56 at its peak iirc01:16
frinnstthe noise isnt *that* bad. what i found surprising was the variation in temperatures between the hot and cool isles01:17
clbbthe latest attempt at handbrake-svn01:43
clbball the automake errors have been fixed01:45
clbbharfbuzz disabled01:45
frinnstwow, lots of broken ports on my box at work. something video/codec related it seems.01:46
clbbffmpeg's been upgraded01:47
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frinnstsox broken? cant find ffmpeg01:59
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: shared-mime-info: updated to 1.103:05
frinnstthai queuing03:06
Romsterhrmm damn ffmpeg03:11
Romsterin other news skype is working on multilib03:13
Romsterguess it's my turn to break stuff03:15
Romsteris sox the only thing broken frinnst ?03:15
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]:     [notify] flash-player-plugin: updated to
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: lcms-32: initial commit03:17
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: libmng-32: initial commit03:17
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: xorg-scrnsaverproto-32: initial commit03:17
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: xorg-libxscrnsaver-32: initial commit03:17
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: qt4-32: initial commit03:17
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: skype: ->
Romsterskype done03:17
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frinnstRomster: only thing i noticed03:19
teK_uh new git hook in action :O)03:19
frinnstit required a rebuild so03:19
Romsteroh is that all as long as it didn't fail compiling03:21
Romstersepen, i found a small bug in qt403:21
frinnstno, it failed in the recompile03:21
frinnstunable to find ffmpeg during configure03:21
sepenwhich one?03:22
frinnstoh, sorry03:22
sepensmall bug, big qt4 rebuild ;D03:22
Romstersed -i "s|-O2|$CXXFLAGS|" mkspecs/common/g++-unix.conf03:23
Romsterthe file location has changed, else it wont use CXXFLAGS from pkgmk.conf03:23
Romsteri rebuilt qt4-32 6 times -_-03:23
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sepenRomster: ooh nice catch!03:24
Romsterjust edit that file location and not bump the revision as it's not that critical.03:24
sepenthanks Romster03:24
Romsteri only found it when i madea qt4-32 port.03:24
Romsteryou know me always reporting bugs03:25
sepenI will fix it immediately, but it will take to compile the whole package03:25
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: [notify] flash-player-plugin: updated to
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Romsterit'll work :)03:26
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Romsterf anyone is missing skype it'll work now.03:27
sepenRomster: 6 times? lol03:27
Romsteryes -_-03:28
Romsterguess i'm rusty03:28
Romsterwell when i build stuff i have to make sure i remove all the unneeded files.03:30
sependoubt if I'll want to port new qt5 ;D03:31
Romsterfrinnst, pointed that out.03:31
Romsteras he said probably nothing uses that yet.03:31
Romsterseems gtk has a few versions to pump out03:32
Romsterto catch up to qt03:32
sepenI only use qt4 as a dep for smplayer and maybe other that can't remember now03:32
Romsteropera and now also skype03:32
sepen4.8.4-1 on compat-32?03:33
sepenshouldn't be aligned with the same release number?03:33
Romstereh perhaps? i just made that today03:33
sepennote that an overlay never will we showed by prt-get diff (as is listed prtdirs in prt-get.conf by default)03:34
Romsterbut if i have to edit it again and bump the release it may end up being higher than yours in opt.03:34
sepennah, just I want to have a guide for next time03:35
Romsteri can't see why not, once a port is installed it'll show a diff.03:35
sepenRomster: run $ ports -d03:35
Romsterya have to add compat-32 in /etc/ports/03:35
Romsterand it has to of been previously installed.03:35
sepenyes, I said also prt-get.conf with compat-32 enabled03:36
frinnstports -d sucks with overlays03:36
Romsterand in prt-get.conf03:36
sepenI like ports -d to debug overlays for crux-arm03:36
Romsterthis isn't a overlay though it's a bunch of other ports with -32 on the end of the names.03:36
sepenit doesn't care of overlays03:36
sepenahhh yeah Romster03:36
sepenmissed that03:36
Romsterbut the stuff jue/jager is doing for i686 overlay might be fun.03:37
sepen-32 makes de difference ;D03:37
sepensorry for the noise03:37
