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frinnstI hate windows notepad00:45
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ulioidleJust reinstalled crux and it went smoother then ever untill I tried to startx, and i get get fun errors dealing with modesetting and no screens.01:29
ulioidletried everything I can think of01:29
ulioidleanyone care to take a look at my xorg log and give some advice01:30
ulioidlealso grabbed the dmesg if need be
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clbbromster; ffmpeg-compat installed working01:40
clbbthanks, you're the man :)01:40
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clbbprobably just have to rebuild audacious-plugins against the new ffmpeg01:42
frinnstyeah you do01:42
clbbas soon as webkit is done01:43
clbbthe build that keeps on building01:43
Romstertexlive is fun01:44
clbbi see qt4 is new01:44
frinnsti timed qt4 yesterday, took almost exactly 20 minutes01:44
clbbhow long for webkit?01:45
frinnstdont have it installed01:45
clbb15 hours for me last time01:45
Romsterulioidle, did you make your onw xorg.conf file?01:46
Romsterseems it's not detecting the monitor resolutions01:46
Romsterclbb, the way your going install ccache and set that up01:46
ulioidleI tried x -configure, gets the same errors, have not tried going the manual way yet01:46
Romster(EE) Screen 0 deleted because of no matching config section.01:46
frinnstulioidle: you dont have modesetting for radeon enabled in the kernel, right=01:46
frinnstyou need that these days01:47
ulioidlei have tried both, with and with out01:47
Romsterhave you tired without a xorg.conf file?01:47
ulioidlekernel config01:47
ulioidlewith and without modesetting01:47
frinnstmissing firmware maybe?01:47
frinnstinstall radeon-ucode01:47
ulioidlexorg said xorg.conf was not to be used anymore so I avoided it01:48
ulioidleradeon firmware is in /lib/firmware01:48
frinnstwas it a "clean" install from scratch or an upgrade?01:48
frinnst8] [drm] radeon kernel modesetting enabled.01:49
frinnstwhat hardware are you using?01:49
Romsterwhat said taht you need a xorg.conf if it can't auto detect your setup like multiple screens or unusual settings. i have one ofr nvidiia driver.01:49
frinnstyeah but it should still startup without a conf01:49
ulioidleit used to startup without a conf01:50
frinnstit loads the radeon driver01:50
Romstertrue just it'll use vesa instead.01:50
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ulioidleIt has been years since I have used a conf01:50
ulioidlebut it does not fallback to vesa as you would expect01:50
ulioidleif I do the kernel without radeon x will start but freeze solid01:51
frinnstdoes it change to a higher res during boot? (kms is actually used?)01:51
Romsterit wont use nvidia binary by default for me.01:51
ulioidleand the log is the same01:51
ulioidleyes it does01:51
frinnstwhat kernel, the one from the iso?01:52
ulioidlecrux 2.801:52
frinnstRomster: lol01:53
frinnstwhat chip do you have?01:53
ulioidleif you did not notice in the xorg log it can not find either the modesetting module or fbdev module01:53
Romster2.8 you know there is 3.0 unless your on older 32bit only hardware01:53
ulioidlethen the erros happen01:53
ulioidlei am on older 32bit hardware01:53
frinnstyeah but those are separate ddx drivers, you should not use those on proper hardware like you have01:53
frinnstradeon should just work (tm) :)01:54
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ulioidleit did last time01:54
ulioidlei have tried every variation on the kernel I could think of01:54
frinnstwhat gpu are you using?01:54
frinnsthd xxxx ?01:54
ulioidlegood question01:55
frinnstlspci :)01:55
frinnstbut since you are on 32bit i take it you are using oldish hardware01:55
ulioidlelets see01:56
frinnsthmm, seems radeonfb is used.. try without any framebuffer drivers01:56
ulioidleAMD nee ATI RV200 mobility radeon 750001:56
ulioidleand maybe try inculding the firmware for the radeon in the kernel?01:57
ulioidlealready there01:57
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frinnstthe dmesg you posted was with radeonfb, that wont work with the radeon xdriver iirc01:58
ulioidleeverytime I do this I remember cpufreq is not working and it is stuck on the lowest speed01:58
ulioidledoh, I could have just black listed the module01:59
ulioidlebeen at this to long, forgot I made everything a module so I could stop redoing the kernel02:00
Romsteroh yeah don't use frame buffer with the real driver...02:01
ulioidleit is compilling now, getting there slowly02:01
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ulioidlenow we get "System is coming up" then a black screen when it switches resolutions02:08
ulioidleprobably took off vesa and forgot to put it back02:09
Romsteris this after startx?02:10
ulioidleloading crux02:10
ulioidlebios check02:10
Romsteryou set a vga= mode?02:10
ulioidlesystem is coming up02:10
ulioidleblack screen02:10
Romsterif you did comment that out.02:11
ulioidledid not have to before, vesa would not detect but it would startup fine as 640x48002:11
Romstereh you'll ave too boot off the iso and chroot back in fix problem reboot.02:11
ulioidlealready there02:11
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ulioidleforgot to run lilo02:13
ulioidlex starts02:14
ulioidlebut freezes02:14
ulioidlewell it maynot freeze, i may just not have a keyboard or mouse02:14
ulioidlei suppose it is almost a step forward02:15
ulioidlexorg log is empty02:16
teK_| xorg mouse/keyboard problems?