Romsterit's no problem03:37
sepenI was thinking on i686 maybe03:37
Romsterthat's when the while perfer higher in prt-get.conf can cause problems.03:38
sepenyeah, I always use --strict-diff when I'm not sure about results03:38
Romsterwe could do a i686 merged repo like core-i686 or something to avoid that.03:38
Romsterthat has core and only 32bit only ports thrown over the other ports of same name03:39
sepennah, the fact is that qt4-32 can keep its own release number03:39
sepensorry again for the noise03:39
Romsteri'll leave that to jue to decide.03:39
Romsterit wont touch your qt4 if your wondering that <<03:39
Romsterjaeger, just wanted to keep numbers aligned to now what needs bumping/editing.03:40
Romsterdiff -u foo foo-32 would not be a bad idea to see differences when in doubt.03:40
sepenwell for now I bumped qt4 to 4.8.4-3 in my case03:41
frinnstwow, the security advisory for flash is depressing03:41
Romsterbest security practice pkgrm flash-player-plugin03:42
Romsteror run the browser in it's own sandbox03:42
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: sox: 14.4.0 -> 14.4.103:57
Romsterfrinnst, fixed ^03:57
Romstersometimes i don't wanna touch a port version for fear everything will asplode around it.03:59
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Romsteri wonder what happens to win32-essential-codecs since xine mpalyer etc are now 64bit.04:09
frinnstRomster: its pretty much useless04:38
frinnstand has been for quite a while04:38
Romsteri don't even think wine uses that.04:41
Romsterbut i'l need to double check04:42
joacimRomster: yes. lua 5.2 is too new for luakit. thought I'd try and install 5.1 besides 5.2, but right now i'm more interested in alterantives that dont depend on lua.04:43
Romsterwhat were you looking for again?04:44
joacimjust a browser04:45
joacimthought i'd try one of these smaller ones first04:45
Romsteroh wekbit browser04:45
Romsterhave you tried midori or uzbl?04:46
joacimusing midori now04:46
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Romsteruzbl is script able. but i haven't done much with that.04:46
joacimit works, but doesnt feel quite right. not tired uzbl in recent times, but i tried dwb last night. think i'll try jumanji today04:47
pitillojoacim: have you tried to patch it for lua 5.2?04:48
joacimif i end up not liking anything, i'll just install firefox or chromium04:48
joacimno not yet04:48
joacimare there patches for it?04:48
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Romsterjust did a search and dude...... prologic
pitilloI made a fast search and I saw something...04:49
Romsteri think i can use that to parse javascript04:49
joacimi've mostly been looking at the one from arch's aur04:50
pitillocurrently should be there a apatch to 5.2... some months now since its release04:53
Romsterlua51-filesystem then lua5104:54
Romsterlua51 could probable be installed side by lua04:55
joacimyes, thats what i've been thinking of doing04:55
Romstersorry it was me that bumped lua too -_-04:55
pitilloI fighted with that bump on e17 Romster04:56
joacimthats ok. not your fault luakit devs are slow =)04:56
Romsteroh pitillo04:57
Romsterhope it wasn't too bad.04:57
Romsterso luakit is the shit eh?04:58
joacimprobably :]04:58
RomsterJust-in-time compiler and replacement for Lua 5.1 luajit.04:58
Romsterif that's a replacement then why does it also depend on lua5104:59
Romsteri might feel inclined to tackle this but i've had enough for one day.05:00
Romsterhandbrake was also a pain and i got no where with that.05:00
joacimi'm going to try jumanji and maybe uzbl again before i try to my hands on luakit05:02
Romsteri made a port of uzbl somewhere05:04
joacimluafilesystem is annoying. the changelogs mention 1.6.x, but the github tags listing has no mention of anything newer than 1.505:04
Romsterthat seems poorly maintained.05:05
Romsteri probably could be using uzbl more myself.05:08
Romstergreat lynx is broken now.05:41
Romstercomputers designed to annoy05:42
Romsterstill i did that like ages ago <<07:00
Romsterbed time07:01
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frinnstniklaswe: brilliant07:30
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joacimdamn. my GF7600 is too old for the 310.32 module08:14
frinnstall aussies have probably already seen this, otherwise enjoy:
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v33sorry had to hop off last night Romster. ill try recompiling mesa3d again10:54
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: giflib: updated to 5.0.411:00
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: openldap: updated to 2.4.3311:00
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: pear: rescued from orphans and updated to 1.9.411:00
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: qt4: fixed cxxflags usage (thanks to Danny)11:00
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v33checking the xorg log, i dont see much as to what would cause this cluster muck lol11:15
v33would fbdev cause chromium to display incorrectly11:15
joacimhmm. some 32-bit applications in contrib11:18
v33because xorg is telling me its not there lol11:19
joacimi spent hours trying to get nouveau working, since nvidia dropped their support for my card.11:20
v33that stinks11:20
joacimdid everything arch and nouveau documentation told me to, but nothing seems to work11:20
v33half the stuff on my screen wont display properly xD11:20
joacimbut then i found gentoo's documentation on nouveau. its been so long that i had forgotten how awesome gentoo's documentation can be11:21
v33only reason why i love gentoo11:21
v33they have their stuff down, written out, and perfected11:21
v33awesome wiki11:21
joacimare there any 64-bit software around i can use to test if 3D rendering works on my system?11:23
joacimi find neverball, but i dont want to install so many dependencies11:23
joacimthe other games i find needs a system capable of running 32-bit stuff11:23
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v33no matter what i do, chromium bitches about failing to load driver_i915. i've recmopiled the intel drivers again but doesn't seem to do anything11:29
v33anyone have any ideas on that too? :P11:29
v33checking it verbose mode, says it was trying to open /usr/lib/dri/i915/, then it failed to create a dri screen, failed to load driver i915, and then it tries /usr/lib/dri/swrast_dri.so11:32
v33any help guys?11:55
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joacimi wouldnt know how11:58
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clbbwhy does my lib64 icon look like it links to something14:10
*** tilman has quit IRC14:11
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*** tilman has joined #crux14:14
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jaegerclbb: because it's a symlink14:16
clbbi didn't notice this before yesterday14:17
clbbthere's a buttload of symlinks on my system14:18
clbbwhere they always there?14:18
clbbmaybe my icon theme wasn't showing the little arrow before14:19
clbbwow.........prt-get dependent --all webkit14:21
clbbthat's all?14:21
clbbi don't even use midori14:22
clbbi wanted to build prologic's port but no dice14:28
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v33 still have no idea wtf to do with this darn thing14:32
*** joacim has joined #crux14:34
clbbwhat darn thing?14:36
clbbi use a pywebkitgtk script14:38
v33any website i go to is essentially blank14:39
v33skype at the moment is blank too14:39
clbbi think they render the fonts for webpages14:40
v33it complains about not finding the driver for the i91514:41
v33pango is installed lol14:41
clbb prt-get update -fr `revdep` xf86-video-intel?14:42
v333 computers on one desk with 3 keyboard. i keep using the wrong and get scared that somehow i broke the mouse/keyboard again xD14:42
v33i've already recompiled the intel card like 4 times xD14:42
sepenwhy not buy a kvm switch?14:42
frinnsthow do you manage to break everything all the time?14:43
v33but i haven't broken anything!14:43
v33this is for another computer :P14:43
v33my laptop is functioning just fine14:43
clbbcould it be a kernel thing?14:44
frinnstif everything but fonts are working14:44
clbbi have an intel driver14:45
v33lspci -k shows its using the i91514:45
clbbbut i bought an nvidia card and set my bios to use it instead14:46
v33i've set this computer up multiple times before. never had an issue with it!14:46
v33maybe it is a kernel thing. wonder if horrorStruck has the kernel he made for me quite some time ago14:46
clbbfrinnst says not a kernel thing14:47
clbbif everything but fonts are working14:47
v33not sure what fc-cache is14:49
frinnstyou have X up and running, right?14:49
frinnstbut its not displaying *any* fonts?14:49
frinnstjust bunch of empty windows?14:49
v33on chromium, yes14:50
frinnstoh, so its just chromium?14:50
v33the xfce session has icons on the desktop with the name under14:50