teK_keyword: evdev02:17
ulioidleyup, saw the topic :)02:17
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teK_it is so embarassing that this stuff is four years old02:17
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ulioidlethe topic is apperently old as well02:18
teK_it lists 3.0 as current02:18
ulioidlethere we go02:19
teK_jaeger jue tilman02:19
teK_please update the ML-URL in the topic02:19
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ulioidleso, adding that in just brought me backwards, x no long startx02:28
ulioidleno screens found again02:28
Romsterhumanity is lost. i don't know what your doing wrong ulioidle02:29
frinnstenable CONFIG_INPUT_EVDEV02:29
v33i was havnig weird issues too02:29
Romstergrr and my internet is going slow again02:29
frinnstand make sure xorg-xf86-input-evdev is installed02:29
Romsterv33 you always have weird issues.02:29
ulioidlenow it does not even see a gpu02:30
Romstershould be if you did a prt-get depinst xorg02:30
frinnstyes but you never know :)02:30
frinnstbut really, enable evdev in the kernel and rebuild02:31
ulioidleI have not even setup the network yet02:31
ulioidlei could sware evdev was on in the kernel02:31
ulioidlebut i certainly could have missed it02:31
frinnstits not in the config you posted02:32
ulioidleand yes I do have input-evdev installed02:33
ulioidleI wonder how I missed evdev02:33
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ulioidleand the missing kernel evdev was the problem obviously02:45
ulioidlethanks for the help folks02:46
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ulioidleand now everything is up and running and configured02:57
ulioidlethanks again02:57
ulioidleoff to bed02:57
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Romsterisn't there a readme somewhere saying requires evdev03:19
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frinnstits included in the default config for 3.0 iirc03:26
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frinnstwee, graylog2 0.1003:39
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pedja'request some changes on core and opt packages' <---EPIC07:29
teK_but he seems to have drive.07:31
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pedja"So  my request is if these changes could committed so I can work on."07:36
sepenI bet that next time he will request some changes in pkgutils :)07:36
pedjasepen: current intltool is 0.50.2.I updated my lical port, no problems so far, so you might want to update tge port in opt.07:39
sepenlet me some time to try, I want to be sure that others like libwnck and xfce related ports won't be affected07:40
pedjasepen: take your time to test it :).I need it for new easytag, did not test it with other ports.07:45
pedjasepen: I'll rebuild ports that are dependent on it, to see if anything is broken07:47
pedjasepen: apart from gegl (unrelated .footprint mismatch), all ports dependent on intltool build fine.07:52
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pedjagegl footprint mismatch
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frinnstyeah tek likes his v4l footprint missmatches07:59
teK_I thought to have fixed that already07:59
pedjaare there any sane twitter clients?08:02
teK_I had one written in ZSH+curl but that was before they switched to oauth08:04
pedjai really need to update openwrt on my ap, and install bitlbee08:06
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tilmanmy internet connection is seriously fucked today08:43
tilmanprobably gonna drop in 5 minutes08:43
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: intltool: updated to 0.50.208:48
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tilmanlooks like i'm lucky08:50
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tilmanwho needs a stable connection anyway09:30
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cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: coreutils: updated to 8.2110:07
tilmanso the fuse blew last night when i switched on my desktop's psu. maybe the dsl modem didn't take too kindly to that10:38
tilmanclicking the firefox address bar makes the process' cpu usage jump sky high10:44
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clbbfrinnst: is the "@" in front of your nick, new?11:21
clbbi didn't notice it before11:21
clbbbut that doesn't mean much, that i didn't notice11:22
clbbblind in one eye............11:23
clbbif it is new, i guess congrats? are in order11:23
clbbstill building qt4 fors 5 hours now11:24
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tilmanclbb: you are timcowchip, right?11:43
clbbwhat gave me away?11:50
v33what ever happened to timchowchip?12:02
clbbhe went to shit and the hogs ate him12:03
v33poor guy lol12:03
v33so heres a question. say i need to download a file thats oh 250gb, and transfer it over to another computer. aside from storing it on a hard drive, what would be the easiest way?12:03
clbbfrom the interweb?12:04