v33skype is kinda messed up too14:50
frinnstskype uses qt, chromium too?14:50
v33i dont think it uses qt14:50
frinnstno, gtk14:50
v33i compiled chromium, didn't install it14:51
v33maybe recompile gtk? lol14:51
v33i ran fc-cache, nothing happened though14:51
frinnstoops, midnight14:52
v33there is quite a bit in there14:53
v33going to recomile gtk. maybe that'l;l do something14:56
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v33uh oh. footprint mismatch in gtk15:08
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clbbhi prologic15:08
clbbdoes your webkit port still work?15:09
jaegerv33: checked Xorg.0.log for errors?15:12
v33aside from fbdev, nothign really comes up15:12
v33and i installed fbdev15:13
jaegeryou shouldn't need fbdev, although using it instead of intel will tell you one thing - if the intel driver is the problem15:16
*** tilman has quit IRC15:17
v33how would i go about doing that?15:18
*** tilman has joined #crux15:19
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jaegerchange your xorg config to use the "fbdev" driver instead of the intel one15:21
prologicmy webkit port?15:22
prologicI believe so15:22
*** clbb has joined #crux15:26
v33ran Xorg -configure, and going to change the driver from intel to fbdev15:27
v33seems simple enough15:27
*** tilman has quit IRC15:35
v33 strange15:36
v33after changing it to fbdev, screen size changed, but mouse and keyboard wont work -___-15:36
*** tilman has joined #crux15:37
*** tilman has quit IRC15:42
v33dear lord, nothing seems to work now xD15:51
v33grr im done with this thing15:53
*** v33 has quit IRC15:53
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clbbmtdev for the keyboard and mouse15:57
*** clbb has quit IRC15:59
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clbbffmpeg update ff'd up audacious and audacity16:20
Romsteri only test the main ones in the offical repos.16:50
clbbdoes transcode need the new ffmpeg?16:52
Romster guess something like that could be done for audacious and audacity16:53
Romsternew transcode uses newer ffmpeg16:53
clbboh well16:53
Romstermight work with the older ffmpeg if you comment out the patch file in transcode.16:53
Romsterbut it would be best to make a ffmpeg-compat port.16:54
clbblike arch16:54
Romsteri could do that but then i have nothing that depends on it.16:54
clbbi download mp4's from youtube16:54
clbbfirefox extension16:55
Romstercopy the contrib/ffmpeg port, edit the version and file locations at configure. and rm -r $PKG/usr/{bin,share}16:55
Romsterif your stuck paste what you have and i'll help you.16:55
clbbok thanks romster16:55
clbbi'm rebuilding webkit atm16:56
Romsterwho's ports are you using anyways for audacious and audacity16:56
Romsterwhy do you need to rebuild rebkit? and was it you that asked about prologics webkit?16:56
Romsteri made webkit first afaik why does he need that.16:57
clbbi tried your uzbl port16:57
clbbit didn't work16:57
Romstergrr prologic fix your server so it does not treat unknown files as binary but as plan/text16:58
clbbi saw prologic in the pkgfile16:58
clbbso i thought i'd try his webkit16:58
Romsterah i copied predatorfreak's port for webkit prologic must of copied mine or predatorfreak's16:59
clbbPackager: Daryl Fonseca-Holt audacity-2.0216:59
Romsterwhich repo?
*** tilman has quit IRC16:59
Romsterbdfy hnc df16:59
Romstercan't it be patched to use newer ffmpeg...17:01
prologicRomster:  what's wrong?17:01
clbbif it could, i know a slackware dev that would like know how17:02
Romsterprologic, your server assumes your files are all bnary and wants me to download Pkgfile than to let it open as plan/text in the browser, major pet hate -_-17:02
prologicwell then no17:03
prologictreating unknown mime-types as text/plain is not ideal17:03
Romster.footprint .md5sum as well thinks it's binary17:03
clbbis it webkit or webkitgtk?17:03
prologicit would break many other things I host17:03
Romsterhmm then you need to add mime types for crux files.17:03
Romster.patch .txt Pkgfile .footprint .md5sum pre-install post-install as plan/text17:05
prologicthis I can do17:05
Romsteri've not had any issues setting the default to plan/text on my apache server.17:05
prologicremind me when I get home tonight17:05
Romsterbut it might be a problem if anyone has no extensions on a binary file. which i usually don't.17:05
Romsterok prologic17:05
*** SiFuh has quit IRC17:06
*** tilman has joined #crux17:07
*** SiFuh has joined #crux17:08
Romsterbah whats up with gentoo i can't cvs up anymore.17:08
*** timi has quit IRC17:18
*** timi has joined #crux17:19
Romsteri'm building a ffmpeg-compat port clbb17:29
Romsterwhen it's done you'll need to edit the two affected ports to include PKG_CONFIG_PATH="/usr/lib/ffmpeg-compat/pkgconfig"17:30
Romsterand update the dependency from ffmpeg to ffmpeg-compat17:30
Romsterstupid projects that don't update there source code...17:30
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: ffmpeg-compat: initial commit17:37
*** tilman has quit IRC17:37
Romstersee the README if your unclear clbb17:37
joacim <- i have a feeling i'm missing something17:45
Romsterwhat manager is that anyways?17:46
Romsternot missing hicolor-icon-theme ?17:47
joacimthat one is installed17:47
joacimbut i can remember that i needed to runs some commands once in a while after updating certain packages17:47
joacimor else i'd be missing some icons17:47
joacimcant remember what that command was tho17:48
Romsterrun it from a terminal see if it spills any beans17:49
Romsteroh perhaps librsvg post-install17:50
Romstergtk also has a script too.17:50
joacimlibrsvg sounds familiar17:51
joacimicons in menus and such are generally fine17:51
joacimi suppose those are pngs17:51
Romstergdk-pixbuf gtk librsvg usually have caches you regenerate.17:51
Romsteri've hit those before.17:52
joacim(thunar:16274): Gtk-CRITICAL **: IA__gtk_drag_source_set_icon_name: assertion `icon_name != NULL' failed17:52
joacimthats the only line spat out by thunar17:52
*** tilman has joined #crux17:54
joacimran both gtk-register and gdk-pixbuf-register17:54
Romsterxfce-mcs-manager &17:54
Romsterin startup?17:54
joacimsaw the same problem with pcmanfm btw17:55
Romsterbashrc or something17:55
joacimno folder/file icons17:55
joacimgtk and gdk-pixbuf didnt have any post-installs, so i just ran those shell scripts that their respective ports installed17:56
Romsteri would also check ~/.gtkrc-2.017:56
Romsterand make sure that theme is installed.17:57
joacimthere isnt even a port for tango :/17:57
Romsteror another theme17:58
Romsterdoens't have to be that one17:58
joacimoh wait17:58
joacimhmm. i figured the dependencies pulled in by xfce4 should've been enough17:59
joacimwell it works now17:59
Romsterwhat was it?17:59
joacimi installed elementary17:59
Romsterah should report that too sepen17:59
joacimthis is the first time in a long time i've run a gtk application without seeing barf in my terminals18:00
Romstermight be a debug/verbose mode18:00
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*** sepen has quit IRC18:06
*** tilman has joined #crux18:08
Romsters55> dynaflash, j45 if you guys are happy, go ahread and bump the preview counts/times.  I'd also like to setout a checklist for a code freeze. It really is about time we threw another one out.  Current release code won't even build easily on current systems18:12
Romsterno really i thought handbreak was easy to build.18:12
Romsteri'm heading out for awhile.18:15
*** SiFuh has quit IRC18:23
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*** v33 has joined #crux19:08
v33i changed the driver of the mouse and keyboard to mtdev. nothing has changed19:08
v33gunna try the evdev driver. maybe that'll do something19:32
v33anyone have any ideas19:36
*** mavrick61 has quit IRC19:39
jaegerare you still trying to fix the fonts or just to get the mouse and keyboard working?19:40
*** mavrick61 has joined #crux19:40
v33both xD19:42
v33i haven't been able to check if the fonts are working19:42
v33because mouse and keyboard wont work19:42
*** tilman has quit IRC19:42
v33i've noticed the folder in /etx/X11/xorg.conf.d/ is empty19:43
*** tilman has joined #crux19:44
v33i cant even force reinstall xorg -___-19:47
v33it just reinstalls the a copy of what it has. any way to make it actually recompile everything again?19:50
*** SiFuh has quit IRC19:51
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v33and now the network went down.19:59
*** v33 has quit IRC20:10
Romsterno network went down -_-20:16
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frinnstholy crap23:21
*** nyc_ has joined #crux23:34
Amnesiafrinnst: I also just saw the footage23:44
*** jue has quit IRC23:45
frinnstmost interesting place on earth23:46
*** jue has joined #crux23:47
Amnesiayeah I'd also like to go to russia:)23:48

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