clbbi think an external hard drive would be faster than nfs or samba12:06
clbbor ftp12:06
clbbso nfs, samba or ftp?12:07
v33i suppose. too much effort for all that12:08
v33god i really need to setup a server12:08
clbbsomebody used to make removable hard drives12:08
clbbthey weren't that big though12:08
v33the really big flash drives are expensive as hell too12:09
v331tb flash drive is like a solid grand12:09
clbbi triple boot 3 OS's on a 160Gb hard drive12:09
clbbmy crux partition is 50Gb12:10
clbb25Gb for crackware12:10
clbb80Gb for desbian12:10
v33why do you need all 3 o.O12:11
clbbi maintain some slackwrea packages12:13
clbbi would like to be able to replace debian with crux12:15
clbbif i got hanbrake working i might do just that12:16
clbbgot to get ccache set up12:19
clbbentering the 7th hour of building qt12:20
v33what are you building it on?!12:28
v33my silly p4 is faster than that....lol12:29
clbbintel atom12:31
clbb2Gb ram12:32
clbbits netbook hardware in a box12:32
v33oh boy12:33
v33i remember i tried to compile the kernel on a single core atom12:33
clbbmy daughter's android tablet is probably faster12:33
clbbcompiling the kernel didn't take that long for me12:34
v33why not get like 5 rpi's setup distcc or w/e that thing was called ;D12:34
clbbi wonder if the opt/nvidia port will work with 304 instead of 31012:38
clbb310 doesn12:39
clbbdoesn't support geforce 610012:39
tilmanv33: i was thinking about doing that ;))12:43
tilmanv33: bootstrapping gcc in qemu-system-arm is slow as fsck :D12:43
v33tilman me too. i figured if you grab enough of them, they'll be worthwhile. some school got 64 of them and set them up in a cluster12:44
tilmanv33: fwiw i also considered running distcc on ~5 qemu instances ;D12:46
v33do it. record yousrelf doing it so i know how to do it myself haha12:47
tilmanshould be straight forward, no?12:48
v33did you not see my messages yesterday? i managed to break everything in crux. xD12:48
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clbbRomster: got your uzbl pkgfile to work for me13:28
Romsterwont it work on gtk3?13:32
Romsterv33> did you not see my messages yesterday? i managed to break everything in crux. xD <- that's nothing new.13:39
clbb gave me the idea13:49
Romsteryou did install gtk3?13:54
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clbbi gues i can remove that sed line14:08
clbbi qt finally finished14:11
clbbonly 8 hours14:11
clbb24 times slower than frinnst14:12
v33no i didn't romster. :P14:26
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v33when do you think they'll start with the endo f the world stuff again14:28
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nthwyattclbb: Packager: Daryl Fonseca-Holt audacity-2.0214:53
nthwyattthat's my repo14:54
nthwyattusing ffmpeg-compat14:54
nthwyatt^^^ thanks romster, that's a great solution14:54
nthwyattalso back to using the new ffmpeg + transcode is working fine14:55
nthwyattbut it sure stirred up the channel14:55
nthwyattgeez, takes forever to read through the backlog -- been afk for two days14:55
nthwyattaudacity port is working with ffmpeg-compat14:57
nthwyattnow to fix my personal sox port14:57
clbbprt-get update -fr `revdep` audacious-plugins15:01
clbbwtf its rebuilding ffmpeg-compat15:03
nthwyatttoo bad roelof called it quits per the ml15:08
nthwyatthe tackled a DE too early in his crux experience15:09
nthwyattmight as well try to port gnome even if cinnamon is slimmer15:09
clbbrazor-qt would be nice15:12
Romsternthwyatt, np also veson bump 2.0315:17
nthwyattoops, it's already at 2.0.315:30
clbbi like i315:34
clbbmore than spectrwm15:35
clbbor xmonad15:35
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clbbdi dicky do dum di dum do15:37
clbbmy daughter's watching the wiggles15:38
clbbuhoh its rebuilng vlc now15:38
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clbbaudacious working again16:41
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frinnstthe builtin pdf-viewer in firefox 19 is pretty sweet17:02
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teK_sweeter than chromium's?17:04
frinnstnever used chromiums17:04
teK_oh ok17:04
teK_It's very reduced which I like17:04
frinnstnever used chrome/chromium for more than 2 minutes straight :)17:04
teK_the only thing I miss is FFs firebug plugin because it has helper lines that allow you to check for alignment17:05
teK_but that's about it17:05
teK_well done (visually)17:07
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: dbus-glib: updated to 0.100.117:57
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: nss: updated to 3.14.317:58
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v33i noticed since i stopped using my p4, my room got a lot cooler. just noticed how this room is warm now that im using it again.19:20
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v33so i switched the dads computer over to gentoo21:58
v33nothings broken yet :P21:58
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